Lindsay Lohan on 'The Tonight Show': 'I'm a fighter. And I know I have to work to gain the respect back.'


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During his interview with Lindsay Lohan on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno told the star that Jane Fonda, among others, considered Lohan one of the […] Read the full post.

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  • Winning

    I don’t get what she’s trying to do. Is she trying to repair her reputation or reduce her sentence?

    And who cares about some role as a relative of a criminal?

    I think this girl needs career advice from a warlock.

    • Blair

      Agree – the ‘interview’ was clearly a PR move.

      • jillyro

        Yeah PR and only doing it to sae her “career”, but seems like EW fell for it!!

  • tt

    If Robert Downey jr can make a comeback and People are willing to forgive Charlie Sheen, why not give Lindsey Lohan another chance? She sure has talent. In my opinion more in her toe than Britney Spears in her whole bod. And Britney was a complete trainwreck a short while ago.

    • Master of the Obvious

      Yeah, but Britney is mentally ill while this chick just likes to get high and steal stuff.

      • jillyro

        Agree, Britney has mental health issues. LL’s problem is just being a spoiled entitled brat with an enabler entourange and a mistaken sense of grandeur about herself.

    • naynay

      Robert Downey,Jr. paid for his crimes, he spent a year in jail. He didn’t get a slap on the wrist and have to go work in the morgue. He did time and apparently it straightened him out. She needs to serve her sentence in jail, pay for what she did and maybe she will wake up. It not, we will be hearing about another arrest in the near future, or that she has died.

    • jillyro

      Because LL is NOT likeable, she is spoild, selfish and thinks she is above everyone. All the others you mention are LIKEABLE!!

  • Marc

    While I wish her all the luck in the world, it’s hard to buy her sincerity in this interview. When asked for the number one thing she’d like to change about herself, she doesn’t mention her dependence on drugs and alcohol or her choice of friends and advisors. It was the public’s perception of her she wanted most to see change. Well, Linds, it’s your immaturity and lack of accountability that helped warp public opinion against you in the first place…you might want to start there. She clearly doesn’t see any problem with a mother who leechs off her own daughter’s celebrity status (her father is a different story). Plus, stating that she’s “in the clear now”…what does that even mean? That said, I truly hope she gets her act together and achieves the career comeback she clearly covets (I’d welcome her comeback before Charlie Sheen’s anyday), but she still seems a long way off from truly putting her demons behind her.

  • Catca

    Lindsay’s problems are more than just drug and alcohol – that was true for Downey Jr. and Drew Barrymore, but not with Lindsay. Her problem is that in addition to the narcotics, the girl also has a problem with the trappings of fame and feeling entitled. I still remember about her and Samantha Ronson getting locked out of her house (forgot the keys) and called a locksmith in the middle of the night. Their friends broke a window in the back of the house and climbed through while the locksmith was just arriving. Lindsay refused to pay the man because they made it into the house without him totally ignoring the fact they got the man out of bed in the middle of the night and used up HIS time which requires compensation. He chose to let it go and not sue her, but he certainly could have. It tells you alot about her character, none of it good. And i’m sorry, her mother is not amazing. Has anyone ever heard her mother say anything that was not questionable when interviewed? Lohan is a talented actress and very intelligent, but her mind is clouded by the drugs and by the people around her. She needs a break from everything, including her family, to get her head straight again.

  • Alex

    I thought Lindsay gave a fine interview, but did anyone else find Jay’s tone and questions patronizing?

  • ObiHave

    She’s a fighter? Maybe she has a future on WWE.

  • stuart

    I pooped a booner.

  • SLB

    I don’t care if i ever see Lohan again. And i thought Jane Fonda said she was unreliable and unprofessional when she worked with her. And Lindsay doesn’t have half the talent that Robert Downey Jr. has.

  • noel hernandez

    HELLO!!! Actress, acting!!! If you people bought, all that bull she was dishing out, then I guess she is a good actress! NOT!!

    • jillyro

      Ew bought it, disapointing!!

  • Jenjen

    I like her. She had some bad people in charge of her upbringing and w/ no one to tell her “no”, trouble was bound to happen. I hope she makes a comeback.

  • jt

    It’s really a shame because she is a talented actress. Her parents are a mess, and that certainly hasn’t helped. However, the kind of behavior she exhibits rarely, if ever, goes away.

  • Phil

    So why would people give her a standing ovation????

  • B

    Please stop giving anymore attention to this untalented, spoiled loser brat. Jay, you suck for giving her a platform on your crap show.

  • Justin

    I thought she was genuine and I’m rooting for her. She’s been through too much b/s- She seems like she’s gotten herself together. She was actually really likeable in the interview. I thought her making those jokes- showed that she’s human. I mean hello- if you were in court on Good Friday…would it really be a “good” friday to you? NO. So I thought she was appropriately funny.

  • Arlene Herring

    I refuse to give up on her. One day, hopefully, why not an Oscar?

    • Gina

      Because she does not possess the talent?

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