'South Park' spoofing Royal Wedding tonight. What other current events should it parody?


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So far, during this 15th season of South Park, the animated comedy has done its job: It’s been disgusting (thanks for contributing to my diet, HUMANCENTiPAD), relevant (a Osama bin Laden death reference three days after the announcement? Nicely done), and, most importantly, pretty freakin’ funny. And, tonight, I’m expecting no different: As we showed you earlier this week with a teaser clip, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are set to parody the Royal Wedding in “Royal Pudding,” which, at least in part, follows the nuptials of Canadian versions of Prince William and Kate Middleton. (See the teaser clip again after the jump.)

Now, I’m not a wedding fanatic, but, still, is it wrong that I’m anticipating this episode more than I anticipated the Royal Wedding? Either way, I’m digging Stone and Parker’s quick turnaround this season. So I ask you, PopWatchers: What other very current current events are you hoping South Park parodies this season? Personally, I’d love to see a spoof next week on May 21, our supposed upcoming Judgment Day. And the overwhelming number of reality singing competitions (The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor) would prove to be good fodder, especially since that would allow Cartman to resurrect Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as his left hand. But as long as tonight’s episode ends with Princess Beatrice’s hat growing venom tentacles and destroying the world, I’d be happy enough.

How about you, PopWatchers? What current current event should South Park parody?

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  • me

    I only catch South Park every now and again. Have they made comment on the whole Charlie Sheen craziness or Glee’s obsession with uh..singing? (I was going to write “gays”, but I didn’t).

    • Mr. So & So

      They haven’t, but they should.

    • kate middleton

      A Glee parody would be a great idea.
      South Park was on hiatus when the Charlie Sheen thing was big news. I bet they could do something really good with it now that it’s been more quiet for a couple months.

      • Monty

        Charlie Sheen was in an episode (i think last season) where he was a celebrity in a sex addiction class. But he was in with a bunch of them, like David Letterman, David Duchonvey, Ben Rothlesberger, Tiger Woods, etc…and they did have an episode called Elementary School Musical, so they already spoofed musicals (like High School Musical).

    • Laura

      lol i think you just did…

  • bubbatwo420

    Winning, duh

  • Heather

    It would be rather meta, but I’d love to see the boys go to Broadway to see Book of Mormon!

    • BrandonK

      Yeah, commenting on their own success there or just Broadway in general might be good for some laughs.

      • Monty

        Good call, because thats partially what this episode was about (at least the theater business).

  • JJ

    - Donald Trump
    – Killing of Osama bin Laden.. (altho they killed him in “It’s A Jersey Thing”)
    – Glee jab-episode would be amazing!
    – Can they use “House” pretty please? I love House and South Park and would love to see the 2 combined…

    • Monty

      They’ve killed him twice then, he was also killed in “Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants”. I could see them killing him a third time.

  • Rachel

    How about they make fun of Republicans who are saying that Obama is gloating about killing Bin Laden, while standing in front of a mission accomplished banner in a “crotch friendly” flight suit!

    • Sven

      You need to keep your liberal bias in check. Any TRUE fan os south park would know that Matt and Trey love to make fun of democrats more

      • Skip182

        they make fun of anything they disagree with, and have made fun of both parties, so i think that statement is a bit off.

      • Russ

        Any true SP fan would know that Trey and Matt have mercilessly skewered both parties and with fantastic results. Maybe you should keep your idiot bias in check.

    • kate middleton

      Matt and Trey like to skewer everyone, so “making fun of Republicans for saying Obama is gloating” wouldn’t be done without making fun of Obama also.

      I like it best when they stick to pop culture – Tom Cruise, Guitar Hero, Kanye were some of my recent favorites.

      • Katie

        I have only seen a handful of episodes because sometimes they are just too groos for me. But, if I can hang in there, I find them hysterical. I really enjoyed when Cartman did his “Cops” thing and the whole Christian rock group was great. The photo session for the album cover was spot on.

        I’m sure the Royal Wedding spoof will be good. But no one is ever going to be able to top what they did on The Daily Show. It was wrong, just wrong, but so funny I watched it multiple times.

  • Justin

    I can’t see them referencing Book of Mormon so overtly, but I would love to see them stick it to the Spider-man musical. I could totally see Randy in the Julie Taymor role

    • NiSo

      They already did a mormon episode anyways…

  • JC

    South Park has been hit or miss in terms of funny lately (miss: last weeks episode), but when they’re good, they’re genius. Hope tonight’s episode is!

    • Shea

      they already did a twilight spoof.

  • marydd

    Oh please do something with Reese Witherspoon….her ego needs some correction. A Breaking Dawn spoof would be excellent all those twi-hards need an ajustment also…

    • Shea

      woops. my comment on the last post was supposed to go here. they did a twilight spoof two seasons ago.

  • Melissa

    I’m not totally schooled in Canadian political systems, but aren’t Will & Kate already the prince and princess of Canada? Or Duke and Duchess or however it works, but the Queen of England is the Queen of Canada.

    • Cat

      Not officially, but technically, yes. Because the Queen is officially the Queen of Canada (hence our Constitutional Monarchy), though she holds no real power, by extension Wills would be considered a prince. We do not generally use those titles though. Her representive here is the Governor General, but again without getting into the specifics, s/he has no real power – more of a figure head. Our elected PM is power seat. And alas, that is Harper right now.

  • Gupta

    “KATE WARD” needs to stop reviewing South Park. EW please reassign this to someone else. Thank you.

  • Lauren

    Hennifer Lopez!!!!

    • Cris

      Taco-flavored kisses!

  • amanda

    charlie sheen!

  • Skip182

    how about making fun of NOTHING? the best episodes are the random ones that are just about the kids being kids. we need more of those.

    • Radzinsky

      EXACTLY. That’s why the show has been such crap for the last five or so years. The heavy-handed pop culture references and political statements are just so tired now.

    • Peter Bakare

      south park I guess has moved on from those days even though they were classics.

      I think even the South Park audience are expecting a parody as we would expect a couch gag from The Simpsons.

  • Earl

    I want to see an entire episode about the killing of bin Laden. They had a reference last week, which was good on short notice, but I think they could create one of the best episodes with killing bin Laden.

  • southparkfan

    -middle east
    -remakes and sequels to classic movies
    -chilian minors (kinda in the past, i know)
    -reality television

    • Joe

      ‘-remakes and sequels to classic movies’

      See Indiana Jones being raped for this.

    • Michelle

      Chilean minors?…didn’t know the children in Chile were in need of a spoof.

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