Miley Cyrus triumphantly returns to Twitter, thanks to Charlie Sheen


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Who says the big guy in the sky isn’t looking out for us? Let’s welcome Miley Cyrus — the prodigal social networker — back to the Twitterverse after her year-and-a-half absence from the realm of 140-character wisdom.

“I’m not gonna lie,” Cyrus promised in one of her inaugural tweets. “I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning.” Obviously, Miley has been away from Twitter for too long, because she misspelled “4” as “for” and forgot that people thankfully stopped saying “not gonna lie” in late 2010. But let’s go easy on her — we don’t want to scare her off again. 

If Charlie Sheen seems like an unlikely hero, this story’s villain is even more shocking. Cyrus originally deleted her account in October of 2009 at the behest of then-boyfriend (and Last Song co-star) Liam Hemsworth, the young actor who is all over the news today for nabbing the role of hero/romantic interest Gale in The Hunger Games movie adaptations.

Back in 2009 this was her final, troubling tweet: “Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.” What was the “good reason”? Well, he wanted her to. Isn’t that reason enough? At least we know Hemsworth won’t have any trouble portraying Gale’s uncompromising, stubborn side.

Emerging from her self-imposed Internet isolation, Destiny Hope Cyrus has been typing up a storm on her @gypsyhearttour account since returning to the fold. These are some of the topics she’s covered so far:

Military action: “Let’s take over the world together!” she urged Jaden Smith.
Religion: “I woke up with 30,000 more followers!!! God is so good!”
Music: “Laying in bed listening to Adele. 21 is my favorite album of 2011.” (We agree!)
Cuisine: “That sounds like a yummy! not an oops!” she tweeted after her half-sister Brandi poured sugar into her oatmeal instead of her coffee. Oh, the hijinks that go on in that family!

Will you be following Miley’s new account? What do you think about the fact that of the select few she follows, Nick Jonas is one of them? And like her, do you mainly stay on Twitter to follow Charlie Sheen and connect with your fans?

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Comments (32 total) Add your comment
  • Glenn

    Twitter Sucks.

    • etm

      So does Miley.

      • Shania

        Miley is an incredible moron. There are some good people to follow on Twitter, you just have to look for the ones that actually possess a brain (and use it!) Figures she’d speak of Sheen admiringly, just when people have finally figured out what a shallow moron he is. Miley may be even more stupid.

      • Samantha

        So do you, etm. And does EW.

      • Bobba

        As does Sheen. What a threesome.

    • Becky

      It is time for Twitter to go away. It’s making people dumb.

      • whatevs

        People make Twitter dumb.

      • Fruttel1

        It’s the tweeters ówn decission on whó they want to follow, hence it has nothing to do with “Twitter making you dumb”.

      • Denis

        Appears Billy Ray Cyrus was more of the driving force bnihed the invitation for families of US troops to participate in the filming of Hanna Montana, starring Miley. Giving the children an opportunity to tape greetings to their deployed mother and father was a pleasant gesture.

    • JenR

      Like so many things in life, Twitter only sucks if you’re not doing it right.

      • Adam

        Amen Jen. Exactly.

      • Frenchy

        The same can be said for sucking.

  • m

    Her real twitter is heismylovesong. The one you speak of is her manager’s account that is public

    • Heather

      heismylovesong Miley
      I am OFFICIALLY on a newly verified twitter account! @gypsyhearttour is now MY twitter and not for the tour!!! MY THANK U FOR MY KCA!

  • Ems

    Is it 2012 yet?


      LOL Ems hahah

  • DavidJ

    So how many people are only on Twitter so they can follow a bunch of celebrities? 90%? 95%?

  • C-Fünk

    This is not news. #Mileysucks #ewisgross

  • stephen

    I just now remembered why I find Miley Cyrus annoying… because she says things like “I woke up with 30,000 more followers!!! God is so good!” Ugh. Go away.

    • amanda

      Hey, you KNOW God has nothing better to do than recuit twitter followers for Miley Cyrus. War, poverty, Japan…nothing compared to freaking Hanna Montana. God has his priorities straight…now it’s your turn.

  • Excelda

    So apparently she likes reading the ramblings of lunatics who kill dogs. Why am I not surprised?

    • Shania

      Does she follow Michael Vicks too? Or are you talking about Sheen?

  • Zeke

    Seiously, BRC better get his own head out of his ass and control his daughter once and ror all or that family is heading for some serious problems down the road and her next stint could be in jail at the rate she’s going. Last thing she needs is to be commentig on someone else’s problems while she’s having issues of her own.

    • Delmar

      What are you talking about? What issues? She’s one of the most productive, polished teen stars on the planet. Jail, are you mistaking her for somebody else? She gives so much of her time and money to charity. She’s very happy now that her family is back together and she’s going on tour and seems like she may have rekindled her romance with Liam. I’m not crazy that she’s on twitter, or even Liam, but she’s all of 18 years old and I think she’s very impressive for any age, and she’s only 18.

  • Ruthie Rader

    Yeah, there’s nothing like an achey, breaky Gypsy fart…I mean, Heart. Especially when yer standing too close to Charlie!

  • Films23

    Whoaaa. You guys need to chill out. So what if Miley got her Twitter back? Its her right! So what if she likes the totally insane Charlie Sheen? And excuse me, but Twitter is not making people dumb, people make themselves dumb but wasting too much time on any social network. Cut her some slack and stop attacking her! None of you really know her. I’m glad she’s moving on. Go Miley!

    • avenger

      Holy Crap, Miley fans are just as gross and annoying as the untalented wretch that she is…

      for the love of all things holy why do people think she has talent and why does ew waste so much time on keeping a no-talent cretin like her “famous”…
      Srsly, she makes fun of Bieber, lol at least he can carry a tune and makes fun of Rebecca Black, she makes Black sound like Celine freakin’ Dion in comparison

      • Films23

        How about you chill. It’s these kind of judgmental people that I hate. I’m not a Miley fan but I’m defending her because people are just complete ‘a’ holes and have nothing better to do but hate. So back off and ‘gross’ or ‘annoying’ because excuse me, but you’ve never met me in my whole entire life.

  • Samantha S.

    She better keep her greasy hands off The Hunger Games! Something about her being even remotely involved with someone involved in the movie gives me the heby jeeby’s.

    • avenger

      amen! I had the exact same thought when I first heard her boyfriend will be doing it, convenient timing for her btw

  • Jerri

    What’s the matter Miley, getting beat by the likes of Rebecca Black and Justine Bieber? want some attention sent your way? tsk tsk

  • tg

    Hasn’t the word ‘Winning’ been over used? just sayin’

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