Charlie Sheen tickets sink further after Detroit show


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Charlie Sheen gets it. He knows the score. And even if the first show of his Torpedo of Truth tour was a historic debacle, he still spoke some truths. Like when the Detroit crowd first started booing him, he yelled, “I already got your money, dude,” and later added, “You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about.”

Some fans — or curiosity seekers — seem to have heard Sheen’s message loud and clear. And as a result, a significant number has dumped their tickets into the secondary ticket market. Sadly for them, not even Sunday’s night revamped and warmer-received show in Chicago will salvage their “hard-earned money,” as ticket prices have plummeted in the aftermath of Detroit. According to, one of the leading online ticket exchanges, the average ticket to Sheen’s upcoming Radio City Music Hall date went for between $125-$150 last week on their website. Yesterday, that average sale price sank to $80, and today, it’s closer to $50. An Orchestra seat at Radio City can now be had for $24, far, far below its face value.

Of course, Sheen doesn’t necessarily care what the resale value of the tickets is — someone already paid face value for it. “I already got your money, dude,” remember?

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  • Doctor Doo Little

    He needs to get help.

    • ChaCha

      So does anyone gullible enuf to pay for a ticket to his Violent Debacle of Cowflop.

      • Tony

        The People that bought his tickets Needs some help.

      • dall

        then go help them

      • Jeff

        People say he wasn’t funny. I guess that makes him equal to Bill Maher.

      • Samantha

        EW staff should all rot in hell for continuing to report EVERY DAMN DAY on this POS.

      • Ziggy

        Jeff, Charlie and Bill are probably butt buddies.

    • anonymous

      “ticket prices have plummeted in the aftermath of Detroit.”
      …. “BOUT TIME” people came to their senses.

    • Leanne

      I saw on EBay in the closed auction section there were tickets that were priced as low as a whopping 99 Cents with NO takers. Granted, it doesn’t matter to Sheen, he already got his money. But man, did the scalpers who snatched up the tickets thinking they were going to make a killing take a bath.

      • Abe Froman

        Good, scalpers deserve to get screwed.

      • Hellen

        Absolutely agree. They’ve screwed me out of tickets to several shows I’d like to see and can’t afford once they’re scalping them. Glad they are taking a hit on this one, greedy a$$w|pe$

      • Leanne

        Oh I wasn’t feeling one iota sorry for the scalpers. Screw’em. I just thought it was funny that now there are no takers at 99 cents and some idiots when the show was first announced actually paid hundreds of dollars. A show being “sold out” and actually having people in the seats are two different things.

      • Dan

        no tears for the scalpers…

    • Michael

      This whole show is based on a extremely privileged, extremely rich, extremely fortunate white guy whining about his self-caused problems that have damaged his enjoyment of his advantaged life. He’s been doing that for FREE for the last four months. Why would anyone pay $80 to hear him do the exact same thing in person?

      • angelwhiteraven

        So true!

      • GGG

        For the same reason those idiots on Jersey Shore make $30K per episode – Americans are tacky.

      • T2

        whoa there GGG – a lot of us ‘Americans’ think that Jersey Shore is trash. It could NOT have helped their tourism, that’s for sure.

      • Sammy Shawn

        I think people thought his “winning” formula would rub off on them somehow. The guy is like basically the highest paid crackhead I have ever seen in my days. I think people are thinking how can I get some of that. Like maybe he has the winning secret to success. I feel like people that bought tickets are pretty silly. Charlie calling them out in Detroit was just honest. You paid your hard earned money to see a show and you didnt know what it was about. Just ridiculous.

  • kcusick

    Charlie sure had an eventful weekend, but not nearly as busy as Southwest Airlines’. We’ve got it all covered at The Loop Now, along with the usual daily collection of mirth, whimsy and the truthy, now-almost-ancient “Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen.”

  • TQB

    Can we call it his “Steaming Pile of Truth” show now?

  • Ziggy

    The scalpers really got screwed. Nobody wants to see the “Violent Tornado of Douche”

    • Jay

      The only true justice to come out of all this!

      • Ziggy

        Agreed, they can eat it.

  • anony

    no matter how much money he has, he’s still a loser. he also needs to get professional help.

  • Mike

    For some people ANY attention they can get is enough to satisfy them. Even it it’s negative(ie Carlos Esteves aka Charlie Sheen’s) case. The ONLY one decent flick I’ve ever seen him in was Platoon. His career is CTD. Ya Think?

    • susan

      Wall St, Major League, Hotshots…

    • tom in Canada

      Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

  • Farooq

    Where did you learn English, Jeff?

  • Carol

    He is in career-meltdown and when he bottoms out,somebody better put him 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH.

    • susan

      You’re a fool. He’s not melting down, and he’s not going to commit suicide. He is the kind of person who can turn a bad situation around and come out on top.

      • jackie719

        I agree with u susan

      • Mike

        The only way he’ll come out on top is if he gets off drugs. Otherwise, he’ll come out dead.

      • Alison

        Susan, I suggest you look up the word “denial” in the dictionary. How people like you can repeatedly defend the walking nightmare that is Charlie Sheen continues to befuddle me.

  • wayne

    I wouldn’t go see if if he paid me
    a friggin loser doper

  • Carol

    Soon – somebody better put him 24/7 SUICIDE WATCH.

  • wayne

    I wouldn’t go see him if he paid me he is a frigging doper loser

    • susan

      You watch druggies everyday on TV and in movies. You just don’t know it.

      • migs

        Yeah but any normal person tries to hide it not go on a tour to promote it

  • cameobrooch

    Although the Chicago show was more successful, it didn’t sound as if Mr. Sheen was sharing anything new or earth-shattering. I imagine that, as news of the show’s content is reported, interest will diminish among all but the most hardcore of fans.

  • DC2Truckee

    I wonder how much Charlie’s handlers had to pay (or trade) People mag and EW mag to publish a less than scathing review.

    Can somebody tell me what this show is about? Besides him spewing anger and traipsing his (hoes) Goddesses and their skanky selves around the country what is the point?

    Look, this guy is a loser, he is not funny and his brain is clearly addled. Don’t feed the beast.

  • Ken (from London)

    Leave it to Americans to waste their money on this pile of cr@p. Yankee Doodle dog cr@p!

    • John

      Because nothing says being thrifty than footing the bill for your inbred royals?

      • TQB

        ooo, burn on Ken!

    • Petra

      Not all of us, mate!

    • Lisa Simpson

      To be fair, he is planning some shows in Canada. And not many Americans are going to these shows, in case you missed the point of the article.

    • Mandy

      You dolts in England aren’t any better for willing to shell out $15+ for a tacky tea cup or tea cozy with the images of William and Kate on it. So get off your high horse.

  • Time out

    He should be doing stand-up at the funeral parlor.

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