'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 7!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and Maks’ ass. Sure, they may not all be *hidden,* but as EW.com’s Supervising Appraiser, I can happily confirm they’re all priceless. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Maybe it’s too much crime TV lately, but there was a lady in the front row behind Bruno wearing a silvery dress that had a huge red sparkly spot over her stomach. Looked like she’d been shot with the mirrorball rifle!” –CleverShrew

“The lost brother of Barry Manilow?” –Patrycja
“Stanley Tucci’s character from Shall We Dance.” –Fridge
“Tim Allen as Santa Claus with a shaved beard.” –Theballasfamilyiscrazy, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, Xorp, Joan Holloway, duranmom
“The guy Bridget Jones’ mother dates after she leaves her father.” –EW.com’s Fringe Fairy
“Whoopi Goldberg in drag in The Associate, only with a tan.” –Liz, endorsed by duranmom
“Weirdly tanned, Bruce Jenner hair guy.” –Kelly, endorsed by Jen P.
“I want guest judge Donnie to grab the microphone and yell ‘LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE’…he just reminds me of that announcer.” –LDS, endorsed by caryn c

“Ralph, backing up from Karina’s giant hoop earring, during their group dance rehearsal.” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by LAGAW

“Whoa! One of Karina’s Hidden Gems almost became unhidden!” –JessicaH, endorsed by Carmella, Jem Ho, Joey, amhay
“Karina’s hair looks like a swiss roll – still on the chocolate theme thanks to Maks!” –daisy, endorsed by kfran

“Kendra totally rocking out on the sidelines during Hines’s cha cha solo.” –jen, endorsed by Colleen, gigi, Joanna Banana

“The look on Maks’ face after Donnie said “Osama Bin Dancing” was priceless.” –Kanerbaby
“HG (my first-ever nominee!) – The Berge’s face when the guest judge mentioned bin Laden… and his not-so-hidden awesome quick recovery!” –jerseystar314, endorsed by JessicaH, Jo, duranmom, orville

American Flag/Cotton Candy/Rainbow Sno Cone Hair Lady behind Bruno!  –Kelly W., endorsed by Jen P., pancake, CleverShrew, KelbelDance, Sarah, Kelly, Xorp, Babs1384, LAGAW, Marimbist, DebraD, JessicaH, Kevin M. Kawa, Presto

“During the professionals’ solo, you could totally see into the celebriquarium and that two of them had their backs to the dance floor while chatting with Brooke! I guess they don’t have the same rule to stand outside and cheer like they do for each other.” –tara
“That pro female Latin dancer’s costume totally reminded me of the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast. What was up with that outfit?!” –Fridge
“Not only does that pro have bedazzled cornrows, but it kinda looks like she has a bedazzled diaper with fringe…” –korri, endorsed by Carmella, kt, amy, Jem Ho

“Chelsie, Shirley, and Romeo all dancing together reminded me of the scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby, Penny, and Johnny are all dancing together…Please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about.” –JessicaH, endorsed by Electronic Neko, Katja, Jen P.

“My hidden gem was the WTH outfit the guy behind Pia Toscano was wearing.” –AI, endorsed by Jem Ho

“Not one star/pro was able to muster even a fake-it-for-the-cameras smile after Chelsea and Mark’s dance.” –Jem Ho

“Walking back to the celebriquarium, I think Mark wanted to let the judges know they can now call him Mr. Meoff. First name: Jack. (We don’t need Jack Jason to interpret that sign!) Stay classy Mark.” –Jem Ho, endorsed by LAGAW

“When Louis told Kendra she was ‘leaps and bounds’ better and gestured upward, Bruno was making the same gesture in the picture behind him.” –JessicaH, endorsed by duranmom

“Purple-headed Louis freaked me out! The glow radiating from his head rivaled the glow radiating from Donnie’s teeth.” –Louis-Louis-Bo-Booey-Banana-Fana-Fo-Fooey, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa, Jem Ho

“Kendra’s giant skirt matched the red carpeting EXACTLY. She disappeared into the floor!” –Jenna, endorsed by Barb H

“In the background during Kristie’s rehearsal package interviews, there’s a lamp made of three mirrorballs. Guess one just isn’t enough for her and Maks!” –MC

Kirstie’s animal print shoes match her bra straps!” –daisy, Jen P., Lucy, duranmom, Jem Ho, Joanna Banana

“Maks pinched Susan Lucci’s butt as he was heading back to get his scores.” –glenn

“Brooke turned it over to Tom and you could see Carrie Ann making very (in)appropriate gestures over her chesticles. Even better, it looked as if she and Donnie were comparing notes on the subject at hand (pun intended).” –kellen

“How did the 8-foot-tall guy get a seat in the front row? I’d be PISSED if I were seated behind him.” –JessicaH, Jenna, SunBlitz42

“Kym’s earring stuck in her hair during her post-dance interview.” –jen, endorsed by Dee, monkey_girl03
“When Hines & Kym were getting their scores in the celebriquarium, Loius looked exactly like a ventriloquist dummy behind them! He never moved!” –tiff

“The Deadly Smoke Machine’s new friend the Well Behaved Bonfire made its debut tonight.” –pancake, endorsed by CoolWhipLite
“I could swear I could see a tag through Romeo’s white tank top… did he have it on backwards?” –sabeline, endorsed by Rebecca

“Hidden Gem (First Timer!): The fire pit during Romeo’s dance looked like it was purchased real cheap from the Skating with the Stars set.” –Marshal


“I loved the shot coming back from break after Kirstie — looking up at the huge mirrorball, with Tom perched above in his rightful spot, ruling over all Planet Mirrorballus.” –Jem Ho

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

Fringe Fairy

HOST’S LEADERBOARD: Are Tom’s various post-commercial-break kicks a nod to EW.com’s hidden gem hunters?! “It wasn’t originally so, but it is certainly in the back of my mind now.” YES! “Ya gotta kick!”

Press the little “play” triangle above to hear my imaginary friend Tom in all his alternate-universe glory!

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  • Lonestar

    first … suck it avab, duranmom, coolwhiplite, amy, jemhunter

    • Annie Barrett

      First is the worst, second is the best, Lonestar!

      • Katja

        Third is the one with the hairy chest! Wait…would that be me or Molly? (Sorry, Molly…that’s just how it goes.)

      • pancake

        @Katja – LOL! I have had to hear that little rhyme from my kids since they picked it up at school.

      • Molly

        Whaaaaaat? I don’t have a hairy chest!

      • Lily

        We changed it at my school–third is the one in a wedding dress!

  • Brenda

    Who is Sonny Peterson? Guest dancer?

  • Molly

    Your photo captions are great this week, Annie! Kendra_mistakes_ballroom_for_bar, Romeo_youre_fired, and When_tall_men_attack were my personal favorites.

    • Lynn

      How have I never noticed these?? Gems within the gems!! Great gems this week!

    • Jade

      I just noticed them! Hidden Gems have a hidden gem.

    • caryn c

      Yes! captions were extra good this week :)

    • pancake

      Thanks for pointing them out Molly! I has such a good laugh looking at all of them. Annie, you rock!

    • Squishmar

      I liked “Mark is a Wanker”….LOL

    • Call me Daphne

      Yeah, don’t read the captions while eating breakfast — choking hazard!!

    • CleverShrew

      I Liked Dirty_dancing_with_Marks_mom and Maks_Sexually_Harasses_a_Senior. Awesomeness!

      • Verity

        Maks_Sexually_Harasses_a_Senior is my favorite as well

    • orville

      I just noticed these last week (kind of makes me want to go back through all the posts from this season). I love Maks_sexually_harasses_a_ senior.

      • Cricket

        Best: Mark_is_a_wanker.

        Ain’t it the truth!!!

    • tennisfan

      funny, funny stuff!

    • HGsMakeMyWeek

      Thanks, Molly. I hadn’t caught those before, but I love them! Annie, you’re the best!

    • Verity

      Thanks for pointing this out, Molly! I never noticed the captions before. This takes the Gem Hunt columns to a whole new level of pleasure. Annie, you are a goddess.

  • gigi

    “Who is Donnie Burns?” and the “Well Behaved Bonfire…purchashed from SWTS” had me cracking up!! Too funny!! Great job everyone!!

    • pancake

      @gigi – I was afraid for the band because the bonfire was so close to them, but it was very well-behaved and I had to give it props!

      • gigi

        lol…good call and perfect nickname!

  • Mirrorballus Citizen

    Hah! I had to miss last night, work called. Good finds, gem hunters! :)

    • Madd

      I had to miss watching DWTS llliiiivvee the past two weeks because of work. Is there a conspiracy?

      • gigi

        Work and adult responsibilty suck! Annie…are they accepting applications at EW? If the magazine every needs any full-time gem hunters let us know!!

      • Amy in Pittsburgh

        Probably a good thing you weren’t available, Madd–you missed the unfortunate gem backlash last week!

  • korri

    Hey! My first gem! My life can now end happily

    • Presto

      But hopefully not soon.

  • Katja

    OMG looking at the picture of Donnie finally solidified in my mind who I thought he looked like, with that blinding smile and cocky ballroom charm: Ken Railings from Strictly Ballroom! WHEW. Feels good to have finally worked that out. I could NOT figure out who he reminded me of.

    • miya

      LOL! You are so right! I love that movie.

    • Iris

      Good call! I love that movie!

    • Al

      Too funny!

    • Mellissa

      I see Martin Short’s tanned twin.

  • Beauty

    Can’t believe my gem didn’t make it! Romeo totally looked like he had a girl t-shirt on with a sweetheart neckline during rehearsals. ;( Must try harder next time.

    • Presto

      I’ve noticed that shirt before–I’m surprised it hasn’t made it in yet.

  • daisy

    Thanks Annie – nice to see my gems up there!

    You need to watch The Vampire Diaries to see what I meant about Luca and Klaus though… :)

    • Beauty

      Vampire Diaries is the best show on TV!

      • ooooookay

        ha. hahaha. you must be joking.

  • Jem Ho

    I like your new title of Supervising Appraiser of gems, both hidden and non-hidden. Very nice. :) And I am glad your expert appraisal skills have deemed one of my gems valuable enough to be the LAG this week! Oh the ridiculous joy I get from this! Since I never got a chance to read all the comments from last night, I am loving all the ‘Who is Donnie Burns?’ references. He really looks like he has a prosthetic face, like he could peel it off at any moment when Scooby Doo and the gang catch him up to no good. Nice work fellow hunters!

    • Leah

      I was getting a serious George Hamilton vibe from him!

  • Jem Ho

    I always love the comments people share from their kids, hubbies, moms, etc. Usually I watch on DVR by myself but tonight my 7 year old daughter watched some of the pre-results recap with me. During Romeo’s cha-cha solo, she said, “Oh. My. Gosh. That boy is not wearing a shirt. That is sooo inappropriate.” I didn’t think she was quite old enough to explain that on Planet Mirrorballus, boys not wearing shirts is not only appropriate, but encouraged!

  • Squishmar

    Is there no hidden caption for the second-to-last picture of the bonfire? Nothing comes up for me when I hover over it.

    • LAGAW

      Anything associated with Skating Trainwreck with the Stars needs NO caption!

    • Annie Barrett

      It’s from a different PW post, so I guess I hadn’t named those. Hmmm…. how about “troupe_is_stupid,” just because this week’s gems are missing that.

      • Squishmar

        I’ll go for that! It’s a catchall.

      • orville

        Shhhhh…maybe if you don’t mention them, they’ll quietly go away.

      • LAGAW

        @Annie. LOL. I was missing the “troupe_is_stupid” caption. You need to throw it in randomly until we have seen the last of them.

        Here’s hoping their absence this week is a sign the producers got the message.

  • Mick

    Mark has been consistently screwing over Chelsea, the out there routine, the fighting with the judges and now the hand thing. Mark didn’t you learn from Maks?

  • Joey

    As soon as they finished the Team Chelsea dance on the results show, the first thing Karina did was check to make sure everything was in its place this time.

    • Pumbaa

      Like it really matters/ heck she is letting it all hang out in this Months playboy… Not that I am complaining ;)

  • Squishmar

    I always use the subscription check-box below to get all follow-up comments sent to my email… I’ve never had a problem before. Is anybody else having trouble with this feature today? I’m checking the box, but I’m not getting the subscription notification sent to me… sorry for the off-topic… I just don’t want to miss any comments!

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