'Game of Thrones' guide: Don't know your Tullys from your Targaryens? HBO has you covered.

As you may have gathered by now, we here at EW are just a little excited for the premiere of Game of Thrones, HBO’s new fantasy series. The show promises to be epic in every sense of the word — and it might also seem epically confusing to those who’ve never picked up one of the massive George R. R. Martin novels on which Thrones is based. Thankfully, today HBO posted some supplementary materials that should be very useful for Thrones novices who don’t know the difference between direwolves and Daenerys, as well as those who read the books long enough ago that they’ve forgotten specific details. (And trust me, there are a lot of specific details that are easy to forget.) The network’s new viewer’s guide includes both a nifty interactive map that lays out the seven kingdoms of the realm of Westeros, as well as a guide to the many clans that populate the story. A still image of the map is below: 

Let us know what you think of the full map and the family trees in the comments — and don’t forget to check back on Sunday for even more Game of Thrones coverage.

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  • Anne

    Awesome!!! I love shows that come with maps attached =)

    • LOL

      No one cares about this crap.

      • Dave

        You do enough to comment…read the books and then get back to those of use who can’t wait to see this.

      • andy

        another troll commenting on something he says he doesnt have time for…

      • PKM

        Why do you use the phrase ‘no one’, when you are commenting on what you care about only? Are you trying to make your likes/dislikes seem more important? Do you want others to follow you in taste? Your comment does not make me want to hear from you.

  • SciyuFiyu

    This will be beyond epic.

  • Jenn

    I’m thinking tv shouldn’t have to come with CliffNotes. I’ll be watching the Sam Axe movie on Sunday.

    • dlauthor

      You will be missed. Whoever you are.

    • emt

      Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to find out what you’ll be watching next…

    • digitalblasphemy

      It’s not like you won’t be able to see it any of the other 100 times it will be on next week. I myself will be there with a bowl of popcorn Sunday night.

  • Lori

    It was one of the best novels I’ve EVER read…if HBO can do it even half as well as Peter Jackson did the Lord of the Rings for the big screen, it will be amazing.

    • thin

      Ew. Please let it be better than that.

      • Portia

        Oh please, thin, give it a rest! Yawn.

      • thin

        Oh please, Portia, stuff it in your ear.

      • B.Rich

        Agree with thin, I hate the LOTR films (and novels) but I will give game of thrones a try.

      • thin

        Well, if that’s the case you don’t agree with me entirely. The books are magnificent, the movies not so much.

    • PKM

      I just started the series (in books). I’m now on the 4th. I absolute love reading these books. I’m absorbed by everything. One question/problem however. Nothing ever gets summed up. No book is ‘stand-alone’, and they don’t seem to wrap up anything. All my favorite people get slaughtered while all the bad guys live on. I hate that. But I love the story. Any other comments on this? Direwolves dying, Robb gets his head chopped off, Sansa is so stupid, Ayre keeps running into problems. I love the Imp. I was bummed out when Lord Stark got the ax and I’m really starting to hate Littlefinger too. What an evil scheaming guy. He just threw Lysa out the window. Now I know why he saved Sansa from KL.

      • Chris

        Did you really need to write whats going to happen…in the books and probably in the shows?? I’m just discovering this show and the books for the first time. I finished the 1st season of the show, but I’m only on the 2nd the book. It’s not like I can cover my ears while you open your big mouth. Thanks alot.

  • Dave

    I really hope that knowing every detail from the books isn’t necessary to understanding and enjoying the show. The show (just like any movie adapted from a book) should be able to stand alone. Good adaptations should never require the viewer to have prior knowledge and understanding of the source material. And this is coming from someone who has indeed read the books.

  • captain obvious

    Agrees with Dave- its why i gave up on harry potter and lotr, had no clue wtf was going on, even if i enjoyed the effects/performances.

    • thin

      If you can’t keep up with Harry Potter, you might as well not even bother starting with this one, buddy.

      • Kelly

        LOL ikr?

      • B.Rich

        Haha, Harry Potter

  • Bionaoccast561


  • Blair

    I am half-way through the first book of this series and find it as good as and totally similar to Pillars of the Earth. For me, that is a huge compliment. It is described as fantasy but haven’t seen any evidence of that, so far, in the book. This map and genealogy info is SO essential to keep characters and who-belongs-to-whom straight when reading the book it is a good idea to have it for both the program and reading the book. Highly recommend this book and have no doubt HBO has done it justice.

    • Scott

      Buckle up Blair, it is going to get a whole lot more intense than “Pillars” (which I quite liked)

  • Jeremy

    I’m pretty sure that map’s more detailed than what’s in the books–especially the area of Essos.

  • copycat

    Any series that tries so hard to make Sean Bean look like his character “Boromir” from Lord of the Rings again is way too cheap in my book.
    Dear producers, if you absolutely have to make a rip-off of Tolien’s novels, at least TRY to be make it look original!

    • Portia

      OKAAAYYYY…..so there are men in this novel/show that live in a feudal society and dress according to their station…therein ends the similarity between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Are you this put out when an actor plays a modern business man in a suit in more than one movie? Is this also a “rip-off”? What a bizarrely misplaced comment.

    • Typical Internet Guy

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but every book and movie that approaches the realm of fantasy is going to be treading over Lord Of The Rings territory. Does that mean they are all terrible clones? No. You won’t find any Hobbits here, nor mythical quests to destroy magical rings.

    • Scott

      Totally different than Tolkien (my much beloved childhood favorite) and his black hat/ white hat characters. As time goes on in this series, earlier notions of good guy, bad guy go out the window and almost everyone turns into shades of gray.

  • Jim

    I am really looking forward to “Game of Thrones”. I am a big fan of the LOTR novels, less so on Peter Jackson’s film adaptations. But since I have never read the books this series is based on, I wil not be able to make comparisons, good or bad; so, I will be able to enjoy this show (or not) solely based on what HBO presents.

  • thin

    By way of an actual on-topic comment, I finally got around to looking at that map, and it is freakin’ awesome. Being able to zoom in on it and have clickable “points of interest” (and also not having it cut in half across the inside of the front and back covers of the book) is pretty nifty.

  • Bren

    The shows looks great…however, the pop ads for it on this site are driving me batty!!! PLEASE STOP EW! I get that it’s coming. I’m excited, too, but enough with the annoying ads.

    • Bren

      Should be “pop-up” ads. Sorry, I was a little distracted.

  • Regina

    Thanks a bunch! It’s hard to get all the specifics when you are distracted by sex, blood and a sleezy dwarf.

  • viviennewestwood

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