'American Idol': Steven Tyler's F-bomb and Jacob Lusk's musical snafu, on the scene of Top 7 performance night

Of the many, many, many differences between Season 10 and Season 9 of American Idol, one of the most striking to me is how suddenly we’re all deeply interested in the dating lives of the contestants this year. As I made my way to my seat in the Idoldome last night, I overheard one woman say with great concern and earnestness, “I just don’t know how he met Nikki Reed.” And the two women with pleasant perfume seated next to me — one a big Haley fan, the other a big Casey fan, with the clear impression that there was a heated debate over glasses of Chardonnay about who was better — were all too happy to point out to me that Dancing With the Stars pro Mark Ballas and his father Corky were both seated in the front row in “very dapper” looking suits. You may notice that I haven’t pointed out why Nikki Reed and Mark Ballas hold any importance to the Idol Nation, and if you yourself don’t know already, then please do spend some time today treating yourself to a congratulatory cupcake or mall massage for managing to keep this knowledge from setting root in your brain. The rest of us will be madly parsing next week’s DWTS results show for body language clues while fooling ourselves into thinking it has something to do with learning about the national debt ceiling.

Ballas seemed to realize that his mere presence inside the Idoldome was winning him a whole lot of (perhaps unwanted) attention. Before the show, he buried himself in his iPhone, barely looking up at all; his father Corky, on the other hand, grinned and took in the scene like a man who had worked at a Six Flags for the last decade and had suddenly found himself in the heart of Disney World. When Cory launched into the “get the entire audience ‘dancing’ by asking them to shift their heads from side-to-side” portion of his warm up routine, the elder Ballas happily played along; the younger Ballas, kinda hilariously, stood stone still, refusing to move at all. If Cory had had the stones to pull Mark Ballas on stage and commanded him, as per usual, to “shake that booty,” I daresay at least one or two audience members would’ve spontaneously combusted.

Alas, Cory did not have said stones, which is just as well given all the wild goings on inside the Idoldome last night. Here are the highlights:

“They are killing it,” said Jennifer Lopez in the taped opening. “Yes, they are,” said the nice-smelling woman to my left. (The Haley fan, not the Casey fan.)

Ladies and gentlemen, your Bottom 6! The crowd had an inkling of what was in store when Cory told us before the show that “all the Top 13 will be on the stage” for what he promised was a “super high-energy, high-impact group number.” Cory did not, however, give us a heads up that Pia Toscano would be wearing a near backless top that, had she worn it on the show, would have safely kept her around at least long enough for her to have watched Mark and Chelsea dance to “Party in the U.S.A.” this week from one of the Idol green rooms at CBS Television City. (Mark’s father kept looking at him during the group number, and Smirkelstiltskin, my snark demon, is convinced he kept saying to his son, “Look! She’s wearing fringe! Look!” Oh, dads.) Cory also gave us no indication that Paul McDonald would be lucky if he correctly sang one out of every three words in the song. But as Idol vocal coach Debra Byrd pointed out to me later that night when I interviewed her for our Idol coaches column, the poor guy had just finished a bi-coastal press tour and likely barely had enough functioning grey matter to realize he was still wearing the same suit from last week. (Byrd didn’t say that last part, Smirkel did, but we were all thinking it.)

J.Lo goes negative! If you want a good indication for when Jennifer Lopez is about to give a less-than-glowing critique, sit behind her during the show and note when she is swaying her knees back and forth something fierce. Her note to Scotty that maybe a John Anderson song from 1983 recently re-recorded by LeAnn Rimes wasn’t the best song choice caused both women sitting next to me (the Haley fan and the Casey fan) to become suddenly, vocally beside themselves. In a way, it was heartening to see something bring these two feuding friends back together.

Example 56,329 on the difference between live audio and televised audio on American Idol: There was pretty much nothing about James’ performance of Muse’s “Uprising” that didn’t work like gangbusters inside the Idoldome, especially, yes, how it sounded. In the studio, the Durbs’ mic was evenly mixed in with the band and backup singers, and it was a pretty much perfect sonic marriage. On TV, his mic was, as always, far more forward in the audio mix, which is simply not how that kind of performance is best heard — which is to say, the judges did hear a different performance than you did. Anyhoo, after the number, James hung around to do his post-performance interview, which Cory interrupted with his usual ad-break audience banter. So James did two more takes of the same interview, turning back to get the audience’s response with increasing enthusiasm. The production ended up using the first take anyway. Ah, showbiz.

Randy’s advice to Haley: Just before Haley was set to perform, she looked back at the judges sitting right behind her; Randy leaned forward and said, “Have fun, man.” Then the video package played in which it was quite clear that Jimmy Iovine did not want Haley to bring the fun to Adele’s megahit break-up anthem. Oh, Randy, is there any sound advice you can’t contradict?

The power of free $#*!: After Haley performed, as is becoming Cory’s custom, he started handing out Haley-centric swag. At some point, however, he procured what I believe was a small handful of Scotty t-shirts, and asked who wanted one, pointing to a family with a small girl in a cute dress up in the back balcony. As Cory pointed, about a row down from me in the front section, a woman — a grown woman, a grown woman who looked like a soccer mom who’d put on her fancy off-shoulder spangly top because she was going to Idol — began leaping up down, saying full-voice, “Is it me? Is it ME?!” It wasn’t. Undeterred, the woman brandished her sign, with the indiscriminate slogan “We [heart] you!” Still nothing. When it turned out the aforementioned little girl had the same name, Mya, as another girl who’d just won a Haley t-shirt, Cory asked the audience, “Who else here is named Mya?” Immediately, the grown woman surged to her feet and screamed, “I AM!” She wasn’t.

The mystery of Jacob’s botched cue: On TV, it looked like Jacob was perhaps overcome with emotion at the outset of “Dance with My Father”; but, for what it’s worth, it was clear to everyone in the studio that something had gone seriously wrong musically. As Jacob began singing, the strings section situated behind Jacob began plunking to a drum beat at odds with the song; mere seconds later, the strings and pretty much the whole band stopped playing at all, save for a piano emphatically delivering the song’s melody line. Finally, for a brief second, Jacob stopped singing and shot a quick glance at band director Ray Chew — as if to say “what the heck is going on?” — and the air kinda left the room. But Jacob soldiered on, and when he hit the chorus, the audience spontaneously began applauding him, pretty much willing him to make it through.

Casey isn’t quite the devil he seems to be: Thanks to the camera angle, it appeared as though J.Lo was turning away from Casey when he sang his final notes mere inches from her face. She was, in fact, playing along, turning one ear towards him as if to say, “Whisper it to me, baby.” Boy, did he.

F-bomb fallout: Yes, if it wasn’t abundantly clear already, Steven Tyler said “f—ing” on live TV (except without the dashes). It was also abundantly clear that all those times when Tyler had been bleeped before on the show were false alarms, given the reaction by pretty much everyone within earshot of Tyler last night — especially exec producer Nigel Lythgoe, who spent a good 30 seconds standing with his hands buried into his hair. Eventually he, Fox reality TV head Mike Darnell, and Fox TV chairman Peter Rice, the big boss man himself, made their way over to the judges table, practically surrounding Steven. But everyone was, at least outwardly, all smiles. Rice and Tyler even hugged it out, although Rice did then appear to have a more serious conversation with Tyler while a make-up artist touched up the lip marks on his left cheek. (Tyler‘s left cheek, I mean.) Eventually, Nigel began calling for a piece of gaffing tape to put on Steven’s mouth; when it arrived, Nigel deadened the adhesive by rubbing it on his shirt a few times. Those lips must be protected from harm, even if they do occasionally dangle six-figure FCC fines over Rupert Murdoch’s head.

How many times can James twirl Stefano during the final credits? One? Two? How about four? Yes, four. I mean, if you were going to twirl Stefano, wouldn’t you go for at least three? That’s a silly question — of course you would.

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  • apparently

    Scotty is reading his press, James is willing to take risks, Casey falsely believes he belongs here, and Jacob is lost. The other three, whatever. Just give the crown to james and send everyone else home. Casey annoys me more each week, it is a joke that he is still there, hamming it up. This season’s group is one lackluster lot.

    • debi

      james rocks my world…been my favorite from the beginning & i’ve got to say casey won me over with last nights performance! the rest could care less…

      • Beth

        My family LOVES Casey. He has every right to believe he belongs here. Apparently, this is totally subjective.

      • Snsetblaze

        It is entirely subjective. While James and Haley are growing on me, I love Casey and I vote for him. I can’t stand the others. If he’s gone, I’m not sure I would switch my voting – I really otherwise don’t care. This is the first season that has happened. This is also the first season that it isn’t appointment television for me.

    • dawn

      Casey defenitly belongs. He has shown week after week that he can put his own style on any type of music, also he takes chances he puts himself out there every week..

      • Pretty

        Casey is creepy weird and not that good!!wake up.

      • e

        Steven Tyler is creepy and weird… not Casey.

      • Myynnx

        Casey is sexy, talented, and a brilliant musician. And the only one I’d pay to see.

    • Dontrell

      “Casey Falsely Believes he Belongs Here?”

      Apparently, you are dead of blind if you don’t think Casey belongs here.
      He’s the most talented, and (tied with James) the most entertaining.

      Those are the top 2 without a question.

      • Snsetblaze

        I agree – those two are the only ones who really take chances and change thing up. Scotty and Lauren – a country song or a contrified song pretty much every week. Stefano and Jacob – some sort of treacly and/or overdone ballad every week with Jacob having some sort of “I’ll be there for you” theme and Steven some “I love you girl” theme.

      • Mike C

        Agree 100%

    • Theresa

      Jacob is the man! He handled a major musical glitch with aplomb – wonder what Casey would have done? Probably gone postal on us.

      • Pretty

        I disagree on Jacob! he was pitchy, dawg!

      • Tia

        I agree Jacob has an amazing voice

      • e

        Jacob is annoying but he could probably have a career on Broadway…not as a pop star… Love James… Love Casey… the rest are good but not as good.

      • Anne

        I can’t imagine how badly shaken a singer could be when a glitch like Jacob’s happens in front of 40-50 million people!! If he goes home tonight, that was probably a factor. He’s not the first either…FIX these problems Idol!

      • Myynnx

        Jacob looked like he was going to go all EvilDivaCrazy when the glitch happened. I wouldn’t say he “handled it with aplomb” in the least.

      • patt

        Glitches aside, I thought Jacob was phenomenal. He was restrained yet still delivered fireworks. Made me tear up! He got all my votes.

    • Keith

      Dear Apparently,

      Apparently you don’t know talent. Casey is a phenomenal talent and fun to watch and even funner to listen to. That’s what music is about…ENTERTAINMENT. It’s crap when an artist starts taking themselves too seriously and then starts to preach about what is wrong with the world. Go back to the music of the 80’s and some of the 90’s when music was a blast to listen to and made you feel good. I agree that James is entertaining as well but Casey is every much the entertainer that James is.

      • SuznAZ

        Dear Keith, “Funner” is not a word. However, I agree that Casey is a phenomenal talent.

      • Observant

        Keith, how old are you? “Funner”, reeaaally??

    • Andrea

      I totally agree! Casey needs to go! This years group sucks!

      • yawn

        You suck.

    • Sandy

      Apparently . . . you and I are totally on the same wave length!

    • FromChicago

      What happens after the fan adulation and the tour….when nobody comes to them with a contract in hand?

  • Send Jacob home

    Stefano and Casey don’t belong there either, but Jacob is (1) not a professional – at the end of the show, when the others were talking and hanging with each other, as performers you are supposed to be ‘on” he just stodd there looking sadly into space, or maybe he thought he was still singing; (2) supposed to be in jail, but some judge somewhere actually dropped the ball and allowed him to go to Idol instead of to jail for failing to appear in court for a charge of riding a train without a ticket, and another charge of not appearing on the court date, and the judge allows him to leave to go to Hollywood?; (3) out of place, as is Stefano and Casey. The judges chose an extremely mediocre group of people this season. The winner should be James. The winner will be Scotty because Idol wants to broaden its fan base, and teenaged girls will buy music put out by a goofy boy.

    • Mandy

      James should not be the winner. He’s just been copying Adam Lambert all season long, week by week. This week? Dressing like Adam, and singing a Muse song… just like Adam. One week, he even finished up his song with Adam’s signature “fist up in the air, legs spread apart” stance, that Adam used at the end of his set during the entire AI tour. To Adam fans, the copy-cat stuff is really getting a.) creepy and b.) kind of enfuriating.

      The only problem is, James’ voice isn’t nearly as good or as trained as Adam’s. While Adam could blast out those high notes like Freddy Mercury, James’ attempts to do them (such as this week) just sound like a cat whose tail got stepped on. There’s no musicality (or pitch) at all.

      That said, I did like the drummer boys. But I’m guessing the producers came up with that one, not James. They’re desperate to bring SOME excitement to the show during a season where there really is no break-out star. Even Casey, for all of his innate musical ability, can’t sing all that well. And Lauren Alaina, for all of the judges’ over-the-top touting of her as the next big breakout star, is no Kelly Clarkson. It’s like, they all think, “if we just keep TELLING the audience these kids are brilliant, they’ll believe.” I mean good? Yeah. Amazing? No.

      All I can say is, it’s not working, Nigel.

      • pr62

        you hit it right on the head. james is no adam

      • Pam

        Oh, please. I am so tired of Adam did this and Adam did that. Adam didn’t invent the rocker stance, the rocker clothing, or a cure for cancer. I don’t find any comparisons between Adam and James at all. James is his own person and is showing us who he will be when this show is over. Pretty sure he has no interest in being a dance/pop diva. *sarcasm*

        Oh, and for the record? I’m not really that much of a James fan.

      • jacq

        stop with the adam comparisons alreadyy! im getting really sick of it , adam is no god!you people are ridiculous, ugh!

      • Tenley

        I love Adam, but Christ already.

      • Joe

        Your right he is no Adam, He is 250 times better then Adam!I have enjoyed all his performances so far, he is thinking out of the box, Adam except for two performances, SUCKED!

      • John R.

        Let me see if I heard this correctly – the “fist in the air, legs spread apart” stance was invented by Adam Lambert? (Cue montage of singers doing this over the last 40 years or so…)

      • MandiPlz

        You know what is “enfuriating”? Adam Lambert jock-strap riders that can’t spell.

      • Maggie Mae

        You are right about James…The Muse song is a great one/but, it showcased a weak lower register, and the high notes were a “screech” with James, unlike Adam’s who were right on….I just went back last night and listened to all Adam’s again…Whole Lotta Love…Whole Lotta Pefect as Simon and Paula said……Scotty, do an Alan Jackson song….you will slay them all!

      • G8tr

        I agree..Adam Lambert did not invent singing…he’s talented, yes, but there were a few rockers before him that deserve the praise given to Adam. And believe it or not, some people don’t like his music. James is his own person ( and I’m not a fan) Like him or not because he is James Durbin. Adam Lambert was a few season ago. This is James Durbin’s season. Good Luck to him.

      • Sarah

        You do realize that Adam Lambert just copies a LOT of singers from the past correct? He’s actually not all that original at all.

        So what if James Durbin is a rocker that actually puts on a PERFORMANCE, he’s not Adam Lambert and I’m pretty sure he’s NOT TRYING TO BE ADAM either. You need to remember that Adam isn’t a ROCKER anymore, he a DANCE/POP SINGER. I’m pretty sure that James Durbin wants to be a “throw your fist in the air, show your devil horns rocker/metal guy” and not a pop singer.

      • Anon

        PUH-LEAZE! Keep on drinking you’re kool-aid. James is MUCH more talented & has more depth to his repetoire. James has a broader range and more (ah-hem) all-American appeal. Adam was (is) a lightning rod for contraversy (just like lady gaga), but James just sings well & knows what he’s about & what will sound good & what will sell. You’ll see…Time will tell.

      • Josie

        You are right Mandy, she is no Kelly Clarkson. She is BETTER than Kelly Clarkson. Laura has some of the strongest vocals on the show. She is only 16 and could out sing Kelly Clarkson if she put her full potential into it.

      • Leta

        Mandy, you are so right. James says that David Cook is his favorite yet he copies Adam week after week. He is just not as good vocally or performance wise. Nobody say Adam invented everything but James does copy his moves. I thought James was metal so why is he dressing like a GlamRocker. Geez with Adam’s strut during the tour he wore the tails and had the cane, and there was James with the same dang thing. UGH! And for those who fasley claim that James is better, lets see what he does when he gets out there on his own. He’ll be lucky if he sales half of what Kris Allen sold.

      • kate molihan

        I totally agree that James is coping Adam to a tee…Last night my husband came into the room and James was screaming away and he said that guy wants to be Adam so bad that he even had similar coat and was carrying that stick like Adam did in his video For your entertainment….It really is kinda of pathetic and that performance was horrible….Shame that Simon isn’t still there..

      • SuzieQ

        You all forget that Adam was a professionally trained signer. James is not!

      • e

        thank goodness james is no adam lambert… James is better and will have a bigger fan base.

      • PN

        James is a little different from Adam Lambert when he performs. He’s that good in changing it up and deciding how his performance looks and sounds visually.

      • Sandy

        If you’re an aspiring rocker, Adam is certainly the right one to emulate. Everyone has their favorites and use them as role models. Nothing wrong with that as long as you keep some of yourself in the performance to make it unique.

      • Jae

        First, Anon, you’re crazy if you think James has more depth and range the Lambert. But that being said, I really think the two a very different. James is 5years younger than Adam was when he auditioned and not near as experienced so I cut him a lot of slack. I honestly think James just wants to do James.

      • Kasey

        You know I am a huge Adam fan but even I am sick of hering Adam did this and Adam did that big deal. Adams album is awesome but it has more of a dance vibe to it. James on the other hand would most likly do a more Rock/Metal Album. So get over it.

      • Cat

        Even Adam isn’t buying the James hype. He tweeted that Hayley was head and shoulders above the rest.

      • @Kasey

        I could not agree more with you and Jae. Initially, I didn’t want to like James, in part because of the Adam similarity, but once we got to the live shows, I got over that pretty much instantly. He doesn’t quite have the vocal range as Adam, but he’s so entertaining to watch and his voice is still pretty darn good.

      • racbec

        James seems to be hiding his mediocre vocal skills behind a lot of flash and theatrics. He may have found his winning combination, but I won’t be a fan.

      • Kat

        I wish the Glamberts/sparkle cows would stop with the James bashing already – you do a huge disservice to Adam who always seems to be gracious. Did mother not teach you that if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all?

        James is not a copy cat – Adam did not invent the high note, the clothing, the rocker voice, the stance etc. etc. etc. And many others incorporate elements of what both Adam and James do/use. Both of these talented individuals have been influenced by some of the same artists. And there are videos on u2b of James taken in January 2009, before Adam was televised on Season 8 and guess what? James is still James.

        As for James singing a MUSE song, supposedly just like Adam well you are wrong. Adam did not cover a MUSE song as a MUSE song would NOT have fit the theme of the week which was “RAT PACK STANDARDS”. The “Rat Pack” is from the 1960’s featuring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. The song “Feeling Good” was written in 1965 for a musical while the oldest of MUSE’s members was not born until 1977!! “Feeling Good” has been covered by MANY artists including MUSE, but that’s all it was – a cover! Had Adam truly chosen a MUSE song, he would not have fit the theme of the week.

        James covered “Uprising” which was actually WRITTEN by Matt Bellamy, MUSE’s lead singer and released in September 2009. How that equates to copying Adam is beyond me.

        You have now been corrected in your erroneous assumptions.

        KING JAMES FTW!!!

    • @ send jacob home Y

      Ummm. Maybe Jacob was upset bc he got screwed by the music. It wasn’t his fault but he’s going to pay for it by going home. He seems like a sweet kid with a big heart.

      • Pretty

        I think is looking sadder each week. He looks like he is about to burst into tears at any minute now. He could be home sick???

      • Squishmar

        Jacob comes from Compton which is about 15 minutes away from where they are. So, I don’t think he’s homesick.

      • carioca316

        Jacob can sing – BUT he’s been doing the hangdog routine since Jimmy Iovine told him off the week following his performance of “Man in the Mirror”, where he arrogantly informed America that if we didn’t vote for him, it was because we were all afraid to look at ourselves honestly. Jimmy, rightly, told him not to be an arrogant jerk when he hasn’t even released a single yet…Jacob has been sulking ever since. If that’s how he handles criticism, he’s got no business being there.

      • petra

        “Squishmar – Jacob comes from Compton which is about 15 minutes away from where they are. So, I don’t think he’s homesick.”

        With any luck, he is going home today.

      • Squishmar

        He could walk home! Let’s hope…

      • Squishmar

        Oh, and Petra, I can’t remember which message board it was but somewhere you wrote a beautiful, scathing, sarcastic admonishment to the Lambert fanatics. I got a kick out of it but it’s so hard to find the right posts to respond to after they’ve been up for awhile… but wanted to give kudos to you.

      • Observant

        ITA w/ Send Jacob home, send Casey home, and Stefano. All three suck!

    • Monster Kill

      If you believe your bet belong here, so much so that i believe stefano belong here with his awesome performance, he nailed the song Closer by Ne yo. Stefano you rock….

    • Squishmar

      Nice response, Kat. I had no idea that the “Muse song” Mandy was referring to was “Feeling Good.” Yeah, that’s a Muse song. LOL. I believe Mandy does win the prize for most responses ever to a post that was originally a response to someone innocently saying they believed James should win; a post that didn’t even mention Adam Lambert at all. It looks like there’s been quite a back-and-forth for awhile now, between Adam’s more (ahem) enthusiastic fans and people who tend to believe that he is, in fact, a mortal human.

      I also loved the 6th response to Mandy, from Joe R., about cuing the montage of every rocker from the last 40 years who has done the “Adam Lambert signature pose.”

  • Squishmar

    I do hope people are on the Haley bandwagon now. She did great and deserves to be in the top 2… who would have thought that Lauren seems to be fizzling out…

    • carol

      Laurens last song didn’t show enough of her beautiful voice like her other songs. I’m not giving up on her just yet. She’s got some spunk to her. She won’t give up. why should she? lauren has a beautiful strong voice.

      • Squishmar

        Carol, I agree, I love Lauren’s voice but she is just not showing enough week after week. I want to see that spark that I know is there but she just has lost so much oomph over the weeks. I have been waiting and waiting for a WOW moment from her (almost had it with “Candle in the Wind”… she sounded great) and am still waiting. She’s not growing at all in the competition. If anything, she’s fading.

    • Pam

      I jumped on the Haley bandwagon last night. She finally convinced me there’s something to her. Lauren never had any fizzle for me to begin with. She is yet another teenager who should have waited a few years before trying out for the show, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Squishmar

        It does appear that perhaps Lauren’s immaturity is her downfall…not her talent.

    • Bloveshaleytoo

      I would have thought and have done so from the begining – not in Lauren’s corner! Haley is killing it and last nights performance was stellar!!

      • Karol

        Agree. She is getting better as time goes on. I want her to be in the finals with Casey. My favorites this season.

    • stevie

      THANKYOU – Finally someone not tone deaf! Haley has such controlled instrument. She is on pitch, can rasp, yodel, growl, capable of awesome runs AND she’s the total pkg. peeps: Young, sexy and can belt out ANY genre and style of music. My pic to take it all!

      • Squishmar

        That would be such a “come-from-behind” victory! Such a long shot at the beginning…. I would be very happy to see it. Pretty much anyone but Scotty… Sorry… he just doesn’t need it. He’s got a deal waiting for him and will do fine in his genre. I’m just really getting tired of him week after week and I don’t want to see him in the finale!

    • Kat

      Lauren is immature … not saying that as a bad thing BTW. I sense she is overwhelmed by the business. The auditions were different … now they’re actually getting down to business with hair, makeup, outfits, choreography, producers etc. etc. etc. The year that Scotty has on her makes a huge difference. Although I wonder if Scotty just thinks he’s got it in the bag and can relax ….

  • TorontoTom

    Thanks, Adam, for the on-the-sceen reporting of this TRAIN WRECK. This show has become very bad, bad, bad TV. So cheezy, manipulative and lacking in any real excitement.

    • Joe

      I sorry, but this season is the best yet!

      • Josie

        I completely agree with you Joe! I think a lot of people are way to negative about the talent on the show this year.

      • maryann

        Joe, I don’t know if it’s the best season yet, but after hearing JLo on her new video autotuned to within an inch of her life, all of these kids who are singing live, have better voices than JLo, and a lot of other singers who are considered stars these days…Taylor Swift, Rihanna.

    • Angela

      If you don’t like the show, then don’t watch. Simple as that. This season isn’t anywhere near the best season (S7), but I think it’s an improvement over last season. It’s more entertaining, and I would also add that it helps if you DVR it and fast-forward through the filler. Not only does that make it shorter and cut out the boring stuff, but it also helps me judge them by their performances, not by their personality.

  • Elizabeth

    “Your Bottom 6″ is right… wow, that was painful and completely unnecessary!

    Did Mark Ballas and Pia come up with their “Celebrity Mash-up Nickname” yet? (I’m not a fan of his, and now by association, her’s… is the 15 minutes up yet?)

    • MemphisMom

      How about “Ballscano?”

      • AB

        ha, ha, nice one!

  • stevie68a

    James is copying Adam Lambert. Haley is the most
    improved. Casey is gifted, but the ‘tweens won’t get it.
    Stefano is trying to hard. Scotty should leave to go on
    the grand ole oprey. Lauren must let it rip. Jacob
    should win.

    • joe

      Jacob should win? Are you high?? It always sounds as if he is singing with marbles in his mouth.

    • dawn

      Get off the Adam Lambert thing I do not see James as a Gay Adam Lambert wanna be. James has own style on all types of music, That is something Adam could not do….

      • Leta

        What the f*** does gay have to do with anyting idiot? James is copying Adam, he just is not as good pulling it off.

    • Joe

      Maybe Adam copied James!

    • Kevcogator

      Tonight’s bottom 3
      And Jacob goes home

    • e

      Jacob is definitely NOT going to win. He’s nowhere near as good as any of the others. I can’t stand to watch him sing… He sounds like a girl. Maybe Broadway would work for him… not mainstream for sure.. Jacob, Scotty & Lauren will be bottom 3 tonight!

    • e

      Jacob is DEFINITELY NOT going to win or even last much longer. He Haily & Scotty or Stefano will be bottom 3 tonight.

    • stevie

      OMG! Jacob is a drama queen! C’mon, close your eyes & listen to him: you couldnt pay me enuf to buy a CD of his. Yeesh!

  • Jan

    Ryan,JLO,&Randy are “hard selling” James too much. Idol gives James excellent props & wardrobe. He is an Adam Lambert copy cat.

    • jacq

      adam lambert copy cat? you are pathetic, you know nothing about styles of music, they are very different

    • Angela

      Adam and James have different styles of music. One is more electro/dance pop with some rock influences, while the other is pretty much solid rock, more of a metal/grunge variety.

  • Jan

    Lauren just turned 16 & Jimmy has been messing with her head about Miley Cyrus the last 2 wks. Jimmy had to make sure the fans knew Lauren has fears. Jimmy is CRUEL.

    • TorontoTom

      Jimmy Iovine is a crusty, old troll. The pulled-down baseball cap and tinted glasses don’t hide it, buddy. Just how old is he – 90???

    • PN

      I think that this season is better with Jimmy being on it this year than the singers of past seasons that mentored them. They need professionals or musicians to tell them if they’re good or bad. Those singers hardly helped them at all and they were promoting new albums at the time of the shows. But I didn’t like him telling Lauren that she’s a better singer than Miley Cyrus. That’s not fair to an experienced pop singer who’s done it for 5 years now.

  • Idol?

    Just curious, why this show continues to bore on. Not that i watch a lot of tv, but i’d rather watch State of the Union re-runs over this crap….

    • Yo

      I replied, but down one comment. sorry.

    • mbc

      Idol? Just curious. Why are you commenting on this blog if you are so above it all.

    • e

      Then go watch them and don’t give another thought to American Idol… go… shoo.. be happy there…

  • Susan

    GO AWAY PIA and her DWST BOYFRIEND. Now we have to listen to PIA this week on DWTS…I am going to mute it just like I did when she sang on Idol LIKE MOST OF THE VIEWERS….She did not win for a reason, would they bring the reject on DWTS?????

    • Lexxxii


    • Yo

      I think the Idol producers owe the bloggers half their profit. I had a hard time with the actual show last night, but I love the recaps and articles.

  • bhigh

    When Jacob loses, he should try out for that RuPaul Show, “Drag Queen Idol”.

  • cassi

    James is amazing! My God HIS VOICE!! He incredible(and CUTE!) <3

    • stevie

      James & Steven Tyler should def team up after this: Both could do combo Ford cars/Tourettes service announcement. Calm down people-its only entertainment!

    • racbec

      I hope James makes a heavy metal album. There is a huge market for those these days….

  • JazyZ

    I’m torn. I can’t stand Casey, but he sings better than Jacob. Stefano is doing better, but he’s no idol. Poor Lauren, she looks like she’s burning out and I would love to see Scotty leave asap. I predict Casey will go home, only because Jacob will get more votes. Jacob should have been gone long ago. Unfortunately, Lauren’s performance might mean the ax for her though. Go Haley! I hope the final 2 will be Haley and James.

    • stevie

      AGREE w/JazyZ

  • mel

    IMO, this is easily the least talented group of contestants that has ever been on the show. I did not see a performance last night that was worthy of being in the competition at this late stage. The problem is that this is a singing competition and that they are medicore singers at best. The robber stamping of platitudes by the “judges” is not helping the situation. I think this is going to be the end of the road for me and Idol.

    • KatRob

      Did you see last season?

    • kate

      Me too

    • Ms. Dipesto

      Are you serious?? After the previous 2 seasons of snoozers, this is one of the best seasons they’ve ever had!

    • racbec

      I agree. I keep wanting to like them, but none seem to have any “star quality.”

  • Lo

    Ah, Adam B. Vary, can you puh-lease do the “on the scene” recap every week? I hate to be a hater, but Tanner Stransky is duller than dull.

    • bee

      yes, yes, adam, i LOVE your ‘on the scene’!!!!

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