Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

Stephen Colbert swung by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform Rebecca Black’s”Friday,” following through on a bargain he struck with Fallon earlier in the week. (Fallon had held up his end by successfully raising $26,000 for Donors Choose. Which, when you think about it, means that Rebecca Black has evolved in the span of a fortnight from “adorable national punchline” to “legitimate force for good in the world.” Hey, what did you do with your last fortnight?) The performance is, in a word, fun. In four words: Fun fun fun fun! Colbert croons the opening lines, alone on a darkened stage in a Dean Martin-worthy tuxedo. Then the Roots strike up and make “Friday” sound like a funky-kinetic anthem for a generation that hasn’t been invented yet. And look, fireworks! A surprise appearance by a former American Idol! Who plays the harmonica! Jimmy Fallon sings a verse with ironic auto-tune! And that’s about when the Knicks City Dancers appear. Check out the video after the jump…

What do you think, PopWatchers? Better than the original? Think it would’ve been more fun with David Cook? Will “Friday” someday compete with the Beatles’ “Yesterday” for most-covered song ever?

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  • Johnification

    I was thinking the exact same thing…$26,000 later (plus a matching gift from NBC!), at what point does ‘Friday’ stop being evil and start being a thing that we’re genuinely glad happened? The answer was apparently this video. Seriously sat there watching with a huge, stupid grin on my face the whole, laughing equally in disbelief and pure joy.

    All I can say, I guess, is that we, we so excited.

    • Samantha

      Franich is pathetic. Nobody give’s a rat’s about this BS.

      • K

        That’s incredibly rude. Do you know the guy personally? Also, I give a rat’s booty about this BS. Did you watch the performance? It was awesome and, as mentioned in the article – FUN. It became a joyous celebration song and the stupidity of the lyrics ceased to matter in the slightest. I was pretty amazed with how this version of a crappy song made me want to fist pump along with them every time they said “YEAH!”

      • Jo

        Wow Samantha — what a pathetic post. Did Darren kick your puppy once or are you just one of those little people who feels better by posting inane comments. I am going for the latter. Like K, I care for this BS and think it’s great that two comedians banded together to raise money for a decent cause…and made it fun and entertaining at the same time. I doubt you can say you’ve accomplished the same.

      • Pillow Pants

        Samantha doesn’t care about charity and considers it BS. GG, Samantha.

      • Slugs

        Sounds like Samantha needs to shave her pits and stop hating so much. Somebody will love you someday. Try getting a cat.

      • Emma

        Jeez, hate much? This is my favorite cover of the song. AND it’s for charity. Two hilarious comedians, singing a hilarious song, for a good cause. Can’t get much better, except for maybe the Colbert-Stewart Rally… THAT was fun. I was actually there for that.:)

    • Color Me Impressed

      This just totally made my day! Awesome! And no, Taylor Hicks was perfect because he was so unexpected, seeing as no one has heard from him in about 4 years.

      • Roy

        On top of which, Jimmy has a recurring Taylor Hicks line of jokes, among which he talks of how much money he lost investing in “Soul Patrol” sweatshirts.

    • ice

      And, as usual, this page is useless for EW subscribers who don’t live the US.

      • am

        just try youtube

      • seymour

        Don’t do it! The original will make your ears bleed. This one was hilarious in a good way though (it was awesome that Jimmy Fallon synthesized his voice so he sounded more like the girl in the original).

        The best take off is Conan’s Thursday though. It’s hilarious.

      • Emma

        I agree with seymour! Don’t watch it with out a bucket and a doctor near by. Also, don’t eat before you watch it.

    • ChaCha

      This was definitely waaaay better than the original recording of the song. I, too, had a delighted grin on my face while watching it. Oh, and Samantha needs to crawl back under her slimy rock and stay there–no one wants to know what’s on her puny mind.

    • Kate

      They should release this version as a single to further benefit the charity. I hate the original but I would totally buy this one!

      • Amy

        I hate the original version, but I can’t stop humming the Fallon/Colbert/Hicks version. Please put this on iTunes!
        Also, I thought the beginning part was a nod to William Shatner, since he wore a tux and spoke/sang most of the lyrics to the songs that he sang. But I could be wrong.

    • Rush

      Why is everything backwards?

  • TopherGracesucks

    Even I can back off thoughts on the awfulness of Topher Grace to recognize this as one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

    • Josh

      Wait, what?

    • Ace

      *dies of shock*

    • BB89

      Wow, Samantha, someone needs a nap!
      This was definitely better than the orginal, because I can actually listen to it more than once, it doesn’t make me cringe, it’s for a good cause, and I get to hear Stephen sing <3

  • Joe

    Stephen is amazing!

    • Suzanne

      So’s Jimmy. And Taylor Hicks was great for this bit. Fabulous.

    • Mike


  • dee

    This is leagues better than the original. Can we just pretend now that the other one doesn’t exist?

    • balabat

      But if the original didn’t exist, then THIS awesome sauce wouldn’t exist, either.

      • Jimmy

        Whoa…you just blew my pants off! Mindfcking!

      • Emma

        omigod, Parks and Rec reference! You rock!:D

  • celeste

    This was awesome… kudos for the late night people for comming with the idea, and Colbert, Fallon, and all the people that played alone with it…

  • Joslyn

    Well to answer your question, yes, David Cook makes everything better but that aside, this was pretty great. Definitely the best thing Taylor Hicks has ever done.

    • Aimzee

      David Cook is an excellent singer, but Taylor Hicks is a fantastic entertainer – absolutely perfect for the number! He was having so much fun, it made it even better. All three sold the number. Bravo!

  • sara

    I am not going to be able to get this out of my head all day, am I?

    Partying, partying… yeah!

    • Kim E

      FUN FUN FUN!

  • Scott

    I didn’t really have any opinion about the original, but this version is stupid…and infectiously awesome.

  • Jasmine

    I’m surprised the whole studio didn’t collapse due to too much AWESOME.

    • JC

      Yes. Yes. Yes. Great comment.

    • meg

      great comment–& great cover! I think JF & SC should be BFFs forever.

  • Maria

    Oh heck, I deliberately avoided watching that “Friday” video because it bugs me when stupid people become famous for doing stupid things, but as always, Jimmy Fallon makes it all better.

  • Karen

    Jimmy Fallon does the best musical numbers.

  • snyc

    This is awesome. But what’s up with the guy in the background dancing in his underwear?

  • Jessica

    I thought it was awesome. I love Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and the Roots, so of course it was a great performance. As far as if David Cook could have been better, no he couldn’t. The reason they chose Taylor Hicks was it was a reference to a discussion between Jimmy and Higgins from a show from a couple of nights ago, which is also why Jimmy was wearing a hypercolor soul patrol sweat shirt. Hilarious!

    • XD

      All that was missing was the Sanjaya hair extensions ;D

    • Ana

      Oh the hyper colored soul patrol sweat shirt killed me! Could not stop laughing at actually seeing Jimmy wearing one, after all the talk this week.

  • ZF

    Does anyone know what the QR code goes to?

    • Jessica

      Also from a previous show where Jimmmy held up a QR code for the band Odd Future rather than holding up there album cover.

      • XD

        Actually, the QR code leads to a special thank you video from Jimmy, and in that video he holds up another QR code that leads to another video, and in that other video there’s a QR code that leads to a final video. Excellent use of the technology, IMO.

      • fejimanz

        could you post the links to the QR stuff? i got the first one, but the second one isn’t scanning into my android app… it would be much appreciated…

  • Royalwe1

    Is the Fallon/Colbert version available on iTunes yet?? It was truly amazing and much better than the original.

    • LOL

      EPIC! Loved it.

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