If 'The Hunger Games' gets made into four movies, how should they divide it up?


Ka-thunk! That’s the sound of Hollywood’s axe falling on yet another film and splitting it into two separate but equally lucrative parts. Lionsgate has yet to comment on the rumors that the studio is planning on making four movies out the three novels in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series, but if they do end up going for a tetralogy, it would hardly be surprising. It seems you can’t be a blockbuster franchise these days if you’re not being halved and halved into a cinematic version of Zeno’s paradox. Two Harry Potter 7’s, two Breaking Dawns, two Hobbits (Hobbitses?) — we’re probably only a few years away from a three minute-long Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Part 1: Volume 2: Act I: Some Scene in a Cave.

In most of these other cases, the split makes some degree of sense, and I even thought that the latest Harry Potter actually benefited from some extra breathing room. But the question is whether it’s even possible to scare up a bonus movie from Collins’ relatively short books without totally disrupting the flow of the narrative. To get all Biblical on you guys, will it be a fishes-and-loaves scenario or a Solomon’s baby? And where would you even begin to draw the dividing line?

EW’s Karen Valby suggests it could go right after SPOILER ALERT the shocking announcement of the Quarter Quell. I agree that would definitely make a slam-bang cliffhanger, but it would also make the series’ second movie pretty uneventful. Little action, no climax, just lots of waving on the Victory Tour, and, crucially, no Hunger Games. That’s a pretty big risk to take after only one movie. For my part, I’m guessing Lionsgate will probably aim to expand the story of the rebellion against the Capitol and choose to chop up Mockingjay, which has action scenes to spare. That will give them enough time to see how the earlier films do box office-wise, and will also follow in the tradition of splitting up the final entry.

If this potential golden goose must be sliced apart to get at all that wonderful treasure inside, where do you think the cut should be made?

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  • Dominique


    It should happen right after Peeta is returned to them brainwashed in Mockingjay. Also makes for a great climax. And as you pointed out, Mockingjay has action to spare.

    I don’t know why people keep suggesting it happens right when the Quarter Quell is announced. Talk about a boring second movie. Well not boring, but… you know what I mean.

    • Liz

      No, “boring” is exactly the right word. They could liven it up with a failed assassination attempt on Katniss’s life, but even that would not be enough. The books have a clear structure: one hunger game, a second hunger game, a life-or-death fight(?) that is practically a hunger game.
      How about this, adding on to your idea: Katniss accompanies the other major characters on the mission to rescue Peeta and Annie. That would be one more like-a-hunger-game scenario. He’s being held out in…somewhere…and they need to fight their way in to get him.

    • @ Dave

      Appeteaser, Salad, Entree, Dessert.

    • Stacey

      I totally agree! I give you big props for suggesting this spot because getting Peeta back all brainwashed and ready to kill Katniss would be such a powerful way to end the first movie.
      I don’t know about you, but I kind of hate it when my favorite books are made into movies…I know it sounds selfish, but I don’t want to share all of the incredible characters and their story with the peeps who haven’t read about them in the novels. Although a part of me once to see how the movies will pan out, I don’t want to share the experience with those who haven’t even heard of these books. Is it just me or do you feel these stories belong to the minds who have read the books not those who will only see the movies???

  • Dave

    This is still a terrible, terrible idea. This series doesn’t need to be split. If they’re absolutely determined to do it, however, it better be “Mockingjay,” because as much as I love the series, I have no interest in a film that covers ONLY the first half of Catching Fire.

    • isabella

      i agree b/c that would make a very boring movie

  • mel

    I’d say they’ll split up Mockingjay and will even dare to add that Mockingjay should have been two books! Would have helped pace the action and give more time to process the storyline

    • Charlotte

      I totally get where you are coming from.



    If they split Catching Fire into two movies, they could play up the District uprisings during Katniss and Peeta’s victory tour while also highlighting the strict changes being enforced by Snow in District 12 upon the victors’ return in the first one. The could also explore the love-triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. I never got into Katniss/Gale because their moments together seemed so brief.

    I always felt the Quarter Quell games were not fleshed out enough in the second book. I would love to explore the new relationships Katniss makes on the island and maybe get a glimps of how the whole rescue plan came to be in a separate movie.

    • mastermcdaniel

      To add on to your comment ABC123DOREMI (Thu 06/02/11 3:58 PM), I would go into some background of the other tributes from the district who died in the first and second games. Talk a little about them and their district and what is happening in those districts after the Quarter Quell during the heat of the uprising. Add a few characters from the districts that are barely touched on in the books like the commander from District 4. How did those individual district rebels get control?

  • Mrs. D

    I would rather sit through a 3 hour Hunger Games movie (or longer) than see it cut up. However, if they’re going to split it up, then the most logical place would be in Mockingjay.

    • Queenie

      Yup, that’ll do it. You have my aprpeicaiton.

  • Abel

    CATCHING FIRE is the best book in the series and if they have to split one of them, it should be that one. (SPOILER ALERT) They can split it at the point where she arrives in the arena.

  • april

    I really don’t think it’s necessary split up the books/movies. However, if they choose to do so, Mockingjay is the only logical choice. Like many have already said, splitting Catching Fire into 2 would make for an overall uneventful second film.

    The third film could focus on Katniss’ recovery in 13 after the Quell, the district rebels upsrising, her and Gale etc. The fourth film could be dedicated to Katniss and the rebels invading the Capitol, Peeta’s recovery from the brainwashing, and K finally reaching a decision on who she really loves.

  • Cosi

    If they are to split books, it should happen late into Catching Fire when Katniss hits the forcefield, and into Mockingjay, extend scenes of when Haymitch and all the older winners of the Hunger Games secure their positions. That way it gives an idea as to how Katniss gets her groove back on being the symbol. The 4th movie then could roll into the city being invaded and Gale in charge of the rebellion a la Children of Men.

  • Liz Lemon

    They’re definitely going to split Mockingjay. Catching Fire flies by.

  • idkidk

    i think if anything, suzanne collins should make another book about katniss’s life after the hunger games. it could tell of maybe another war after the rebellion or something. i think they could pass off another good book

    • banana

      HELLLLL YEAH! I would love to get more SPOILER ALERT* post-Mockingjay Peeta/Katniss action. Their life, the state of the districts, etc. I would read the sh*t out of that.

  • J

    These books are like 200 so pages long. harry potter made sense cause it was 700 pages of wrapping up the series. And twilight’s splitting is just ridiculous. Splitting mockingjay into another movie will add another 2 years and age jennifer lawrence incredibly fast. it’s just useless to try and make more money off an already not so long novel.

    • Charlotte

      The books were closer to 400 pages than 200. I agree that it made more sense to split HP than it does to split MJ. However, if Jackson is doing it to the Hobbit which just barely clocks in 300 pages. And Summit is doing it to Breaking Dawn, which really is milking a thin plot for all it’s worth, then I think that MJ can expand on some of its plotlines. And no, it doesn’t have to add another two years if they film the last book together like they are doing Breaking Dawn. That saves the studio a lot of money that way too.

    • Heather P

      I agree. HP makes complete sense slitting it up. Breaking Dawn was a long book with a lot of fluff. Rediculous. Out of a morbid curiousity I’ll watch them when they make it to Netflix, but there’s no way I’m checking them out in a theater.

      There is no need to split any of the Hunger Games books.

  • Logen

    IMO, the best place to split the action is in Mockingjay *spoiler* when Peeta is dropped off to join the star squad when they’re in the Capitol. The first movie could have the bombing of district 13, Katniss shooting down planes, Peeta trying to kill Katniss, Finnick and Annie getting married, the training of Johanna(KIRSTEN BELL WOO!!) and Katniss… Lots and lots. And the second movie would be all star squadding it through the capitol, pod dangers, the mutts, the war scene where capitol citizens are indiscriminately killed, etc etc… It could be done and done very well.

    • elcamino

      Most likely in MJ I think also.But more at the shooting part. Add the Peeta rescue showing to the first movie.These movies will be more love triangle projecting but with Katniss being more interesting than Bella in hers. My thought Johanna,Finnick,Annie will be minor roles in these films. Johanna most likely will be from TV. Stephannie Hunt from Friday Night Lights most likely. She just got #1 in the ZeCatalist talented beauties of 2011. Natalie Portman#9,Zooey DeChannel #11. Shows the level they give her.Jennifer wasn’t in the top 30.

  • Brooke

    I think that Part I will go from after they get out of the arena, with all the confusion and cliff-hanger, then Part 2 will be when they decide to go to the capitol, then from the assault on the capitol to the end of Mockingjay.

    • Delly

      Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand atrlcie on this topic.

  • Kelsey

    I like the trilogy well enough (the third book was a disappointment, but still decent) and I really want the film series to succeed.
    Having said that, breaking it into four films is just silly. Do three films, make them longer if you have to, but leave it alone. Not every book is like Deathly Hallows or The Hobbit, and not every franchise needs to be as transparently and tackily greedy as Twilight. The Hunger Games crew should A) knows the series’ limits and B) respect itself a little more.

  • Karla

    I believe this is a very bad idea. These people just want to fill their pockets with money!

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