Zach Galifianakis rips January Jones: 'Everybody's going to forget about you in a few years'


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On “Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis,” guests can expect to be treated rudely by the insecure host. But there doesn’t seem to be anything inspired or playful about Galifianakis’ recent remarks about Mad Men beauty January Jones. After a writer from mentioned that Jones had named the Hangover star as the “most naturally funny person she’d ever met,” Galifianakis basically scoffed. “If I remember correctly, she and I were very rude to each other,” he said. “It was crazy. I was at a party — I’d never met her — and she was like, ‘Come sit down.’ So I sit at her table and talk for 10 minutes, and she goes, ‘I think it’s time for you to leave now.’ So I say, ‘January, you are an actress in a show and everybody’s going to forget about you in a few years, so f—ing be nice,’ and I got up and left. And she thinks that’s funny?”

Reps for both actors did not immediately respond for comment. But the original exchange, if accurate, coupled with Galifianakis’ sledgehammer response in this interview all seem rather “high school,” what with the icy queen-bee that Jones could pass for, and the sly but schleppy outsider Galifiankis often plays. I envision the exchange taking place in the school cafeteria or something (though it could, in fact, have been the 2009 GQ Men of the Year banquet, which both attended).

Whatever the facts, the reported row leaves me torn, as if I’m the queen-bee’s next-door neighbor who also sits at Zach’s lunch table. Is this how Jon Hamm feels?

Is an apology in order? If so, by whom? Do you think they patch things up before everyone graduates, or will these hard feelings linger ruin everyone’s senior summer?

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  • Jay

    The hot chick is always right, the fat bearded guy is always wrong… just sayin

    • HD

      He’s not the only celebrity who has less than flattering things to say about the wooden and overrated January Jones.

      • Ralph

        But she IS hot…so Jay is correct.

      • anna

        What other celebrities? Outside of you own imagination, I mean.

      • Curtis

        The kid that plays her son in Mad Men said she’s the only one that isn’t nice, and that his advice to her replacement is to watch out for her. Kids don’t have filter nor ulterior motives, so that was enough to deem January Jones a nasty b***h, Zack’s comments aside.

    • Roger

      I am sick to death of Galifinankis. He seems to be in everything and a little of this overbearing guy goes a long way. Just ignore him January. You are an Angel from Heaven.

      • AC

        You sound like a Stalker.

      • lucy2

        Are you the skanks baby daddy, Roger?

      • The Other Guy

        January Jones is hot, but Galfianakis can act…she should stick to being hot, and he should stick to his One Man Wolf Pack

    • kremzeek!

      @ jay…i hope that was a joke.if it wasn’t,i have to say that is a pathetic way of thinking which means that you’ll let any “hot chick” get over on,we have to stop thinking like that.i’ve dated “hotties”,plain janes,and a couple of uggos and what they like is A MAN,not somebody who’ll act like a p***y-whipped sap.that’s how you end up in the dreaded FRIEEEEEEND ZOOOOOOONE.on a related subject,can we do away with the term “hot chick”?makes you all sound like high schoolers.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Zach is a hilarious actor, but the man himself kindof seems like a perpetually-stoned, pretentious jerk.

  • Karen Crowder


    • Ralph

      You sound like Geoff Peterson. That is definitely a compliment.

  • Jose

    I just can’t take this seriously.

    • mac

      Jose, I don’t think any of us should take it seriously, I don’t think Galifinakis was serious and I think Jeff (the author) may have read way to much into this.

  • Mike

    I love Zack, think he is hilarious… but he sure does have a pretty strong opinion on how people act. He has a lot to say about others, as if he can do no wrong.

    • Stacie has this great article on Zach G. right now. Talks about how he pretty much hates everyone in the world.

    • LP

      Zack reminds me of the kid in school that no one talked to, so now that he has his fame, he is bashing everyone out of vengeance.

  • ggny

    So January tell a website that Zach is the funniest person she has ever met…And he tears her a new one

    funny though since Zach is a one note comedian that no one will care about in a few years because he will be making The Hangover part 5 and recylicing the same Jokes…Zach is like Michael Cera and Will Ferrell 1 note actors that are extremly overrated

    • me

      I think that was his point. I don’t think he meant anything different about himself, just that it’s the entertainment world is. Most people aren’t popular for very long, and just because you’re doing well doesn’t mean you always will be, so you should be nice now so that people are nice to when you’re not

    • Carlo

      Um, Will Ferrell is not really an actor. He’s a comedian. Hence, his upcoming Mark Twain award. Yeah – usually an award reserved for “one-noters.” (That was sarcasm – had to define it since I’m thinking you probably have a hard time picking it out)

      • ggny

        thank you your proved my point about Will Ferrell’s “comedy” with your post

        its like watching Bewitched all over again

    • Nerdista

      And yet the people you name drop are still around. I seriously can’t see January Jones making it that long. Did you see her in that Liam Neeson movie? Oh boy, an actress she ain’t! She’s just playing herself on Mad Men!

  • Anne

    Galifianakis seems pretty determined to show how “cool” he is by being an a$$. Every interview of him I’ve read lately seems to have a complete “FU” attitude towards everyone and everything. I just don’t get it. That kind of attitude from anyone is ultimately self-defeating, but to hear it from someone whose claim to fame is playing the SAME CHARACTER in the movies and on SNL, it seems an exceptionally bad career move (and I don’t even LIKE January Jones).
    If he tries to stretch his career by being an a$$, eventually the novelty will wear off and the media and fans will decide that’s ALL he is — an a$$.

    • bamalam

      although it didn’t get a lot of attention, Zack played a really different character in the movie “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. I found it to be a really good movie.

  • mary

    January Jones got in a car accident a little while back- the first person she called was Bobby Flay- who is married. Now January is prego and she’s not giving any details.. I don’t trust her- I don’t particularly like him either- plays the same character every time.

    • Flayed

      When the kid comes out with red hair, the truth will come out as well.

  • EdGe

    He is going to wear out his welcome soon with comments like that.

    • AK

      Yeah, I have to wonder if he has the same sort of developmental problems as the characters he plays. He seriously has NO tact.

  • Diane

    Zch is going to be forgotten in about 2 years where Mad Men will be watched for a long time

    • Jason

      Mad Men will certainly be watched for a long time, but not for January Jones, who is easily the weakest part of a great show.

      Plus, people are going to be watching The Hangover for a long time as well.

      • Nerdista

        I agree, she’s just not that great.

  • Mott deWitt

    No way would you be sitting at Zach’s table, nor would your trailer be next to January’s house.

  • bobbyv

    Well, if what Zac said is true, than she deserved his (probably accurate) response. But I know how we want to believe all stars get along and love each other, and gorgeous woman in Hollywood are not bit##es.

  • Myprettypony

    He probably was looking at her boobs or something

  • Cris

    What is this, TMZ all of a sudden? Who gives a frak who said what to whom and who deserves an apology?

    • Carlo

      Yes this is. What? Did you think you were reading the NY Times?

  • Hillary

    maybe he’s the baby daddy

  • angela

    Disappointing. Why does he have to act like a jerk? What purpose does that serve? They should both be grateful they got where they are and have some integrity and class.

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