Nintendo will release a new, post-Wii console in 2012


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Remember the GameCube? The cutest widdle videogame console, which sported a Spyro-purple paint job that made it look a little bit like an overgrown steampunk SweeTart? The GameCube debuted in 2001 and looked deliriously out of place in a moment when the videogame world was trending towards badassery (the XBox), epic swagger (the PS2), and the ability to actually play DVDs. Thanks to the GameCube, the iconic gamesmasters at Nintendo spent the first half of the decade lost in the wilderness. What a difference a generation makes: Nintendo debuted the Wii in 2006, igniting a revolution in casual gaming that paid off with an estimated 86 million devices sold worldwide. (By comparison, both the XBox 360 and the PS3 have only just sold 50 million.) Now, Nintendo has officially announced that it will debut the successor to the Wii in 2012.

The company promised to have more information about the new system at June’s E3 conference. Very little is known about the new system, although gaming website Kotaku has theorized that the new system (allegedly codenamed “Project Cafe”) will feature a slightly more traditional controller in addition to Wii-style motion gaming. We’re just guessing, but you can probably also expect a Super Mario game that everyone agrees is at least much better than Super Mario Sunshine, a Legend of Zelda game that no one likes as much as Ocarina of Time, and a new Super Smash Bros. that features a character from a deep-cut videogame no one has thought about in decades. (Oh please oh please oh please Battletoads oh please.)

Excited about the new Nintendo system? Sad to hear that the Wii era is almost over?

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  • UGH

    I wonder if they’ll postpone the long-delayed next Zelda title to debut on the new system? That would kinda suck. That’s basically what happened with Twilight Princess. I doubt if I’ll buy the new Wii. I just recently bought an XBox and haven’t touched my original Wii in months.

    • UGH

      Also, will they just call it WII instead of Wii?

      • Tia

        I totally appreciate the WII joke.

      • Justin

        You sir just won +10 interwebz

    • KC

      I did the same thing but I have to say the Kinect has been pretty lackluster with the games. Is there anything cool on the horizon for that? I wonder in the next Wii will copycat that format? I
      This sucks having competing systems. They’ll put out a too-cool Mario Kart that will force me to buy this system. I just know it.

    • Kristina

      I love my Wii. This is sad news bears.

      • Mike

        why? i’m sure it will be backwards compatible with Wii games.

      • jonny

        I’m sure you were making a joke, but its BAD news bears. preferably said in a Goldmember voice.

    • mikeman

      nah, the next zelda game won’t be delayed, it was designed from the ground up for the wii. you can bet on a port to project cafe though.

  • whatevs

    Ocarina of Time is the only reason I haven’t gotten rid of my N64.

    • UGH

      I know what you mean. I actually caved in and got the 3DS because I cannot wait for Ocarina of Time for it in June!
      I think that’s it for my Nintendo system purchases.

    • Tommy

      You do realize that you can play Ocarina of Time on Wii…right?

      • Jay

        probably not…. whatevs posts on here quite a bit and is usually uninformed and ignorant

  • Gina Vera

    no way the Wii will still be around can’t see the causal gamer paing $400 bucks for a system. They will keep both on the shelfs for the next 5 years.

    • Gina Vera

      Spell check ‘Shelves”.. Sorry.

    • Rush

      Reality check: The XBOX 360 retails for just under $200 for the base model. Reconditioned units can be had for $150.

  • Tim @rural_juror

    So long as Nintendo corrects some of the flaws that the Wii had (no HD, few multimedia capabilities, sub-standard graphics) they should be able to get some hardcore gamers along with the casual ones that were the Wii’s bread & butter. Looking forward to seeing more!

    • Jay

      What you mention is exactly what I have heard the new system does. HD, better graphics, and more internet content. Dont hold your breath for Blu-Ray playability, though. Thats a no-go

      • KC

        I agree. Blu Ray is actually a dying format. Streaming is the future. Might as well just let the system play normal DVD’s.

      • Richard

        I really think the Wii dropped the ball on internet gaming although Mario Kart online was highly addictive.

      • Shayne

        But its not the system that has the horrible graphics, its the games. I mean, look at Metroid and Mad World. The original Wii is perfectly capable of handling amazing graphics. The game designers are just lazy.

  • Jay

    Nintendo is still king of console gaming. XBOX & Playstation are fun, too… but they are really glorified PC’s you hook up to your TV. Nintendo packs more fun into those little boxes somehow.

    As long as its backwards compatible with Wii (which I heard that it is) I will stand in line on opening day to get it

    • KC

      Ah, memories. It took me 4 long waits in line at Toys R Us to get my original Wii.

  • Richard

    I never got into Smash Brothers. It just seemed boring after awhile.
    Zelda and Mario Kart are about the only games that would encourage me to buy another system from them.
    I think they’ve run out of Super Mario ideas.

    • Jay

      Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are both amazing!! What more do you want?

      • Jaded

        Right on! Galaxy 1 is my all time fave! That and Zelda Twilight Princess.

    • Sue

      Also Super Mario Bros Wii was a lot of fun – I finished it three times because it was a blast to play.

      And Donkey Kong Returns was also fun and a tad challenging.

    • Sandi

      BITE your tongue! Never would they run out of ideas for Super Mario!!

      • Dean Sellers

        Agreed. I’m a Mario-nut, and it’s pretty much the only reason why I buy every new Nintendo console that comes out. I even liked Sunshine Mario!

  • RyanK

    Props to anybody at EW for being able to whip out a Battletoads reference.

    • Chris

      Maybe the character is Bayou Billy.

    • Sharon

      Battletoads rock!!

    • YH

      Battletoads was a cheap TMNT ripoff and the game at some parts was impossibly hard.

    • Rush

      I heard you get a free Wii strap for pre-ordering it.

  • Felix

    SweeTarts are round. The Gamecube was a cube. I’m confused.

    Wait, does this mean I can go ahead and buy a Wii now? I’m usually one console behind the times, just for the sake of affordability. And having a full game library available from the start, mwa ha ha.

    • Big Walt

      You and me both. I’m still debating getting a PS3.

  • James

    Why does eveyone hate on Super Mario Sunshine?? I don’t think it was that bad. Paper Mario is by far the worst Mario game I think.

    • azul120

      Are you kidding? Paper Mario was awesome, and was one of the best.

  • Matt W

    We don’t need new systems! Just because “they put out new ones every 5 years” doesn’t mean they have to. That was when we had the SNES and Sega, not a freakin entertainment system that plays blu rays, dvds, netflix, facebook, etc. Just make new games!

    • Mike

      The only reason Nintendo is updating their system is because they didn’t originally go HD with the Wii. They need to in order to stay competitive with PS3 and Xbox 360…especially now that they have their motion equipment too. As far as I know, Sony and Microsoft are content with their current gen systems and have no plans to bring out new ones. They even were saying that 5 years ago when the systems just came out.

  • Somebody

    The Wii was a fad. If Nintendo was Lou Vega, the Wii was its Mambo #5.

    • mark

      so…Wii was the only hit?

    • Uhhh

      That might be one of the worst analogies I’ve ever heard. Not to mention it’s Lou Bega, for starters.

  • Nathan

    And the next generation is underway, can’t wait for the PS4!

  • kim

    the kinect has outdone the wii.

    • Kat

      As 9 million people have said all over the internet, the technology is very cool, but the games really suck. They REALLY need to work on developing games that take full advantage of what the Kinect can do.

  • Obama

    Good riddance! The Wii’s graphics are an eyesore.

  • Andrew

    Was that a negative remark against Super Mario Sunshine? My heart suffered a little. THAT GAME WAS GOLD

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