Producer 'very hopeful' for 'Something Borrowed' sequel: Would you see it?


There is nothing sadder than a movie that ends with a “To be continued”… and then isn’t. Something Borrowed producer Molly Smith tells Movieline she’s still “very hopeful” that movie audiences will get to see novelist Emily Giffin’s follow-up Something Blue adapted for the big screen, but that it’s still too early to tell. In the pros column: the book series has fans, the sequel would feature John Krasinski’s Ethan more heavily (and he was the highlight of the first film), and Something Borrowed is one of those movies we could see eventually ending up in heavy rotation on TBS (and wouldn’t it be nice to show them back-to-back?). In the cons column: The film opened at No. 4 with just under $14 million, which is better than 2004’s Raising Helen ($11 million) and 2008’s My Best Friend’s Girl ($8 million) but less than Hudson’s $21 million opening weekends with 2009’s Bride Wars, 2008’s Fool’s Gold, and 2006’s You, Me and Dupree. Though it may have legs as counter-programming in the traditionally testosterone-heavy summer and make back its modest budget, it’ll have the better-reviewed Bridesmaids to contend with starting this weekend. Also, Something Blue is told from the perspective of the first film’s villain, Darcy, played by Kate Hudson, who has never quite lived up to her How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days rom-com glory. (That 2003 film remains both her best opening weekend with roughly $24 million in box office receipts and her highest-grossing film to date taking in nearly $106 million in the end. It’s the only one of the aforementioned you’re likely to get sucked into on cable.) 

So, should the sequel happen or not? In Hudson’s defense, I think Something Borrowed was her best rom-com performance since How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I think it helped that moviegoers loath to see her in one again were supposed to not like her character, but she really felt at home as Darcy. SPOILER ALERT! As the extra scene during the credits alluded to, Something Blue would follow pregnant Darcy to England, where she crashes with Krasinski’s Ethan after her relationship with Marcus has ended. “It’s a great character arc… she really does grow up in a sort of very real and authentic way,” Smith tells Movieline. She describes the sequel as “sort of a When Harry Met Sally, in London.””Would I see Something Blue? Yes. I’m curious about how Darcy and Ethan arrive at what I assume is a happy ending and whether they could make me root for it. (Audiences are very protective of Krasinksi, and therefore Ethan.) I think Krasinski and Hudson would have fun sparring together — it was nice to see him let loose in Something Borrowed, and Darcy is tough so she can take it. My high tolerance of clichés makes me a sucker for any rom-com, let alone one set in London. And truthfully, I really would love to see the films play back-to-back on TBSWhat about you?

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  • Jen G.

    I won’t be seeing Something Borrowed until this weekend, but I (quite unexpectedly) loved the two books. I really hope they make Something Blue, which was my favorite of the pair.

    • LOL

      Every single Kate Hudson movie mentioned in this story has one thing in common: They’re all crap.

      • mark in nyc

        that’s an insult to crap

      • bee


      • tipsy

        Kate Hudson romcom = crap. This one got hammered at the boxoffice by Jumping the broom. So sequel talk is face-saving. She can`t open anything cause her name has become equivalent for junk that even famous best-seller with built-in fandom cannot save.

      • My son is also named Bort

        Yes! what exactly did she do to be stuck in rom-com hell?

      • trysh

        I honestly do not think kate hudson’s movies are bad, I think she’s a good actress, and it’s not like all of you can do any better? Its the saying “practice makes perfect” Just cause you may not like her does not mean for you to “TRASH” talk her does it? Just imagine if you were her, and you seen what people would say about you, don’t you think it would hurt your feelings

    • PMD

      I, too have not seen Something Borrowed just yet – I have a serious dislike towards Kate Hudson. But I loved the books so I know I will go and catch the film. Despite my severe dislike for Kate I would still see the sequel.

    • Molly

      I love love love Something Blue! I haven’t seen Something Borrowed yet, but I can tell from the trailer that they have changed a lot from the book. I hope I can still enjoy the movie as a separate entity and that it will lead to a great sequel, because I’d be heartbroken if they mess with Something Blue!

      • Mandy

        They did change the movie a little from the book but it was still awesome! I just finished something blue and I so badly want to see it play out on the big screen!!!! John krazinsky rocked in something borrowed!! I cant imagine how awesome he would be in something blue!!!

    • krista

      Something Blue was my favorite as well…I haven’t seen Something Borrowed but I’m kind of curious as to why they made Ethan a more permanent fixture…

      • Ace

        They don’t go back to Indiana in the movie like they do in the book, so there was no way to introduce Ethan without putting him in NYC. And seeing as how he was the only tolerable part of the movie, I’m glad they did.

    • Sarah

      There is also a third one called Baby Proof for those who are interested. I have the set and love all of them, it’s those kind of books you re-read a million times. I was extremely pleased with the cast for ‘Something Borrowed’ they portrayed the book characters perfect. Would love to see the sequel made into a movie as well.

    • Alexis

      Yes something blue was my favorite too much more detail and happiness

    • Missy

      I’d love to see a sequel

    • cherriboom


    • H.H-Hayes

      I hope they have Jennifer in the sequel or I won’t like without all the players that were in the first movie

  • Couchtime With Jill

    I didn’t love either books, but saw the movie just because I was curious. I thought in both the books and the movies that Ginnifer Goodwin’s character should have ended up with john Krasinski’s character. I guess I’d see the sequel, just out of curiosity. I wouldn’t expect it to be good.

  • Noelle

    I would definitely see it. I loved the book, and Krasinski/Hudson were the best part of Something Borrowed anyway.

  • loved the movie

    I definitely would see the sequel. I thought the movie was a blast of fun.

  • Max

    I can’t imagine anyone would want a sequel to SOmething Borrowed. Unless they were going to somehow make money off of it.
    Remember right after Almost Famous when Kate Hudson had so much potential? Good Times.

    • Suzy Q

      Did she ever! What ever happened to that girl who could cover up tears with a heartbreaking smile on the turn of a dime. She had lightening in a bottle. Wish she would put herself up to that kind of challenge again.

  • Suzy Q

    I wish they had given the actor who played Dex an actually character in the movie (more than 5 lines?) and made me root for Dex/Rachel more. I think that’s what really made the movie weak… Darcy and Ethan definitely had the strongest character development in the movie. That being said, since the sequel would feature them, I think it could work. And honestly I would just LOVELOVELOVE to see Krasinski headline a movie so yes, I would would be up for Something Blue. Bring on the back-to-back play back on TBS.

    • Jan Kimball

      Loved Something Borrowed and would like the sequel ASAP

  • yes (:!!

    Yes I would see the sequel. Kate Hudson was entertaining. She was crazy and funny.

  • Kristen

    I’m a little confused as to why Ethan was even in the first movie as he had a limited role in the first book (I haven’t seen the movie yet, sounds like I can wait until DVD) but love John K enough that I can live with it. I am hoping they make the sequel, only because I think he needs to be on the big screen more.

    • SLT

      I agree with you Kristen. I wasn’t crazy about how they involved Ethan’s character in “Something Borrowed” (just b/c I read both books). That being said though, I really think John K. needs to headline his own rom-com. I know he had the movie with Mandy Moore but Robin Williams was the real “lead” on that. I think he could carry his own film. He says so much with his emotions that he would be perfect as the guy who gets the girl.

    • Ryan

      They had to put someone in as Rachel’s “confidant” since you know, they completely kicked Hilary out of the film

      • Alexis

        Ryan: why is that?

  • 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I would. The movie was a lot of fun. They better put Kate Hudson in the sequel.

    • Kari Fordice

      I totally agree with u 4 sure Kate is my favorite actress & I’d not want anything to hurt her in these movies.

  • Mr. Holloway

    To be fair, I haven’t seen “Something Borrowed”, but doesn’t it seem like we should be encouraging Kate Hudson to transition AWAY from romantic comedies? I can buy that this was “her best rom-com performance” since “How to Lose a Guy…” (which I enjoyed), but I think that says more about the staggering amount of crap she’s done in between.

  • Robin Sparkles


  • Ace

    I’d rent it, probably. I’ve read both books and liked the second one better. On the other hand, I saw Something Borrowed last weekend and really didn’t enjoy it. Krasinkski was the bright spot in the movie, though, so I might like Something Blue a little more, since he’d ostensibly be the focus.

  • daviddavid

    I liked the movie; wasn’t familiar with the book and certainly didn’t know there was a sequel … and, now that I know I do, I’d go see it. Fun, fun, fun … nothing serious; a delightful romp!!!

  • bee

    I read the books both LOVED it. This movie on the other hand, horrible!!! I felt embarrased taking my friend. With this sequal I could care less. Though I’d ratehr see John K. doing something else…

  • ghostlight

    I’m not female. Or gay. Or retarded.

    So, no. I won’t be interested in a sequel.

    Don’t bother making Sex and the City 3 on my account, either.

    • Dennis

      Hilarious! Although I’m gay and, believe me, a lot of us are just as disinterested.

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