Lady Gaga visits 'The View,' talks plans to host 'Saturday Night Live'


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Lady Gaga took a little time to enjoy The View today, stopping by to promote Born This Way with a half-hour interview with Barbara Walters and Co. And she pretty much made a headline every minute. Escorted by two men wearing shades, Gaga looked a little wobbly stepping onto The View’s set. Maybe those eight-inch boots had something to do with that. Today she continued her goth-take on I Dream of Jeannie, streaks of Cruella DeVil black in her blonde bob. Yeah, there were the usual platitudes — “I’m so grateful,” “I never dreamed I’d be here,” “the spirit of the audience inspires me” — but she also proved herself to be quick-witted, open-hearted, and endearingly self-deprecating.  She opened up more about the bullying she suffered at New York City’s Convent of the Sacred Heart (those Upper East Side mean girls made fun of her “big nose” and “buck teeth” and even threw her in a trash can, a moment she reinterpreted for her Rolling Stone shoot last June).  “When I was in school I wanted to wear a mask every day, but now I wear my mask, and I wear it proudly,” she said.

For the first time I can think of, Gaga also introduced her mother to the world. In previous appearances on the Today show and elsewhere, Mother Gaga, Cynthia Germanotta, refused to be filmed on camera, so the fact that she appeared before the lades of The View, and confirmed that her daughter was indeed “born this way,” was something of a landmark for Gagaphiles. Of course, Joy Behar took it a bit far, asking Germanotta “[When she was born], didn’t the nails hurt?” pointing to Gaga’s curling cuticles. But if you thought that Joy had reached her TMI limit for the day, think again: She also confirmed that she and Gaga share a gynecologist. Well, can we at least all agree now that Gaga is a woman?

Oh, and about that mystifying “Transformers! Gaga in disguise” album art. Because today’s literal-minded media culture demands that Gaga explain away every one of her provocations, she offered up this analysis: “I’m half-woman, half-motorcycle. I wanted to create this idea of fusing flesh with metal, but to show that I am also a vehicle. Not just the vehicle for myself anymore, but the vehicle for the voice of my fans.” You know, that makes a lot of sense.

Finally, the View gals showed a clip of Gaga’s inspired guest appearance on SNL’s “Liquorville” sketch on Saturday.  (Elisabeth Hasselbeck was probably just happy not to be parodied herself by Kristen Wiig.) And Her Ladyship had a little breaking news about herself. Apparently, she’s already been talking with NBC about having her host an installment of SNL herself next season. If we get another chance to see her squeal with delight over Chris Kirkpatrick, it’ll totally be worth it.

Monsters and PopWatchers, what did you make of Gaga’s appearance on The View? With this and her SNL stint over the weekend, I think she’s solidified herself as possibly the most unpretentious pretentious popstar ever. Only the next time she appears on The View, she needs to be a guest panelist. Hot Topics needs to get Gaga-fied.

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  • banana

    Nice recap– I missed it, but it sounds like Gaga opened up and that’s cool. Tho I must say that joy behar is a boil on the butt of humanity.

    • Sara

      I agree, thanks for the recap!!

      • The Verdict

        Just heard Born This Way…

        2 out of 5*

      • How Desperate

        Lady Gaga Sells Album For 99 Cents??



        Born This Way got better reviews than overrated ADELE. Don’t believe me, go to wikipedia. Rolling Stone gave Adele a deserved 3.5 stars. LOL

      • The best!

        She is the best!

      • The Truth Told

        99cents…That’s just about how much Born This Way is really worth !!!!

      • Bumper Sticker

        Pathetic album from a pathetic copycat USA has ever produced named Lady GaGa..

      • Weak Album

        Very weak album, indeed!

      • Jose Arribas

        Amazon is selling it for 99 cents to compete against iTunes. Gaga had nothing to do with it. The CD is on track to do 600,000 units for the week so I hardly think she’s “done”.

      • Keena

        No, only like edge of glory, the rest is well not good, oh well.

      • Stebby

        Gaga is a flaky snake this days & very desperate!

      • Lame & twisted

        Billboard should not count heavily discounted digital sales (.99$) in its total for the album. This should be considered as a special issue/promotion item.

        This is disgraceful and reminiscent of Mariah Carey-like antics in the 90s to get her singles to #1. Very disappointing.

    • The Real Truth

      CD gets 5 out of 5 Stars!

      • Not Liking

        Lady Gaga still sounding like an early-90s Tampax advert.

      • windrider2

        Not Liking, you have zero credibility because it’s obvious you haven’t listened to the album at all. If you want your music criticism to be taken seriously, simply vomiting out a seventh-grader snarky remark isn’t going to get it done.

  • Matt

    I really love GaGa; I don’t care if her album isn’t an A plus, it is plainly evident that she cares deeply about her craft, her fans, and her position in pop culture. Very excited about the SNL proposition, too!

    • The Verdict

      There’s just no question that Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” album sounds like the missing Madonna CD from 1988

      • Hahahaha

        madonna is dead

      • The Truth Told

        Lady Gaga is the worst copycat of the 21st century. She will be dead in 2 years.

      • windrider2

        Yeah, when did Madonna ever do a rock n roll/metal album, embued w/50s vocals, 60s melodies, and weld it to sledgehammering (non-syncopated) beats. What album was that? Or what song? You’d think Madonna was the Messiah, the way you people fall down at her feet and worship everything you THINK she did when most of you weren’t around to see what a hot mess Madonna was in her first 3 years.

      • anonymous

        I wouldn’t call anything on Gaga’s new album metal. There is some 80’s sounding pop rock, some industrial, and a little throwback rock n roll, and she does mention metal a few times, but I’m not sure anything on it actually qualifies as metal.

      • windrider2

        It’s because she uses synths and beats instead of guitars and drums (although she uses those instruments much more on this album than her first two), but the structure, tonality and punch of some of this music has metal DNA. She isn’t using the metal sonic palette but the elements are right there if you know what to listen for. There’s also some pretty pure 80s rock n roll, and more than a few call-outs to 50s doo-wop and 60s pop harmonies and melodies, some baroque, some classical pizzicato, a bit of opera, and some Gregorian chant. Add to that a Dolly Parton vocal riff, a signature drum phrase from the opening of Leader of the Pack (and a b’jillion other 60s pop hits), a very big homage to Edith Piaf in the most unlikely context, Queen’s We Will Rock You elements along with Brian May, and a very short taste of Meatloaf. And oh yeah, some of the best 80s pop vibes. There is a LOT of sonic content and musical DNA in this record that you don’t necessarily pick up the first time you listen. I don’t like everything on the record (I could live without Bad Kids) and some of the overall affect she’s reaching for doesn’t quite get there. But it sure beats anything else out there I’ve heard lately in terms of compositional and sonic complexity and pure vocal delivery.

    • retired housewife



      • Weak Album

        I hope she will give it away for FREE!

      • Anonymous

        At only 99 cents she practically already is…

      • windrider2

        I don’t think it will be album of the decade because I think she’s got much better work in her that she hasn’t written and recorded and performed yet. And no physical cds are being sold for 99 cents…only downloads and only for a limited time. The CDs are being sold at full price except when the retailer uses discounts to attract more customers into the store where they hope to sell more records.

  • Kat Jennings

    With her futuristic music and style, Lady Gaga should have a cameo in Star Trek 12.

  • m

    I thought she already hosted SNL last Saturday!?! She was in almost every skit!

    • Anonymous

      And she wasn’t too great of an actress either… at least she seemed game to be there?

  • gazmo

    Love Her. The CD id GREAT also. People just want to see her fail. Not going to happen!

    • Me

      Yea, not too hard to “fail” when you’re offering your new album for the jaw dropping, bargain basement price of .99 cents. She is so desperate for big numbers that it’s actually quite sad and pathetic.

      • Jaimie

        As A PRE-SALE value. Which happens for less than a day. Other artists have done the same- and this is only on amazon for her AMERICAN fans- so it really doesn’t effect UNIVERSAL numbers. Besides, no one’s going to buy the record regardless of price if they don’t actually LIKE her music.

      • Justin

        Actually, it’s FOR SALE right now. For .99 cents. For a full 24 hours. People who were not planning on buying her album are since it’s such a LOW price. (I’ve read numerous comments on other sites that people are buying it even though they weren’t going to.) So for the casual fans who have been turned off by her lackluster FOUR singles she’s already released are probably more willing to spend $1. What other artists have done this before exactly?

      • windrider2

        AMAZON, not Gaga, initiated the one-day-only $0.99 sale of the standard album to boost its sales figures in competition with iTunes where the album went #1 in 23 countries in less than two hours. With Amazon moving deeper into the marketplace of cloud services and storage, they are anxious to move products digitally as much as possible, and the Gaga album was a golden opportunity because its sales activity is on fire right now. So Amazon wants to cash in on it. Got a problem with the free enterprise system?

      • gazmo

        SHE is not offering…AMAZON is.

      • Faith

        Lady Gaga is NOT offering it for that low…Amazon is (See windrider2 above). It has already went #1 all around the world on iTunes and also here in the States! By the tone of your comment, you are nothing more then a Gaga hating troll so I guess poiting out the truth is pointless.

      • The Truth

        ..because her new album is a garbage. Thats why..

      • Sheyonce


      • Crystal

        C’mon guys. If you think for one second that Gaga didn’t give the ok to sell her album for 99 cents or it wasn’t planned by her team you’re much more delusional than previously feared. I’d also like to know what other artists have done this before…it also certainly helps to sell your album for the price of a McDonald’s cheeseburger to get bigger numbers.
        You certainly don’t see movie theaters charging $1 on a movie for opening day, because it’s seemingly bad business- box office gross constitutes a hit movie whereas record sales constitutes for a higher number on the charts thus making it a “hit” album. She wants bigger numbers. End of.

      • MultiPass

        it was already leaked for free, idiot. And it’s $16 on iTunes and still at the top. Not everyone is a cheapass mofo, and not everyone wasted their time going out of their way to remark about a stupid detail about an artist they pretend not to care about. You DO realize that by posting disparaging or negative remarks about an artist you claim to dislike is the ultimate dbag, hypocritical and ironic waste of time possible? I mean, it’s already questionable for any of us to be spending our time remarking on an online EW article about a popstar. But to do so about something you claim to dislike? that’s the freakin apex of stupidity. How about a Rapture for stupid people? I think it’s about time the idiots left the planet.


        You idiots are weird! If it’s number 1 on itunes in 22 countries (the special edition at that) selling for $15 on itunes…who gives a flying fuc% what you think about a .99 promotion that is a niche promotion at best. Won’t even account for 5% of sales. Her CD is number 1 on amazon too…and it’s not .99…lol.

      • Monster For Life

        Well said “MultiPass!”

      • geez

        “I mean, it’s already questionable for any of us to be spending our time remarking on an online EW article about a popstar.” hahahahha…It’s not like I do it everyday, I have to take time out to watch the shows in order to give my comment no one cares about. …how very sad… sigh…

    • retired housewife

      Gaga wont last..she will end up being a Beyonce’s chef !

  • Trent

    Gaga gets a lot of hate but she seems like a sweet girl. It’s true that she wants a lot of attention? But don’t we all? I actually think it’s her most relatable trait.

  • jrs

    What, nothing about Elizabeth? Did she behave herself? Only guessing what she thinks about Lady Gaga.

    • Monster For Life

      LOL!!!! So true! I bet the producers told her to keep her judgmental trap shut about anything beyond a polite hello. I have yet to see the interview but can’t wait to watch her reaction to Gaga’s towering persona.

  • Aunt Sassy

    LOVED her on SNL last week and I hope she does host next season!

    • Faith

      Yes it would!

  • Faith

    Lady Gaga should host the 1st one next season with JT as the musical guest.


      I agree!

    • Anne

      OH YES!!! Do it again SNL!

  • Alan

    Gaga is also giving her album away for free in some telephone promo for Best Buy. People are questioning if it’s ethical because it’s a chance that total will go into her numbers too.

    • MultiPass

      Oh no! you don’t say! call the authorities! someone MUST BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS HUGELY IMPORTANT EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Crystal

        Oh, MultiPass. Someone needs to pull their pea sized head out of Gaga’s arse. So there’s no confusion, that would be you. I needed to put it as plainly as possible since you seem to be a few bricks short. Furthermore, how on earth is it hypocritical to comment on something you think is desperate? Everyone, including you with your misguided one, has a right to an opinion.
        Lastly, when throwing around terms such as “apex of stupidity” and “idiots” it might bode better for you if you used proper punctuation and grammar whilst insulting someone with those disparaging comments, unless of course you were looking into a mirror and speaking of yourself. How fast can your “rapture for stupid people” happen? Your place has already been reserved.

    • Oh My

      I heard about that online (another anti Gaga writer) and went to Best Buy today and they said they know nothing about that. Case closed!

    • Stebby is appalling! Her album #1 should be disqualified.

      • windrider2

        On what grounds? A 24-hour sale on the digital album from one retailer? Is she the only singer whose album has been used by retailers as a promo item? Not by a long shot. Besides, what is the point of putting an album on sale? It’s to sell it. Welcome to Free Enterprise. Don’t like it? China or Cuba would love to have you, I’m sure.

    • xhisxstarx

      Even if they are giving the albums for free SOMEONE had to buy the albums no matter what. So in any case those albums are being bought by someone which means there is no need to question whether it is ethical or not. you guys need to get a life. When you are trying to sell something, you are gonna do your best to promote it the best way that you can. Leave GAGA alone! She’s just promoting her album.

    • shane_c

      It doesn’t count towards the total sales; the original article was wrong. The same site ( that ran the original story had to post a correction.

  • Anne

    She was wonderful today…a little wierd, but wonderful. I had become a fan when I saw her on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She seemed so very kind and solicitous of Ellen & her audience, making her appearance more about THEM than her…that surprised me. Her respect of Barbara Walters in her 2009 interview also gave a glimpse
    into her true character behind the showmanship…but we didn’t know her well then. Then SNL last Saturday happened and wow, what a revelation into a whole new aspect of this powerhouse…fun & comedy!
    Love you Gaga…

  • Jenna

    I’ll just go with pretentious, attention-starved and unoriginal bore.

    • Monster For Life

      Why not just GO and leave it at that?

  • Jackson

    I like her and I think the new album is good, but I didn’t think she was that good on SNL. She was fun in a ‘watch the musical guest get involved’ kind of way, but her acting seemed forced, too theatrical, unnatural, etc. I’d prefer her in the capacity she filled Saturday night, but I think she’d prove to be a bad host.

  • John C

    So, Caca is giving her album away because she knows it won’t sell otherwise. First week numbers will be huge, but also laughable because they are dishonest.

    • Eran

      I don’t think an offer from Amazon will effect the numbers so stop trolling around, if you mind.

    • windrider2

      The physical copies of both CDs was already #1 in amazon sales when they decided to run the 0.99 sale for ONE DAY because amazon is trying to compete with iTunes as a source for digital music and movies. HORRORS! The Free Enterprise System is at work here. And BEFORE amazon put out the one-day sale of the digital record, the album had already gone #1 WORLDWIDE in less than two hours. The album was selling massively WITHOUT this sale. In fact, all three of her albums are selling briskly in iTunes stores around the world. In Japan, all three are in the top 10. This record already broke sales records in the first two hours at full price. She’s not having any problem selling it and if it performs as well as her first two records, it will still be selling well in the next two years.

      • SaraL


      • Crystal

        What sales records are you referring to besides the record for cheapest album ever?

      • windrider2

        Crystal, it’s $15.99 on iTunes. And it hit #1 in EVERY iTunes store worldwide within 1.5 hours. THAT is a sales record. I don’t know what the pre-order volumes were for various retailers but THAT may set a record too. If the CDs keep selling at this pace, she’ll probably set a record for number of records sold in the first week. The physical CDs are selling at the usual prices. Some retailers are giving markdowns to get ppl into the store to hopefully buy other records. It’s a classic marketing technique; these products are called “loss leaders” and EVERY major retailer using it.

        The ONLY cheap discount is ONLY for 24 hours so amazon can boost its digital sales. And amazon is only ONE retailer selling the digital album at this price. Digital sales (downloads) are their own sales category and price of the unit is irrelevant; the only thing that matters is the number of downloads. Try learning something about the music business next time.

      • Crystal

        I get Billboard magazine so I am aware of how it works, thanks though. It hitting number one in x amount of hours is NOT a SALES record. Postulating that a record “may” set a record is in direct opposite of your earlier statement that it is breaking records all over the place. Maybe a time record, even though those don’t exist. You’re just making shiz up.
        Digital sales are counted as a SALE so for every .99 cent album sold or 15.99 or whatever other price it’s sold at counts as a sale.
        Furthermore, I hardly doubt she will be beating the sales record NSYNC set in 2000 for selling 2.3 million albums in one week and they didn’t even have to sell it for .99 cents in the hopes it would sell that many. (and that was America alone) Perhaps it’s time for you to learn something about the music business.

      • Anya

        Digital album sales count as album sales too. And of course it’s the number one album, this is the most hyped album of the year so far, not to mention nothing else this big has come out for a month or two. Of course it’s number 1 on itunes. And it will be number 1 for the week too. It has no new equal competition this week.

    • YULANDA21


      • windrider2

        Come back here next month and try that BS again. Wishful thinking does not create reality. She and her album will still be here next month (she’s got promo activities here and abroad scheduled for the next two months). She and her albums will still be here next year too, and the year after that. If BTW is as successful as her others, it will still be on the charts three years from now. And this is in an era when most artists’ record sales figures are plummeting.

  • Danny

    Wait … has it been determined that Joy is a human??

    • Stephen

      What is up with all the haters saying Gaga is a copycat??? Everyone in society has been a copycat”.. If you see eyeglasses, clothing, shoes, hairstyles on your favorite celeb or someone you admire..don’t tell me you haven’t once in your lifetime tried to “copy or have the same look… Please…check yourself before you start throwing stones!!

      • windrider2

        You’re exactly right. Musical styles are a sonic palette from which ALL ARTISTS select to ‘paint’ their songs. And all artists, whether musicians or painters or writers, begin by learning the history of their genres and studying their predecessors to master their crafts. People don’t smear a surrealist artist for ripping off Dali, or a cubist artist for ripping off Picasso, or a sculptor for ripping off Michelangelo. And no one EVER says a word about all the dime-a-dozen rap songs on radio. No one ever attacks a rock n roll band for creating a new rock n roll album—ew that’s so 80s, or so 70s, or whatever. No, that abuse is reserved exclusively from Gaga who is only using the same musical palettes as other artists, and painting music in her own way and to her own tastes. It was never a capital offense when Madonna did it, and she did it A LOT, but the haters want to stone Gaga for being an artist who uses the tools of the trade in different ways.

      • Crystal

        Man, someone is absolutely delusional on this board. Who exactly did Madonna rip off musically? She has, for most of her career, used underground producers and taken their sounds to the masses. So, I’d like for you to name just a few of the “A LOT” you mentioned. Apparently you haven’t read the LA Times article in which Gaga’s own creative director FLAT OUT SAYS they are copying Madonna and “doing it on purpose”. Real original, huh? I also noticed your “Madonna was hot mess the first three years” comment, I guess she was busy being a hot mess by selling albums and making hits that are still iconic today?

    • windrider2

      Express yourself was a ripoff from The Staples Singers Respect Yourself. Most of her early song stylings and performances borrowed heavily from Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benetar, Cher, Bette Midler and a whole host of other artists and influences. Gaga does not hide her influences and in fact, when she’s giving a vocal or visual reference to another artist, she’s blatantly clear about it. She might as well hold up a sign that says, YES I’M DOING IT ON PURPOSE. Madonna did not although she did talk about re-imagining and appropriating other art and evolving it with her own vision. Madonna was not known for writing her own material until later in her career. Most of her early hits were written by others. For photo shoots, she appropriated the entire look, right down to wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling from Harlow, Garbo, Dietrich, and Monroe, just to name a few. She has almost two dozen copyright violation lawsuits filed against her, some for music, some for photography and other print media. She settled some, lost some, some were thrown out and some are still pending.

      Ah yes, Laurieann Gibson’s quote. Gibson has been going around taking all kinds of credit for things that she had nothing to do with. Gaga started performing in clubs at 14 but Gibson made the outrageous claim that she taught Gaga how to hold a mike and how to perform to the audience. She now claims that her comment that she created Gaga’s Madonna look was taken out of context. But this woman has been caught in lie after lie after lie, taking credit for things she didn’t do and had nothing to do with. She’s basically building her own career at Gaga’s expense and lots of folks are noticing that 99% of what she says about Gaga is purely to blow her own horn.

      Gaga and Madonna have both sold a lot of records in their first three years. But unlike Madonna, Gaga was already touring before her first record dropped, Madonna didn’t tour arenas until 1985, three years after Like a Virgin dropped, and the tour was a critical catastrophe, whereas Gaga’s first arena tour, begun after 1 year in the biz, was a stunning success. Both tours made money but were received quite differently. Among the music trade press (where I was working & writing at the time), Madonna was known as the Great Appropriator for her borrowings of images, music and vocal stylings. She was also known to be only interested in marketing, with no interest in doing art of any kind…that didn’t come until much later in her career. Gaga has been selling lots of records and making iconic hits that will probably be around just as long as Madonna’s early music.

      What Madonna NEVER did was to put Broadway musical theater with avant-garde film, cabaret, burlesque, a little vaudeville, fashion and art installations, a show in four acts with script and dialogue on a pop arena stage. Madonna has never done pure Performance Art in any form, nor has she done musical theater.

      The kinds of things people like you are saying about Gaga were exactly the same kinds of things that were said about Madonna. Some of it was true, but most of it was not. Every time a strong, independent female artist emerges, there’s a stampede to find excuses to tear her down. It was true for Madonna, it’s true for Gaga, and it’ll be true for the next artist to emerge for the next generation.

      There are a lot of similarities between the two but artistically and more importantly, temperamentally, they are almost polar opposites. That’s not to say that Madonna has not shaped many of the young female artists who’ve followed her. But being influenced and ripping off are two entirely different things, and those of us who played and wrote music for a living, or wrote about it for a living, can distinguish the differences. Musical styles and influences are no different from a painter’s palette. Everyone starts out with the same 8 colors, same 12 notes, and the same handful of time signatures. It was true for Elvis, the first legendary performer I ever saw live, it was true for Madonna and it’s true for Gaga. Quit treating it like a capital crime.

      • Crystal

        You are absolutely out of your mind delusional. Go figure.
        1) Madonna has had a hand in writing her music from the get go. (look it up, fool)
        2) So Harlow, Monroe, et all were wearing rags in their hair and rubber bracelets?
        3) GAGAS OWN HIRED ART DIRECTOR SAID THEY WERE RIPPING OFF MADONNA, GAGA IS PAYING THIS WOMAN. TO THIS DAY. You’re attempting to discredit the sole person Gaga has hired to guide her latest “vision”, Mother Monster has faith in the woman who gets her inspiration from Madonna, maybe its high time you accept the fact your idol is a major fraud. If Gaga disagreed with that blunt statement, Laurie would have been fired.
        Again, you are ignorant to facts, Like A Virgin came out in 1985 (not 82 as you claimed and certainly not to negative performance reception, since it hand’t been released yet) and Madonna later toured to critical acclaim with her Virgin Tour.
        4) As someone who “worked in the music trade” you should know Madonna is HAILED as the performer who brought Broadway sensibilities to her stage shows, have you not seen Blonde Ambition, Girlie Show, Drowned World, Reinvention, Confessions, or Sticky and Sweet Tour? I’m guessing not because nearly everything you said is absolute rubbish nonsense.
        How on earth are these women “polar opposites” when her hired help, that she, like, pays money to, is bragging about the fact that Madonna is the blueprint of her career. You need not comment. Gaga already has for you.

      • Alba

        Actually, Ms. Crystal, you’re wrong too. Like A Virgin came out in 1984. In 1985 it was re-released. And it got mixed reviews, which is exactly what’s happening with Born This Way (although Gaga’s CD is mostly getting really good reviews).

        Let’s start by saying that I’m not a “little monster”. I like Gaga, and I like Madonna, so I can talk from a kinda objective point of view. And, sorry, but I mostly agree with Windrider2.

        1) Like Windrider2 said, Madonna began touring after the release of Like A Virgin, and the show wasn’t very succesful at first.

        2) I actually think Laurie should be fired soon, because it’s true she’s been caught lie after lie. Maybe she hasn’t been fired yet because all publicity is good, even bad publicity. But whatever she says can’t erase what Gaga says, because she’s certainly a liar looking for her own fame.

        3) Actually, what Windrider2 said was that Madonna never put Broadway, plus avant-garde film, plus cabaret, plus burlesque, plus vaudeville, plus fashion and art installations, plus a show in four acts with script and dialogue on a pop arena stage. Yeah, Madonna brought some traits of Broadway to her shows, but not the rest of what Windrider2 said. Windrider2 was talking about “Performing Act”, which was something Madonna didn’t really do in the whole meaning of the concept and something that Gaga has nailed.

        4) In Like A Virgin, Madonna only co-wrote 4 of the songs. Lady Gaga writes or co-writes AND composes all of her songs. Sometimes she produces her songs too. Madonna never produced her songs in Like A Virgin. Also, Madonna can’t play an instrument. Yeah, I’ve seen her playing chords in a guitar, but she can’t be considered a guitarist. Thus, she can’t really compose her music. Gaga is certainly a pianist, and a very good one. And she composes all her songs. Madonna’s vocal skills are also quite weak compared to those of Gaga.

        Don’t get me wrong, Madonna is great, I love her, and she led a whole revolution in the 80’s-90’s, but musically speaking Gaga’s better. And that’s completely objective. You can like Madonna better and think Gaga’s a nobody, but you’re wrong. They are both strong, talented artists, and Gaga’s bound to do things as great as those Madonna did years ago. Lady Gaga is innovative, like Madonna was years ago, and that’s why she’s getting such comments from people like you. Which is ironic, because Madonna got the same kind of comments when she started in the business. Madonna had her influences back then too, and she got bashed because of it, just like Gaga. Madonna also had lots of lawsuits filled against her because she allegedly “copied” something, like Windrider2 said. And yet you have the nerve to come here and say that Lady Gaga copies Madonna. Yeah, right, exactly like Madonna copied other artists. Don’t be so blinded by your worship of Madonna, Crystal, because you can’t excuse what happened to Madonna in terms of critics, lawsuits and so on, and yet be hard on Gaga for those same things. That’s not honest, and that’s not fair. Think about it.

        Cheers from Spain!

      • DontKnowItAll

        That was an exchange that actually made sense. Sure Crystal couldn’t completely contain his/herself with the out of your mind comment, but no one was called a moron, and I actually learned something. Very cool.

      • Alba

        Actually, Crystal, I’ve been thinking about this. Windrider2 was talking about Gaga touring before her first album was released, so I think the mistake wasn’t in the dates, but in the album. It was a typo kind of mistake, I guess. I think he was talking about “Madonna”, which was Madonna’s debut album. So he’s right. Madonna didn’t tour arenas until three years after releasing her debut album, while Gaga was already touring before releasing her own debut album.

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