'RuPaul's Drag Race': A super-sad elimination. Plus, A Poll: Which queen should return next week?


The constant bitchiness of drag queens never ceases to amaze me. It was but a few minutes into last night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race that found the increasingly nasty Manila Luzon sniping about last week’s sashayer Carmen Carrera: “In the workroom today, there’s a huge, huge void,” Manila started, sounding like she was going to lament Carmen’s exit. But then she brought it home: “That used to be taken up by Carmen’s giant a–.” Zing! Yes, and we’re off at the Race.

Last night’s theme? Hair. “It just takes one bad blowout,” Ru warned the five remaining queens — Shangela, Raja, Manila Luzon, Alexis Mateo, and Yara Sofia. “You could be hair today, gone tomorrow.” The mini challenge required the gals to create a headpiece out of materials, as Ru put it, “swiped from the gay beach,” in just 20 minutes. The whole exercise didn’t yield anything too delicious, except for a hilarious one-liner from Ru responding to Raja’s crab-inspired headdress. “Now have you had crabs before?” she asked him. “Yah, I actually pulled these right out of my panties,” shot back Raja, who also took home the win during the challenge.

The main challenge was an “opportunity to really wig out!” Ru told the gals: Create three distinct hairstyles, one classic look from another era; a modern look worthy of a red carpet; and one far-out fantasy hair extravaganza. Yara spent a little time seemingly stealing ideas from other girls in the workroom; ‘fros proved their popularity, as always; and Ru told Alexis, who was creating what she thought was a look from the 1940s for her classic look, “Now, during the ’40s there was a rationing on latex titties.” I challenge you to try not to laugh during this show.

Then came the surprise: Ru forgot to tell the queens that they also had to create a look that was built entirely of hair. Genius! “Listen, the competition is getting really hairy in here,” Ru said, in a twist on her usual bon mot, “so don’t f— it up!” The gals went to work. So much to do, they’re spiraling out of control! During this timeframe, though, the most hilarious question was posed by Manila: “If you guys had a chance to kill one of the other queens in this competition, who would it be?” Only Alexis replied: Yara was her answer. Why? Who knows. Maybe because she got a reprieve two weeks ago?

During makeup time, Shanglea provided the comedy, during a conversation about whether everyone should be able to do drag. “I think everybody should have the right to do drag if they want to,” she said. “Even if they look busted!” It’s that self-deprecation that really sucks me into Shangela, I think? Maybe? Yes.

I don’t usually comment on the judges too much, but Wayne Brady? Really? Why? Love the guy, but like, he’s so random for Drag Race. I will say, however, that he was pretty good, especially when all that stuff came up about Yara looking like a Who from a Dr. Seuss book. “A Who ho!” said Ru. Santino returned, in a big ol’ hat, and added a great line about Alexis Mateo’s extravaganza look: “The hair was kind of budget RuPaul.” That’s already a classic in my mind.

The other guest judge was American Idol winner Fantasia. (In case you wondering why she was there, her VH1 reality show Fantasia For Real is produced by World of Wonder, the same production company that produces Drag Race. The nice word for it is: synergy!) She didn’t provide much beyond the lip-sync-for-your-life song of “Even Angels,” but Michelle Visage, after last week’s boobie-viewing, offered up a few good moments. My fave is when she dinged Alexis at that 1940s look I mentioned above. “That ’40s look? There was nothing ’40s about it. Maybe 40 dollars!” Ouch. I actually sort of feel like a $40 would be a rather big budget for a look on this runway? Or am I crazy?

Yara inexplicably won the night, it seems maybe because of her Who-inspired look and probably because she hadn’t won a challenge yet this season. (Or maybe because Raja can’t win them all?) And then up for elimination were Shangela and Alexis Mateo. “Wow, I’m back here again,” said Shangela. The lip-sync — again, it was to Fantasia’s “Even Angels” — was kinda boring. Shangela tore off her wig, bringing that old Drag Race trope back to the forefront, but ultimately she went home: “Shangela, no one can say you didn’t try your hardest, and it’s that drive that will take you far,” Ru told her in a farewell moment. “Live your dreams, mama. Now, sashay away.”

To her credit, Shangela kept her head held up: “It’s a sad feeling because I definitely came back into this competition wanting to win. And it’s not been easy, but I’m leaving a winner,” Shangela said. “And it’s just a lesson for everyone who’s ever wanted to pursue a dream they’ve had. Live your passion, and live it to the fullest. Halle-lou!” Shangela: You will certainly be missed, by me, at least.

I mentioned her self-deprecation earlier, but I think what I loved about Shangela was what she got to here in her final quote: Like, Shangela was totally, for real trying. She wanted to do drag, despite not being the best at it, despite having the judges discuss her “5 o’clock shadow,” despite most of the other queens being nasty to her. She was real and true and just a hell of a lot of fun. And she had a fun catch prhase: “Halle-lou!” Indeed. I pulled photos (see: above) of the never-palsy Shangela and Raja right after the elimination news was announced. Look at Shangela looking happy, and Raja, wearing a totally evil grin. I’m sad to see this played-up-for-the-camera drama to go, but more sad to see Shangela sashay away.

Finally, in the bombshell of the night, RuPaul announced that next week, one queen will return. (And raising the question: Will this season ever end?!) So, now we’re all wondering: Who will it be? Honestly, there are so many directions Ru and the producers could go with adding someone back in. But likely, methinks it’ll be one of the three big girls — or even Shangela herself. (What a twist that would be!) So in the meantime, while we all ponder, why don’t you readers vote for who you would like to see return next week in our nifty poll? Do it here:

Did you vote? Good! Vote again! And then sound off about the episode: What are your thoughts on the Final Four? Who are you rooting for to win? Tell me in the comments below, please! Halle-lou!

Tanner on Twitter: @EWTanStransky

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  • Joe

    Hey Tanner,

    Thanks for doing a write-up. Sadly there are few places online to comment on such a fun show.

    I actually can’t really stand Shangela. I think you are right that in some ways she is real, in that she isn’t innately talented in the arts of drag, but has other talents she folds in to make a herself a fun entertainer. I find her schtick grating, though, and her more-innocent-than-them attitude is really off-putting.

    This season doesn’t have the personalities to love like last season, so even though I love Raja’s looks and and approach (and by god she better win this), I don’t necessarily root for her and cherish her victories like I did with Pandora Boxx or Juju Bee last season.

    if you see this comment, you might want to fix a few of your typos. You have one instead of won for Yara and you said Raja can’t wint them all.

    • Lylith

      When Ru said that Shangela didn’t know how to blend make up, that should have decided it for all of us lay people. This is for $50,000 folks, and the BEST PACKAGE should win. Shangela is not even close, and this is her second try!

      • Larry McD

        Halle Lou!

      • john martin

        Actually, its for $75,000 and Shan doesn’t know how to do drag but she is great character. She thinks she is Nancy Drew but she is actually Nancy Grace.

      • Rowzdower

        Halle Berry Mary Lou Retton

      • Marty

        It’s $75,000 and yes Lylith, Shangela was given a second try and still couldn’t even make top 3! Can’t take a course on sewing, can’t do makeup and blend (sad that even RuPaul had to call her out on that!),can’t blend a wig in and can’t design a decent outfit or wig!

      • Aitu4

        why isn’t carmen on this poll?

        I want delta to come back anyway, but your poll is busted.

        raja ftw!

    • Winnie

      I agree on the limited places to get a review/recap for RuPaul’s Drag Race – I’m glad I can find it here on EW!

      I think Carmen C. is coming back based on Michelle Visage’s tears the prior week. I’d rather it be one of the earlier girls eliminated. I used to root for Delta Work, but I felt she was eliminated at the right time.

      • Winnie

        Oh, and I love Shangela and that she came back, but I did think that she was given enough chances. I will miss her personality and refusal to let other people try to define drag as “anything but her”, but was sad in a way that she was gone, but not in the context of the best Queen winning.

    • Tim

      I disagree. Shangela was my favourite. I can’t stand how the judges always favour Raja because she knows people in the business. I also can’t stand how obvious they are all cheering for Team Looks. Like when Michelle Visage cryied last week after Carmen’s got eliminated or when she defended Manila’s horrendous “oscar” look while destryoing Shangela’s and Alexis’s.

      I hope either Alexis or Yara win the final. As Pandora Boxx said, you can always hire someone to take care of your looks, but you cannot do the same with talent and personality.

      • Josh

        I thought Shangela lacked in the personality department the most.

  • Brian

    How did Yara NOT deserve to win the challenge?? ALL of her looks were amazing. She LOOKS like a beautiful woman, not like Raja who consistently looks like a rip-off of party-monster Michael Alig. Yara used hair to create her hair-dress. Raja used material… CHEAT.

    • Westley

      Really??? If I see another “RAJA CHEATED!!!!!!11!!!!eleven!!!!” comment, I am going to go crazy. If Raja cheated with the tulle, which is used as support, then Shangela cheated too because I know those cones on her head were not made of hair either. God. To hell with all the Raja haters, who only hate her because of the Heathers thing and because she exudes confidence. Raja haters are truly jealous of her boogie. Raja better win. And Shangela better not come back next week. And I am such a fail for caring so much about this highly-edited, highly entertaining show. lol

      • ToddDC

        I am of the opposite opinion of the Raja cheated thing in that they didn’t say the wig look had to be made entirely of hair…just the outfit created – that’s where the whole cheated thing comes from…and yes I too am a fail for caring so much about this show!! All I have to say is BRAVO to the editors as well…they have really played up the drama between the contestants!

      • Jaysson

        The challenge was to make a dress entirely of hair. The headpiece (wig) could include whatever to make it extravagant. Including fabric in the dress is cheating

      • Rob

        So the bra’s and undergarments the other girls glued the hair to was cheating also? I mean honestly, if you don’t care for someone, keep it “REAL” and just say it. The conspiracy theory is tired.

      • James

        No, I hate Raja because he’s a nasty OLD, bitter queen who can’t help but look like a big old frankenstein man in drag. Plus that bell’s palsy face of his…

      • Westley

        @James You’re completely wrong about Raja. Raja is too REFINED to be the way you think she is. What the hell are you seeing that I’m not? What are you basing your opinions on?

      • happy buddha

        All the girls had material on their dresses as they all had corsets on. That clip on untucked was completely misleading — Yara was taking offense at Raja saying she “made” the material from the wigs on the runway & saying “no, she used tulle” on it. NOT that she wasn’t allowed to use supporting materials with the hair. Because she WAS allowed to do that, as her reaction showed. Now Shangela, OTOH, wanted to create drama about it (which is her M.O.) and did. But I note that for all her smack talking about Raja in the confessionals she didn’t say to Raja “you weren’t supposed to use tulle” because that was NOT the rule. Raja’s reaction when she was explaining what she did with the left over pieces of hair shows that. Raja is almost as good of a queen as Nina Flowers (and that is a massive compliment in my book). People who like Shangela with her busted hair, make up & clothes really do not have an understanding of what drag is.

      • john martin

        I was so impressed with Alexis’ performance last night that I had to look up some other youtube vids and came away beleiving that Alexis and Manilla will be battling for the title. Raja is a make up artist and does a great job but check out his videos and you will be underwhelmed. The other two are stellar performers and the contest is not about who can sew and do makeup. They HAVE to be able to lip synch for their LIFE. As Manilla so aptly commented,” Alexis was feeling it with her body, it was timeless… it was beautiful.” This is one of the all time best lip synchs on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

      • Tim

        You can go crazy all you want, but the reality is that Raja cheated.

    • Tonic

      They ALL used material for their dresses – do you think that hair stayed on their ‘breasts’ on it’s own? It was glued to existing garments.

      • AXEL

        Love Love Raja….He knows how to WORK!

    • Karmaapple

      Exactly. Who wrote this article, Shangela herself??

      • Tyler

        Ha. Totally, right? Who really likes Shangela that much?!?!?!

      • Marty

        Yeah why is this writer such a Shangela fan???

      • lorelei

        @tyler: I do! She is talented and entertaining and fun. I don’t think she is a dyed-in-the-wool drag queen, and I don’t think she wants to be. I think RPDR is a means to an end. Hats off!

        I love the show, and how fabulous is it that EW is reviewing RPDR!!! I have been watching since the first season. I am not alone!

      • sarah

        srsly. and 30% support her coming back?

        people, contestants usually get 1 shot at the prize. she got TWO. 3 would be insane.

        and carmen’s missing from the poll.

    • LadyG

      @James I totally agree with your comments regarding Raja looking like Frankenstein in drag. Most of the other queens undergo a transformation phase in which they look like a man or boy out of drag and then, when they apply the makeup, the hair, the costumes, “BAM!!” (to quote Alexis) all of a sudden you see a woman before you, a feminine creature inhabiting the body the masculine one did a few hours ago. That’s the illusion… I get no such illusion with Raja, however. To me, he never really makes the full metamorphosis into a female. Perhaps it’s his voice, or his nose, or his other angular features… Maybe he’s too tall and skinny, and some padding to add feminine softness would do it, I don’t know. If I were to see him out in drag somewhere, I would not have to look twice before making him as a man in a dress, whereas with the others, they would probably fool me and I would assume they were female.

      • lorelei

        I don’t know what the problem is, but “tall and skinny” it’s NOT. He’s the same height and weight as RuPaul, who is 6’5″. RuPaul looks like a man out of drag and like a woman —a 6’9″ woman (assuming 4″ heels)— in drag.

      • Mary Sue

        Whatever. Who along the line said that ALL drag queens need to look like they are competing for Miss Puerto Rico in the Miss Universe pageant? NO BODY, that’s who. Raja is FIERCE in her OWN way and while she may not look like a female impersonator (which is a whole different thing), she plays with gender just like the rest of them. Sheesh – I am so OVER all you freaks that insist that every contestant on this show needs to look like fish. GET OVER IT!

    • lorelei

      Ru is looking for someone like himself, a Glamazon with great charm, wit, and style. Tyra Sanchez has the charm and style (or had it before the ice blue contacts and huge fake boobs, which I don’t even like on genetic females), but the wit comes and goes. Raja has the style, but the charm is totally lacking, and wit–not really. Manila is not for me. Mariah was flat out beautiful, but something of a blank slate. This season, I would vote for Alexis. She is beautiful, charming, and she gets a zinger off every now and then.

      • Mary Sue

        And how exactly do YOU know what Ru is looking for? Sorry, but if Raja wasn’t what Ru was looking for she never would have made it on the show.

      • Blame Leno

        sheesh Mary Sue calm down. She is stating what Ru states EVERY week, “nerve, uniqueness, and talent” but it’s no secret he wants performers not just a look. Just look at who he’s picked each year. I am not against Raja BUT after looking at some old episodes she lacks that clever wit the lorelei mentioned. The top 3 last year were more fun than any of these girls. The were STARS! Can Raja work the runway? yes! Is Raja creative and good at design and makeup? yes! Is Raja witty and effortlessy funny? hmmmmm yeah see that’s where I’m on the fence. After watching an old ep. even Raven with her cattiness had a charm about her. The other Tyra was FUNNY in a dry sort of way and made an impact on that runway. They were STARS not just models. I haven’t decide if Raja is truly a star. Can she wow me with her performance?…..I just haven’t seen it yet and I want it all.

      • Josh

        I don’t think Ru has chosen the right winner the past two seasons. No reason she should start now-it’ll be Raja. And we’ll never hear of her again.

    • Putri

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  • Kemida

    Raja threatened to leave the show if judges brought Shangela back.

    So I suspect the judges are going to do just that.

    Ru is certainly teasing the contestants this year.

    I wonder how the other girls would react to the second coming of Shangela. Third coming if you count last season.

    Another possibility is the judges might want to see how the remaining contestants perform without Shangela sucking all of the oxygen out of the room.

    Bringing back Carmen Carrera would be a bizarre twist.

    It also seem far fetched given her condescending attitude and half hearted performances in the episodes leading up to her elimination.

    Ru did say he believes in her and if Ru has some sort of project planned for the finalists that Carmen Carrera could have a part in, then I could see it happening.

    Personally, I think Carmen just got tired of hearing Raja and Shangela run their mouths all of the time.

    Bringing back Stacy Layne Matthews is another possibility that would probably send Raja into fits of rage and disgust.

    • Billl

      Why isn’t Carmen on our Vote List?

      • carmen?

        agreed, where is carmen!!

      • Sara

        Because she’s too boring for t.v.

    • Teresa

      I don’t think Raja would care one way or another if Stacy Layne Matthews came back. I like Stacy a lot, but I don’t think she’s any competition for the remaining queens.

      I think the only queen Raja wouldn’t welcome back with open arms is Shangela. And that’s because it was so intensely personal and unpleasant between them. She seemed friendly enough with everyone else, including Stacy.

  • Sue Ann Nivens

    I know. Shame on ET~! We all don’t watch Glee and relate to High Schoolers, or The L Word, or the Lipstick Lezzies on Greys. This is the first EW writeup I’ve seen of Drag Race in a long time, unless their buried. But every other waste of time…I mean “reality show” gets their coverage and place in the current “index.” Anyhoo…If Raja doesn’t win this I’ll be disappointed. She’s surely the most creative of the remaining queens, and IMHO, of all of this seasons cast. From the first show. I have a feeling it will be Delta Work (who I don’t really like and don’t think she could or should ever win) or the devil, Shangela back for the (well HER) 3rd chance. To bring her back a third time, I’m beginning to think maybe she has some backdoor deal with Ru. She’s not a good Drag Qoueen, I’ve had it with her “keepin’it real” crap, which is ajust her excuse to show us how funny, sharp, shady, and “sickening” she is. She’s just not ready. She’s sharp, but not beautiful. Her drag is poorly conceived, her hair and make-up just poor. (Look at Raven, Raja, Bebe, Shannel, Nina. THEY were magicians. I could hardly wait to see what they would look like….what they would create. Miss Shangela might be perfectly cool, but in her “Shangela” role, she doesn’t represent any queens I know. (Though the soiled clothes being retured to Raja sounds familiar.) She would be the worse choice since Tyra Sanchez. (Have you seen Tyra’s Absolute commercial? They have to string the words together in 2 second edits. She can barely speak in complete sentences.) So…Go Raja! Go home (and stay home) Shangela!

    • Buffy Freak

      There is a Drag Race write up every week.

    • Edmund

      Tyra can speak in complete sentences! Jeremiah, get your bookbag!

      • Mahamd

        This is the first season I have watehcd Ru Paul’s Drag Race,in the beginning it was one of the most entertaining shows I had watehcd in a long time,but the judges have gotten so mean with their comments,such as one showing her own boob job to make a point has taken wind out of these girls performances.These are performers,I love it when they take it over the top with the boobs,and the strip hop,Alexis rocked in her hip hop performance.Last week Ru,you were spot on Yara’s hair performance was great.This week I think Alexis and her sister got robbed.Carmen coming back was a waste of time,other than to bring Raja down to her level.Lip sinc?More like strip sinc!It didn’t seem like Raja knew the song very well.

  • Perfida Limpin

    I wonder what happened to the objective & fun-to-read writer who calls himself Tanner Stransky. Manila Luzon’ increasingly nasty? She & Carmen are both Heathers & Manila always jokes about her body. They’re such good pals that Carmen never thought twice about passing gas in her company a few times. If there’s anybody nasty in this batch, it’s actually can-do-no-wrong, holier-than-thou, lend-me-a-hand-but-I’m-busy-to-help-you Shangela. And why isn’t Carmen on the list of returning queen? What’s up with that?

    • Blake

      Agree Perfida totally! Tanner is wrote the article and is choosing sides and assumes the rest of us agree, which is not so!

      • BenG

        Dude, as a reviewer they are entitled to their opinion just as much as you are. If you want an impartial, boring recap of the episode what’s the point?

    • comixchick

      I agree with Tanner; Manila is turning into a right beyatch.

      • Tyler

        Manila was hilarious. I would have a REALLY hard time dealing with Shangela’s nonsense every day if I were in that contest.

      • Marty

        It’s Alexis turning mean and evil wanting to be like her friend Shangela. Look at Alexis’ face in Untucked when Shangela talks about Raja’s dress. It’s like Alexis lives vicariously through Shangela.

      • lorelei

        I think Alexis is very cute. I love her smile, and she has a great sense of humor. Her style leaves something to be desired, though.

  • amelia in portland

    I’m always on EW and this is the FIRST recap of RuPauls Drag Race..WT? THE BEST competition on television. I love Shangela and will really miss her. My fav to come back? Carmen! Who do I want to win? Alexis! Bam! Raja may have great talent but she is so bitter. Love all the ladies but Alexis needs to bring it home. I really would hate to see Delta come back….her fashion sense is horrific.

    • Buffy Freak

      Wrong…there is a recap every week.

      • lenscrafter

        They are kind of buried though, Buffy. I’ve come hunting. I found one link at the bottom of the front page a few weeks ago, this was the most prominent link the write up I’ve seen so far. I think people are trying to say, how come it’s not a screen grab up in the scrawl like they do for DWTS or AI–I think this show deserves some attention!

      • Buffy Freak

        It’sa always the first post when I come here on Tueday mornings in the From Our Blogs section just under the Latest Headlines box. and if you search “RuPaul” all the prior recaps will come up…

    • lorelei

      I think the question is: why isn’t it listed in the recaps? Why do we have hunt for it? I hope EW does not think it is catering to the moral majority; I am moral and I love RuPaul’s Drag Race.

      • AlejandrOo

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  • DiMi

    I loved Shangela.
    1. I really adored how much she supported Stacy Lane (Bryant) Matthews; Shangela helped her rethink her character and Stacy won that week.

    2. I also liked the classy way she critiqued Manila for
    promoting stereotypes of Asian Americans. She was elegant but firm about it saying that it made her “uncomfortable.” I loved that.

    • AdamA

      Classy? She pretty much called her a racist. But perhaps worse than being tactless, it was DUMB. If you can’t conceive of how a Filipino-American might have been the target of broader Asian stereotype, and therefore be in a position to use that stereotype as a reference point for her drag, then you are as dumb as a box of rocks. Or just viciously spiteful. Given that Shangela’s reference points for country were Jessica Simpson and Shania Twain (in a challenge where Ru said that a knowledge of history would help the queens win), I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s the former: DUMB.

      • Starrbooty


      • Threatdown

        Agreed with your point, but that he points of reference were Carrie Underwood and somehow Jessica Simpson was the old school country? Which mmmkay.

      • Era

        You know what? All asian-american cultures are not the same. And as a chinese-american Manila did make me a little uncomfortable.

      • AdamA

        Of course they are not all the same. It’s the belief that all Asian cultures are the same that would result in Manila being the target of a Chinese stereotype–that’s my point. (Also, drag should make everyone uncomfortable at some point, or else what is it?)

      • lorelei

        I object! Who in country music today is channeling Patsy Cline or Porter Waggoner? NO ONE!! Country music today is Shania Twain, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood. Yes, I know WAY too much about country music. My uncle was a serious fan.

    • Rob

      Shangela was so offended that Manila “played” an asian stereotype yet was all for Stacy putting on Black face to play Monique when Stacy isn’t African American, she is Native America. Really? Shangela doesn’t like it when people she doesn’t like do well in challenges and that is her true issue. Keep it “real”.

      • Tam

        But as Shangela pointed out, Manila “played” an Asian stereotype in almost every challenge up to that point, not just the Snatch Game. It was a bit offensive.

      • Threatdown

        Manila didn’t just play Asian in almost every challenge. She only really did it in two. She wasn’t Asian in the space one, exercise one, the music one, etc. So yeah, that’s just more shade by Shangela to justify her hypocrisy.

      • Mei

        Tam, I’m Asian and I thought it was offensive that people were offended by a couple of Asian stereotypes. It’s drag; it’s supposed to be politically incorrect. She’s obviously otherwise proud of her heritage. (That Filipino flag dress! Adorable!)

      • Teresa

        I’m one quarter Filipino and I totally get how Manila is approaching the Asian stereotypes. And I get her dismay when the judges last week indicated she should stick to an Asian look (even if that wasn’t exactly what they were saying).

        What really gets me is that people seem to get more offended when an Asian plays with Asian stereotypes than when a non-Asian does it.

    • bevvie

      Can’t stand Manila. Evil looking wench!

    • Blake

      She complained about Manila being a stereotype, but in that Orbitz commercial Shangela talks about ordering ribs! Hypocrite!

    • Maggie

      Funny how her delicate sensibilities didn’t flutter their elegant little eyelashes about her own Pimp-n-Ho routine just days later in the standup challenge. No stereotypes there….

      • ali

        DJ Pierce also does racial stereotypes in his standup. Go youTube it and you’ll see.

  • calebin2004

    As I always say YARA SOFIA for the win …shell win next challenge too so YARA ECHA PA LANTE

  • Tony

    I have watched this show since its inception, and this is without question the worst season of this show. I could care less who wins it this season, because none of these contestants are inspiring anybody. Even though I won’t argue with the fact that Raja is good, she doesn’t inspire me to root for her. The personalities this year are utterly disappointing. There’s an element of “been there, done that” with Raja because of her modeling/makeup experience, and though some of her looks have been great, she still sounds like a man when she speaks while impersonating a woman, and that isn’t a good thing when you’re a drag queen, folks (and Tyra won the show last year in spite of this).

    The problem this year has been that the contestants that were actually the most entertaining to watch (Stacy and Mimi come to mind) were clearly not the best queens, so once you got past those eliminations, you’ve been left with bland personalities in the final few. I know it’s supposed to be funny when Yara and Alexis say something in broken English (more Yara, really), but that act has kind of become stale (they’ve done it each season, after all). Manila’s schtick is outrageous and it would be nice if she were actually funny, but she isn’t and hasn’t been all season, which I suppose is why the outrageous Michelle Visage likes her. The personalities have been bland for a couple of weeks now, which is probably why Ru and/or the producers decided to infuse some of it back into the show starting next week. And for this reason, I think the person coming back won’t be somebody like Shangela or Carmen, but somebody like Stacy or Delta or even Mimi. I say, bring back Stacy. She wore a tight bodysuit during a couture challenge, for heaven’s sake…now THAT was entertaining television!

    • Melly

      Yes! I would love to see SLBM make a comeback and show the Heathers what’s up.

    • amelia in portland

      Yeah that was funny but really, the only people I see wearing craziness like that is from my quarerly email “What People Wear To Walmart”.

    • Char

      I totally agree, this season has been the hardest one to pick a favorite. I liked Raja in the beginning, but she’s really just become nasty. Love Alexis, but then she loses confidence. Shangela is a hard read and she’s as bad a Raja, so I rooting for her was tough too. Maybe next year….

  • Starrbooty

    Seriously? You don’t know why Alexis said she’d ‘kill’ that particular queen? Watch the episode again because it was obvious Alexis chose Yara due to her horrible singing. I find it hard to believe ANYONE would be sad Shangela was kicked off. Indeed, Shangela did win me over after a couple episodes but that warm fuzzy feeling was short lived. I think most people can appreciate a little ‘constructive’ criticism, but I quickly learned that while some prefer to ‘keep it real’, Shangela is nasty for the sake of being nasty, or to simply hear the sound of her own voice; a quality I will NEVER tolerate and neither should anyone else.

    • Threatdown

      Exactly. Like how Yara just gave the very true and constructive criticism about her horrible “dress” and Shangela had to respond by insulting Yara, non-creatively. Maybe if Shangela had listened a little more about improving her looks, she wouldn’t have gone the next week.

      • Starrbooty


      • Mei

        I am so with this comment.

      • Karmaapple


  • Buffy Freak

    I can’t believe they are going to bring back any of the previously-ousted queens…none of them are deserving of a second chance. And since it might be Shangela, that would be a third chance. But sicne they are going to do it, please don’t let it be Delta…UGH!

    • MollyS

      Agreed! I can’t stand the thought of any of them coming back – they all deserved to go home when they did. I’ve been very pleased with the order of elimination up til now, so why ruin a good thing?

    • Adele

      I think it’s either going to be Delta or Mariah.

    • Tlynn

      Amen, and Amen. I cannot stand Delta Werk. At least Shangela is funny and goood TV. And that would make RAJA so mad! HA!!!

    • Mei

      I want to see Venus D-Lite come back, actually…even though her LSFYL was kinda scary, I still want to see more from her. Her trampoline pic was freaking classy.

    • AdamA

      You can see Carmen in the background of the promos for next week. UGH.

      • Marty

        Carmen??? OMG! Of all people??? I thought it would be Venus or Delta

    • Starrbooty

      I agree too, Buffy. I just want them to get on with it; it feels like they’re taking a step back instead of moving forward.

  • RuKnow!!!

    To me, Shangela was the most down-to-earth, and possibly even talented, on the show. he had to offer (i.e. comedy/humor) than just meets the eye, which leads to my critique that this show is becoming more of a ‘best dressed’ competition than anything.

    And to those griping about Sangela’s cattiness, all of them queens are catty, even more so. And a couple of them (whose names I won’t mention) are just downright mean-spirited too.

  • RuKnow!!!

    To me, Shangela was the most down-to-earth, and possibly even talented, on the show. He had more to offer (i.e. comedy/humor) than just meets the eye, which leads to my critique that this show is becoming more of a ‘best dressed’ competition than anything. And to those griping about Sangela’s cattiness, all of them queens are catty, even more so. And a couple of them (whose names I won’t mention) are just downright mean-spirited too.

  • Paul in MI

    Good riddance Shangela. The winner of this show should not have to be taught how to do her hair and makeup by the other contestants.

    Shangela also needs to work on taking criticism and stop being jealous of those with talent.

    • Ryan

      you said it Paul!

    • Sherri

      I adore you Shangela. I hope you come back.

      • Aunt Emma

        My niece and I simply adore Shangala. When she got voted off I was so pissed that I got up turned off the tv and went to bed I didn’t even watch the end of the show. After reading the updates I am thrilled that there might be a chance that Shangela or one of the other Queens might come back. So good call RuPaul.

  • Tam

    Those Heathers are biotches, period. I hope Ru brings back a booger, no matter who she is. And that Carmen – please. She was a beauty and that’s about it. zzzzzzzz. Raja is the most creative and also the biggest biotch. Maybe she should win…

    • Carla B

      Let me start by saying that I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. I have not missed one show in all 3 seasons. By far this season Shangela has been my favorite from the start. She has that never say quit attitude and I love that about her. I feel when a person is learning to do something while they are actually doing it takes alot of heart, and Shangela is right right she is competion for Raja that’s why she does not like her. I do think that Raja’s runway is super modelest definetly off the hook. That whole Heather thing is so stupid did they forget that all the heather’s in that movie die or what???? Get a freakin clue. I will say this Shangela may be gone but she will not be forgotten she has so much talent that I know we going to hear big thangs from her. HALLE LO!!!!

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