Rob Lowe spills on Charlie Sheen and the Brat Pack in 'Vanity Fair'

Rob Lowe gives a taste of his upcoming autobiography in the new issue of Vanity Fair, including his reminiscences of his early days in Hollywood palling around with Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise. “We competed to see who could play harder, then show up for work and still kick a–,” Lowe says of his hard-partying youth. So, who played harder: him or Sheen? “Charlie by a nose.”

In Lowe’s book, the actor writes that in their younger days in Malibu, Sheen was “one of a kind … a Polo preppy clotheshorse in a world of O.P. shorts and surf t-shirts” and “a wonderful mix of nerd … and rebel.” “At my house we are still saving money by not buying desserts,” comparing his life to the Sheens who lived nearby. “At Charlie’s house, it’s never-ending Häagen-Dazs, brand-new BMWs, a lagoon pool with underwater tunnels, and a lit, professional-grade basketball half-court.”

Lowe remembers hanging out with his Outsiders co-stars, Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze. He describes Swayze as “as cool as you want, wearing tight jeans and a tattered, sleeveless Harley-Davidson T-shirt revealing his massive, ripped arms. (This is his uniform, he never changes it, and if I looked like him, neither would I).”  Lowe also paints another Outsiders co-star, Matt Dillon, as a ladies’ man, picking up a young fan in the hotel lobby. He also refers to the only female star of the film, Diane Lane, as everyone’s on-set crush: “At only 16, she already seems like a legend… I watch as she breezes by with her chaperone. With all the teen testosterone on this movie, she’ll need one!” Lowe also talks about some of his early conquests, too, including Demi Moore, Nastassja Kinski, and Princess Stephanie, whom the actor recalls with “a fair amount of residual pride” had a poster of him.

Explaining how he landed in rehab after the Brat Pack boom began to wane, Lowe says, “The Brat Pack is timeless. We should all be so lucky in our lives to create things that we’re still talking about 25 years later.”

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Your favorite Brat Pack quote?

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  • tracy bluth

    I might just buy this for that cover.

    • M

      No sh*t, me too! Dang… Rob Lowe is fine.

    • sunsetsnow81

      Preach it!

    • Kenneth

      I have to give it to the man, he looks darn good to be 45 years old. Poor Charlie Sheen look to be in his early sixties. Charlie is 45 years old and they guy look awful.

    • Brooke


  • Lacy

    I love him on Parks and Rec. Hell, I love eveything about Parks and Rec.

  • Ada

    Rob Lowe has certainly aged much better than Charlie Sheen.

    • harry

      oh yes he has! Yummy!!!

      • Julianna

        Charlie has a really rock n roll star life (as it was in the Sex drog and Rock’n roll golden age where Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin or Jim Morrison ect..died..and it is a miracle that people like Marianne Faithfull, Johnny Rotten or Keith Richards are still alive) and i don’t think it is right or wrong (who am i like you by the way to judge) but it is like it is. Whereas Lowe is a boy scout (despite his sextapes beside Sheen.

      • ellie

        not sure who jimmy hendricks is… any relation to jimi hendrix?

      • Julianna

        Yeah sorry i talked of course of the great and iconic Jimi Hendrix..well it seems i was not well awake but i stand by what i said otherwise ! lol

  • Chelsea

    Wish I could say the rest of the Brat Pack looked as good.

    • whitneymuse

      Remember, Jimmy Hendricks died; OD’d. He was a great one before he went.

      • jk

        What is with more than one person misspelling Jimi Hendrix as Jimmy Hendricks? Are you morons teaming up?

  • Mr. Cairo

    Why don’t they remind us how old he is? If this story were about a woman, her age would be in the 1st paragraph.

    • Michelle

      agree. And what’s with the word “conquest” to describe him having sex with women. God!

      • DFSF

        In the context of rich, hormone-raging, Hollywood demigods in their prime, the term “conquest” hardly needs an explanation.

    • JennieO

      He’s 47, believe it or not.

  • Dana

    Love me some Soda Pop!

  • Michelle

    Good looking but also soft looking. And a not so good actor.

    • Chelsea

      I think he’s grown as an actor over the years. He was surprisingly good on The West Wing and I love him on Parks and Rec.

    • pockets

      Amazing how his sex video with an under age girl didn’t get alot of press.

      • Whitney

        Probably because it was before the Internet, don’t you think?

      • DTO

        It did. There was a time in the late ’80s up until around WAYNE’S WORLD that you barely saw him in anything b/c due to the scandal he was a little bit of a pariah. Things have obviously changed, though.

    • Allyson

      He’s hilarious on Californication! A complete WACKO!

  • IAmME

    That part in Outsiders where Soda (Rob Lowe) is taking a shower?? I’m now 40 & it has drove me crazy, how he just almosts, lowers the towel just enough…. Drove me and friends nuts since I was 13!!Drop the towel already SODA!!

    • sara

      That part drove me and friends crazy too!!

    • GHB

      Jeezus, you’re 40 and you still write like a 12-year-old?

  • Jackie

    Absolutely LOVED him in ‘The Stand’! He was just fantastic in that.

    • tracy bluth

      That was definitely the moment I said “Wait a minute, Rob Lowe can act!” And then he proved it by being hilarious on Parks and Rec.

    • Kate

      He was amazing and very moving in The Stand – one of the most righteous casting jobs ever.

      • Kenneth

        @Kate; I loved that movie, ‘The Stand’. Whatever happened to his brother Chad Lowe?

  • Iakovos

    Rob Lowe? Now he’s WINNING!

  • Mummer

    His body does not seemed to have fared badly in such a hard living/loving life. I don’t think he is much of an actor, but this cover should sell some magazines…

  • redvector

    The difference between the two of them is that Rob Lowe grew up but Charlie Sheen never did and probably never will.

    • Sisi

      The difference is maybe that Charlie did not want to play the rules, that is all. The “growing up” card is getting silly and tired when most of the time most of hollywood lala land people have also a “wild” life but hide it and play the establishment, growing up card/picture to the credule mainstream audience..wake up people. or be is as you want after

      • jk

        I really feel for the people who defend Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior as though the man is a godsend for not “playing by the rules” and is a way to justify their own terrible decisions. You guys don’t have the money, fame, or sheer luck of Charlie Sheen; if you’re living your life like he is you are a loser.

      • Alex

        What is your problem jk about how people make good or bad decisions in their life ? Who are you ? Who are you to know or to feel superior ? To make some silly superior judgements ? sheeezz and by the way you really don’t know Hollywood.

    • Brooke


  • Penny

    Yowzers. That got my attention.

  • arnold

    I actually never thought of Rob Lowe as truly handsome until I saw him on West Wing. He was always just too pretty. He needed to mature to truly grow into his good looks.

    • PMD

      That is so true. I missed most of the Brat Pack movies but have caught a few of them on cable as an adult (love St. Elmo’s Fire!!). I really only know Rob Lowe from The West Wing days and he really grew into his looks! Such a handsome man! YUMMY!

  • Karen

    Oh my, he is just beautiful. He makes me happy when he shows up on Parks & Rec.

    Yes, the man is certainly winning.

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