'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 6!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and Maks’ ass. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Bruno’s face after Len told him he might be having an off night reminded me of Dopey when he finds two blue gems and puts them up to his eyes while sticking his tongue out.” –jessica

“Bruno, dancing with himself, sans music, right after the opening” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Madd

“The men deserve hazard pay for being hit with swinging manes starting with Lacey and the three bears, er, troup girls. C’mon Brooke, swing it around on Tom tonight!” –Lin

“Lacey, on top of the pyramid, rubbing Tony’s hair.” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Michele

“Baritone sax lady was feeling it during the band’s intro at the top of the show. Go girl!” –Lin

“Tom, the keeper of our hearts, doing a jaunty little kick to the side on the last beat of the introduction music.” –kt, endorsed by duranmom, Madd

“The two armchairs in Max and Kirstie’s rehearsal studio. Maybe they had to sit down after all that practicing in what looked to be an Italian restaurant.” –MLM, endorsed by gigi
“Was Maks wearing a Life Alert wrist watch during the taped segment? Maybe being ‘sex on a stick’ has life-threatening side effects.” –dr zoid

“Maks adjusting his situation after sweeping the floor with his feet.” –Soda Float, endorsed by Stephanie, Tracie L, PN, Dee, Lin

“Len’s little flippity pointy hand gesture as he prepared to give Kirstie and Maks their critique was charming and hilarious.” –Flapdragon

“Is Balki from Perfect Strangers sitting behind Bruno?” –Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Jem Ho, Electronic Neko, gigi
“In addition to Balki, he reminds me a tad of Steve from Blue’s Clues.” –Xorp

“In honor of Michael Scott’s last episode of The Office this Thursday, Steve Carrell was looking oh-so-serious over Carrie Ann’s right shoulder all night. That’s what she said!” –Maria, endorsed by Addison, jdessart, Liz, avab, Sarah, Jen P., Canadian Gem Hunter, jdessart
“When Carrie Ann said ‘Mr. Miyagi’ following Ralph’s dance, there was Mr. Miyagi, sitting just to the right of Carrie Ann.” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Joannie S, Diana

“Jericho’s glitter phoenix looks like Journey’s album art.” –LAGAW, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, duranmom, Xorp, jmm, Dee
“The red firebird on the back of Chris’ shirt was lifted off the hood of my first guilty pleasure, a silver 1979 Pontiac Trans Am.” –Lin

“During Cheryl and Chris’ dance, at one point one of the chandeliers looked like an arrow pointing at Cheryl’s head!” –Tay, endorsed by EW.com’s Fringe Fairy

“The lady to the left of Len during Chris and Cheryl’s judging looked like she was wearing the Heart of the Ocean! hahaha” –kt, endorsed by Dee, MLM

“Behind Mark & Chelsea in the celebraquarium, the way the shiny lining of Ralph’s coat was, it made it look like he was sitting on some Robocop helmet or something.” –Jem Ho
“Chelsea looked like she was rocking a beehive reminiscent of the B52′s Muppet that sang on Sesame Street, if that Muppet had blonder hair.” –Xorp, endorsed by Electronic Neko
“Mark looks like a young version of the Six Flags old man dancer in those glasses.” –jessica, endorsed by Liz, avab, Dee

“Kendra and Louie’s love child…Len.” –avab, endorsed by JHA, gigi, duranmom, Jo, Jem Ho, Amy in Pittsburgh, MLM

“During Tom’s intro of Kendra, the blond(ish) lady behind him was leaning over so far to try to get on camera, she was totally squishing Mama Solis next to her.” –Jem Ho

“While Kendra is dancing past the audience with Louis, there is a guy in the front row who oohs so happy like he struck gold in the front row of a strip club. He is bobbing up and down clapping and it almost looks like his tongue is out” –susan, endorsed by Beth in MI, happygemhunter

“Please please please put up a picture of Kendra’s face after the clip of Bruno played. she looked so much like Michelle Tanner on Full House after Stephanie and DJ made a hole in their dad’s bedroom wall. I know you know what I’m talking about.” –kellen, endorsed by gigi

“This tremendous roundhouse kick from Tom — he really geared up for it, too!” –EW.com’s Fringe Fairy

“Hines winking at the camera in middle of his dance ” –Lucy, endorsed by Jem Ho, Dee, mccliza, Smileyteach

“Len’s face when he reacts to Carrie Ann ‘thinking.'” –duranmom

“Ralph Macchio is Brian Boitano in the 1988 Olympics! Except pinker!” –mccliza, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, orville, Liz, Jem Ho, jmm, LAGAW
“With the long skirt, Ralph kind of looks like one of the Winkie soldiers in Wizard of Oz.” –Kelly, endorsed by JHA, katie


“Maks pointing to his bum! Oh, Maks, you don’t need to point. We all saw it.” –Canadian Gem Hunter, endorsed by Joan Holloway, Jem Ho, Rebecca, Jill, Jen P., SunBlitz42, Makstastic, Colleen, B, Lin, KittyVan

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

HOST’S LEADERBOARD UPDATE: Are Tom’s various post-commercial-break kicks a nod to EW.com’s hidden gem hunters?! “It wasn’t originally so, but it is certainly in the back of my mind now.” YES! “Ya gotta kick!”

Press the little “play” triangle above to hear my imaginary friend Tom in all his alternate-universe glory!

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  • Madd

    Is there now going to be a Full House reference in every Hidden Gem article? Because that would be awesome.

    • gigi

      LOL! I don’t know, but DJ Tanner is a contestant on American Idol. Sorry, I had to add to the shameless cross promotion that AI and DWTS insists on doing. ;)

    • CoolWhipLite

      I would so love the FH-DTWS Gem Connection!

    • Mellissa

      I could definately play a Full House Hidden Gems game.

  • mccliza

    Contributor of two gems this week. Not a bad night’s work! Thanks, Annie!

  • Resulted

    I am sorry, but you are going a bit overboard. You maybe need to rename some ‘obvious gems’ and really leave a few to the ‘hidden’ variety. Is Kendra’s face really a ‘hidden’ gem….no! Also, what is with the same people getting all the mentions for the HGs? Oh, those are the …quantity not quality nominators. Honestly Annie, although I love them and look for HGs….you need to lay off the obvious ones. Unless you get paid per comment…then you must be making a mint.

    • Annie Barrett

      Honestly Resulted, I hear ya. But so many DANCMSTRs nominate these things (and affirm my life in the process), and since I’m spending the same amount of time either way, I’d just rather include them. Does it really diminish the quality of hidden gems in general? It very well might — you’re not the first one to make this comment. Others, please weigh in. I’m certainly not interested in de-sparkling the brand!

      • LAGAW

        Things like Kendra’s face may not be “hidden”, but the “gem-ness” is in the hunter making the connection between it and “Full House.

        ECL and Princess Sparkle are no longer hidden, but we still get enjoyment seeing them week after week.

        Besides, “Hidden Gems” is probably one of the “guiltiest pleasure” we can ALL share!

      • gigi

        Gems are gems! It’s shameless fun!! If some people are getting pissy over what Annie picks then don’t play and stay off the blog!! GEEZ! *eyeroll* sorry Annie….

      • Resulted

        Thanks for your reply Annie. I love your recaps and really appreciate your time and effort. I just remember the days really watching for something hidden. Things that were subtle and truly like a gem…not like the ‘in your face’ stuff. I know someone said lighten up, but it is just my opinion, in no way am I a ‘hater’… I love DWTS and what you write. Let’s just get back to ‘gems’ not something we all see while watching, which I will call ‘gawks’

      • Annie Barrett

        Maybe I’ll separate them into categories: HGs and just Gs. I know you’re not a hater!

      • Dee

        Annie, I think that the term “Hidden Gems” is perfectly accurate and to respond to the “quantity not quality” comment that person made, I just started Gem Hunting a few weeks ago and you used one of mine right away (thank you by the way…first time EVER that has happened to me on a Blog)

        While some hidden gems may be obvious, it’s the way us fans comment on them that makes it a worth while name. Not to mention the fact that some (me) don’t have a DVR so there are quite a few things I miss, but I know that the HG list will bring me back up to par.

        Even if its something as little as “endorsed by…” its quite a thrill to be apart of this community that you created with your blog and I thank you for all of your hard work letting us fans talk candidly about DWTS.

      • Annie Barrett

        Yeah, it’s the comments like that (you used mine!!!) that make me want to include more. I love feeling responsible for a community of such utter loons! (Also my mom’s name is Dee, so that probably gives you a leg up. Maybe I do need some better standards.)

      • Robin

        I love all the gems, hidden and not. I don’t watch all of DWTS, but I never miss anything that Annie does if I can help it.

      • Lynn

        I agree with Resulted. I think the ‘Gs’ are best left to the comments section. Lord knows avab and co. will give them their due coverage. The HGs have seemed less special lately because they are so inclusive. But better too many than none at all. I too appreciate Annie and her awesome recaps!

      • avab

        Lynn, lighten up!

    • Beauty

      loosen up!

    • Electronic Neko

      I get the “quality not quantity” thing, some of us do get a bit crazy in comments, but it’s fun to see what other people are noticing. It’s exciting to see your name in the hidden gems post (even as an endorser!) but no one is twisting Annie’s arm to use anything posted in the comments

    • avab

      Dee said it best, some of the Gems are not hidden but it’s the commentary on all the other ridiculous stuff which makes it so much fun. I get a kick from the obvious and the hidden. The DWTS Hidden Gems message board is a guilty pleasure and one which is meant to be taken lightly and in good fun.
      There are many first-time hunters who have been fortunate to have their observations chosen as MVGs/LAGs, Helenann, Canadian Gem Hunter, to name a few, to suggest otherwise is disingenuous.
      The camaraderie that is so evident here is a result of people with a common love for all the ridiculata that is DWTS. I know no one on this thread but I do look forward to my Monday night guilty pleasure of sharing with others who share a common interest. It’s all in good fun, one ought not to take it any other way.

      The End.

      • Dee

        avab…you’re like my hero now along with Annie :)

    • Jem Ho

      My opinion is: It’s ridiculata! The more the better! I personally love that you include so many Annie, and I can tell that you make an honest effort to spread the love among the throng of nominators. It doesn’t bother me at all if they are not hidden. Like LAGAW said, sometimes it’s the clever connection or comments that the hunter makes that makes something obvious become ‘gemworthy’. Maybe an easy fix to soothe the irritation of those who complain would be to separate this page into the truly “Hidden Gems” and the “Non-hidden, but Still Gems in Their Own Way” (or something like that but cleverer and less wordy)?

    • Katja

      Well I usually miss most of the gems, even if everybody else saw them. I have a small old TV and no DVR, and I sometimes chop vegetables and make dinner while I watch, so I miss things like Hines winking or Tom kicking or Maks pointing to his booty. They might not be hidden to most people, but they were hidden to me! So I appreciate all gems, Hidden or Not-So-Hidden. And I also prefer not to overthink silly fun games about the absurdity of DWTS. :)

      • Jana

        I agree. I started reading this column loong before I started actually watching the show, so I love all the gems – hidden and otherwise. Maybe the second, more obvious category could be ‘flamboyant’ gems? ‘In your face’ gems? ‘Gems that, much like Maks’ attractiveness, cannot and should not be hidden but still deserve a screen capture’?

    • Call me Daphne

      My 2 cents – charging you a dollar, FYI — these days I can’t even watch the show (dance rehearsal!) much less comment on the board. But, the reality that things are happening that I would normally annoy my roomies/family members in mentioning and I’ve found a common place to share them — lifesaving all around. And to see my little name up in lights every now and then — mega boost! Have gotten roomie into the fun – she now texts me what she sees when I can’t watch the show. Fringe Fairy – you’re building the bonds of community. Now that’s life affirming!!

      • CoolWhipLite

        Amen, Call Me Daphne!

      • queue55

        ITA! This adds another dimension of fun, versus just watching a dance competition. “building the bonds of community” indeed!

      • Dee

        Can I just say…good call on using the name Call me Daphne…BRILLIANT!(sp)

  • iggy

    Good job Gem Hunters! Annie, PLEASE keep calling the gem pics of the troupe “troupe_is_stupid” until the hook yanks them off the dance floor :)

    • thewind

      Thanks for pointing this out. I hadn’t noticed…. hilarious!!!

      • Dee

        See this is what we are talking about…finding and sharing silly stuff with each other to make it ever more fun…oh wait…a Gem WITH IN a Gem, this is starting to get a little Inception-y…ha

    • Tango2

      Yay, thanks for doing the “troupe is stupid” caption again, Annie!
      All true GH should scroll across the caption a few times to alleviate the pain of Tony/Lacey having to dance in their midst!


    “bruno_still_dancin_yeah_yeah_yeah” and “troupe_is_stupid” — GREAT captions for the screen grabs!

    • Molly

      My favorite is no_thanks_bad_breeding on the Kendra magazine photo :)

      • avab

        Agree! Annie outdid herself on the “no thanks bad breeding” tag. Hilarious!

    • KaysMom

      I never noticed the pictures’ tags – they are the hidden gems of the hidden gems!!!

      • Kristie D

        Where are the picture tags….I’ve never seen them either…

      • Kristie D

        Found them…nevermind. :)

      • Found One!

        OMG! I just noticed this – totally hidden hidden gems!! It’s Annie’s gift to us! THANK YOU!!

      • queue55

        @ Kristie D
        The picture tags appear when you move the cursor over the photo…

      • Addison

        “Lacey_patting_freed_tony” LOVE IT! Thanks for giving me a laugh this slow afternoon!

        And I too agree with Daphne, I watch DWTS for the ridiculata of the whole thing, but no one I know really appreciates all the hidden gems I find. Except for Annie and the crew! :-)

    • paDNCMSTR

      I think the two blondes on the troup should replace Cheryl (fat fishface) and Lacey (ugly chubs) next year.

      • laurel


  • Beauty

    Even when I miss the show I make sure to log on to catch the hidden gems, Hilarious.

  • Canadian Gem Hunter

    oh my goodness, my first night hunting, and i got the life affirming gem of the week…even though it definitly was NOT hidden :)

  • grace

    you’re so so right – mark IS the six flags man – dead ringer

  • Molly

    No Hanson hidden gems? Whaaat?! C’mon guys… show those boys some love. After all, they had to perform Ice Ice Baby AND Achy Breaky Heart in the course of 90 minutes.

    • Presto

      Hanson is no longer a “guilty” pleasure for me. They’re just awesome. And I’m proud of that opinion.

      • Molly

        Oh, I completely share your sentiments!! I own their most recent album and I think that it’s criminally underrated. I just was sad that they weren’t mentioned in the H.G. collection this week.

    • PN

      Hanson’s really matured very well into an adult pop rock group. They look and sound good now! They’ve moved beyond that hit they’re known for and making the music they want to do. And they did those old songs very well, even Lionel Richie’s Hello, a funkier sounding Achy Breaky Heart and Vanilla Ice’s still catchy Ice Ice Baby!

    • duranmom

      They were nominated a-plenty on Monday night. Trust me. Annie found more ridiculous things to put in her article this week. They did get MUCH LOVE.

  • Lucy

    it’s a little late but hidden gem! Right when the camera panned over to Brooke before her Ralph/Romeo interview, Maks was sitting on a couch in the corner hugging a FRINGED pillow and looking very lonesome… I just wanted to go hug him!

  • Electronic Neko

    Hah, I figured Maks’ butt would be a life affirming gem!

    • Presto

      Always is for me.

  • crasher

    love Lacey_patting_freed_Tony and Kendra_excited_men!!!

  • Helenann

    When I saw the Life Affirming Gem of the Week, my first thought was,
    “Mmmm, what COULD brown do for me?” LOL

    • IMissKristi


  • jessica

    YEA!!! MVG! Thanks Annie. This is only the second time I’ve gone gem hunting, but I read these posts after every DWTS and laugh and laugh at all of the gems. It’s even more fun to play along!

  • Lynette Rice

    If every gem was Maks’ behind, I wouldn’t hate on ya.

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