I'm gonna miss Guerrero on 'Human Target.' Which Fox loss are you mourning?

Jackie-Earle-HaleyImage Credit: James De Leon/PR PhotosMay 10, 2011. A date which will go down in television history books everywhere as the day of The Great Fox TV Massacre.

It was a quiet evening. Families were settling in to watch the kids on Glee go to promand others were sitting down hoping to avoid it. Then, the unthinkable: Five bubble shows were suddenly sent to pasture a week before the official announcements were expected to be made, leaving a collective audience that is probably smaller than the number of people who tune into American Idol every week very upset. I was among them.

I’ll miss parts of every show that got the axe Tuesday night, but most of all I’ll miss Guerrero from Human Target. Much of the credit for turning that character into a fan favorite is owed to Jackie Earle Haley, whose unique combination of dry humor and pure badassery made Guerrero eclipse other characters without even trying. In fact, I’d pluck the character out of the Human Target universe and plop him into any show I currently watch just for a chance to enjoy him again every week.

We barely knew ye, Guerrero…and other shows.

Your turn, PopWatchers. Which character on one of Fox’s fallen shows will you miss the most? (To recap: Target, Traffic Light, Breaking In, Lie to Me, and Chicago Code were all canceled.)

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  • Sara

    On HT, I’ll miss Guerrero. Actually, I’ll miss them all, even the women. It was just a good show. On LTM, I’ll miss Lightman, especially since he never got Foster.

    • Stacie

      I’ll miss Lightman too. Tim Roth has so much charisma.

      • Not even close

        I’ll miss the guys from Human Target – the first season was fantastic, the second season retool was a terrible decision and the women and choosing to ignore the events of the first season ruined the show for me, the show as it was presently made deserved to be cancelled

      • matt

        I agree with the comment about Tim Roth, but Lie To Me was getting stale. It had promise, but just wasn’t cutting it on premise. I don’t know what it needed, but it just barely needed something it didn’t have.

      • Emilio

        Tim Roth is secure. He was wasting time in LtM. In Tarantino I like him more.

      • Meredith44

        Lightman/Foster/Lie to Me is the greatest loss for me too. I was really hoping that LtM would be “schedule spackle” to cover any more Lone Star bombs. I was sad that it didn’t happen.

      • D

        I agree. The first season was the best. Mrs Pucci ruined it for us. She could have been there but way less.

    • MelindaB

      And he had just admitted to his daughter that he loved Gillian. I’m going to miss Lie to Me and Human Target, and while Breaking In barely got going, it was a fun show that I enjoyed.

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    • kp

      Fox are absolutely wrong to cancel HT ths season it became more funny and the twist with Lisa joining created a good banter with Winston

    • Jackro

      Wow, how do you kill off a show that is only rivaled by Burn Notice in its appeal?
      Bring it back FOX, it is better than Fringe.

      • TJ. Church

        Jackro, your opinions will matter more after you get a clue. I was HUGE fan, but it is nowhere near as the worst episodes of “Burn”.

    • susan deselms

      I agree about Guererrro and the wholw Human Targey Cast. It is an extremely entertaining show with the appeal of NCIS. Burn motice = likeable complex characters in a bazarre tug of the law and “good” – who makes these decisions – you are counting consistently recorded shows don’t you!!!

  • JRWolfe

    Human target was a great show that was ruined when they brought in the female boss.Fox never really gave it a chance to shine in its second season.Agreed,Guerrero was a helluva character.

    • Lyn

      Yes . . . I like the actress, but “Ilsa” was the kiss of death on that show. Would love to see Jackie Earle Haley get a good shot on another show — Chi McBride, too.

    • Gwen

      Agreed. We loved the interplay between the men on that show. Nothing against the two women, but the chemistry of the show was ruined when they arrived.

      • Jay

        I agree. This was a “man” show to the fullest. When they tried to bring the women into it, the whole thing just felt out of place.
        I really enjoyed Chance & Co. while they were around

    • Demigod

      I liked Ilsa and thought Season 2 was better because the cast was looser and seemed to be having more fun.

      • Agreed

        I agree with Demigod that the show had gotten so much better and the cast was having fun (and it showed through).

      • Meredith44

        I agree. I watched about half of the first season of Human Target, but I never got into it. I gave it another try with the second season premiere and ended up really enjoying it and watching the entire season.

      • bigfan

        Yes, season 2 seemed funnier and livelier. The women were funny, and gave the story different directions to move in. There was still a lot of action, and Guerrero still got to steal the show. chance and Ilsa were cool too, and the relationship between G and Ames was hilarious.

        This show just did not get any exposure

      • venus

        Yes, I thought HT season 2 was better with the 2 women. It brought another dimension in, was funnier, and incresed the potential audience. The 3 guys were still great together, there was still all the action, some great chemistry between Guerrero and Ames as well as Chance and Ilsa — just great stories in each episode. Too bad they didn’t advertise the show well ; the way it was moved around you would think they were trying to sabotage it. I so want to know about Guerrero’s son, Ilsa and Chance’s romance,—– I hope Warner Bros tries to move the show to TNT or some appropriate network.

    • TJ. Church

      U have to be kidding; The women are the only reason I watched a second season.

      Breaking In was better than Idol many nights.

    • Bobby

      Human Target was a great show. The women just gave it more flare. The remance between the lead and the boss wasn’t my choice but it had lots os sparks. Well written. Fox didn’t advertise it and what they replaced it with is a laugh. And, 7.4 million viewers sounds pretty good to me but I’m not an idiot. I hope someone else picks it up and lets it become the sure winner it is.

  • Merrydan

    Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

    • Shellibelli

      I came here to say just that I miss Firefly.

    • Ace

      This. (Sigh.)

    • MelindaB

      While I love the nods to Firefly on Castle (real or imagined) they make me miss the show a little more every time. I wish it had gotten the chance to have even one more season, although more would be better.

  • Tyler

    Agreed that Guerrero was great. I loved both seasons of Human Target.

    • chris

      Mourning two of my favorite programs: Lie to me and Human Target.
      Guerrero should have his own show! That’s how great the character is!

  • soonerwife

    Yes, thanks for reminding me of the greatness of Guerrero!!! I was looking forward to getting more insight into that twisted character!
    I thought Human Targer improved so much last season. Oh well.
    Lightman on the other hand was acting more and more like a caricature of himself with each episode. The scripts were great in my opinion, but he was a little hard to take. I did like his relationship with his daughter, though. Very different from the usual.

  • Nick

    I will miss Breaking In…

    • Kerrin

      I agree. That show was really finding its groove and getting funnier and funnier with every ep

    • pinky

      I love Breaking In – I can’t believe they are cancelling the show. Fun while it lasted, I guess.

  • Ken

    Fox is idiotic. All five shows were good. They needed to keep every show and let the competition self-destruct.

  • David

    Guerrero should get his own tv show.That character could carry a show especially perhaps on a channel that isn’t traditional network like FX etc.I’ll miss HT,all of it,but LTM bugged me and Chicago Code was so dark it kind of beat you over the head.

  • bluebonnetbelle

    I morn the end of Breaking In and the short return of Michael Rosenbaum (I mean come on they had him in a Superman shirt last week!)
    And as a big fan of Kris Marshall starting back on My Family on the BBC I will also miss Traffic Light.

    • Chris

      I laughed until I was crying over the whole Superman shirt! The entire show is hiliarious and very well written. Such a disapointment that FOX can’t seem to get their heads out of their butts!

  • KC

    Chicago Code…great show, so of course it would be canceled.

    • jake

      I am there with you KC…sad to see the Chicago Code gone. It is nice to see Jennifer Beals play strong female characters…gonna miss the show.

    • Rooster

      Fox has screwed up big time canceling Chicago Code. Could have been one of their biggest hits.

      • Kim

        I agree! Will definitely miss it, good cast.

    • swansrswimn

      Chicago Code was (is) a very well written and played series. I am so sorry and shocked to hear it was cancelled. It didnt even get enough time to get an audience built up. Hopefully USA or some other network will pick it up like they did with Southland (another good cop show).

  • Sarah El

    I’ll miss pretty much everyone on Human Target, though maybe Isla slightly less. I’ll miss Human Target in general though, alas.

  • Mike

    Breaking In was actually pretty funny and I’ll miss Human Target as well. Great show. I can live without LTM and Chicago Code. Traffic Light is a good one, but I knew that wouldn’t last, that style of humor isn’t for everyone.

  • Deborah

    I loved Human Target and so sorry it was cancelled. I will definitely miss Guerrero. Like others have already said, he should have his own show.

  • Alison

    I’ll definitely miss Chicago Code. I still can’t believe they axed a show with so much potential.

    • A

      Totally agree.

  • Patricia

    I really really enjoyed Traffic Light! I thought it got better every week.

    • joblo

      I agree. Totally underrated and really funny. Just a horrible, horrible name for the show.

    • zee

      wah! Love traffic light!

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