Rider Strong thinks Corey and Topanga married too young. Guess the fate of other '90s sitcom couples!


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Ahh, Corey and Topanga. The TGIF generation’s Tracy and Hepburn. True love in its finest form.

Except, like most awesome things from the ’90s (slap bracelets, financial security), it seems the happy couple may not have made it to the new millennium. At least, not according to Rider Strong. In a funny, and surprisingly insightful interview with Vanity Fair, Strong, who played Corey’s (Ben Savage) best friend Shawn, shared his thoughts on all things Boy Meets World, from the unexplained disappearance of Mr. Turner (seriously, what?) to whether or not his TV pal and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) lasted.

When asked if he thought Corey and Topanga, who wed in the final season, would be divorced by now, Strong sadly answered, “Probably.” But, before we go sending Strong to Mr. Feeny’s office, let’s consider the fact that he makes some valid points. As he points out, not only did ABC apparently object to the nuptials, but now it’s widely regarded as the show’s “jump the shark” moment. And, lest we forget, they were still teenagers when they got hitched.

Don’t, however, lose all hope, all you C&T 4-ever fans who prefer to picture them still in love. Strong quickly followed with, “No, no… because the whole conceit of the show was that they were meant for each other. So I can’t say that. Of course they’re still together in magical happy land.” Optimism and sarcasm. How very ’90s.

Still, Strong’s assessment of the Friday night line-up’s power couple (sorry Sabrina and Harvey) got me thinking about other young ’90s sitcom couples and whether or not they’d still be an item some 20 years later. While I’d like to think Saved By The Bell‘s Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski are happy together, living near a beach and talking on regular sized phones, I get the sinking feeling they both knew they peaked in high school and subsequently spent the past two decades trying to recapture their glory days. There’s also no way Family Matters‘ Laura would have continued to put up with Steve Urkel’s wardrobe and/or catchphrases for an eternity.

So, I suppose I don’t think too differently from Strong (cynicism was, after all, a lasting effect from the ’90s) but, help me out PopWatchers, there’s got to be some young ’90s sitcom couples who made it work, right? Full House‘s D.J. and Steve? Sabrina‘s Sabrina and Harvey? Anyone?!

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  • Mr. Holloway

    I just always assumed Mr. Turner disappeared into the same vortex TGIF vortex that sucked up Minkus and Judy Winslow from “Family Matters.”

    • Mr. Holloway

      - my first “vortex.”

  • Anissa

    Well we know that Sabrina and Harvey had to make it as he had the other half of her magical soulmate stone (I forget the technical term)…

    I think Kelly and Zach may have separated once or twice, but they end up together (or even remarried).

    • Troll

      Zach Morris admitted that Kelly left him when he was on Jimmy Fallon last year. Doy!

    • AK

      Plus Sabrina and Harvey were actually adults with established lives and careers. They went through a whole series of real relationship tribulations before ultimately figuring out they were meant to be together. I would never imagine Corey and Topanga as divorced, but I can at least see where Rider Strong is coming from. (And now I feel way too pathetic thinking about all of this…)

  • Stacey

    I actually didn’t mind the final season post wedding. It was interesting way to show both Corey and Topanga. Very different to see them deal with being marrying. I love the wedding episode. You could only do so much with them as a dating couple. They had already broken up and reunited several times.. Although he is right, it is possible they married too young. And might not have made it. And we last saw them heading to New York away from family, so maybe they lasted but it would have taken a lot to be on their own. Even with Eric and Shawn in the City as well… I loved that sitcom. Corey and Shawn were fantastic best friends and I loved Corey and Topanga. I can’t wait until Season 5 comes out on DVD in May. I don’t think it was a jump the shark moment, but it was obvious the show was getting older and wasn’t go to last much longer even though their ratings probably would have been loved today…

  • Meg

    Didn’t Zack and Kelly get married or something in one of The College Years’ specials? At any rate, I just want to know if Feeney followed them to New York like he did when they were in college.

    • Mr. Holloway

      They got married during a “Wedding in Vegas” TV movie monstrosity.

      I was shocked by how much more terrible “Saved by the Bell” was without its hyper-active studio audience or a laugh track. It was so bad that they could only get Elizabeth Berkley to do a cameo…and she was getting ready to star in “Showgirls.”

      • Kristina

        Elizabeth’s “Jesse” showed up at the wedding and she was screen for a minute tops.

  • Becca

    Those two made me believe in love! Don’t take that away!

    • Ben


  • Chumash

    Cory and Topanga forevs. They would be the ones who make it. That was the whole idea of the show! They were meant to be!! Besides Topanga was a weirdo but so was Cory. I’m going to see if Boy Meets World is on Netflix now.

  • Chumash

    P.S. I still occasionally sing Eric’s proposed tv show theme song “Good looking guy” I hope that the correct words because that’s how i’ve been singing it for hte past decade and a half.

    • Caroline

      Thank you for reminding me about that song!

    • Karrah

      When there’s crime out there, he’s gonna comb his hair… Get the GOOD LOOKING GUY!

    • Amy

      Glad to know I am not the only one who remembers that song! Oh how I loved me some Eric.

      • BB

        @Chumash – You made my day! My sis and I sing that song often! *thumbs up*

    • arielle

      when a crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout ‘its the GOOD LOOKING GUY!’

  • Iakovos

    Enjoyed this sitcom because of Savage and Fishel… but LOVED William Russ as Corey’s dad. A genuine hottie!

  • econruth

    Does anyone else feel incredibly OLD? Twenty years ago! Where did the time go?

    • wildflowerfaith

      I have been lamenting on that all week!

  • Kelly

    I actually cried while babysitting when they broke up over the ski trip girl and the Van Gogh Painting guy

    • AC

      JONATHAN JACKSON!! He wanted to take her to Paris.

  • Penny

    I have faith that Balki and Larry are still married to their respective ladies.
    Great interview by the way, he’s very charming.

    • Ann

      No, I think Balki is still together with his girl, but that girl with Cousin Larry definitely divorced him.

      • Stacie

        Is she now a real housewife of Chicago?

  • Kelly

    I loved how Corey said Honey- mooooon. It was worth them getting married just for that.

  • Karrah

    If any of those couples are still together, it’s Cory and Topanga. As much as I loved Zack and Kelly, I would take Cory and Topanga over them any day.

  • Jackie

    Ahhh, Sabrina and Harvey… I always wanted them to last. And didn’t Laura end up with Urkel’s better-dressed clone, Stefon?

  • Ann

    I think Rebecca and John Stamos’s character (I can’t remember his name) are still together. Steve and DJ got married, had a kid and divorced. Bob Saget’s character is still happily married to that lady he ended up with. Dave Coulier’s character remains single to this day because no lady thinks his Popeye voice is cute anymore.

    • Stacey

      Agreed. Jesse and Rebecca stayed married. Although their twins turned out to be mischievious teenagers and a handful, and maybe they had a additional child; a daughter. I think DJ probably married Steve and they probably made it because I think him coming back at the end as her prom date showed they were meant for each other and would work it out. But she still had college. They probably had children. Stephanie would have have found someone. Michelle might have taken a lot longer since as the baby of the family; not sure it would have been that easy to get past the “princess” phase of being the youngest. The 90’s sitcoms were classic. I still miss them today!

      • Meg

        I think DJ and Steve ended up together because of that whole Disney World ending where he showed up in Florida. But Kimmy definitely married Nelson.

      • 25or6to4

        Michelle (and her twin) are billionaires, so i think one of them should marry me!

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