Jon Stewart on yesterday's Obama birther 'non-shell.' Plus, the best explanation of Donald Trump's hair I've ever seen

There are so many nuggets of wisdom in Jon Stewart’s breakdown of what he calls the “non-shell” that was dropped yesterday when President Obama called a press conference to reiterate — more than two years after he took office — that he was, in fact, born in America. Among them? The introduction of  the word “non-shell” to my dictionary (and quite possibly a new PopWatch category).

He also created a visual aid for people — like yours truly — who never quite understood what was going on atop Donald Trump’s head. (I knew it was bad news, but never dwelled too much on the matter.) Now, if only Stewart had a diagram for us to explain what was going on inside Trump’s head.

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  • Piper

    I love that the ad on the top of the EW page is for the Trump Hotel collection. Ha!

  • Cathy

    It’s a work of art.

  • Elizabeth

    Non-Shell would be a good edition. I second it!

  • Me

    Yeah…journalism has been dead for years now.

    That being said, there have to be a young crowd that still watches 60 Minutes. They still get it done on that show.

  • LOL

    GOP fears Stewart.

    • LOL

      God can I ever come up with an original comment? Isn’t it funny how the media makes so much of this “Birther Issue” yet ignores that a recent poll found that half of the Democratic Party believes that 9/11 was an inside job.

      • @LOL

        You are wrong.Period.

      • mw

        The press ignores that because it is not so. 80% of stats are made up anyway

      • G

        @LOL. Link please.

    • Loch Ness

      GOP fears everything. The 2nd “LOL” just makes up statistics. Typical GOP.

  • Mary Anne

    Well, is anyone going to now ask for trump’s tax records because that is what he said, or is the media going to as usual have selective amnesia. John Stewart, of all people, a voice of sanity in an otherwise insane media.

  • Katya

    Does anyone else get those f-ing annoying popups that say “Donald Trump for President? Click here!” If this is where our Presidential elections are going, I think I’ll be moving to Cuba…

  • Ruby

    I love Jon so much.

    • chrissyz

      So do I.

    • Katja


  • Clete

    Ok, Donald, you save us from this. Answered our questions. Time to move on. I have questions. Is Elvis still alive? Is Bigfoot real?
    Are you from this planet?

  • Yermama

    Way to go, Trump. Your non-issue has taken too much time from real issues. But your non-candidacy has provided lots of humor. Since I don’t believe Trump will ever disclose his finances to actually run for office, I think we’re safe from his idiocy as long as we have TV remotes with off buttons.

  • bah

    you have to take it for what it is. if you thought the last presidential election was a side show circus, you ain’t seen nothing yet. i don’t think trump has what it takes to be president, but i love to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch the crazy unfold. plus, i get to see obama squirm and that is just icing on the cake! nothing like watching a master showman like trump knock a few chinks in the so-called “obama wall of coolness”. keep it up, donald. it makes for good tv if nothing else!

  • Rebecca Richard

    OK Trump, you won, time to move on, you lost my vote.

  • alaskan1st

    I have wondered how to make Americans realize what a horrible bunch the Repubs are. Donald has done so much to help in that effort.

    • ben

      i wonder how to make america realize what a horrible bunch the democrats are. obama/nancy/et al have done so much to help that effort.

      • BP


    • Kat

      Oh no no no. I’m not a Republican, but even I know that Trump is pissing off lots of Republicans who are actually interested in a serious discussion of the issues. You can’t lump him in with Republicans just because he (rather shrewdly) aligned himself with the obnoxious birthers to get attention. Just like someone can be a Democrat without being a Communist, people can be Republicans without being racist birthers and Tea Party clowns. (Not that all Tea Partiers are necessarily clowns, but…well, many of them sure seem to be.)

      • Scott

        Thank you. There is at least one sane person posting comments on these sites. I completely agree.

  • DJ

    Donald Trump should wear a big red nose and big shoes because he is a clown. It would go perfect with his comb-over. The republicans are the party of lousy candidates and even worse, lousy ideas.

  • Khoff

    I wish John Stewart was my friend.

    • Amelia Elaine Newhook

      Donald Trump should respect with Marlee Matin’s resepct is very important bec she tell you honest and more strong straight out with a true communication. Honest with you that I had been watching your show of Celebrity Apprentice was great but my honest with you that one person is Nene is very awful person and who bawl them out. It was not right. Most important is a team to be cooperationto work together instead bawled them out. I disagree with you to fired Hope! You should fired NENE…. I am deaf woman from Canada!

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