First look at 'The Dark Knight Rises'? Mysterious viral videos might offer plot hints


Image Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s best to be skeptical about essentially everything you hear about The Dark Knight Rises. Director Christopher Nolan is famously secretive and mischievous when it comes to releasing any plot information. Even the first shot of the film’s baddie, Bane, reveals just enough to tantalize rather than satisfy. So take this with a grain of salt: Three mysterious videos have been posted to YouTube by a user called “TheFireRises.” The first, titled “419,” features scenes of devastation and the sight of a massive skyscraper burning. The second, titled “Outbreak,” takes you inside of an Abu Ghraib-qsue prison (Arkham Asylum?), while terrifying chanting builds in the background. The most recent video, “GCN,” is the most explicitly Dark Knight-ish, with Anthony Michael Hall’s newscaster apparently reporting on an Arkham Asylum outbreak. Check it out:

So, are these videos for real? EW contacted Warner Bros. for a comment, but a rep for the studio simply noted that they had no comment “at this time.” Even more confusingly, the “GCN” video ends by flashing a URL that takes you to a Facebook page for The Fire Rises, which features a deliriously fake-looking political-campaign ad of Matthew Modine — who, you’ll remember, recently signed onto the film to play a character named Nixon.

So, is any of this for real? Survey says: Maybe. It seems a little bit too on the nose to have Modine playing a politician named “Nixon.” But in the classic comic book storyline “Knightfall,” Bane did indeed stage an Arkham Asylum breakout. And it certainly feels like a full-scale Gotham City implosion would end the Dark Knight trilogy with a bang.

Do you think this footage is real, or just the work of feverish fans?

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  • Nikki

    I don’t care if it’s real or not. I’m just excited to see this film!

    • jank

      These are fake, most places on the web have already noted they are not real

  • Flip

    I just wanna see Catwoman’s costume, dammit!!

    • Ke

      I don’t think she’ll be having a “costume” in this film.

      • Flip

        I think you’re wrong, Ke. You don’t put Selina Kyle in a Batman movie and NOT have her as Catwoman! I don’t think Nolan is THAT stupid!

      • dave

        Why not? They had Harvey Dent without Two Face, didn’t they?

      • Wha’ever

        No they didn’t. Have you seen the second movie ? :s

    • Liz Lemon

      I keep forgetting Catwoman is in this one, so many people have been cast for this movie.

  • LOL

    Looks like another one called “424” just popped up, too.

  • darclyte

    Looks real. Can’t wait. The first was The Fire Rises released on 5/21. There also is one called 424 that was released on 5/22.

  • The Blur


    • Sam J

      WB would have denouced it if fake.

    • Windy

      that hairy back gots ya all excited

  • MH

    Or is a clever advertisement that uses established Dark Knight stuff for the new video game, Arkham City?

    • BMP

      I agree, this definitely has to be something for Arkham City rather than DKR.

  • Necro

    Catwoman will be in costume. Trust.

    • Batman

      Yeah but we would rather see her out of costume, wink wink

      • dave

        Go rent Sex and Other Drugs.

      • Jason

        ^ f@g

  • Shakespeare

    In NOLAN we TRUST!

  • chris

    For them to be fake someone had to have seen the Bane picture and thought to themselves, “I’LL GET A YOUTUBE PAGE CALLED THE FIRE RISES AND POST FAKE VIDEOS! THIS WILL BE HILARIOUS!” Seems a little far fetched.

    • Melissa Brown

      It’s being reported now that what you said is exactly what happened.

    • dave

      What’s so far fetched about that? You just described about 85% of the Batman fanboys.

  • Casey

    Fake or not, it only makes me want to see the movie even more than I did already. And if it turns out to be fake, the person responsible deserves some major credit.

  • commentor

    If it’s fake, where did they get the Anthony Michael Hall footage?

    • Sam J

      AMH is a Screen Actors Union member. He performed on film as a union sanctioned entity. Same with the film crew. Its in their contract, otherwise they would deny it, as to not violate union rules. “I/We didn’t star/film in it. It is faked.” The unions have been notified.

  • unpopular opinion

    I hate Christian Bale as Batman.

    • hannibal

      i’ll eat your liver.

      • Emilio

        Please, share.

    • Drew

      Who cares?

  • frencht

    ok…WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY CHANTING? Are they really saying “it is Butter. Butter”???

    • MCS

      No, they chant “Got Milk?”

    • mata

      sounds like Bane Mata Mata which would be Bane kills kills in spanish. also correct me if I’m wrong but bane isnt from a spanish speaking country? so idk makes sense

  • noneya

    its not been reported, but which many articles have been citing as a reputable news source when it comes to TDKR… has not only debunked this as fake, but a forum member even got the owner of the youtube channel to admit it was a bold faced fake put up for fun.

    • dave

      Oh well then it must be fake. [sarcasm]

  • Helen

    It could be a fake — though a rather expensive one — or viral marketing that WB is at pains to distance itself from in order to amp up the mystery and thus the attention. It seems odd that a fake would get participation from two name actors/cast members, unless it’s all leading up to some Funny or Die prank.

    • Big Walt

      Why would AMH have to be involved? That could just be footage from another movie with the Arkham Breakout title added. I don’t hear him actually say anything about a breakout at Arkham. He’s the only one I’ve seen in one of the videos, who else has been in one?

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