Steve Carell reflects on leaving 'The Office': 'I've made an enormous mistake' -- VIDEO

Michael Scott makes his grand exit tonight on The Office, and Steve Carell is finally talking about it — with (now former) co-star Angela Kinsey! In a five-minute video released today by NBC and shot by Kinsey (who plays accountant Angela), she interviews Carell in his trailer on the Office set, and he reminisces about “Diversity Day,” the “three-headed monster” that is Angela, Oscar, and Kevin, his favorite musical moments, and more. Carell is more earnest than silly when answering Kinsey’s questions, though he does quip about his departure: “I’ve made an enormous mistake and I think that I probably shouldn’t be going…” Don’t tease, Steve. Check it out below: 

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  • Jensen

    To the folks who say tonight’s episode was too dramatic… Really? Remember some of Jim and Pam’s early moments? The answering machine playing as Jim walked to his car? Or the first kiss between Jim and Pam, complete with soft lighting?

    • Francine

      I thought it was underwhelming. What made The Office a standout show was that whenever it got too sentimental, it managed to fall back on comedy as to not get overly melodramatic. Sadly, it didn’t balance that.
      Also, it feels like the first 5-10 minutes were good (as were the last 3 minutes), but in the middle they got lost and didn’t seem to know where to go.
      As an Office fan, and as a huge fan of Michael Scott, I expected a better farewell. An episode to go along side their best episodes. And this was not one of them, unfortunately.

      • Mark

        Not going to knock anyone’s opinion, but I think the understated departure of Michael was perfectly done. To make it some sort of dramatic send off would basically be to say that the show was ending and everything after would be some sort of epilogue. Ending with Dwight and Jim agreeing on “Oh No” was perfect. Makes the show focus on the future and not on what has ended.

        Darrell or Dwight will be the Boss at the end of the day, though Ed Helms might be a darkhorse after winning back the client that Deangelo (who is clearly not lasting beyond his 4 episode run) ran off.

    • eric

      Really! that was the best send off they can come up with. Horrible. He deserved better than that. The side story was even ridiculous. They should be ashamed.

    • adamfan

      There were plenty of dramatic moments over the years. On a different note. One theory that I have is with something that happened last night. Deangelo hit the wall with his chocolate stained hand and left a mark above the break room door. Why did they focus on that? I think that he is the Scranton strangler and eventually those will be the fingerprints that will betray him. It is also possible that Andy might be the strangler, remember his anger issues, what if he never resolved that. Anyway, those I my 2 cents. love the show.

      • Spencer

        I think Gabe is the Scranton Strangler. And Erin may or may not be Phyllis’ daughter.

      • adamfan

        I love the Erin thing, that would be so great but a little too “All my children”.

  • JackieB

    I love Steve Carrell. Thank you so much for creating Michael Scott (of the American version of course) and for years of laughs.

    • Dorothy

      I don’t think the show will ever be as good with Michael not there. To me it will be like when Charlie Sheen left 2 and a half men.

  • Will

    I thought it was a wonderful final episode.

  • Kat

    I enjoyed it. I even cried a little when he and Pam said goodbye, even as the episode made it perfectly clear exactly how their farewell would go down and how I was being manipulated to worry and think “But he MUST get a goodbye with Pam, who understood him better than anyone else in the office!” I was also rather moved by the (perhaps unintentional) implication that Pam is apparently willing to drop a couple hundred dollars on a plane ticket just so that she could run through security and catch him.

    • yeah

      haha I caught that too (the Pam needing a ticket thing these post 9/11 days) but hey just makes it more touching whether they meant it to or not.

    • rachybaby

      It had to be intentional. They wanted us to see that Pam clearly had her shoes in her hand…that would only occur after having y gone through security – which is the last step before having to wait at your assigned gate to board a plane. Plus, Michael was waiting to board (after he had gone through security)

      • nemesis4670

        nah she had her shoes off so she could run faster. that’s my guess. I highly doubt she was able to buy a plane ticket at the very last second as they were boarding just to see michael. TV show or not.

  • Melvin

    can’t wait to buy these 7 seasons on dvd or blu-ray combo

  • Shea

    i cried. i cried a little at the beginning and then i burst into tears when dwight started reading his letter from michael until the end of the episode. this was without a doubt one of the greatest episodes of the office ever, and one of the best goodbyes to a character ever.

    • SaraS

      What did you think about the fact that no one in the office got to say THEIR goodbyes to him except Jim?

    • adamfan

      I started crying from the beginning, stopped during the nonsense with Andy, cried as Michael was leaving the office and when Pam ran up to him at the airport I had to hold my nose so I don’t start sobbing loudly and have my family think that Mommy is a loon. This show has been my “comfort food” for so many years.

      • LBDII

        Comfort food I like that

      • martian packets

        Comfort food… What an on-the-money description of this awesome show, Shea, especially in the stew of bad sitcoms that have come out of the 0s — as the hipsters refer to the 2000s. Comfort food this show is, for me and family. It is the reason I keep my Netflix account (I suppose I could save $$ over time by purchasing box sets but Netflix also has 5 seasons of Spongebob for the kid, and numerous Cary Grant and other 1930s flicks for instant viewing, and no they didn’t pay me to say that).

        It is so sad that Steve is leaving, to be sure… But I read an interview by one of the show’s American version creators where it was pointed out that he was such an awesome guy that although he could’ve easily dominated the show (a la Alan Alda as Hawkeye in M*A*S*H) he encouraged his fellow cast to have more lines, more story, and play larger parts… so we know them all so well, A-List actors that they all are, that the show will easily survive his departure! Thanks for the ride Steve… Erm, Michael. I look forward to many more seasons of The Office!

        One other comment… I think Will Ferrell who plays Deangelo is really funny and talented, but he is a scene dominator and exactly what The Office _doesn’t_ need. So let’s hope he doesn’t survive to become a regular, unless he learns to step back a lot more and let the rest of the top shelf cast have their equal time on stage.

    • wtfnyc

      We were on the exact same crying schedule, Shea. When Jim said he’d see Michael at lunch and talk to him about what an amazing boss he turned out to be, I pretty much lost it. And scared the cat.

    • misteral

      So glad I wasn’t the only one blubbing (though possibly the only male). After following the ultimate disfunctional ‘family’ through so much, it really was heartbreaking to see Michael go. I loved his last episode, I thought it was pretty much just as it ought to be. D’angelo I can do without. Very sad to bid goodbye to Michael.

      • Michael

        lol i thought i was the only male too. Steve Carell had me in tears from laughter through the whole series so im sad that he had to go. I was so disappointed that i was gonna stop watching butIts still a great show. I became so addicted that I watched every single episode on netflix in two weeks. I hope this show continues on and has at least one more appearance from Michael.

  • aoyst

    Damn you Hulu (I realize it’s not EW’s fault) for geoblocking Canadians

  • real fan

    loved it, cried a little, smiled a lot!

  • vik


  • JohnDonut

    I loved it. From the moment when he placed the trophy down to his final goodbye to pam, my heart kept leaping, and the tears were flowing

  • Andrew F

    The writers of the show didn’t want to make too great of an episode to leave us wanting more michael. they still have to carry it on somehow but steve carell was born for that role and the shoes he leaves cannot be filled. Reruns are so great

  • joblo

    “Oh. Hey, will you guys let me know if this thing ever airs?”

  • Thom

    Sad episode, but then again the best Michael episodes tend to be the sadder, more downbeat ones.

    I did find it delightful that it appears that Michael just won’t be able to escape being annoyed by a Flenderson.

    • yeah

      Flenderson Lives!

      • Babs

        Did Flenderson look a bit ill to anyone else?

  • Colin

    You know that feeling you get when its your final day and you’re moving on to a new chapter? It’s sad, and that’s how I felt while watching tonight.

    By the way, was there any specific reason Pam went to see a movie?

    • yeah

      so she could be late and give them an airport scene!

  • steph

    What a great episode.

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