'Castle': Most devastating season finale ever?


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Inconsolable. That was pretty much my state yesterday after watching the Castle season finale.

The hour was everything that we love about the show [SPOILER ALERT!]: action (imprisoned Lockwood escaped the court room via helicopter!), twists (Capt. Montgomery was revealed to be a major part of the conspiracy to cover up Beckett’s mother’s murder), tragedy (RIP Capt. Montgomery), and a heck of a cliffhanger — but not one of those cliffhangers that’s going to bother me until September. There was enough resolution in this episode to make me feel satisfied rather than annoyed. I think that’s a result of a few things that led up to the final moment, which found Beckett being shot at Montgomery’s funeral and Castle finally saying “I love you” as she faded into unconsciousness.

First there was the dynamic of the Core Four in this episode. Even when Beckett was screaming at everyone else, their determination and willingness to help her get closure tugged at my heartstrings. And because we had been anticipating some sort of betrayal (thanks previews), I found myself hoping it wasn’t Ryan or Esposito. It just wouldn’t be the Core Four without, well, one of the four. By the way, how great were Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas? True story: Their fight scene made me cry. I can’t remember the last time a fight scene did that.

And then there’s Caskett. Oh, Caskett. There were so many moments to love this week I don’t even know where to begin. It would be natural to peg the episode’s final moment (The big I.L.U.) as the best of the hour, but for me, two other moments had a slightly greater emotional impact. First, there was the apartment scene, where Castle visits Beckett and asks her to back off the case: “Walk away. They’re going to kill you, Kate, and if you don’t care about that, at least think about how that’s going to affect the people that love you.” This request made out of concern didn’t sit well with Beckett, and it erupted into a discussion of their non-progress toward being more than partners. Was anyone else totally breathless at this point?

Well, hopefully you had time to recover before the second Beckett/Castle moment that absolutely destroyed me: the airport. Oh, God, the airport. Montgomery had used Beckett as bait but with the intention of putting himself in the line of fire. So once he saw Lockwood approaching, Castle was told to take her away. (Montgomery knew she was going to fight to stay and help.) Watching Castle carry a kicking and screaming Beckett away from the scene as Lockwood drove closer was one of the show’s most wrenching moments. Then he covered her mouth as she was weeping and tried to soothe her? C’mon now! What’s that?! I… why… I can’t. I just, I can’t. I don’t even think I technically watched Montgomery get shot because I couldn’t see through my thick fuzz of tears.

The “I love you” definitely capped off this emotional hour well, but there was so much more to appreciate about this episode. Agree, readers?

BONUS AWESOMENESS: I’m talking to EP Andrew Marlowe today. Submit questions now!

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  • Allie

    Everything you just said is exactly how I felt about the episode! I totally cried at the Esposito/Ryan fight too! And the airport scene had me balling! That was one of the best finales I have seen in a long time. Other shows need to take some notes because this is how it’s done!

    • cookiemac

      Also, when the four are sitting in the apartment and Beckett is saying that this goes no further than this “family” and there is a lone tear in Ryan’s eye. I was a mess.

      • Bethany

        I loved that moment. Oh, my heart. This episode… Just when I think that Castle can’t get any better, they go and do THIS to me!

      • seattleellen

        I agree – I also found the scene very touching with Castle and his mom. When she told him that for someone whose life work is words – he was not expressing them well. What an episode & like others I was relieved that it wasn’t one of the Core 4, but still it packed a shock that it was Montgomery – he will be missed. I can’t wait to see what all he put in the manila envelope.

      • Sunny

        Caskett? I guess that’s slightly better than Beastle.

    • A Riddle

      What do you get when you mix swiss cheese and guacamole : Holey Moley!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! – one of Fred G. Sanford’s classics – the G stands for Guacamole

    • Hi

      How about when Beckett keeps telling Montgomery “I forgive you”…had to be the hardest words for her to say! He’s watched her suffer for YEARS and not said anything and she forgave him!!

      • Joan

        That was the finest part of the show, the forgiveness. He brought her up through the ranks to make up for his past mistakes, but he was in too deep with the really, really bad guys. He tried to protect her, keep an eye on her and pretend to the evil men that he was protecting them. I had to read the spoilers today in order to convince myself that Beckett did not die in Castle’s arms. Last night that felt more like “the end” than a cliffhanger, but I am not convinced that we are going to be seeing some very emotional hospital scenes in Season 4. Rooting for the writing team to do their best. As far as I am concerned, the character Montgomery died a hero and his sorrow and desire to make things right made up for his mistakes. It was enough for Beckett that he was *willing* to die a hero for his mistakes, for her to forgive him completely. This proves her integrity and authentic sense of justice. Before his death, Montgomery mailed a big envelope that will tell all… the real cliffhanger is WHO did he mail that packet to?

      • Joan

        oops, I made a typo, I meant to write that I am NOW convinced we will be seeing some emotional hospital scenes.

      • seattleellen

        Joan – I agree I eagerly await what is in that large manila envelope of Montgomery’s and who did he mail it to?! I am sad about Montgomery now being gone, but admit I was thankful it was NOT one of the core 4 – I was worried from the previews.
        Also loved scene with Castle and his mom, when she basically told him to go for it & that for someone whose life was words – he was not being very good with them. I think this episode definitely requires another viewing!

      • Karen

        Who did he mail the packet to and who is the top man. We still don’t know, do we?
        Love this finale. I was unfortunately not surprised when Montgomery was in on it, for some reason I had a feeling.
        Next year should be great as long as they don’t break up the core 4!

      • Smileyteach

        If you go to TVGuide.com, they have an interview with Marlowe and he says that Castle will have more info about Beckett’s mother’s murder that she won’t have. I suspect he’ll be the recipient of the files in the manila envelope.

    • rwbb

      I sure hope you meant ‘bawling’ instead of ‘balling’…. because, honestly, ‘balling’ would be an odd reaction.

      • Taryn

        RWBB, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning…

      • Howard

        Yeah, that’s really none of our business.

    • Yep

      A great finale, constant action, plenty of twists and turns – this finale was exactly what I hope for from my tv shows!

    • Katie

      Omg I know!!! I don’t think I can wait until September!!! How could Montgomery die?? When I thought Beckett died in Castle’s arms, I was heartbroken!!!! CANT WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!!!!

    • Sporky

      Well, that does it. This show just got so incredibly awesome that ABC called an emergency meeting to discuss cancelling it IMMEDIATELY. It will be replaced by a great new reality show, like “Mud Wrestling with the Stars” or “Teeth Cleaning with the Stars” or maybe “Vaccuuming with the Stars”. FINGERS CROSSED for the latter!!

      • John

        Hahaha!!! This wouldn’t surprise me at all! You forgot one show though. How about, “Rehab with the Stars?”

      • Boots

        Vacuuming..(he-he) with the…(ho-ho)….I can’t even say it I’m laughing so hard! Are you in the TV biz?? Because you sure have some brilliantly marketable ideas.

    • maine

      bawling, not balling. one is for crying, the other…well.

    • Ruby

      totally agree – i’m in awe of Beckett/Castle – i cannot wait for next season – it will be fingernail biting waiting – they are the best couple and so worth enjoying their actions and life.

  • Soph

    This was one of the most gut-wrenching season finale’s I’ve ever seen. I too was so caught up in the airport scene, especially when he carried her away and covered her mouth to silence her cries. Very touching. The “I Love You” capped it off. How can they ever top this?

    • I barfed

      I literally barfed at the airport scene, the acting was so, so….laughably bad, tears rolled down my cheeks during the emotinoal moment as the vomit gushed from my mouth…..needless to say flatulence soon followed

      • mccliza

        A$%hole, go away.

      • April_J

        Maybe you should lay off the cheese and whine…I mean wine.

      • Marnina

        Go ahead and barf – there are so many watchers that got totally caught up in the scene, including me. You are entitled to your opinion but the rest of us are are entitled to ours!

      • Sara

        Really? You “literally” barfed? Because of a TV scene? You have tummy issues, my friend.

      • bobbi

        You still had a reaction. duly noted but go away now.

      • nigel

        May I suggest getting the instruction booklet ‘How To Use A Remote Control For Dummies”

      • robert

        You should have called 911.

      • idiotfinder

        It must be old having people leave the room when you enter…

      • Jan

        Jerk!! Why do you even watch this show?

      • Lina

        Don’t bait the trolls.

      • I pooped and farted

        The diarrhea induced from this episode was both foul and offensive, much like after eating from Taco Bell, this epsiode was the pits

    • Jessi Degnan

      When Castle pinned Beckett against the side of his car, trying to shield her, console her, and CONTROL her, I wanted to melt. He really is so ruggedly handsome (sigh). Please tell me there will be another season. It is not on the chopping block, is it?

      • Emily

        No. I’m pretty sure they’ve been renewed for two more.

      • Textumbleweed

        I was yelling at the TV for Castle to tell Beckett he loved her!

  • Beth

    I have to admit that I kind of figured it was Montgomery after letting us see some of his personal life last week, but the way they set up the reveal, and the heroic methods Montgomery used to protect Kate were fantastic. By far, my favorite scene was Castle carrying her out of the hangar. I thought that was some of Stana Katic’s best work. Ryan and Esposito’s fight also stood out, as well as Castle’s mother telling him that life is too short to wait. Great, great finale!

    • Zazazing

      Yes the scene in which Martha tells Rick not to waste another minute was another great reaching-for-a-hanky moment.

      • bird

        I agree here. Susan Sullivan saying “As someone who’s better than halfway through the movie, don’t waste another minute of it” was my favorite part of this very strong ep.

    • Marilyn

      I was on the edge of my seat. I hope Beckett is not dead wore a vest, something. Beckett and Castle were ment for eachother. They have been growing closer and closer, pushing eachother away at times. What a finale. The pivital moment for me was when martha told castle what are you waiting for life is too short. Castle waits until Beckett is shot b4 he utters the words we all have been waiting for I love you Beckett… please don’t leave me. So Sad. What a tear jerker. please revive her. Where was the Medical examiner. Get Beckett help. That’s what was going through my mind.

      • Natalie

        I share your pain cause I was thinking the same thing. It was like “awwwww, this just can’t be happenning, just when things were looking up. They really love each other, come on, give them a chance”. But I hope all turns out well in the end Beckett and Castle truly will make an amazing couple.

      • Jen

        I was hoping for a vest too, but there was blood. So unless it was all a ruse…

        BTW, I was thinking the same thing about Lanie. I know Esposito wants to keep her safe, but she’s a doctor – let her help Kate!

      • gb

        the show is called castle….so although it wouldnt surprise me if they killed beckett off….trust me they did not. She had a vest on….or they planned this so she can go into hiding or something. She is alive….their chemistry makes the show.

      • bobbi

        Same thought. Why doesn’t someone call the others for help. Like “officer down”

      • Jackie

        I wanted to cry when she was shot. I have a feeling that she will lose her memory, or at least the portion that remembers Castle. It will make it harder for them to get together.

      • Keakulina

        They announced during an interview with the show’s producer/director (not sure which) that she did NOT have a vest on. But suffice it to say that she will be back somehow next season.

      • John

        Vest and fake blood. It was the family (4) who decided to do this to bring the bug man out of hiding.

    • Sara

      I know :-/ He was as good as dead the moment he announced he was planning to retire.

      • Heidi

        You’re right Sara but I never connected the two.
        He could never leave because he had to protect Beckett, but he finally was nervous about his family and wanted the whole situation to be over so that Beckett could learn the truth about her mom’s death and gain closure.
        I know it makes for less drama but I don’t get why Montgomery didn’t just tell her the name of the person who killed her mom. That kind of thing always bothers me in a tv show/movie!! But I guess putting the answer in an envelope makes for more mystery.

    • Jan Tunney

      Didn’t anyone wonder, though, how although all season Beckett could knock out anyone even after a luscious kiss, she couldn’t get away from Castle in the airport?

      • Dan

        I have to concede that I was a little shocked by Kate’s inability to get free from Castle, but I love the show sloop much, I’ll give them a mulligan on that one.
        Just please, please, please, don’t let some idiot executive at ABC cancel the show!

      • Dan

        Typo…. I love the show sooooo much

      • dd44

        I think she was just so devastated about the Captain being the third cop that some of the fight went out of her. That’s how I explained that one to myself, anyway. Powerful scene. I loved it.

    • Jenrose

      I’m still not sure I buy her letting him… you KNOW if Beckett really wanted to, she could have anyone who grabbed her from behind like that on the floor with a broken nose if she really wasn’t willing to be carried off.

      • Sparkle Girl

        But you also have to remember that Beckett loves Castle and doesn’t want to hurt him. And she was extremely emotional and I think she understood that for her to find closure she needed to not be there for the shootout.

    • Brenda

      It was a great episode and I thought it would be Montgomery also because of last week’s interaction with his wife and this week’s with his kids and wife. The funeral scene had me in tears–the drums, marching, etc. All-in-all a fantastic episode!

    • Marek

      If you go to Beckett.com, I believe you can spend $ 4.99 and have uimelntid access for 1 month to their full listing of all baseball cards for every year. You can do this with any other sport you may have also ($ 4.99/month per sport). Good luck!

  • Michelle

    OMG…DEVASTATED! I never saw the twist with Montgomery coming and Esposito’s reaction and his fight with Ryan. OMG. My heart broke and I was bawling at the scene in the plane hangar. Hands down, one of the best finales ever!

    • Donna

      This sums me up! I saw no spoilers and had NO IDEA Montgomery was involved. Devastated!!!!! Excellent finale. That’s how it’s done.

      • jr

        i’m w/ u donna. i hadn’t seen any spoilers and had no idea about montgomery. devastated!! excellent finale!! just like donna said!!

      • Victoria

        What they said!!!

    • Hermione

      I have only watched Castle maybe once or twice before, but one episode I had seen was the one that they showed during ‘previously on Castle.’ I have to say that I was TOTALLY blown away, and DAMN that was a good finale. As someone who doesn’t even watch it regularly, that was breathtaking! When she got shot in the last 30 seconds, I freaked! Omigod, what a finale!

      • Andrew

        The other episodes with Beckett’s mother’s murder are online. Google Castle + S01E10, S02E01, S02E13, S03E13, and of course last night’s S03E24 for the backstory!

  • Jerri

    Epic season finale! I sort of knew that Montgomery was going to bite the dust (foreshadowed in last episode), but definitely didn’t see the twist coming. I can’t wait until next season. when does it start by the way?

    Amongst many others, the scene with Castle holding down Beckett at the airport was brilliantly shot.

    • Aarti

      Hi Elizabeth! Great to hear from you!!! Yes I think she was still in there but her soul had been taken over and so essentially she had been medrerud in the sense that she no longer could exist as she had before without killing. But yes we loved that moment too-when the necklace was pulled off very sad. And the moment where Needy watches Jennifer get into the van. I agree the only addition was the “diet” haha I think its a fun movie and will become a cult favorite. I think people are just on a hate bent right now with Diablo Cody unfortunately :/ Thanks so much for commenting! Hope you are great! Talk Soon! Roth

  • Kate

    OMG yes!!!!!! I’m still recovering as we speak. I just love this show so much.

    • Sandy

      Me too! I think Castle and The Voice are the best new shows on TV.

      • kenny

        I’m not sure you can call Castle a new show, seeing as this was its third season. It is easily one of the best shows on tv though, and this was one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen.

  • SH

    Yes the boys fight scene was heart wrenching. And when Castle has her pinned to the car to keep her from the hanger. OOoh! Heartbreaking (while we waited for the gunshots) and sexy.

  • Mary

    Well said, Sandra! Bravo to Castle’s team — actors, writers, producers… The finale was superb! I can’t wait until next season.

  • Eric

    Amazing Season Finale. Beckett is not dead, though, is she?!?!? I would guess not, but she looked pretty dead. Also, why was Montgomery not wearing a vest? He is a cop, after all…the same could be said for Beckett at the funeral…

    • aleksa

      As someone who works with cops, yeah, “why are you wearing a vest” was one of the first things that popped into my mind, too. And they won’t kill Beckett, she’s too key to the show.

      • Mirabai

        He wasn’t wearing a vest because he went there to die. He just wanted to take out Lockwood and protect Kate while he went. He said at the start of the scene that he wasn’t going to jail; wasn’t going to put his family through that. Plus, if he’d lived, his whole family would have been on the chopping block.

    • aleksa

      Sorry, as to funerals, they generally don’t wear a vest under their Class A uniforms at a funeral/memorial.

      • mccliza

        Speaking of that, no one has commented on how awesome Beckett looked in that Class A uniform–so cool to see her as “just a cop.”

      • bobbi

        I did think that Beckett looked fine in her Class A uniform.

      • sarah

        I thought she was wearing a bit too much eyeliner for a military funeral….

      • Leigh

        That’s not true. My husband is an officer, and they’re asked to wear their protective vests every single time that they’re in uniform, because any time they’re seen in uniform, they could be a target for anyone disgruntled with police. So I don’t think you can discount her wearing a vest just because it’s a funeral. But there was blood, so she could have been hit elsewhere.

    • dvelcro

      he wasn’t wearing a vest because he wanted to get killed, did you not hear him say he wasn’t going to jail. He wanted to die and he know that Lockwood would do it. Tha’s why Kate kept say she forgave him, so that he wouldn’t go through with it.

      • David

        Precisely! He wanted to die and to spare Beckett.

    • sandra

      it was a suicide mission. he mailed all evidence to someone. this way his family probabaly gets all insurance money and he died defending his own. poetic justice.

      • Yep

        I think that packet of incriminating information has been postmarked to one Richard Castle… The interview information that I saw today with Andrew Marlowe says that next year Castle will know more intel than Beckett about the possible next steps. I think Chief included some information in there about who the final puppetmaster is…

      • @ Yep

        I was totally thinking the same thing – he mailed it to Castle. Who else can he trust with it to keep Kate safe and still know the truth. And of course this will be another reason to keep them apart because he’ll have to lie to her, or at least keep her in the dark. And when she finds out – Whoooo-eeeee!

      • Centava

        What @YEP is saying makes perfect sense–you could be a screenwriter!

      • wilderness

        I completely agree the evidence went to Castle. For some reason I also suspect that the Major might be the “Dragon”

      • wilderness

        Sorry that should have been Mayor not Major

    • pattihoughton

      Hubby said that if Beckett is killed he will stop watching the show.

    • Alexman

      As a fan of Nathan Fillion (i.e. Firefly, Serenity, Castle…), I have come to notice his “eye” clues in his acting. Watch the last scene, after Beckett gets shot at the funeral, and look at Castle’s eyes. After he tells Beckett his true feelings, he looks down at her chest wound and raises his eyebrows. He then looks back at her face, and his eyes tell you what he’s thinking. “What are you up to Kate?” Plus…a sniper does not make a public killing. It’s too risky. Just ask my two sniper buddies (One was in the Marines and the other is well known Craig Sawyer of Seal Team 6 “retired”). A head shot is what snipers go for. (The scope ‘glint’ was a dead giveaway.)

      • Dennis

        I thought the same thing about the sniper… too public a setting, even to send a message. My thoughts are that Beckett set the whole thing up so that she can go underground to catch the head honcho who will think he’s in the clear now that Beckett is out of the picture. I also don’t think she let Castle in on what she was planning.

      • Centava

        I’ve also noticed how telling his eyes usually are, and I was thinking WTF–why is he looking at her like d’oh! That didn’t make any sense to me, and I thought it might have been just him getting out of character for a second. But what you’re suggesting makes a lot of sense!

      • Bonnie

        Hi–thanks, Alexman, that’s super sleuthing! I’ll quote you when my sister and I discuss the ep at length later and pretend I’m that smart. Fillion is by far the greatest-under-appreciated-actor working today (present company excepted!)

      • lizzyjster

        Great comment! I was thinking the same thing about Castle’s face with the look of surprise or realization seconds before the episode ended but wanted to see if anyone else caught it. Then when she seemed to go limp and her eyes closed I thought maybe I was reading into it. Also in the episode I was glad of two cliche things they didn’t do. 1 they didn’t use the emotional scene w him covering her mouth to quiet her as an excuse for a makeout session. And 2 they didn’t have him take the bullet for her. Excited to see where it goes in September!

    • Orac

      Beckett was shot with a high powered rifle. Even the SWAT armor won’t completely stop rifle rounds, let alone the lightweight vests most police officers wear. I hope the writers don’t make this mistake come fall. They need to have a realistic way for Beckett to survive.

      • nigel

        Had a clear shot of the head, why didn’t the sniper take it? A couple of hundred yards and it would have been a sure shot.

    • Deb

      Montgomery didn’t have a vest because he said he wouldn’t go to jail and do that to his family. I think Kate did have a vest on and probably just got the wind knocked out of her. I just wonder who the last bad guy is – guess we will have to wait till next season. My bet is on the mayor.

      • Kate

        Nope…she definitely didn’t just get the wind knocked out of her….her white gloves were covered in blood. And she was crying. Her acting is probably good enough to fake a death, but no way even Kate Beckett would be able fake cry when faking her death.

      • Jenrose

        She was already crying, because it was a funeral, is my take.

  • Holly

    Completely lived up to my expectations. The only show that’s ever come close for masterful season finales (for me) was LOST. I was watching with a friend and we were both just sitting going “wow” at the end. AMAZING. How far away is September again?

    • CC

      OMG!! You hit that nail on the head! I haven’t cried this hard during a season finale since Juliet fell down the well!!!

      • Dr. Linus

        “Juliet fell down the well!!!”
        I may have seen that scene many times but seeing that written just made me laugh out loud.

    • Amy

      I was just thinking that the last finale I was literally on the edge of my seat with my mouth open and tears in my eyes was LOST finale! So, so, so, good. It is going to be hard to wait for next season, but hey, we waited 7 months for a new LOST season so surely we can wait 4 for Castle.

    • LOUISE


  • GS

    I freaking loved this finale! I was shocked by the betrayal of the Captain. When he kissed his family, I knew he was toast. I was heartbroken when Beckett told him she forgave him. Everything in the episode was great! Can’t wait to see where they go from here! This is one awesome ensemble cast! Really wish more people would watch cause it is really great tv!

  • Dan

    LOVED the episode. My only question is if Montgomery was so intent on protecting Beckett, why even invite her to hanger bay in the first place and risk putting her in the line of fire. Didn’t really affect the episode for me, I guess just one of those logic loopholes you need in order to make for dramatic tv.

    • Julie

      Because they were going to kill his family if he didn’t.

      • Dan

        Well that makes little sense. As far as they know, she was never even there. Plus he intended to “make his last stand” and take them all out anyway. So what difference did it make if he just told them she would be there, but didn’t invite her. It was solely so the show could have that last dramatic moment between Beckett and Montgomery, which I’m not begrudging the show, I understand that television needs those type of things to work.

      • katie

        Montgomery had to call Beckett to the hangar; no doubt his phone was tapped so they would know he’d made the call and had followed through. But the vest is a no-brainer.

      • tia

        I think that he needed to tell Beckett what was going on and have that chance to ask forgiveness, while not expecting it in return… However, if he had told her earlier than at the hanger, there was no way she was not going to be involved. Knowing Beckett, I think the ambush of having Castle drag her out was the only way to keep her out of it.

    • Danielle

      Yes, it was partly for the drama…was he going to let them kill her??? but also I am sure there was the thought that he wouldn’t make it and he wanted to be the one to tell her as opposed to her finding out later on and not fully understanding his role in the whole thing.

      • Linda

        I agree – I think Katie might be right about the phone tapping thing, but I think you’re right too. I think he wanted to finally tell her the truth. And the no vest thing was because he wanted to die. He didn’t want to go to jail and disgrace his family. That’s what I got from it, anyway.

    • Nev

      Yes, he wanted to protect his family, but I think he also knew he couldn’t keep the secret from Beckett any longer, so he wanted an opportunity to tell her what happened, face-to-face. He knew she deserved that much from him. Why else would he have Castle there to drag her away and keep her safe? He knew that once he told her the whole story and how he was going to put an end to all of it, that she’d want to fight with him and, even though he knew he was gonna die, he had to know that she’d be protected.

      • Pat

        He could have told her somewhere else and they could have arranged an ambush for the killers when they arrived. His death was unnecessary. Just the drama of TV

      • Shannon

        @Pat But then he would of gone to jail. He wanted to die. It was a suicide mission.

      • GS

        It was necessary b/c he didn’t want his family to know what he had done. He knew Beckett wouldn’t turn on him and he wanted to go out on his terms while taking out Lockwood. He had Castle there to keep her safe while he took care of the problem. Because even though he was in on it then, he had more than redeemed himself by being a great cop and mentor to her and it was just sad to see him die.

    • MissM

      I had the same question as I was watching, although it was a good scene. The explanation that he had to call her because his phone was tapped doesn’t fully explain it, since he also called Castle and he wouldn’t have wanted them to know about that. I think it’s just one of those things you ignore for the sake of drama.

      • Dan The Man

        Why coldn’t he have called beckett from his home phone and used a burner cell to phone castle? After all, HE WAS the police captain now!

      • Lori

        It was bait. He did that to lure the killers there. He actually said that before Kate forgave him and he got killed.

      • Crys

        Actually, Lockwood told the Captain to end the protective detail on Kate and ask her to meet him at the hangar. Obviously they were watching Kate and since they knew about the Secret Cops protecting her, they wanted them out of the picture. If they had tried to follow her with the protective detail then they would be exposed and at risk. With the protective detail gone they could do what they wish and noone would be the wiser. It wasn’t that the Captain’s phone was tapped, it was that they were following/tracking her all along. (She was the next target) but couldn’t get close with the detail. With them out of the way they could get her because they figured the captain would not stop it.

    • julie

      I think he wanted to explain her why he had to do this, to say her goodbye.

    • Jenrose

      He had to assume he was being watched/bugged. That they would know if he didn’t even try to get her there.

  • Tracy

    The talk between Castle and his mother I thought was a very quiet, sweet moment in a finale full of gut wrenching emotion. It was one of my favorite scenes. I don’t think I blinked the whole episode. I have a feeling my replay button on the DVR will be getting a workout!

    • Laura

      Agreed! That moment was so beautiful- and I’ll tag onto that the moment with Jim Beckett and Castle. Quiet, but saying so much.

  • gerrysw

    It was breathtaking. My whole family sat on the edge of their seat throughout, wondering who the betrayer was but withsome idea that the only one old enough was the Captain. But to have him leave the series, since he played more of a father role to Beckett than her own father was devastating too. It was like you were experiencing the heartbreak right along with Beckett. And Castle, she has to get shot for him to finally acknowledge he loves her! But the scene with him carrying her away at the airport was reminiscent of Casablanca! And an airport setting no less. And I agree Castle holding his hand over her mouth and carressing her hair was just overwhelming. Great job ABC, you better not be cutting this show. Keep your Desperate Housewives, I’ll take Castle everytime. Been a fan since day one and now, with this finale, an even bigger one. This is how finales should be done!!

    • MCW

      I don’t think it took Beckett getting shot for Castle to acknowledge he loved he, he knows he loves her. He just never wanted to say anything shraight forward because every time they got really close she turned away or one of her boyfriends showed up. He’s told her he loved her through words and actions more then once.

      • M

        I agree with you there, the boyfriends showing up was becoming a bit of a drag. But I loved their conversation/ argument in her apartment when he firmly told her in no uncertain terms that being with men who she didn’t love was a sign of her closing herself off. The matter of fact way that he said it was great and I just loved the fact that she didn’t dispute it by replying that she did in fact love Josh. Sometimes its hard to remember that there even is a Josh in the picture, he never seems to be there for all her important moments, just that one time when they came out of the freezer. Josh is like the Hannah of Bones, only slightly less annnoying.

  • Lucy Lucy

    Will there be a next season?

    • Holly

      It has already been renewed, so yes, there will be a next season.

      • Miran

        OMG!!! I just can’t wait!! Soooo love this series!

      • Amy

        How do you know for sure it’s been renewed? I mean I sure hope it is. I love the show!

      • Beth

        ABC announced its renewal earlier this year, and if you look on their just-announced fall schedule, you’ll see it at its regular time. It’s definitely coming back.

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