'Glee' covers Rebecca Black's 'Friday.' Listen to it here... then hate yourself for it.

GLEE-216Image Credit: Adam Rose/FoxI knew it. I knew this was going to happen when I clicked “play.”

This just-released Glee cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is now officially stuck in my head, and I haven’t been this unhappy since Mr. Schuester rapped for the first time. This utterly addictive rendition of the worst song I’ve ever heard, predominately featuring two of my fave male Glee vocalists (Sam and Artie), is now going to end up on my iPod, and I hate myself for it.

I had a similar feeling when I heard Glee‘s cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” My foot tapped against its will. I found myself humming it on the way to work. When bored, I’d quietly listen to it just loud enough so those around me couldn’t hear it. And instantly felt like a lesser human being doing all of those. Go ahead. Take a listen after the jump, but consider yourself warned.

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  • janice

    I can’t imagine how soul crushing it must be for a real singer to have to sing this song.

    • Bluto

      Okay—I don’t care if I’m the one person other than RB who thinks that the original version has stupid lyrics, but actually isn’t that bad of a song. This however—is overproduced crap. I cannot wait for three years or so to pass and there to be a disco-sized backlash against the musical parasite that was “Glee.”

      • David

        You’re attacking Glee by defending the musical talents of Rebecca Black? Is this some sort of hipster, pomo irony thing? or you just deaf?

      • ALICEO

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        ————pretty much anything by Yoko Ono…and those are just off the top of my head. It’s amazing how many people think something new is “the best” or “the worst” and completely lack context.

      • tom

        see, look at all that PR the kings of leon wasted.. pity

      • craig

        Did you listen to the Bob Dylan version of Friday on youtube yet? It has more hits than any of his other songs on youtube. ha ha ha

      • yesrgyer

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        ~~~~~~~~Exactly… for all the great music the 60′s produced, there was a year when ‘Sugar’ by the Archies was the #1 song.

      • Kat

        LOL I love the “Bob Dylan” version. Someone does a damn good impression and puts it to excellent use!

      • wg

        I’ve been defending the original since I first heard it. Yes, the autotune and nasal singing are poor, but the song itself is no worse than any other dance pop on the radio these days (see: Ke$ha “Tik Tok on the clock dj turn the speakers up”, Katy Perry “Boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon”, the Biebs “it’s like baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby no”). When sung by actual singers (like the Glee guys), it’s just as danceable and silly mindless fun music as any of the above.

    • Brett

      Thankfully, real singers haven’t had to sing the song yet. This is, after all, a “Glee” cover – the Autotune sings everything on this show.

      • tina

        Well, at least using AutoTune on this makes sense … I mean it IS true to the original

      • tom

        add Pepto Bismol, a wig, and ice motorcycles please

    • darclyte

      It’s not even close to being the worse song ever. There are a bunch of songs from the 1970s that make it seem like A Day in the Life. Patches by Clarence Carter, Telephone Man by Meri Wilson, Convoy, Disco Duck, pretty much anything by Yoko Ono…and those are just off the top of my head. It’s amazing how many people think something new is “the best” or “the worst” and completely lack context.

      • darclyte

        BTW, for being the “worst song ever” it has over 130 million views on You Tube which puts it like 30/31 (but for some reason isn’t actually noted in the chart,) and because Rebecca gets between 1/2 of a penny to a full penny for each view, it’s made her from over $650,000 to over $1,300,000. And that doesn’t include the money she makes from iTunes.

      • Lucy

        Exactly… for all the great music the 60’s produced, there was a year when ‘Sugar’ by the Archies was the #1 song.

      • Tagger

        Disco Duck is right; that turkey went global. There are more irritating songs out there; anything by James Blunt for example.

      • JD

        Have to agree it’s definitely right up there with the worst songs ever. The YouTube views are mainly because people were interested in seeing how terrible it was…and then it got stuck in people’s heads, torturing them from the inside. It’s embarrassing on every level, from writing, the horrible misuse of the english language, to the annoyingly nasal voice of the singer. That’s why someone can say it’s the worst song of all time.

      • Tom

        You’re right, “Disco Duck” was worse than “Friday”. That was an awful song!

      • craig

        No, disco duck is WINNING

    • Strepsi

      The soul crushing-ness will be somewhat mitigated by the fact that Ms. Black, a not-terribly-literally teenager, is now earning royalty checks for songwriting.

      • Strepsi

        I mean literate. I misspelled the word “literate”. Irony. Now I look like the a**hole. *sigh*

      • Annette

        Damn your stupid!

      • KatieBell

        But a completely self-aware one. Kudos to you!

      • Jacob

        Annette, before you call someone stupid, learn to use *you’re.

      • Heather

        Why would she earn a check for songwriting when she didn’t write it?

      • craig

        gee, what else is new in this town?

      • Kat

        I thought Annette was making a rather clever joke.

      • Jara

        I thought you meant it because she’s just 13. And as the mom of a 13 year old, I know that’s a lot more “kid” than “teenager.” Once I realized she was a little girl rather than say a 17 year old, I couildn’t work up the same disdain for the whole song/video that I had before.

    • AM

      Isn’t it weird that the show always promotes Finn as the best male singer? I always enjoy Puck, Artie, and Sam much more. I think they are all better than Finn. More duets with Puck and Rachel please! “Need you Now” rocked!

      • Cat

        I don’t know why either. Finn has no voice.

      • Miss Talk

        Finn is the lead male actor, that’s why.
        And to be quite honest, he kind of has the X-factor. He doesn’t have the best voice of te bunch still he manages to get people’s attention.

      • MDEP

        I agree. I cannot enjoy his songs because the auto tune works over time. I like Artie’s voice the most.

    • Rush

      Glee has a way of making bad songs good. Witness what they did with the Beiber oeuvre.

  • Cygnus

    Fun fun fun fun

    • craig

      it’s nobody’s fault that you guys don’t understand the true meaning of true musical artistry.

  • AT

    Every cover of this song I hear is immensely better than the original, but I still want to stab my eardrums at the horrid lyrics.

    • Flip

      I am one of the lucky few who haven’t heard this song or seen the video. To keep it that way, I shall be muting my television when the Glee characters perform it.

      • death 2 autotune

        good call

      • Heather

        Excellent choice.

    • vwbeetle@comcast.net

      I still prefer Jimmy Fallon/Stephen Colbert – ironic, yet really joyful. This one seems, somehow, really late.

      • AM

        Agreed! No contest. I watched the Fallon/Colbert/Soul Patrol version about a million times. L-O-V-E IT!

      • Flyer

        YES! That’s exactly what I was going to say. Colbert & Fallon actually made the song much better than it deserved to be!

    • MC

      I think the original is actually a lot better than this version.

  • supercilla

    Today is Friday…nice EW

    • Zack

      Tomorrow is Saturday. And after that its Sunday.

      • tina

        Zack FTW

  • emcee

    This version sounds miles better than the gag-inducing original.

  • Magnus

    i dont now what to think about this song called Friday.

  • Becs

    POISON GAS! POISON GAS! Please make it stop!!!

  • Katie

    Did anyone else think it was so auto-tuned at the beginning that it HAD to be Mike Chang singing?

    Disappointment. But not too much! Because it’s Friiiied-egg! Friiiied-egg! Gettin’ down on Friiiied-egg!

    • Mandy

      OMG That totally sounds what they are saying!

  • Rachel

    Sooo….Glee has officially jumped the shark. Wake me up when they have a good episode again.

    • Shawn

      Enjoy your nice long sleep.

    • Brett

      They’ve already jumped TWO sharks. Let’s call them “Thriller” and “Rocky Horror Show.”

      • Rachel

        For real.. This season of Glee is making me wonder why I fell in love with Glee in back Season 1.

      • joblo

        I echo @Rachel’s comment. What a sad and quick demise into self-parody and pretentiousness.

      • reecee

        I am giving Glee a pass on those episodes and am declaring “Glee in 3D” the “Jump the Shark” seal of approval.

  • Kate

    I am fascinated with the hatred of this song, its not good but I keep thinking, how good was Barbie Girl or, and I am sure the list goes on. Anyway, Artie and Sam make any song cool.

    • Lily

      Yeah, Barbie girl.. sweet memories.. never thought it was a bad song though even though it was cheesy.

  • Daniel

    I think it is really great they did a good job.

    • Hannah

      I think so too! I hate the original, but I’ve been playing this version nonstop all day…

  • Shawn

    This already seems so dated. I had all but forgot about Rebecca Black about 4 weeks ago.

    • Dalt Wisney

      I know! Glee’s late on the bandwagon. Lame. I’m tired of Glee anyway.

  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

    Go away pointless celebrities!

    • Emma

      I like that you tell other pointless celebs to go away, but you still put your name as “Snooki”… Classic hypocrite.

      • Mark S

        That’s the point Emma. “Snooki” talking about pointless celebs was a joke. Maybe you shouldn’t take the training wheels off just yet.

  • Michael

    Honestly, it sounds better than Rebecca Black’s version. Rebecca is no singer at all, but at least Glee cleans it up nicely. I am not a Glee fan, but at least from Glee there actually is a song made out, unlike Black, whom is no singer, but a shriveled joke.

  • Mary

    I don’t care if Paul McCartney was singing it…it is the DUMBEST song I’ve ever heard. Aaarrggh

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