'Top Model' launching all-star edition. Here are 15 alums who must join the cast.


You guys, I can’t help it: I’m smizing. How could I not after hearing Tuesday’s news that the CW is launching an all-star edition of America’s Next Top Model? It’s about Ty-time. Talk about long overdue! We’ve seen all-star seasons of shows like Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Top Chef, Survivor, and So You Think You Can Dance — how has it taken this long to reunite some of Top Model‘s most broken-down baby dolls?

Of course, how an all-star edition will fare will depend on which alums Top Model casts. In order to draw in viewers, they need to concoct the perfect mixture of kooky contestants — and those who are actually talented. So, without further ado, I’d like to help the CW out: Here are 15 former finalists who need to be cast in Top Model‘s all-star edition. (This list assumes winners cannot be brought back to the show; the CW had no comment regarding EW’s query surrounding the fact.)

Robin Manning, Cycle 1: Admittedly, I’d prefer to see Elyse Sewell claim her rightful crown. But I’m guessing the former contestant is too busy getting sweet revenge for tragically placing third: Sewell is a successful model in Japan, and even penned a popular LiveJournal blog. So, instead, I’m going to go with plus-size model Robin, if only for the drama factor. I’m guessing Tyra won’t be able to resist seeing how Robin feels about nude shoots this time around.

Shandi Sullivan, Cycle 2: Really, could you imagine anyone else from Cycle 2 returning for an all-star edition? The gawky Shandi stole our hearts — and ripped out her boyfriend’s on air after admitting to cheating on him during the competition. If the all-star edition wants good TV, Shandi is the one to deliver. Plus, as a current DJ in New York, she could use the publicity.

Ann Markley, Cycle 3: Because Toccara Jones is already enjoying a healthy modeling career, I’d love for Ann to return to see if she has improved her photo shoots. The girl is competitive — she’ll not let the Top Model title pass her by once again without putting up a good fight.

Tiffany Richardson, Cycle 4: Duh. This is a no-brainer. Remember this? Who else is ready for a rematch?

Brittany Brower, Cycle 4: Not only was Brittany good TV (thanks to goofball tendencies), but she was a damn good model as well. And if we can’t have Janice Dickinson, we might as well welcome back her youthful doppelgänger. 

Jayla Rubinelli, Cycle 5: If former Celebrity Rehab cast member Lisa D’Amato has reversed her troubled ways, I’d love to see her return to the show — especially after being inexplicably placed sixth during the undeniably entertaining Cycle 5. But, since she has gone on to call the show a “joke,” it’s safe to assume Tyra won’t be reading her Tyra Mail anytime soon. And since Kim Stolz has used the show to jumpstart a career writing and reporting for the likes of MTV and the Huffington Post, I’m going to shoot for pure drama and suggest Jayla. Every season needs a villain. 

Cassandra Whitehead, Cycle 5: Yes, another Cycle 5 contestant! How could Top Model resist inviting back the first contestant to quit over a haircut — especially when you can force her to shave her head in another tragic makeover session?

Jade Cole, Cycle 6: We all loved runner-up Joanie Dodds. But Jade was the Cycle 6 contestant who best knew how to make an entrance — and an exit.

Michelle/Amanda Babin, Cycle 7: I’m going to count the twins as one person here. (After all, they did pose as one.) Top Model needs another dose of sibling rivalry. Plus, the two girls actually had the chops to win the final prize.

Heather Kuzmich, Cycle 9: Quite simply, Heather was the only likeable contestant during Cycle 9. And her struggle with Asperger syndrome not only touched us fans, but also made her gorgeous photo shoots all the more impressive. Saleisha who?

Sheena Sakai, Cycle 11: This all-star edition is going to need some sass. And someone to deliver reality TV-friendly one-liners. Sheena is the one.

Elina Ivanova, Cycle 11: But it also needs its subdued personalities. And Elina’s mysterious ways impressed the judges during Cycle 11. Too bad she was robbed, placing fifth after enduring what might just be the series’ worst makeover.

Celia Ammerman, Cycle 12: Celia proved to be a fan favorite during Cycle 12, thanks to her intelligence, poise, and knowledge of the fashion industry. But her appeal extends beyond that — she also gave us one of the most dramatic panels in Top Model history, when she was chastised by Tyra for calling out Tahlia. Model fight!

Laura Kirkpatrick, Cycle 13: Someone needs to represent the Top Model shorties. So who better than the Cycle 13 runner-up, who had the disadvantage of competing against the very talented, very editorial Nicole Fox? Plus, the all-star edition needs some Southern charm.

Kayla Ferrel, Cycle 15: The gorgeous Cycle 15 contestant deserves a second go, yes? Especially considering she rocked photo shoots… with a Budnick makeover.

Those are my 15 choices. Your turn, PopWatchers: Which Top Model alums should make the all-star cut?

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  • whatevs

    We all know by now that the best way to not become a top model is by being on this show. Still, I would hope that someone sees how embarrassing it would be to bring back a 31 year old Jade.

    • Brandon Walsh

      Seriously. And how old is that Robin chick now? She was in her late 20’s when she was on the first season!

      • ty

        I actually saw Lisa post celeb rehab on some home make over show…She was surprising her fiance whose house was a replica of castle built by his father in the 70’s with a home makeover…I think the show was tacky house hosted by one the queer eye guys. She looked healthy and happy.

      • Aunt Sassy

        Sorry, but an All-Star show without Elysse would be a total waste of time. She should have won Cycle 1, but something tells me she’s WAY too successful to even consider it. Cover of Harper’s Bazaar ya’ll!

    • Squishmar

      I said the same thing below before I had read this comment. Age is going to have to be a factor. As much as Jade would be great tv, there’s no way she could come back at her age. They’re going to have to concentrate on the later cycles because of that. I don’t think we’re going to get one from each cycle… it’ll be more like a Survivor-type of set-up. They’ll be picked for personality (bad or good) and potential to still be a top model today.

      • Nathan

        Oh come on, we all know this show (and especially this All-Star cycle) is not going to be about actual modeling potential. It’s all about ridiculousness. Jade, Robyn, and Melrose and older now, but they need to be there.

      • Delon

        @Nathan. True.

      • Adwina Lambert

        Go Toccara, Joanie, Alexandra & Brittany!! tee-hee!!

    • kellybelly

      Age won’t matter. There was a modeling show on a few months ago, that took women 30+. And they went out on go-sees, and booked jobs. They need models of all ages. This would also be a GREAT show theme for Tyra as well.

      • DFSF

        The judges have made it no secret that looking “too old” is a liability and none of the girls saddled with that label made it all the way. Bringing back fossils in their 30s now would be the height of hypocrisy. (Not that that would stop them, of course.)

    • Adwina Lambert

      Go Toccara, Joanie, Alexandra & Brittany!! tee-hee!!!

  • Jasmine

    I wonder how they’ll deal with the age limit. Will it be dropped so models from earlier seasons can still compete? Or will we just be seeing women from recent cycles?

  • Karen

    Chantal from season 9 – and please not Heather from season 9, or Jade from season 6 – could not stand those girls!

    • Brandon Walsh

      Chantal was ROBBED. I could never understand why that happened. I almost wondered if it was a race issue, but then I was ashamed of myself so I just chalk it up to stupidity on Tyra’s part.

      • Nelly

        I agree. Chantal was a million times better than boring mediocre Saleisha.

      • Mocha

        Agree! Chantal was fantastic, and I think it was completely favoritism to blame for Saleisha’s win–she’d been to one of Tyra’s camps before, had been on an episode of Tyra’s show, and had also acted in several commercials.

    • Daisy

      A lot of the runner ups were more than deserving to win. Joanie(cycle 6) should have won over Daniella and Anya (cycle 10) should have won over Whitney. Whitney was favoritism all the way.

      • Daisy

        OH and Cycle 5 Nik should have won over Nicole.

      • Squishmar

        I completely agree with you, Daisy. Although I liked Whitney, it was obvious that Tyra had deemed it time for a plus-sized girl to win. She had a really weak picture a couple of weeks before the finals and when they didn’t let her go then, I knew she was going to win. Same with Jaslene. Not that she wasn’t great, but I knew they were going for a Latina that year. They’ve still not been able to have an Asian winner…. try as they might. They keep them longer than they should but have to eventually boot them because they haven’t been strong enough. God, this sounds so judgmental/racist. I’m really not… it’s just that the judges’ tactics are sometimes very transparent.

        I also loved Nik… great walk and body! Nicole was beautiful but I think she’s done the least of any winner, am I wrong? Does anyone know what became of Nicole?

  • Jenn

    Dream Cast (in order of seasons):
    1. Kesse
    2. Camille
    3. Amanda
    4. Brittany
    5. Jayla
    6. Jade
    7. Anchal
    8. Renee
    9. Heather
    10. Katarzyna
    11. Analeigh
    12. Allison
    13. Erin
    14. Raina
    15. Kayla
    16. Jaclyn (would only change if Hannah doesn’t win)

    • allie

      FYI… Hannah doesn’t win. She’s my best friend’s niece. She gets eliminated with another girl when there are only 4 left.

      • Veronica

        if this is the truth, then why the hell would you post a spoiler? That is an awful thing to do!

      • Kenley

        THANKS for the spoiler, A¤¤hole!

    • Tenley

      If Allison is the one with the giantic eyes then absolutely, she’s the one from that season who should be included

      • Gabe

        I agree completely with this…. I never understood Teyona or Saleisha’s wins… I think both of them were outshone by Allison and Chantal, and yet they still won.

      • Jenn

        That’s exactly who I’m talking about! Still mad she didn’t win it all!

    • dublin

      I agree w/ 8-10 + Celia, Shandi & Jaclyn

      • dublin

        And Joanie-she’s still one of my favorites!!!

    • Erika

      Kartaznya is to busy shooting covers and walking runways. She’s actually gone on to be pretty successful.

  • Brandon Walsh

    Definitely Annalee, Chantel-or-tal, Joanie, Shandi, Jayla, Eugena, Anya, Elina, and Reina.

    • Heather

      Eugena is busy doing actual work. I do like her though.

  • Mr. Holloway

    There’s such a thing as a “popular LiveJournal blog” in 2011?! (I clicked on the link and the latest entry was from 2011, so maybe not.)

    • Mr. Holloway

      *the latest entry was from 2009*. (My mistake.)

  • Paul

    Bring back Isis! She was a great contestant and totally deserves another chance.

  • James

    I would love to see Norelle from season3, London, she wass hilarious, Alasia, definitely her and Angelea, great characters, and Kahlen from season 4 and Jael. The quirkier girls, the better.

    • aleksa

      YES to Jael. She was an all-time fave in our house.

      • Squishmar

        I liked her, too. I remembered the name and had to go look her up. Loved her husky voice, too.

  • jess

    Where’s the love for Melrose? Sure she’s probably 60 by now, but she was far more entertaining than the twins from Cycle 7.

    • Kris

      I loved Melrose. She was by far the best model but was robbed because she was the “villain” and they didn’t want her to win.

      • tad

        Me too. Was not happy she lost. That Carrie D was overrated.

      • Jer

        Yes, Melrose! She was robbed!

  • aleksa

    PLEASE do not bring back Jade, I could not stand her. And we loved Jayla at our house; how was she a villain?

  • Squishmar

    Who was the Russian girl who was like a mail-order bride and was making out with her husband over the phone? She came in third or fourth, I think…. I thought she was great. And I loved Joanie from Cycle 6. Which brings up another point… Jade was fairly old (in model years) at the time of her show… won’t age limit who they bring back for the All-Stars?

    • Trixie

      That was Natasha Galkina

      • Squishmar

        I thought her name was Natasha but I thought, “no, too typical.” But it was! LOL Wow, you answered fast! Thanks!

      • Veronica

        Natasha is now “Natalie Gal” and has an acting career.

    • Eva

      I will never ever forget her first episode. She bounced on set and was full on crazy from the first second. She had a kid though, she might now want to do another cycle.

      • Squishmar

        I liked her for some reason. I remember she almost got booted in like the second episode with the school “types” they portrayed. Then, she started doing really well…but she got ill when she was in the top 4(?) and kind of just gave up…. she really didn’t even try to make it through that shoot when she was sick.

        Just another person a really liked was Brittany from cycle 4…. I thought she took beautiful pictures and should have gone farther. I think she got booted at number 4.

  • Trixie

    I am intrigued by this idea, because I think a lot of ANTM fans have been wanting it for a long time… But the age limits are going to be really iffy. The first cycle aired 8 years ago, which is approximately 56 years ago in model years. The models from older cycles would be ‘too old’ to really start a career.

  • jen

    this is slightly off topic, but when was there an allstar season of So You Think You Can Dance? I’ve seen all the seasons and don’t remember that

    • Squishmar

      I think she was referring to how they brought back past contestants to partner with the new dancers. (A great idea, by the way.) As far as I know, that is the only time past contestants were brought in for SYTYCD.

  • sam

    ann does just fine stumping for the ultra classy philip pelusi salons

    • Squishmar

      I recognized her in a Wheat Thins commercial!

      • ZoeStars

        She was also in an episode of Gossip Girl. I can’t remember which one, but she was in a limo with Chuck and then he, really rudely, kicked her out.

  • Zo

    ROBIN? Are you SERIOUS? She looked 49 when she was on the show a million moons ago. You have GOT to be kidding. I watch some of the marathons now, and laugh when some of the girls are chided for not “being fresh” on camera. In comparison, Robin looked like their grandmother!

    Anyway, I’ve hoped for an “All Star” edition for some time, but figured it would never come to fruition because of the small window/age factor in the modeling world.

    I need Joanie, Allison (runner-up, tiny bird blonde girl), Marjorie, Heather… I’ll have to think on others.

    But listen, Jael, and Jade looked pretty rough years ago. If they’re going to go THERE, then bring Renee back.

    Also– PLEASE NO WINNERS! Not fair. This show should be about “the girls who got away”, the ones who they might have made a mistake on. THAT would be truly satisfying.

    • Eva

      I would actually like to see a season of all winners. It would be interesting to see who could win again.

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