'The Office' finale: Which guest star would you hire?


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After weeks of hype and speculation, The Office‘s seventh season has finally drawn to a close. And I’m pleased to announce that in tonight’s finale — which featured guest appearances from a whopping six stars, plus billionaire Warren Buffett — it was revealed that Michael Scott’s replacement will be…

…nobody. Hmm — maybe strike the “pleased” from my previous sentence. I’ll have a lot more to say about this decision in my recap, which will be up in the morning. In the meantime, let’s talk more about those guest stars. All of them had their moments — but if forced to choose, which one would you want to watch each week as Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s new manager?

My choice is pictured above. Even though Jim Carrey didn’t get as much screen time as Spader and co., the revelation that he was the Finger Lakes enthusiast Jim had mentioned earlier in the hour had me laughing long and loud. I’d say the 30 seconds in which Carrey appeared were the funniest 30 seconds of the entire episode. Catherine Tate, though, would be a close second choice; the way she delivered that line about the Thai masseuse (“She’s administering massage if you need it, all right? If you don’, whatever, just talk to her — she’s a person!”) totally won me over.

How about you? Which guest star was your favorite — and, more generally, what did you think of the finale?

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  • ShermTO

    Spader’s Shatner impression had me rolling, but somehow I don’t think he could sustain it for a full series.

    • smoky

      I felt the same way about carreys accent, but i still want him to be hired.

    • Mike

      He was by far the best. I’ve never seen him in anything before and was pleasantly surprised–he was fantastic.

      • mary q contrary

        He has slowly but surely become one of my favorite performers. I had the hots for him in Pretty in Pink, even though he was a d-bag, then he was of course brilliant and terrific on Boston Legal. But it was watching him in my second favorite movie of all time that made me realize how awesome he is. If you haven’t seen his film, Secretary, do it. NOW.

    • Snsetblaze

      I thought Spader was hilarious too but did not realize he was doing Shatner. Now that I think about it … you are right. But now they could probably get the real Shatner because his series was cancelled. I am one who does not want it to be Daryl though – he doesn’t have the right kind of experience and did not actually answer the search committee’s questions. I hated when they brought in his daughter (the only part of the episode I disliked). He’d be ok as an assistant manager (so he could get the training). Jim would still be the best manager. If Kathy Bates did not have Harry’s Law, I’d say she should move in and take over permanently (just to see the Great Danes every week). Catherine Tate was not as good as I expected … but with all of the other guest stars being pushed so much and she was not (because outside of Dr. Who’s fans, she’s not that well-known in the U.S.), I thought she’d be announced as the manager.

      • moonshake

        I thought Spader (who was fantasticly creepy) was doing Christopher Walken. He even kind of looked like him.

      • Serenity

        Agree with moonshake. I TOTALLY thought that he was doing Walken. Thought he was hilarious, but would be too over-the-top to sustain as a character long-term.
        My choice would be Andy, although they cleverly showed that his anger management problem is still there, and takes work to overcome. Also interesting how they are developing his relationship with Erin. Nice that it’s not predictable, and not following the Pam and Jim arc.
        My guess is that the writers are waiting it out, to see some of the viewers response. Also suspect that Ed Helms career is doing so well in films that they might not be able to keep him long-term. Also happy that Gabe is going. He was entertaining, but I think the character provided as much interest as possible, and it’s time for him to be going.

      • pastafarian

        I’d say it’s likely that Harry’s Law gets cancelled, and that would make Kathy Bates more available for The Office, which is a much better fit for her.

    • sarah

      I loved him but I think he’s too similar to Michael Scott. Same “type” of full of himself boss. Loves Jim Carrey and Catherine Tate.

      • Liz Lemon

        I thought Catherine Tate was by far the funniest. However, I also loved James Spader and Ricky Gervais.

    • Chaz


      • Loch Ness

        Will’s appearance was sabotaged by us already knowing he’s got a new series on NBC this fall. And if we didn’t know that, we found out by NBC showing us a commercial for the new show during The Office.

    • Thom

      Spader was a complete surprise. He totally stole the episode.

      • Mary

        Agreed! I loved Spader. He’s got my vote!

      • Margie

        I can already picture the episodes as he creeps out the other characters, makes them wonder what he’s thinking. Dwight alone could would go crazy trying to get a handle on the guy. Very funny!

    • Alan

      When did James Spader morph into Darryl Hammond? they are like twins now. But his character would get extremely annoying within 10 minutes. Catherine Tate was the best.

      • angel4


    • JLC

      Spader also reminded me of Al Pacino’s salesman character in Glengarry Glen Ross. All smooth sales seduction. I thought he stole the episode.

    • Zoe

      From a business (not show) perspective, Spader was the only character who seemed like he could run the branch.

    • Sara

      Spader was my favorite, too, but you got me thinking… why not Shatner himself?

      • Josh

        James Spader is a much much better actor than Shatner. He would be able to nuance the role if he had the chance to do it long term. We definitely would not be watching a one note performance if Spader became a member of The Office.

    • Ted

      That was NOT a Shatner impression. That was totally Spader, he too has an unusual rhythm when speaking dialogue.

  • Amanda

    I want Andy!

  • y2daddy

    What a load of crap that episode was. All that hype, and they didn’t deliver.

    • kat

      Agreed. How could they have all those funny people in an episode and have it STILL SUCK?

      • The Man

        You’re both idiots.

      • Shawn

        I agree. I loved most of those guest stars and was really looking forward to this episode, but I thought it was a snooze-fest. Oh well. And talk about Gervais phoning it in.

    • Mike

      Completely in agreement. The first 2/3 were pretty funny, but once it became clear they weren’t going to name the manager and they were just killing time it got annoying (what was the point of that scene where they go around the room giving their opinion? unfunny and annoying)

      • The Man

        Go back to watching reruns of King of Queens, fatso.

      • The Man’s man

        Yea! What he said!

    • Geek

      I agree. I watched an hour-long episode that didn’t produce anything new and didn’t make me laugh. And it will probably just end up being Dwight.

    • john_c

      some people can never be satisfied. You know who they are—losers!

  • Jesse

    “You lose people up there in the Finger Lakes” I agree 100% Jim Carrey’s 30 seconds were the funniest of the entire episode! If not him then James Spader would be great too!

  • Geo

    That episode was a disappointing piece of crap. They hyped up the “big reveal” of the new boss, but INSTEAD, they gave us a cliffhanger. As a faithful viewer of “The Office”, I feel kinda let down. I really enjoyed Catherine Tate’s character & Jim Carrey, so hopefully one of them will be the new boss.

    • kat

      I agree – total cop out.
      I liked Catherine Tate best.

      • Ricky Stevens

        They never said they would reveal the boss. It was all rhetorical “Who will be the boss?”. Stop being such a baby, and if it was crap…. write something better.

      • Jim

        Relax Ricky…they are just sating an opinion which I share. Someone always comes back with the ‘then you write something better’ BS argument. We are not professional writers. We are, however, disappointed fans of the show.

      • ron swanson

        They had given every indication that there would be a boss. I have read interviews with producers and writers and there was never any mention of them not naming a boss. I think it was a mistake not to name the boss.

      • The Truth

        Ahh, ADD at full swing. Sit back and enjoy the ride, the new boss will be revealed when they want it to. Someday in the near future TV shows will only have the series primier and the series finale because people don’t have the patience to sit through the journey.

      • kb

        Actually I saw John Krasinski interview like 2 weeks ago and he said that he didn’t know who the new boss was going to be and that he wasn’t sure the writers had decided yet. So I thought it was just a general understanding among viewers that they would not announce who the boss was going to be. I can’t believe so many folks are surprised and seem down right frustrated. It wasn’t a secret.

    • Alan

      Every Office season ends on a cliffhanger. WHY are you surprised?? if they had picked a boss, dont you think we would have read about it in casting news? calm down.

      • Isembard

        Actually, The Office has been great about NOT ending on cliffhangers. Remember the episode when Jan’s replacement was hired? We got Jim finally asking Pam out and, seconds later, we learned that Ryan had been hired as the new regional director. I was really disappointed that they chose to follow 99.9% of other shows and end the season with an unnecessary cliffhanger.

      • The Truth

        Isembard, because you are talking about it along with everyone else the cliffhanger has been proven to be necessary and effective. If you know who the boss is there would be no speculation over the summer and no big announcement for next season. Put the ADD in check, relax and enjoy the ride.

    • Zoe

      I figured ahead of time they would not name the boss in the finale. The writers/producers have the whole summer to figure this out and draw up contracts–why would they rush something so important just for the sake of “closure” in the season finale?

      • JKL

        Rush? They knew Steve Carrell was leaving a year ago. They had time. I love the Office, but I have to admit I’m disappointed after that finale. It just felt like a non-ending. Now the Parks & Rec episodes – that was some serious funny with the regular cast members, not guest stars.

  • Steve


    • Kevin Malone

      James Spader was horrable he was wayyy too serious to be the new boss

      • pastafarian

        then you didnt get it.

      • Erin

        I thought he was hysterical! Loved the way all of the cast members reacted to him; they were great when playing opposite Spader.

  • Amy

    anyone but Darryl or Dwight

    • anan

      I don’t know if I could watch the show if Dwight was manager. I was hoping Darryl would be good, but he was a terrible interview and I have no idea why Jim is pushing for him. Besides, a character like Darryl (one of the only straight characters) wouldn’t work as manager. It would require the rest of the cast to go completely slapstick and would be a disaster.

  • Jenn

    What about Warren Buffett, lol.

    Spader all the way.

  • Ddogg

    That episode was just straight entertaining, I loved that every candidate seemed a bit wrong. The fact that Jim already said the Finger Lakes guy, makes me feel they’ve told us Jim Carrey will be the next boss, as he should.

    • mary q contrary

      I agree, and especially because his time in the episode was so short. Like they were just giving us a little tease.

      • Derrick

        Personally I would love this, and think it would be a great career move for him. Let’s face it his movies are not the huge blockbusters they used to be. I’m not saying they don’t still make money, but the trailer for Mr. Popper’s Penguins makes it seem like his career is headed down toward the Eddie Murphy path. What better way to rejuvenate his career with a couple year stint on The Office, maybe the the addition of him can make the show last longer than it would have too.

  • Bob


    • Eshia

      My husband said that was Warren Buffet, and I thought he was crazy. LOL. I would have never guessed in a billion years that he would be on The Office.

      • mary q contrary

        pun intended?

    • MissM

      I cracked up so hard when I saw Buffett, but I was the only one in my family that recognized him, so they all thought I was crazy. Loved him asking if he could have unlimited long distance phone calls. You don’t get a billion dollars by overlooking ways to save money!

  • kat

    LAME episode. I fear The Office is dunzo.

    • gidget

      I totally agree.

    • Cath

      Love the parks and rec reference. my new favorite this season.

      • ron swanson

        Yes! Parks and Rec is amazing. The new Office for sure. Best comedy on tv.

  • jt

    I would totally vote for Andy, however, Spader was super creepy and hilarious. That could be fun.

  • Al

    Spader was brilliant. I’m not sure the show could survive his intensity, but I want to see that character again.

  • Joe

    Jim Carrey or James Spader. Both are very funny.

  • Ben Linus

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Jim, remember after Dwights interview and Toby said they should vote for Dwight for now and then if it didn’t work one of them should step in. I think Jim will step in just to keep Dwight from running the office despite the fact he has no interest in the position.

    • jj

      my first thought after toby said that was that that’s what dwight told him to get his vote…maybe it was just me.

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