Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly to debate 'the Common situation' on Monday


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Jon Stewart has officially accepted Bill O’Reilly’s challenge to come on The O’Reilly Factor and debate the White House’s decision to invite the rapper Common to a poetry event hosted by Michelle Obama. The verbal showdown will air Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox News. O’Reilly threw down the gauntlet on his show last night, after Stewart rapped his take on Fox News pundits’ protest on The Daily Show Wednesday.

The pair has squared off before, but who will win this battle? Vote in the poll below. Also, feel free to suggest titles for the duet you’d like to see the frenemies perform. And don’t forget to add the words “(Sweeps Remix)” at the end of it. 

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  • Esox

    O’Reilly wins. It’s on his turf.

    • Jeff

      Bill couldn’t win this debate even if it were taking place in Glen Beck’s basement

      • BP


      • Esox

        Honestly I think Stewart will be too concerned with getting laughs. O’Reilly will have a more prepared argument that’s going to lean toward (his version) of the truth.

      • Pittner


        Why the heck are you bringing a Charlie Sheen reference into this. Anyway, Stewart has this, no doubt.

      • danrydell

        @Esox, Jon usually plays it pretty straight when he’s on BOR.

      • Larry

        @danrydell, He’s not playing straight. He’s just not funny unless he has a team of writers around to feed him lines.

    • jmo

      Unedited, Jon will win. What airs on Fox will make it seem that Bill wins.

    • sjay

      are you kidding? if you think bill oreilly will win especially when his employer 6 months ago praised common as a legend, you are seriously stupid. and saying jon stewart is more concerned with laughs, man you must be an idiot.

    • Big_A

      Billy Boy why don’t you use your gray matter to view reality for a change?

      • Simineh

        I agree Fox News is the only way to get all the messages they may reiecve conservative lean, but they have opposing views so that you can decide who is in touch with you oreilly he’s tough on all politicians, even Republicans, if want, he believes they are wrong and most of the time he wright he is not asking tough questions, but some body has the main stream media. oreilly is really looking for the little guy. You can not stand him, but you should respect him


    Nuff said…lol… They wouldn’t be up in arms if Johnny Cash (if he were alive) were to play at the White House during the Bush Presidency and Cash (like other country artists) are notorious for serenading outlaws and their fights/slayings with police officers.

    • logic

      Yes except there is a large difference between country singers, and rappers. Rappers are notorious for killing people.

      • Jeff

        uhhh yeah… with a comment like that you are going to have to give back your “name” please. Logic clearly escapes you.

      • BB

        Wtf?! Rappers are now killers? I’ve heard it all.

      • ink

        I think you mean they’re notorious for being black

      • Jackie

        And country singers promote inbreeding. I rather be killed than engage in relations with a blood relative. Sicko.

      • Skye Hill

        Yeah, I’m surprised the idiots on the Right havent tried to lock up Obama for killing bin Laden.

      • ES

        OMG go back under your bridge troll.

      • TRIM

        Ignorant ass fool

    • Auth

      It has become an atpcceed fact that MSNBC is biased network on television. They enjoyed a brief rise in the ratings when choosing mainly out of curiosity to see how Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann her love for Obama next auszudrfccken.aber would now that the election is over and the country is facing serious economic problems, is the time to laugh behind us. People do not want to hear Chris Matthews relentlessly give cover to Obama or listen to Keith relentlessly attacking an administration that is no longer in power. nobody wants to see Brian Williams anchor a so-called hard news show, where he spins every story, the most favorable light on Barack Obama and his government is setzen.das why people will continue to watch Fox News. It is absolutely the best news channel on television. Bill O’Reilly is still the No. 1 cable news program in the country, no matter how many times Olbermann him Bill-O the Clown is the name or to have Fox News as Faux News, news firm, fixed noise, noise fox or fake news. Unlike Olbermann, O’Reilly has not avoid booking guests to disagree with him and enjoys it in fact. You’ll never see other people than the same tired, liberal-panel Olbermann on night after night. they smile and nod and say, Keith, how smart he is and then move to the next segment. then during the commercial, he checked into his blog on Daily Kos and receives instructions on what should be the next story. according to the advertisement, he turns into the next liberal, and the cycle starts all over is incredibly boring and predictable, not to mention boring. People who work hard and balanced reporting unbiased opinion / commentary Clock Fox News wants. and Sean Hannity (who has the most followers person on the network) always has at least one liberal guest in each Nacht.Ffcr those of you with a liberal, that Fox News was told all the propaganda do not think that the hype. Her own person and think for themselves. watch it for a few days and make up your own image. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Nancy

    It doesn’t matter who “wins” the debate because O’Reilly will win the battle by garnering massive ratings during sweeps, lol.

    • harry

      good point.

    • GW

      Exactly. Jon’s as dumb as they come but I’m sure his lemmings will proclaim victory.

      • BB

        And O’Reilly is a MacArthur Genius Award winner?

      • Jeff

        Spoken like a true Glen Beck troll

      • Esox

        I don’t have a dog in this fight. But to say that Stewart is unintelligent is just incorrect. If you’re really trying to persuade those of us in the middle towards your side, don’t make comments like this, it just reeks of bias.

      • MN

        “Jon’s as dumb as they come?” That is the funniest line ever uttered by a knuckle dragger.

  • Stewart wins

    As much as I like O’Reilly (he’s not as bad as Beck or Hannity) Stewart already wins this because he’s honest about the argument. Fox News and its viewers simply can’t stand that a b l a c k man is President. This is about closet racism. Until O’Reilly confronts this reality, he loses this debate before it begins.

    • harry

      Thank you! good call.

    • Krystal


    • Esox

      Liberals- Republicans are racist!
      Conservatives- No we’re not! And it’s racist of you to call us racist. And so it goes, on and on and onand on. Let’s face it. We’re all racist. Can we move on now?

      • Bobby’s Robot

        It’s not about Republicans or Conservatives, it’s about FOX News and they are racist.

      • If we had a B L A C K Republican President, there would be NO birther debate from the left

        If we had elected an African-American President (say, Colin Powell) then I can promise you there would be no birther debate/controversy coming from the left. That shows right there that Republicans as a group (and their media outlets–talk radio, FOX) are driven by virulent racism.

      • Audrey

        *sings* Everyone’s a little bit racist!

    • Wes

      Oh wait, since he’s black, he can’t be criticized. Let me guess, you also think anyone who criticizes a Jew is an antisemite?

      • Andrew Hartmann

        I am SOOOO tired of this argument. You can criticize him all you want, But you better have a point. For you see, when the right wing punditry call a rapper like Common a gangster rapper or thug, it CLEARLY demonstrates a racist attitude. If you cant see that, well then…

      • April

        Re: Andrew Hartman

        O’Reilly clearly stated that Common is not a gangster. You should actually watch the things on which you are commenting…

    • Quirky

      As a Canadian seeing the United States from the outside, I’ve never felt that the fear of Obama was ever about his being black but more about his name. The United States appears to care way more about religion than race. I just think that a large group of Americans have serious trouble believing a person with a non-Christian sounding name could possibly share their own Christian values.

      • SueN

        You’re absolutely right. But no which Dem was in the White House, it wouldn’t matter. The GOP would go after him with a vengeance. They want the White House back and they will stop at nothing to get it.

    • Dinny57

      O’Reilly relies on intimidation, arrogance and then the removal of microphones to get said punk from room. Jon has been far too gracious to O’Reilly in the past. Stick to the facts and Jon wins. O’Reilly seems to think that if it comes out of his mouth it’s a fact. O’Reilly wouldn’t know a fact if it bit him on the ass. He also isn’t man enough to admit a mistake and move on. (i.e. reading telepromter incorrectly, 5 Feb 2002 interview with Kim Gandy)
      O’Reilly loses by being O’Reilly.

  • BB

    I love Jon but the last he “debated” O’Reilly on TOF it was lackluster, to say the least. If he can muster up the same fire he had when arguing with Tucker Carlson on the now-defunct Crossfire I’d watch. It’s like Colbert calls O’Reilly “Papa Bear” but Stewart actually believes he is a “Papa Bear”.

  • MarKee

    Is this airing live or will O’Reilly edit the segment to look like he won. Wouldn’t be the first time he edited a Jon Stewart appearance on his show.

    • Larry

      Because we all know Jon never edits interviews on his show…

      • The Fall of Rome

        Go to The Daily Show web site and watch the extended interviews.

      • Skye Hill

        Jon ALWAYS offers the full interviews on the website. FOX NEVER does. Fox’s job is to mislead its moronic viewers. Morons want to be spoonfed lies, and Fox obliges them.

    • Esox

      If O’Reilly went on Stewart, would you expect Stewart to tape and edit? Like I said earlier, O’Reilly’s got home field advantage.

      • MarKee

        I agree O’Reilly has home field advantage.

        So…Watch O’Reilly’s version of the debate at 8pm, then watch Stewart’s show to get the full version of the debate.

  • lucy

    Bill O’Reilly — duh!

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Is that a quote from him?

      • ink

        Ha ha

  • Esox

    We’re all racist. Can we move on now?

  • Cosi

    Torn between doing “F- You” and “Up Where We Belong (Sweeps Remix).

    Represent the color spectrum.

  • dacky1


  • Skye Hill

    It’s not a fair fight. Jon has a brain.

    • Esox

      I don’t have a dog in this fight. But to say that O’Reilly is unintelligent is just incorrect. If you’re really trying to persuade those of us in the middle towards your side, don’t make comments like this, it just reeks of bias.

      • stickittotheman

        Nice try at appearing to be “the middle”, Esox. Sure, Jon and Bill both have brains, but while Jon makes an effort to be critical of all players (Republicans, Dems, media, etc.) Fox hosts only work at trying to sell a single agenda – all things Democrat are the devil. See how Fox supported Rio over Chicago for the Olympics. That was pure treason.

      • Shaun

        Actually, Esox doesn’t appear to be “trying” to be in the middle, he seems to actually “be” in the middle. Which is the correct place to be, and the only place where you can objectively view both sides of the argument. Only someone on the crazy left or right side would criticize someone for being in the middle. And it’s “treason” to support one city over another for the Olympics? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, stickittotheman. (Weird name, since right now President Obama is “The Man”.)

      • Skye Hill

        I’m not trying to sway anyone to my side. Republicans are brain dead morons that rely on Fox News to tell them what to think, and the brainless (yet conniving) folks at Fox prey on their idiot viewers to make a buck. Hate Sells, and the conservatives are buying.

      • Shaun

        Yes, yes, we get it. People on the crazy left think that Republicans are brain dead morons who speak only what Fox News tells them to. People on the crazy right think that Democrats are brainless morons with no morals who speak only what MSNBC tells them to. Both arguments are juvenile, intellectually dishonest, and just plain tired, and do nothing but impede any hope for productive political discussion.

  • lee

    I’m betting on O’Reilly


    If we had elected an African-American President (say, Colin Powell) then I can promise you there would be no birther debate/controversy coming from the left. That shows right there that Republicans as a group (and their media outlets–talk radio, FOX) are driven by virulent racism.

    Until O’Reilly acknowledges that this is what drives the right then he loses the debate before it even begins.

    • Mike N.

      So, basically, this genius has made up something, called it a fact, and then declared it proof of his opinion. That is just brilliant and typical of the type of conversation from both sides of the current political cesspool that is American politics.

    • Esox

      How can you possibly promise this? Oh wait, that’s right. I can’t possibly prove otherwise, so therefore you believe you have made a profound and true statement…NOT

    • Andrew

      Well, while it’s a bit of a blanket statement, I will give you that, the basic premis also happens to be true. If you truely believe that there would be any kind of birther/unamerican controversy coming from the left should there have been an african-american republican president, then you do not understand the left at all. Ultimately, our brand of nuts would be along the lines of the 9/11 truthers. That’s our crazy. The difference between our crazy and their crazy is that we reject our crazy, and they embrace theirs.

      • Mike N.

        There may not have been this “exact” controversy, but there would probably be something equally stupid, like saying that Colin Powell wasn’t black enough, or something like that, and that’s the main point.

      • Esox

        Mike N.’s statement is SPOT. ON. Which is ironic considering our current President’s background.

        It would be helpful if each side could see that many of us find either side EQUALLY crazy. When you spit in each others face this often, the people you need….the middle…are the one’s getting wet.

  • Dory


  • jt

    Only one of these guys has a brain, so only one can win…..and it’s not O’Wiley Coyote.

    • Esox

      I’ll put this one out there again…I don’t have a dog in this fight. But to say that O’Reilly is unintelligent is just incorrect. If you’re really trying to persuade those of us in the middle towards your side, don’t make comments like this, it just reeks of bias.

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