Lady Gaga joins Justin Timberlake on 'Saturday Night Live' season finale. Talk about a must-see!


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What do you get when you combine one of Saturday Night Live‘s best hosts with one of Saturday Night Live‘s most interesting musical guests? Why, probably the most anticipated episode of Saturday Night Live in quite some time! Not only is the NBC sketch comedy series blessing us with a Tina Fey hosting stint May 7, but they’re also closing the season with Justin Timberlake — with Lady Gaga as musical guest. That’s right: The singer is set to return to the SNL stage for the first time since performing 2009, but I’m left hoping she’ll also enjoy some comedic airtime during the show.

Because, really, SNL writers, it’s time: We need to see a Lady Gaga-Stefon skit. Come on, how can you resist? It. Would. Have. Everything: Fame monsters, motorcycle minotaurs, hollow eggs where you can spend your Saturday afternoons, angry Latino activist groups, Rebecca Black, and, of course, the cat from your bodega.

Who’s with me? And who else is wondering if she’ll wear something better suited to performing in Studio 8H this time?

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  • Krystal

    Stefon+GAGA would be the most epic thing on televion ever.

    • dropper

      Yes, yes it would.

      • Nathan

        Yeah it would, 2 gay men comparing johnson size.

    • Naomi

      OMG, GaGa & Stefon would be so amazing. I bet half way though he will be at a loss of words because he is so excited. Justin Timberlake can be Stefon’s special friend. That would be hilarious!

    • Dorimifah Solatido

      No, it wouldn’t.

      • xopher

        ^^^look at me! im a bitter troll^^^

      • Nathan

        He’s right, it wouldn’t be hilarious.

    • LD

      She S@CKS!!! Weird Al wanted to do a parody and she said no. She is a snob! No sense of humor. I can not stand her anymore!

      • JackieB

        Well I agree she should’ve just let him do it, but if you listen to his song you can kind of see why. He didn’t really attack Michael or Madonna personally when he did their songs.
        The crazy outfits and all was funny, but saying she charges too much for her concerts etc. went a little far.

    • matt

      I want to party with Stefon! Also with Larry King. In that order.

    • Dave

      Considering that the two new singles that Lady Gaga has released from her new album are both mediocre at best, her appearance doesn’t make this episode of SNL a “must-see.” They should have gotten Adele for the musical guest.

      • Sandman


      • Adam

        Adele is talented but has zero stage prescence. She literally just stands there. A fine singer, but a boring performer.

      • Nikki

        Adele sing like a cow

      • Correysince 1990

        I couldnt agreee more, being a lil monster I EXPECT MORE!!! Britney came out with a better album, but she isnt close to as “talented” as Gaga I guess I am just bitter because I expected it to be EPIC!!!!!

      • Q

        I guess Sandman and Adam are into style over substance. They need to focus on crazy antics like sitting in an egg or some nonsense instead of focusing on good music. And Nikki is just a moron.
        I’m with Dave, they should’ve gotten Adele. She can stand or sit or lay down for all I care. Her music is fantastic and her voice is beautiful.

    • kelly

      Her whole persona is FAKE and I fell for it because i loved Fame Monster but this new album, who are we kidding is dumb and very dissappointing!!

  • Kevin

    I may not be a fan of his music but Timberlake is hilarious on SNL… And please let Gaga & Stefan appear together at some point. I don’t think she has much of a sense of humor though so I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

    • Meredith

      Watch her in interviews. She’s got an epic sense of humor.

      • Jon

        Tell that to Weird Al. :^/

      • fabitzy

        can you please stop using the word epic, ITS EPICALLY ANNOYING

    • LOL

      Gaga and Madonna did an SNL skit where they “fought” a few years ago. I think she’d be game for an appearance with Stefon.

  • vin

    Stefan and GAGA must happen lol. I want a lawrence welk skit w kritin wig’s donesse and timberlake and gaga too lol. Anything would be good. Maybe a GAGA and gilly skit lol.

    • Dorimifah Solatido

      You’re an idiot lol.

      • xopher

        and you’re a bitter troll.

    • vin

      I can just imagine the SNL digital short lol it should be epic.

      • jess

        omg i would be epic!!..imagine an andy samberg/Justin T./Lady Gaga team up for the short!!!…wow!!!

      • Glenda

        @jess you mean “EPIC” like her new album haha I dont think she really can do anything else I mean both her new singles were horrible!!! Horrible messs called “epic”. The word EPIC shouldnt even be in the same sentence as Gag ga she has worn herself out, I have been sick of her over exposure since 2009…yes 2 years ago!

    • Mandy_mode

      I dont like her new single at all, so I wont be watching. IMO


    Stefon and Stephanie. Already have the title.

  • Lucy

    Stefon and GAGA, I’m already drooling

    • Dorimifah Solatido

      Like you weren’t before.

      • xopher

        above comment…straight from the horses mouth.

  • mscisluv

    I really hope there is another Cup O Soup-type skit…Timberlake is amazing in those!

    • Angie

      The original Omeletteville was beyond epic.

      • Loch Ness

        Bring it on down to Gagaville!

  • Dorimifah Solatido

    While I concede Timberlake is funnier that your typical musical moron, this show is really hard-pressed to write anything good. Samberg and him locked in a room writing for a couple of days might produce something watchable as a Digital Short, but that’s about it. This season had funny moments you could count on oe hand & still have fingers left over.

    • xopher

      look at me…my name is the played off the music scale. i’m a bitter artist who gets no respect therefore i must trash anything anyone says about popular mainstream icons. im so trendy! im a hipster! and a troll at best.

      • Loch Ness

        Everything but a hipster. Hipsters are actually pretty funny.

      • xopher

        trustfunders arent known for their humor.

  • dane

    Stefon and Lady Gaga would be the most predictable, easy joke ever. Kind of like Gaga’s music as of late. I vote for no Gaga/Stefon team up! (Stefon is awesome though!)

  • narp

    praying for her conversion

  • Daily

    Timberlake is not funny. He’s been whining for over a decade now. But I can’t wait to see Gaga

    • ani

      are you kidding me? I could do without Gaga. Timberlake is the only reason I’ll be watching that episode. gaga is an artifical dbag.

      • Nikki

        she is an artifical dbag? U know she’s the one who calls the shots with her record company right? she knows what she is doing.

    • DUH

      whining about what, exactly?

  • PN

    I’m looking forward to Lady Gaga’s music performance on SNL than any of the skits. I’m sure she’ll do that living in an egg kind of segment. They’re perfectly timing the show to Gaga’s May 23rd album release.

  • Jerry

    The perfect Snl combo would be Anne Hathaway and Lady Gaga in A Brokeback Mountain skit. Gaga plays Anne’s recent co star Jake Gyllenhall.

  • ZakJ

    Why ruin a great Stefan sketch with Lady Gaga? Didn’t we learn our lesson when she tried to ‘act’ with Madonna?

  • Eppy C. Epicstein

    Love all the “epic” comments here today. Epic epicness!

    • Lee Harvey

      “Epic” is tired, but it’s still less tired than “amazing.” Let’s retire that one once and for all.

  • Justin’s Timberlick


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