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I hope you all had a great Memorial Day holiday. I hope you also took a moment to remember what it’s all about. To start this week I’d like to thank all of those that have served or are still bravely serving our great country.

There’s so much I want to talk to you about this week, but there’s a dark cloud hanging over this show right now and it’s really hard to talk about anything other than Bentley. I’m going to put him on the back burner for a moment and talk about a few other things before we deal with him. The first thing we did this week was move the guys into the mansion. Usually this is a very easy, uneventful morning and this time was much the same, except for one small problem. Once I talked to the guys in the driveway and sent them in, I noticed there was something – rather, someone –was missing. Jeff “The Mask” rode alone with a producer to the house and he was still in the car when I moved the rest of the guys in the mansion. We quickly realized “The Mask” was missing and we did it over again.

I then told the guys about the dates this week. I have to admit it’s not easy to keep a straight face when I’m talking to the guys and I’m looking at a guy in a mask. But I also have to admit Ashley is right. He’s not a bad guy at all, and he’s got some guts to hold out and play this out as long as he has. He obviously came very close to revealing his true identity but was cut off. Don’t worry though — before it’s all said and done “The Mask” will be revealed. I have to give Ames credit for a great line when he mentioned it was ninety degrees and asked if Jeff wished he had a white mask instead.

Ashley’s one-on-one dates with William and Mickey went very well. William opened up and showed a much more serious side of himself that Ashley loved. Mickey also opened up to Ashley, earning a rose. The private concert with Colbie Caillat was perfect, but I really want to mention the dinner William and Ashley enjoyed in the Bellagio fountain. We’ve done some pretty cool things over the years but this date was truly a one of a kind experience, and I give our producers major kudos for coming up with these ideas and then executing them at such a high level.

Now let’s deal with the elephant in the room, Bentley. Many of you have asked why we allowed Bentley to stay on the show and why I along with the producers didn’t warn her about him. I usually stay pretty impartial while talking to the Bachelor or Bachelorette. I am free to give my opinion but I don’t think it’s my place to ever tell anybody on or off TV what to do and who to love or not to love. I give my opinion and ask probing questions that will help get my point across, but I really think its important for the person to figure things out for themselves and it’s presumptuous to think I know what’s best for them. With that said, this was not the case with Bentley. Ashley will attest to the fact that I told her that first night she might want to nip this in the bud and send him packing, or at the very least be extremely careful with this guy. She convinced me and everybody else that she was going to give him a chance and follow her gut. Once the show starts I can and did continue to warn her and talk to her about this guy. (You’ll see more of my deliberations with her in future episodes.) To say Bentley is not here for the right reasons is a gross understatement. But it seemed the more I warned Ashley and told her to run for the hills, the more she protected and defended him. At some point you have to let the person find out for him or herself what the truth really is.

Let me be very clear the things he said about Ashley and his feelings for her weren’t cute and they weren’t funny. They were out of line and disrespectful. He knew for a fact he wasn’t into Ashley and wanted nothing to do with her, yet he continued to lead her on emotionally and physically as well, and that in my book is not cool. Bentley played Ashley this week and got a rose on the group date. As you saw in the preview things come to a head and unravel in a major way next week. We’ve had so-called bad guys or villains on this show before but we’ve never had anything like this. What you will see next week will easily be one of the most talked about moments ever. There won’t be one viewer that won’t have a very strong opinion about what unfolds. We’ve had plenty of dramatic moments over the years and I even joke about using that word all the time. This is different and it is nothing to joke about. You will see the wheels completely come off this ride for Ashley – so much so we came very close to having to shut down production on our show. There was a very real chance that Ashley was done and so was this season. It was a mess, and you will see every bit of it next Monday night. I know many of you will have a lot to say about Bentley and this episode and what’s to come, and I look forward to reading them all. You can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison, and you can catch up on full Bachelorette episodes at

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  • Dr. Jones

    I think JP might be Edward Norton, undercover using a fake name.

    Funniest part of this episode was Ashley talking about how she has “pretty good radar” for judging if people are being sincere. Actually honey, you don’t. You have terrible sincerity radar. Stevie Wonder could tell Bentley is a slimeball from a mile away, and you are absolutely clueless.

    • sherimoonzombie

      And Ben F looks like Dax Shepard’s cuter brother.

      • Kelly

        OMG! THAT’S who the guy reminds me of! Man, it’s been driving me nuts since the first minute I saw him. Thank you!

      • Wicked

        One of the guys looks like Josh Groban.

      • Kate

        Yeah. Ben F totally looks like he could be Josh Groban’s brother.

      • leapy60

        Although I like JP…I think he looks like the “Jake” the former bachelor, though he seems he has more of a heart.

      • tedsgal

        Does anyone else think Chris D looks like he could be Scott Foley’s brother? Every time I see him, I think of Scott (recently on Grey’s Anatomy)

      • Kristin

        Tedsgal: I totally agree!! I’ve been saying the same thing but no one knows who I’m talking about! (Scott Foley!)

      • LeeHung

        LOVE Scott Foley! Previously starred in “The Unit”. One of the best shows on TV. CBS brass tinkered with it, ruined it, and then canceled it. Network brass – can’t find their as s with both hands!!!

      • Bea

        TOTALLY Scott Foley. The Edward Norton/JP connection mentioned by someone earlier… not so much. Dax Shepard/Ben F Constantine (since those two are basically indistinguishable) is totally dead on…

      • patti baur

        We decided to have a drink everytime Ashley says Bentley. It made the whole experience much more palatable for the guys

    • Norah

      Hello, William looks exactly like Josh Lucas!

      • KM

        And Ashley keeps reminding me of Celine Dion.

      • Judy


      • Shauna

        I’ve thought the same thing!! He does look like Josh Lucas!

      • Georgie

        You are right-William looks like Josh Lucas and Bentley looks like Ashton Kucher with curlier hair.

      • gemapet

        Doesn’t anyone think Lucas looks like Woody Harrelson?

      • Lin


      • Lin

        and by exactly i mean the whole Josh Lucas thing.

      • T

        and Ames looks like Disney’s Hercules

      • Kristin

        I said that right away about William too…he looks just like Josh Lucas!

      • LeeHung

        And that one guy looks like Matthew – do you want me to take my shirt off – McConnahey hey hey!!!

    • ljmaggie

      Dr. Jones, I completely agree with you. From the first time he walked out of the limo he looked like a slimeball. And the fact she knew that information about him before? I would have told him goodbye that first night.

      • Kata

        It’s kind of reverse psychology – the more somebody says DON’T, you DO to prove them wrong. Can’t wait for that dirtbag to be gone.

      • SLB

        Because Ashley is a dipsh*t.

      • Sharon

        Guess it goes to prove that women think they can change a man – even if that person has deceived you in the most ways possible. Bentley is a slimeball and unfortunately she will find out the most hurtful way. Bentley just leave if it is not working for you!!

      • Rosegarden

        I am so disappointed with Ashley. Terrible judge of character so far. She was warned multiple times and chooses to ignore it. I hope women out there learn from her example.

      • suprised

        Not much of a surprise though is it? The Bentley slimeball thing?

        Girls always go on about how all guys are creeps and it’s so terrible that there are no nice guys around and yet the very ones who do that most are the very ones who crinkle their noses up and tell their girl friends after a date that “Yeah he was really cute and funny and well but I don’t know though you know he was just kinda nice though. He was nice.” and then they all crinkle their noses up and go OMG what a shame it’s tragic he turned out to be nice in the end and then they run as fast as they can to the next “Bentley”, so typical….

    • Angela

      And Mickey is Topher Grace!

      • Mp

        No way… Mickey is SO good looking. Handsome. Topher Grace is just kind of cute.

      • sue

        Mickey reminds me of Tom Hanks for some reason

      • Allison

        Ames looks like Brendan Fraser

      • etm

        @ sue and Allison – I can see that.

    • wakeforce

      There are so many myths and lies this show perpetuates! The biggest one is you can find love on a tv show, that there’s such a thing as a perfect relationship, but this season add, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” and “Everybody deserves a chance”. Yes, you CAN and NO THEY DON’T!
      Ashley is completely clueless and doesn’t listen to reason. Jillian didn’t with Wes, Ali didn’t with Rated R, Jake didn’t with Vienna. Look how they turned out!

      • SLB

        Did anyone expect Ashley to be bright on this show?

      • RK

        It’s funny that Chris wants us to believe that the producers didn’t intentionally send that guy in before the guy unmasked.

      • Kathy

        Does anyone really believe this is real? This show is so scripted. I hope Ashley is well compensated for acting like such an idiot.

      • agirlnamedjake

        Hang on a sec – don’t say Ash doesn’t listen to reason. Remember that the ‘reason’ she got her info from was Michelle Money. I’d be taking that with a grain of salt & keeping an open mind, too. And Ashley isn’t seeing the stuff this idiot is saying direct to the camera that we’re privy to. She has to be cut a small break here.

      • Rosegarden

        I agree with you. There are a long list who didn’t listen to the advice given by others and got burned.

      • Keith W.

        Really??!? The producers don’t have the power to remove questionable contestants?? They screen on every other reality game show…

      • Toby

        I can’t tell the difference between the Josh Grobin twins.

    • Amy

      I think JP looks like Joseph Gordon-Leavitt.

      • SLB

        He totally does.

      • Kudos

        The squinty eyes, I totally agree Amy!

      • Karen

        It freaks me out how much he looks like him!!!

      • April

        He totally does! I’ve been thinking that since he first stepped out of the limo!

      • tennisfan

        Yes, and a little like a skinny Heath Ledger…

      • wakeforce

        I think he’s one of the best-looking ones.

      • Kristin

        I thought so too. (And I also think Jospeh Gordon-Leavitt looks a bit like Heath Ledger).

    • Cupcake

      It is hard to watch Bentley lie to Ashley and I feel sorry for her. You have to remember that she does not have the advantage of knowing what he is saying behind her back. She was warned – yes – but kudos to her for wanting to determine his character for herself. You are right that her radar is off but I think that can be expected when she is trying to get to know so many people at once. From the previews it looks like Bentley leaves soon (YES)!! What I want to know is what self respecting woman would ever date him now?? Is he playing this up for his buddies back home? Cause he looks like an idiot. I cringe every time he is on screen and wonder if his family is watching and having the same reaction. Bentley dear? You are coming across like a true pig and I only hope that there is a shred of decency in you somewhere that you can build on as you grow up.

      • Rachel

        Bentley is not even a little bit cute and he is a horrible dresser! I would have sent him home the first night even without the text message warnings. Ugh!

      • Anon

        Bentley is angling for a spot on Bachelor Pad, which he will get, of course. Fleiss would NEVER miss this opporunity.

      • A

        I feel more sorry for his daughter… one day she will grow up and see the way he acted and talked about women.

      • cozmo

        I find it interesting he commented about being a ‘role model for my daughter’. yeah right, when is he going to start. The only thing is daughter should be of him now is ashamed.

      • Kathy

        He was put there to act a part and he’s doing it. He’ll be gone when he’s done whatever the producers wanthim to do. Looks like that might be next week.

      • Elizabeth

        I find it odd that Ashley thinks he is so good looking and charming. To each her own I guess. To me, he looks like a poor man’s version of bachelor Bob, but without the sense of humor.

        Not sure what Bentley thinks he is accomplishing with his antics. What woman in her right mind would date the guy after seeing him on TV? He is the classic jerk. And I don’t mean a rebel, James Deanish, bad-boy jerk that some women gravitate to. I mean, the whiny, wussy, will-cry-if he stubs his toe, got-his-lunch-money-stolen-as-a-kid, lives in mommy’s basement kind of jerk.

        I really feel sorry for his little girl. I hope her mom has the good sense NOT to ever let her see this show.

      • Glowbug

        Bentley looks like some party dude that keeps a dirty apartment & he is unkept with the raggy hair–ugh and why did she beg him not to leave? and say she can judge a person’s character and why say it to a guy she was “warned” about?

      • MBgirl

        Toatlly agree with you. I think he is a coward and a lier. He could’nt even tell her to her face the reason for leaving. He had to use his child as an excuse. I can only imagine what he teaches his child. Poor kid for having a so called father like him. Where are his morals? He will get what he deserves!

      • Fantasygirl

        Asheley begged Bentley not to go in week #2 remember? He tried to talk to her and she said, “stop, listen to me! If you have any feelings for me PLEASE stay!” It was pathetic then and got more pathetic week #3. She really had no clue what this guy was thinking and saying, true. There is no reason to expect a guy to be that sociopathic, to be intentionally cruel and then ask “how does my hair look?” This guy should never be able to date another woman. But does he really like women at all? That is another question….

    • Hillary

      Bentley looks like Mark Ruffalo

      • carol

        Ick. I think you’re insulting Mark Ruffalo by saying that. I don’t think he looks ANYTHING like him.

      • Judy

        Except Bentley is a huge pig and Mark Ruffalo is fabtabulous.

      • etm

        Hillary, ever since someone pointed that out last week I totally noticed it too. But Judy is right, Mark is sweet and adorable and Bentley is ugly and creepy.

      • Cath

        omg…NOT! Mark Ruffalo is cute. Even if Bentley were attractive…which he isn’t, he stil wouldn’t look like Mark Ruffalo.

    • Mellissa

      JP is no Ed Norton, but he could be a relative.

    • Lucygal

      Right, either Ed Norton or Keanu’s a tossup between the two for JP

    • Jen

      Ames looks like Harry Connick, Jr.–and last night he even wore the Connick Jr. vest with rolled-up sleeves!

      • D

        Ames gets made fun of for his appearance, but I think he’s uniquely handsome. The vest look worked. However, I thought it was pretty funny watching the highly educated guy trying so hard to figure out the lame date card.

    • eclectcmoi

      I think JP looks like Heath Ledger. Love his comments and enthusiam when Ashley gives him a rose at the cereomony.

    • Laurie

      JP looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt

    • Aiden

      Dr Jones, you are too funny! I agree with you :) Except, I think Jeff, not JP may secretly be Ed Norton :) I don’t know if ABC had her say that she thought she had a good radar…but isn’t it so ‘dramatic’ that Bentley was a perfect example of her actually broken radar. Poor Ashley!

    • LadyofWI

      Dr. Jones,
      Ashley needs to listen to her intuition. She knew her truth on Bentley before she even met him. How could she keep even keep him for one night? Her radar is so off she is going to destroy and crash if she doesn’t wise up. Ashley must realize this is TV, and you follow your heart and intuition… and then give a relationship a few years. She’s thinking she’ll come home with a husband… geesh!

  • sherimoonzombie

    I am a reluctant viewer this season – just never much cared for Ashley. But I am liking some of the guys — Ben F in particular(totally yummy). I still love reading Chris’ blog, so I may have to stick around for the season. And of course, I can’t wait for Ashley to realize what an a-hole Bentley is. Girl needs to grow a pair though and toughen up. She’s too quick to think every guy is so dreamy perfect.

    • SLB

      That’s because she’s an idiot. Did we really think the third choice for bachelorette was going to be good. Everything smarmy Harrison says on his blog is just to plug the show.

      • JRC

        Everything on this show is choreographed!. The producers know EXACTLY what they’re doing with Bentley as well as Ashley. Contestants are told to keep certain ‘rettes. It’s what brings ratings! This show would be toast if it weren’t for the drama. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bentley was a paid participant. This trying to “one up” yourself Bachelorette is getting annoying!

      • Kathy

        Bently is there because he’s being paid to create drama and he’ll be there as long as he’s needed. I think maybe Ashely gets to make some of her won choices, but some of them are made by others to drive the drama and boost the ratings. There’s not much”real” about this show.

      • Jennifer

        Normal I like to harass you for your comments, but I TOTALLY agree with your description of Harrison being smarmy. LOL!

      • Fantasygirl

        So you are saying that Chris Harrison WANTED Bentley to make a puddle out of Ashley? I do not believe that. Or do you think her role was scripted too? If so she should get an academy award. Really, what’s with you guys saying all this is scripted? Don’t you know, reality is much more fascinating that fiction? You couldn’t make this stuff up without it looking fake. This did not look fake.

  • Jasmine

    I could care less if the mask is not a bad guy- Ashley is a horrible judge of character based on the whole bentley situation, so when she keeps “the mask” over “gail’s son” it just makes me more and more frustrated with her.

    • SLB

      Does mask idiot realize that mask actually makes him look ugly. I would have sent his stupid *ss home the first day. And i’m soooo sure Harrison tried to warn her about Bentley. Probably went something like this “Bentley may not be here for the right reasons, but think of the ratings. Everyone will forget you’re not Emily”.

      • Juneau

        Yeah “warning” her is not telling her or showing her the footage of his confessionals. If he’d done that, I’d believe him that he thought Bentley was over the line and disrespectful. If the guy is clearly not there for the B-ette, then why even keep him there? Stupid.

    • Rachel

      “Gail’s son” Matt did seem sweet but maybe little TOO MUCH of a Momma’s Boy? I really do find it soooo incredibly attractive for a guy to love and respect his mother, but there is a line where it becomes a little bit too much.

      • Zakry

        Yeah, “Gail’s Son” seemed to much like a superfan. Ashley would always wonder if he’s really into her or just into being on The Bachelorette!

  • Pinky

    I like to refer to Jeff (The Mask) as “Jim Scary.”

    • April

      LOL! That’s too funny!

  • Ida Red


  • Sarabeth

    I really can’t get over how terrible Bentley is. I feel sorry for Ashley, although I think she really put blinders on when it came to him because she was instantly attracted to him (which I can’t really see personally). I guess it’s no surprise that the guy is divorced…I think I might even feel more sorry for him than Ashley because he must be a truly miserable person to treat her so poorly. To me his arrogance and his actions point to the fact that he must be insecure. What a sad excuse for a man and such a poor role model as a father. She’s better off without him!

    • SLB

      You feel sorry for her? Why? She was warned, he looks and acts like a sleezeball, but she decided to overlook it because she sooooo attracted to him. She’s a dumb*ss. He’s probably the least attractive on the show.

      • marilyn

        Wow, you guys are tough! Please do not forget that he was playing her like a fiddle the whole time. Acting upset for being the last to get the rose…sweeping her off her feet to kiss her in front of the fireplace… What an ASS! I want to punch him in the face. He is totally leading her on. Yeah, she fell for it, but that doesn’t mean she did anything to deserve it. And not you in particular, but all of the comments about getting what you deserve for going on a tv show…don’t watch then. Geez, she seems like a genuinely nice girl. Give her the benefit of the doubt. People have fallen in love and married on the flipping Dating Game for heavens sake!

      • Kathy

        What I find amazing is that so many people are thinking any of this is real. These people are on this show to serve a purpose…ratings. Some of it is probably real but most of it is scripted and planned just to elicit the kins of emotions from viewers. I guess it’s working.

      • SLB

        Exactly. Please do not forget, this show is fake. He was probably told to “play her like a fiddle”.

      • Jennifer

        You are dumb.

  • Rachel

    Chris, don’t you remember kicking Rozlyn off of Jake’s season?! Yet you say, “I am free to give my opinion but I don’t think it’s my place to ever tell anybody on or off TV what to do and who to love or not to love”. Hmm. Smell that… Hypocrisy. Rozlyn and Bentley are one in the same.

    • reecee


    • Anon

      Completely agree Rachel!

    • Kudos

      With Roslyn, they told him what she was doing. I think they should play some of those Bentley interview tapes for Ashley. I mean, I get that he tried to warn her but they flat out said that Roslyn was a dirt bag, now they just kind of nudge Ashley to think Bentley’s bad? PLAY THE TAPES FOR HER!

    • Rachel

      But they didn’t kick Roslyn off just for running her mouth off—She actually had a PHYSICAL relationship with a staffer… Bentley–though he is definitely being a world class JERK, hasn’t actively DONE anything wrong. He just apparently likes to say that he wasn’t into her all that much. We also have to remember that the real Jerk-ish comments are the ones we’ve seen on previews. The things he’s said prior to the first two rose ceremonies all just indicate that he’s not super into her, but is still wanting to see how things pan out. Still a jerk, but we’re judging him based on the whole story! All they had up to the 2nd episode was a PART of the story…which wasn’t quite enough to kick him off!

      • Judy

        Double standard, but agree with previous poster who stated that the producers get to help choose who stays and who goes. Its all about ratings and $$$.

      • Rachel

        How is it a double standard?

      • RK

        She didn’t have a physical relationship.

      • Rachel

        I know they never released proof of it–but the accusation against her was a physical relationship.

      • Amy

        No, they never said Roslyn had a physical or sexual relationship. They said she had an “Inappropriate” relationship. She was removed because she started a huge fuss about not being able to be in contact with her kid, but they found a flirtatious relationship going on and used that as an excuse to deal with her and at the same time produce some new drama to boot.

      • Rachel R.

        Initially they used the phrase “inappropriate” and then when everyone wanted clarification….Chris H. said “an inappropriate relationship that got physical.” He said it in one of the blogs from that season.

  • Rachel

    So Chris, you try to explain to us very ardently that you wanted to help Ashley out. WHY LET THE GUY ON THE SHOW?! If you really had integrity you wouldn’t allow these moronic people on this show. Guess what, I will still watch the show without the psychopaths–you don’t have to worry about viewership.

    • Anon

      Great point again Rachel. While I’m not watching the show for its integrity, it would be nice if there was some semblance of honesty. This blatant hypocrisy and disregard for Ashley’s feelings is a truly sad display by Harrison and the Bachelorette team.

    • Ashley

      To the Bachelor franchise, it is all about the ratings. I remember hearing that Brad made 6 figures doing the show a second time so hopefully Ashley is in it for the money and not the love. The producers really don’t care about her happy ending, they are drooling over this idiot from Salt Lake, I refuse to even write his name. Maybe she’s hearing something else when he’s mumbling because I need subtitles to understand more than half of what he says.

      • Rachel

        How do you know Brad made 6 figures for doing the show???? That’s not something they publicize…

      • Ashley

        No, why would they publicize that they pay their “reality” participants? It was included in the text that he sent his ex girlfriend. It was part of the story that was published when it was coming down to the final 3. I take it with a grain of salt but…I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Each season this show seems more and more scripted and less real.

  • Beckie

    I have been an advid viewer of the Bachelorette and Bachelor for many years. I think this season is one of the worst I have seen. What happened to the writers for this show?? Out for lunch? If the first date was an indication what the next show is going to be like – I may have to turn it off. Cheesy – no depth to this. Come on folks – these are real people with real lives and the majority of America is tired of the games. Can’t we have an honest show, with some rules on no profanity and behaviour and see something that will give some people some hope for true love. If there are no rules – the everyone will push the envelope as far as they can. As we have seen in the past – people can go pretty far – it is not a name you want to make for yourself. Can we get back to true family ideals? I keep watching and hoping for the best but I am fast getting disappointed in this. And by the way, Chris – you have been the best example of normal on the show.

    Hoping for better – but not looking too good thus far!

    • Rachel

      Totally agree Beckie! The Bachelor franchise is differentiated from the Flavor of Love’s and Rock of Love dating shows because of its higher quality content. By having the Michelle Money’s and Bentley’s and Rozlyn’s this show a great career starter instead of a quest for love.

    • Hi

      We could only hope that this franchise could get back to the romance that it once had. Creator, Mike Fleiss, comes off as if he enjoys the trashy turn his franchise has turned into. His interview on at the end of last season was proof of that. It’s all about ratings. He doesn’t care about a woman being humiliated on television. The production team (and Chris Harrison) is just as guilty as Bently for this facade.

    • wakeforce

      If you are watching this show to see Family Values, you are either stupid or delusional!

      • SLB

        Exactly. All this show cares about is ratings and money. No profanity? Oh yeah, “real” people don’t cuss. Maybe these people should just watch the christian networks.

      • Mimi

        Thank you!! Family values?? On the Bachelor/Bachelorette?? Please.

    • Rachel

      an honest show, with rules that dictate how people have to act???? It’s REALITY TV!!!!!!!! The “writers” should only come up with dates, not tell the people how to act!

    • Marcy

      LOL! True family ideals? Not happening on this show. Chris Harrison–people watch it for the drama, not for warm fuzzies. Ashley is prolly making bank doing the show, anyway.

  • Nicole

    To me the Bently situation is just as bad as the girl caught with the producer in Jakes season and you asked her to leave, I like this show but it sounds to me like you were looking for ratings instead of looking out for Ashley.

    • tennisfan

      I agree — ABC will say Rozlyn was different b/c she was messing around with a crew member, but in my view it’s no different. It’s just two different ways of being completely insincere to the Bachelor(ett) but clear with the producers about your true intentions. In both cases the producers should step in and remove the person from the show.

      Also — if you talked with Ashley about it Chris, why not show us that???

      • SLB

        Except that there is no proof with Rozlyn. They have this idiot dissing her right on camera. Wake up people. This show is bullsh*t. It’s for entertainment purposes.

      • April

        @SLB … Isn’t everything on television for entertainment purposes?!?!
        Anyone who watches this show and doesn’t realized that “reality” is beefed up for entertainment purposes, is delusional.

  • Kym

    Granted Bentley’s a douche but every show needs a bad guy, makes for good TV. She’ll never pick him! On a lighter note William is the cutest thing ever and I hope she picks him or the cupcake guy.

    • MARIE

      I agree with you Kym….William is a winner for sure….love him and he should be the one that gets the final rose….but, oh no….the show will push for the masked guy to add for the drama.

  • wrong girl

    Let’s be honest, Bentley is right. She is not attractive and doesn’t deserve 20 some guys scrambling for her attention. The second you announced it was her, me, along with thousands of others wrote in and told you that was a big mistake. You need to listen to us! We are the people who watch the show, and as superficial as it may seem people like to watch beautiful people who may actually and believably be desired find love. I dont see you casting any super ugly over weight bachelors for her, so why on earth would you think anyone would want to watch a mousey skinny lipped ugly girl try and convince 20 guys that she is desirable. It’s actually hard to watch bc you know she is insecure about them not wanting her, but she is right and should be! They don’t want her and Bentley is the only one with balls enough to say it. He shouldn’t lead her on and he should be a man and just leave, which it looks to me like he does, bc you can’t just put a ho-hum girl in a room with 25 guys and call her the bachelorette and think all of the sudden shes going to be hot stuff. Not even a dye job and spray tan could save this girl. Your gate keepers, or producers, need to do a better casting job bc for me this was your last chance of watching and so far you’ve bombed. Stop with the recycling and get some fresh blood. If its drama your after, it seems like those Mormons from Utah have the most, so maybe it’s time for a Mormon bachelorette. All that being said, I hope the poor thing does find somebody to like her out of all those guys. Good luck to her, but shame on you for putting her in that position when it’s obvious she will fail. And better luck to The Bachelor franchise lasting another season.

    • Kata

      Who are you to decide what is attractive? I’d like to see your photo. Personally I find Ashley very good looking and she has a smoking hot body. People like you suck.

      • MARIE

        I think she is very pretty and has a nice personality.

      • SLB

        Worst bachelorette ever. Stupid, cornball first episode. I’m going to miss Bentley.

      • RK

        To quote Brad, “no doubt about it”, she’s not attractive.

      • Kelly

        I agree – She is sweet and trying to be open and talk about important stuff. I agree, that at the beginning I was not ‘pleased’ with ABC’s choice, but I am won over now. Cut her a break ya’ll. She’s just looking for love, and we ALL have done some pretty dumb (!!!) things along the way on the same path.

      • SLB

        Anyone looking for “real” love on this show is an idiot and a liar.

    • Yuck

      I agree. They should of cut their losses when she had her little break down and stopped production, sent her on her way, and started from scratch. I would think fleiss is pervy enough to at least pick a hot bachelorette that even he’d want to date.

      • SLB

        Yeah, i’m so sure they stopped production. She probably had a tantrum crybaby fit for an hour.

    • Monica

      Bently, no one is interested in your shallow opinions. Just go away already.

    • wakeforce

      You make disgusting pigs want to throw up! What a piece of human feces you are!

    • GS

      There is nothing wrong with Ashley’s appearance at all! Bentley needs to get out a mirror b/c he is not all that either! He’s greasy and smarmy and I’m still trying to figure out what she sees in him at all. There are several guys way better looking and nicer than Bentley could dream of being (Mickey, Will, or who am I kidding, they are all better than Bentley on their worst days!!!!!).

      • Glowbug

        I don’t get why Ashley is so interested in Bentley–he is not attractive unless you like unkept barely articulate guys

      • realist

        He looks like a troll. All he needs is that troll doll hair.

    • Rachel

      It seems to me you’re still watching the show! Every season people comment on these blogs and say they’ll “never watch again” but they LIE! Every season we come back, because we LOVE the show!

      And as for your comments about Ashley….are you SERIOUS?????? She is gorgeous! We don’t need fake women on here. Ash is super cute, super fit, and super-fashionable! Sounds to me like a pretty perfect Bachelorette!

      • Marcy

        Yeah, ASHLEY you are gorgeous! Ignore the haters–they are prolly still smarting from their rejected casting calls. The majority of viewers are rooting for you!!

      • Dan

        Totally agree Rachel! I think she’s very cute and the comments from the men showed that they thought she was smokin’ hot. If @wrong girl had watched the show she would have seen how much they wanted to get to know her.

      • Kelly

        Thank you Rachel! YOu are spot on!!! go girl! I’d never want a show on all the absolutely stupid things I did ‘for love’ Ashley is putting it out there – I’m in her corner!!

    • Kathy

      So because Michelle and Bentley are from Utah, they’re Mormons? What an ignorant thing to say! Both of those people were put on the shows to create drama and play parts.

      • Max

        Don’t know about Michelle but Bentley is a member of the Later Day Saints or mormons, he went to BYU, was married in the temple and is still on the rolls as member. It’s just a fact. That he got his lack of respect from his religion is just a guess but having grown up LDS myself, it doesn’t surprise me.

      • Yuck

        It’s not ignorant. It happens to be the truth.

    • Rs

      “wrong girl”: You are absolutely right!!! Ashley was a ridiculous choice. You can’t cast an, at best, average looking girl to be the Bachelorette. And on top of that, she is extremely annoying!! I couldn’t even stand watching her limited time on Brad’s season. I am not watching this season, I am just reading the recaps.

      • Rachel

        Why even read the recaps if you don’t care about it?? Reading all the recaps and comments takes a whole lot more time than watching the show!

    • chinchillagirl

      The ratings are really great this season plus Ashley is kind, relatable and educated. Most women love Emily (a single mother) and Chantal (who is twice divorced) beautiful women but lots of baggages. Im watching for the men anyway. If I was able to stomach Jillian, I could easily tolerate Ashley.

    • cestmoi

      Sounds like you have some personal issues. Maybe an ex of one of the bachelors? Or are you really jealous? How else can you possibly say that she’s unattractive? The only problem I can see is that she is probably a poor judge of character. I really wish this show would try to help them out with their choices. Most of them seem to be picking the wrong person, just like they’ve done in the past which is why they’re still bachelors and bachelorettes and are desperate enough to go on this show. Just look at the past participants and you know they can’t do it on there own. Are you listening, Chris Harrison?

    • Nicky

      And yet all u dumbassses who think it is fake keep watching it. Soooooooooo…….so who is dumber.

    • realist

      Making fun of thin lips? How shallow. Would you rather she pump them full of silicone for that grotesque daffy-duck look that so many bimbos are going for today? I rather appreciate and like that she’s not a caricature of a woman.

    • MBgirl

      In reply to wrong girl, you call Bentley a “man”? He had to hide behind his child as a reason to leave. Be a man Bentley, all you needed to say is that you were’nt interested. Some things are better left unsaid!

  • Sally

    In reply to “wrong girl”, you would be well suited with Bentley. How could you say such horrible things? Ashley is adorable, and very attractive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her, and her personality is what makes her more beautiful! Yes, Emily was drop dead model material, but obviously not all can’t look like that. People are beautiful in different ways. Besides, emily may have been drop dead model material, but she was BORING. Bentley needs to go, and I feel sorry for anyone who ends up with such a jerk. Who cares if producers let him on the show, its what keeps us interested and excited to see what happens next. It’s actually up to Ashley to realize that he’s not sincere. But really, after what she was told about him, how can she be so clueless. Pretty sad.

    • sprite

      Personally I never knew what people saw in Emily…easy to look good when you’ve had work done…and she was boring. Ashley is a cute girl but just as boring. My money is on Emily returning next summer as our NEW Bachelorette since people “love” her according to the producers. They wanted her innitially and since she has so conveniently dumped that poor fool Brad they have kept up her profile in the media…Bentley talking about her all the time, media following her “tragic” break-up (tell me some of these sad story guys were not ment for her), and then articles about what she thinks of Ashley’s guys…I bet she has Mike Fleiss drooling.

      • Marcy

        Yep, Emily will come back as the next Bachelorette and then Bentley will come trolling onto the show licking his chops and Chris Harrison will be like, “In the show’s most dramatic turn of events ever blah blah blah…”

      • RK

        Are you blind?

    • Mellissa

      Emily was pretty in a plastic sort of way. Too much make up, too much hair bleach, etc. I wanted to scrub her face and mess up her hair.

      • tennisfan

        The funny thing is, the few times she was caught without makeup, she was much, much prettier. I do not get why women feel the need to wear that much makeup — she really didn’t need it.

  • Susie

    After watching some of these so called reality shows I think most of them are scripted and everyone is an actor. Shook things are done for ratings. On Biggest Looser you can’t fool people and say it is fake cause these people do lose weight and I believe that reality show is for real.

  • Dee

    Seriously never post comments but some of these are so mean and cruel have to just say…if you don’t like Ashley as the bachelor, don’t watch! You don’t find her attractive to your taste, don’t watch! But don’t come on the boards and beat the poor girl up!!! She’s lovely and beautiful and a hell of a lot braver than any of you saying bad things!!!! Yes we’re watching a real person risk their heart but we’re doing so as entertainment. If you’re not entertained JUST DON’T WATCH.

    All done.

    • SLB

      I watch because i love seeing idiots makes complete *sses out of themselves on tv. Poor Ashley. She’s the one that put herself in this position. Poor baby deserves what she gets. Judging by her lame dancing, that’s the real purpose for coming on this show.

      • Rachel

        And judging by YOUR comment, your just like Bentley! No compassion whatsoever! Yes, Ash put herself in this position because she is STRONG enough to put herself out there in the hopes of finding love! At least she doesn’t “LOVE seing idiots make [fools] of themselves” How self-centered to actually want people’s lives to be ruined for your own personal amusement!

      • SLB

        You must believe in Santa and the Easter bunny too. Strong enough? You mean stupid enough? She put herself in a position to be ridiculed. If she couldn’t take the heat, she should’ve stayed out of the fire. Why should i feel compassion for people who go on tv to be famous and then are upset when nobody cares about them?

      • Rachel R.

        How is it that you know her motive for going on TV? You don’t know her innermost thoughts! And FYI….I NEVER believed in Santa OR the Easter Bunny–not even when I was 2!

        Why should you show compassion? Because we are all people and we all make mistakes…and because it is the right thing to do. But I guess you don’t care about the right thing…or the right way to treat other people! And no one said she couldn’t take the heat! She said on Jimmy Kimmel that she was happy now. Still though, it doesn’t give you an excuse to be a jerk! It shouldn’t make you happy to see ANYONE suffer!

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