Lindsay Lohan no longer in talks to play Victoria Gotti. So... now what?


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First, her hopes of playing Linda Lovelace in the Inferno biopic were extinguished. Now, Lindsay Lohan can say fugetaboutit to a role as Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations, starring John Travolta. Despite looking remarkably like the crime family daughter -- and attending a press conference detailing the project last week -- Lohan is no longer in talks to appear in the film, a rep for Gotti confirms to EW. Though no reasons were given as to why Lohan and Gotti parted ways, producer Marc Fiore told People that her possible trial for grand theft felony has no bearing on the falling out: "We just couldn't reach terms ... We are going to meet with other people [for the role]


So… what’s next for the troubled starlet? Though she’s still seemingly considering a role as Sharon Tate in Tyler Shields’ Charles Manson film, Lohan has no concrete plans for her future … besides a court date to determine whether or not her grand felony theft charge should go to trial. But as the author of many a posts speculating what Lohan’s next step should be, I’ll admit I’m baffled as to what direction Lohan’s career should turn next. Back in January, after she was released from rehab, 62 percent of you argued that Lohan should star far away from Hollywood. Yet 19 percent felt that she should still pursue a career in movies. But after this news… and the Inferno debacle… and the grand theft felony charge, I’m curious to see where you all stand again. So, let’s take 2 on this poll: Where does Lindsay Lohan belong for the rest of 2011?

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  • Brian Wallace

    You need “In Jail. For longer than a couple of days.” as an option.


    • Cygnus


      I guess her agent thinks like her, in guessing that Hollywood still thinks she’s a commodity. Give her a base actor’s salary, and see if she can manage to show up on time every day, do the job, and make an impression on viewers. Otherwise, I wouldnt ever take a chance on her as a producer. Porn is about the only future she has left.

      • Lindsay

        CALL JUDGE SAUTNER at Airport Court House: (310) 727-6118

        Tell Her To Let Cameras in the Courtroom.

        That LINDSAY LOHAN Doesn’t Deserve Anymore Special Treatment. To Treat Her The Way You Did Mel Gibson When You Let Camereas In The Courtroom For His Hearing!!!

        Lindsay Lohan Needs Jail, and the Kids that have been watching what she gets away with need to see her not getting away with it anymore!!!


      • christine chaos

        I agree, except for the porn option, I would rather she go away for a fair amount of time and reappear in a few years when the bad taste in everyone’s mouth has dissipated, and people will have a genuine curiosity about her.

    • jess

      i was looking for that option too. i guess far far away from hollywood is the closest option since dumping her in a jail outside of cushy LA is the best chance she’s actually going to serve any time.

    • Le HIROSHI


      First of all, re the flick, AS EXPECTED.

      She should be focusing in particular on her legal issue before taking into account many another thing a la professional life – IMO.

      PS: Kudos to you, KATE; your LILO gossips, scoops, news, etc., always entertain me. Keep it on, sis; you might write a book on LILO no matter how it will turn out, in 2031!

      • Le HIROSHI

        PS: KATE, I’ve got a feeling the so-called “THINGS THAT ARE SAD” category has nothing to do with her being outta the pic (of the flick). I’d like to think so well that you’re one of the fans, though.

    • Lindsay

      CALL JUDGE SAUTNER at Airport Court House: (310) 727-6118

      Tell Her To Let Cameras in the Courtroom.

      That LINDSAY LOHAN Doesn’t Deserve Anymore Special Treatment. To Treat Her The Way You Did Mel Gibson When You Let Camereas In The Courtroom For His Hearing!!!

      Lindsay Lohan Needs Jail, and the Kids that have been watching what she gets away with need to see her not getting away with it anymore!!!

    • sarah

      agree! that’s my vote for other.

    • m.


  • KC

    How about some jail time?

  • commentor

    I hear McDonalds is hiring.

    • priscilla

      you are a very mean person id say something else but id get in trouble on this site -__________-

  • Di

    I’d be willing to bet that Lindsay can’t be insured for a movie. After she serves jail time for stealing the necklace, she should try for a couple of jobs as a repeating character on a tv show

    • psychoanalyzer

      YES! I was about to say this. While being on a TV show is no easy task either, a small part as a recurring character would be an easy way to still maintain her career, reach an audience, and work without necessarily being confined to a contract. It seems that’s where all the lines are drawn with Lindsay. When it comes to contracting her or insuring her, talks always fall through. Being in a small recurring role on TV I think is a solid step in the right direction.

      • kimmy

        she did pretty well on Ugly Betty. baby steps, Lilo, baby steps…..

      • Di

        And I suspect that a small television role would be easier to insure too because she’d be much easier to replace if something went wrong.

        If she could do a part on Glee or one of the knock offs that’d be perfect

      • cam

        She tried that with “ugly betty” and couldn’t even finish her episode run, because of the predictable diva behavior and unprofesionalism and fights with cast. Just how many chances does she deserve? …if she somehow escapes being convicted for theft, *that* would be a crime. Her guilt is so obvious to any unbiased observer.

  • UGH

    How about a one-way ticket to the moon with Snooki, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, and every other useless “celebrity” out there in tow? The world would be a much better place.

    • Ms. Dipesto

      I change my vote to this one!

      • R.Brown

        Oh, yes!!! I agree with Mr. Ugh.
        I hope they also take Britney Spears.
        …and if they have room, maybe Ke$ha

      • Ben

        … plus Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

    • justin

      Yes! finally someone said it!!!!



  • RaRa

    I believe the director of “Inferno” stated it very simply – she cannot be insured, which makes casting her for ANY movie next to impossible. Maybe if she stays clean and out of trouble for a while her insurability will improve.

    • Greta

      “Uninsurable” actors sometimes get someone to personally insure them — like Robert Downey Jr. had to do for his first work after prison — but that’s usually only after they’ve shown a commitment to recovery and convinced somebody with clout to stand by them. Lindsay Lohan has skipped that crucial step.

      • tom

        In the case of Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson personally paid for his insurance due largely in part to their long friendship. Moreover, RDJ had a long and relatively distinguished career prior to his down spiral so there was a solid foundation on which he could rely and rebuild his career. Lindsay has made some popular and viable films but not in the quantity that these other actors have attained. Plus she doesn’t seem to be taking any of her legal troubles seriously and honestly doesn’t seem to have learned anything other than how to make up more excuses.

  • Barrack Obummer

    Playboy spread or porn?

  • shawshank

    Most unsurprising headline of the year.

  • b

    shes a skank

  • michael

    Who out there thought this was a credible offer? Her mother is friends with Victoria Gotti!!! This is from the school of thought that any publicity is better than no publicity….better to be thought of as up for a role than a degenerate alcoholic drug addict.

  • Moses Ashford

    I wish Lindsay Lohan would do more mainstream films and finally stop fooling around like she has been doing for the last six years.

    • Jane

      Again there’s teh problem of her being uninsurable. But yeah, she can be very likeable like in her Disney movies. Once she cleans up I’d like to see more of her in mainstream films too, but not until she grows up, settles down and gets her skanky user mom and her trashy convict dad out of the picture.

      • sadie

        She’ll never be likeable again. Because of all of her off screen drama she’s lost the ability to disappear into character. All I see even in her old films is Lindsay Lohan, she’s ruined herself.

  • Allison

    She needs to go away for a little while, at least far away from L.A. and her parents. I don’t know who in her life actually cares about her, but someone needs to take her away for a few years (after clearing it with the courts). Maybe do some charity work somewhere, for a long time, without a camera crew involved.

    • Le HIROSHI


      I’m one of the hesitant fans. Yours is a beautiful idea. Still, IMV, she doesn’t appear a charity type. I think, with or without jail terms when things are all clear for her, she should be focusing mainly on SILVER-SCREEN movies – it seems once your feet have been set into the TV realm, you just can’t come back. But I may be right or unwrong.

  • An obvious choice

    Porn – it’s the only choice she has left and reflects the only audience interested in watch her “work”

    • B.Smith

      never thought of that…but it really makes sense. Right?

  • Becky Galvin

    We should expect one of the below rising young actresses to play Victoria Gotti:

    Sophia Bush, Evan Rachel Wood, Kat Dennings, Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Leighton Meester, Mischa Barton, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr

    • jk

      Why? Half of those suggestions are completely inane. As is calling Hilary Duff and Mischa Barton “rising young actresses.”

      • R.Jones

        hmm….that’s true

    • Robbie1212

      Have you seen Bush, Bilson, Duff or Barton act?

    • kimmy

      huh? the only ones “rising” are kat, emma, blake, and maybe leighton.

      • kimmy

        oh and evan

    • Long Balls

      I’m pretty sure they’re all hittable, though.

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