'South Park' spoofs the Royal Wedding -- Canada-style!

There was no doubt aboot it: South Park was going to have to skewer the Royal Wedding. While the mass hysteria surrounding the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton has died down substantially, it doesn’t mean Trey Parker and Matt Stone still won’t poke fun at it. And poke fun they will — Comedy Central just offered up a teaser of Wednesday night’s new episode, titled “Royal Pudding.” Rest easy, Will and Kate fans, the newlyweds aren’t exactly ridiculed. Rather, the Candian versions of them will be!

In the episode, just as the Canadian royalty (heh) are getting ready to walk down the aisle, the “aboot to be Princess of Canada” gets kidnapped, causing panic throughout America’s cap. While it may not exactly be Will and Kate, things look pretty familiar in the clip — there’s even a Canuck version of the Queen Mum and a Canada-ized Pippa trailing behind the bride. We’re still waiting to see the Canadian version of this little one.

And no word yet on whether or not their guest list included Terrance and Phillip.

Are you going to tune in for this week’s South Park, PopWatchers?

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  • Kristen

    Cannot freaking wait!

    • LOL

      I certainly hope T and P make an appearance!

      • Kristen

        Totally – it’s been a while since Eat Pray Queef – I think that was their last appearance.

      • tom

        This show was so awesome in the 90s. What happened?

  • gingersmom

    Did you see what The Daily Show did about the royal wedding? I don’t even know if South Park can top that.

    • LOL

      It was incredible.

    • pip pip

      That was hilarious …and it also weirded me out a bit because I totally got offended at the Hitler/Queen Elizabeth part, realized it was stupid to get offended, and then kind of felt ridiculous for being offended by even an unflattering cartoon depiction of the queen of another country. I knew it was stupid to feel a bit shocked, but I couldn’t help it. But bravo to the Daily Show for criticizing the English government or royal family or whoever it was that decided comedians couldn’t use footage of the wedding for jokes. I loved the fact that the Daily Show made their wedding coverage a thousand times worse without actual footage. Jolly good show, old bean.

  • Yermama

    Aboot time!

    • Cris

      You said it, buddy!

      • Alfredo

        I’m not your buddy, friend!

      • steve G

        Im not your friend, Guy!

      • Karen

        I’m not your friend, guy.

      • steve G

        Im not your guy, buddy

  • Jason

    *sigh* I miss the days when South Park wasn’t satirical, and was just convoluted stories such as Cartman getting a big alien hoopajoob up his butt.

    • Matt

      Soo… you miss about the first 20% of the show’s run. Fair enough, but that boat sailed long, long ago.

  • Eric Walters

    Well it’s a circus act, it’s an absurd act.
    You know, it’s dress-up. It’s a classic English thing of let’s play dress-up. Let’s pretend that these are special people. OK, we’ll all pretend that—that’s what theater is. That’s why the British have the greatest theater in the world. They love to dress up and they love to play pretend.
    And that’s what the royal family is—it’s a huge game of pretend. These aren’t special people—it’s fake outfits, fake phony hats and gowns.

  • Mark

    Well, jokes on them as that royal wedding was Canada’s Royal wedding too. The British Monarchy is still the titular head of state for Canada, hence William will one day be the King of Canada in addition to being the King of England.

    Hopefully the spoof will be funny at least.

    • @ Mark

      Wow.. you would have thought Canada was more progressive than that. I wonder if they were bombarded with coverage like we were in the States, (Any Canadians to answer my Q) ? I guess they prefer Charles and Wills to Stephen Harper in the near future.

      • Nicole

        Well, while the Royal Family is technically connected to us, they are a constitutional monarchy and seen mostly as figureheads here. I don’t think anybody really thinks of Elizabeth as ‘Queen of Canada’ – I’ve never heard that expression. We have the Attorney-General who is her representative here and proclaims bills into law, but they are far from our minds when considering politics and legislation. Sadly, for that we get Harper, seemingly for the rest of our lives.

        But ANYWAY, yes, we were inundated with wedding coverage here. There was a wake up call service available for the day of – I almost choked when I saw that on the FRONT PAGE of one of our national papers.

      • AA

        Nicole, our representative to the monarchy is called the Governor General, not the Attorney General.

      • Captain

        Oh Mark I can confirm it was a hundred times worse? It was Royal Wedding HYSTERIA over here. There were specials like every day for a month and they are STILL showing repeats of the wedding coverage.

      • @ Captain

        I live in the US. It should be worse in Canada! You guys still have the Royals as your head of state. I was studying for university finals (still am) and flipping through channels on the 29th. It was on 15 channels of my modest 70. Full time Coverage in my state started at 11pm until Osama was killed, 2 DAYS LATER!

      • Kit

        We’ve had an unbroken monarchical succession here since before the US existed as the 13 Colonies.
        French, English and our own Canadian monarchy.
        Even the Brits can’t claim that, because of the interruption when Oliver Cromwell overthrew the monarchy & committed regicide.

    • L

      Hi, I’m Canadian. There was pretty much a full blown royal wedding attack on Canada. At my high school, we had an announcement to turn on the TV for the royal kiss! And although the queen is technically our head of state, they really don’t affect us. It’s more a tradition thing than anything. (And as a side note, i prefer Harry to Wills or Charles)

      • Nicole

        Hey fellow Canuck! Harry is so much more appealing – he seems like an actual human being. I can’t believe the interrupted class for the kiss!

      • Rachel

        That’s funny that they made a big deal out of the kiss, especially because they’ve been banging like bunnies for the past 9 years. Good luck to the couple, but when the baby comes… we all know how much the media is going to follow Kate’s bump. I kinda hope that they have a girl so that they change the law of primogeniture.

      • yn

        Yeah, Harry looks so hot, sweating from his hangovers, wearing his Nazi costume. Oooohhhh, baby.

  • OHB

    Eric Walters, are you sure you aren’t Jerry Seinfeld?

  • Neil Harrison

    “…they are a constitutional monarchy and seen mostly as figureheads here.”

    It’s actually exactly the same in the UK. No bs (I’m British).

    • Rachel

      Constitutional monarchy in both places but the difference is the UK had people dancing in the streets praising them like God’s gift to the earth and Canada yawned. But hey, Britain should do whatever possible to bring in $.

    • deedeedragons

      Same for Australia these days.

  • Neil Harrison

    btw Should also mention that at least two thirds of the UK couldn’t care less about the recent royal wedding. Seriously.

  • Zeke

    Is the hype still going on for this wedding? I mean, enough already!

  • Obama

    This season does not look good.

  • ChrisV

    I personally think the BEST South Park episodes are when they are making jabs at pop culture moments. Last year’s episodes about Tiger Woods/sex addiction and about Facebook were the best of the year.

  • Dave

    I certainly hope this episode will be better than the last two episodes, both of which were not funny at all.

    • LOL

      You’re full of cuttlefish and asparagus.

  • cam

    I laughed at that little clip. Just the idea is funny. All the hysteria over the monarchy, as if they really matter, deserves to be skewered… as does Canada’s ties to the British monarchy. I mean, declare your indepence already. geesh. It’s freaking 2011.

    • Kit

      Just FYI:
      Canada’s been independent for generations.
      We chose to create our own Monarchy and can (and did) name who we wanted to be our Head of State & Royal Family.
      And that choice was Commonwealth tradition.

      That South Park is having fun with the royal wedding is hilarious, and even funnier to those of us who – like Parker & Stone – know Prince Andrew’s in line of succession to Canada’s Maple Throne.

      • Cat

        Thank you. Well put. The Queen exercises no real power here. But at least she’s our figure head. The US fought a war to kick them out but the media has seemingly not lost any fascination with them. Case in point: The headlines back in the day referring to Diana as America`s Princess.

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