Charlie Sheen 'sold-out' tix plummet on online exchanges


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Charlie Sheen tweeted two weeks ago that the first two concerts from his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour sold out, reportedly in 18 minutes, but five days before the first show in Detroit, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not only are tickets are still available on Ticketmaster, but the secondary ticket market, which includes online ticket exchanges like and, has been inundated with unwanted tickets often going for less than face value.

More than 1,250 seats are available on for Saturday’s show at Detroit’s Fox Theatre, a venue that seats 5,000. That’s a quarter of the house’s seats still up for grabs, which might explain a resell price of as low as $21, less than half the face value of some tickets. “[The high resell percentage] is certainly more than we typically see,” says Joellen Ferrer, public relations manager for Stubhub. “It seems like there were some buyers who were overly optimistic about the market for Sheen tickets; the supply has definitely outpaced demand.”

So what happened to the claims of sold-out shows? Sheen’s spokesperson would not comment on the matter, but Don Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork online ticket exchange says plainly,”It is theoretically impossible for these events to be sold out if there are tickets still available [on the primary market]. That’s not what sold out means.”

By that traditional definition, though, Sheen has sold out a few venues. His first show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall is booked — unless you’re willing to drop $750 for the official Meet & Greet treatment. And Sunday’s Chicago show is technically full, though nearly a third of those seats can still be had on the secondary ticket markets. While the price-point on the online exchanges varies from city to city, the going rate for a Sheen ticket is healthier for shows further out on the horizon. “When you get down to a week or less before an event, you generally see a price drop, and that’s what you’re seeing here,” says Vaccaro. “If the first reviews are poor and bad word of mouth spreads, you could see demand dwindle down to nothing, with tickets going for a fraction of their face value.”

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  • larry

    looks like tickemaster backend deals backfired for once

    • fancypants

      good. it needs to happen more often.

    • LOL

      It’s awesome to see scalpers get burned.

      • Amy


      • Dirk

        I thought scalping was illegal. How do scalping websites stay in business?

      • Dustin Ingle

        agreed again.
        screw the scalpers.

      • Avie

        Yes. A resounding agreement there.

      • dave

        @dirk I would love to know the same thing, it’s really freaking annoying. Nice to see them get it in the @$$ for a change.

    • Tom

      It just means that now more ppl can actually afford to go. Stupid scalpers. Their loss.

  • FromChicago

    I don’t think Charlie will show….will cancel out.

    • Abe Froman

      I have said this from the beginning. Sheen is not the most reliable when it comes to professional commitments.

  • sam

    Looks like a lot of people are going to be stuck with useless tickets. Who would pay to see this guy? He has already given away everything that he has to say for free.

    • Ryan

      Right, I don’t get why people would pay to see him WTF!

      • Tom

        you don’t see him, as much as you are graced with his wizard like persona.

      • Jamie

        Tom, thank you for that.

      • Dell

        Now I’m like, well duh! Truly tahfknul for your help.

    • morgan

      I just hope you guys realize that this blog is by Entertainment Weekly, which is owned by Time-Warner, who are the ones that Charlie is fighting. Selling 4/5 of the available seats is not even close to failing. Charlie is winning EVERYTHING! The only point he was ever trying to make is that it’s no one’s business what he does in private. He ALWAYS showed up for work, and did such a good job at it that he was THE highest paid television comedy actor.

      • dm

        he always showed up for work? and you know this because you were at his work every day? stupid puppet

      • SaraJ

        Please learn to read: he’s sold 3/4 tickets, which means if you go and look across your row, for every three people there will be a missing seat. That show’s gonna suck, and the novelty is wearing off: the drug addict should get help.
        P.S. Even if he DID show up for Two and a Half Men, he did so looking like a crackpipe with no teeth.

      • Stacy

        Maybe he did show up…. Then he went on a radio show and publicly bad mouthed his bosses. I don’t care what sort of job you gave, insulting the people who pay you is just stupid and on the end that’s what did him in. Not the women beating or drug use but being a freaking idiot.

      • AB

        oh Morgan, shut up. Grow up. get out of the basement once in a while, will you?

    • Kurt

      By the same token, Sam, you’ve already heard every song a band has to play, yet you still go to a concert. It’s about the experience of seeing someone live. Personally, I’m not a Charlie Sheen fan, but I think seeing him “perform” could be interesting, from a train wreck perspective. I’m not paying for tickets, but if I got free tickets and it was in my area, I’d certainly consider going.

  • fancypants

    Secondary ticket markets are such scams. It’s unfair that people buy up all the tickets when they first go on sale and then resell them to people for astronomical prices. I saw Denzel on Broadway in Fences and paid $240 for a ticket that was $43 (the original price was still on the ticket). My fault for not buying the ticket as soon as possible but now I know for future limited run plays I want to see. But I’m glad that it was an unforgettable play and truly a great time at the theater.

    • Samantha

      Supply and Demand is a “scam”?

      Eff you.

      • JS

        No, but artificially manipulating supply and inflating ticket prices by speculatively buying tickets is a scam.

        And if you can’t see this, Eff yourself.

      • The Man Upstairs

        “Supply and Demand is a “scam”? Eff you.”

        Greed IS a sin, however. You can explain your theory to Lucifer when you see him, though.

      • fancypants

        You probably work for a secondary ticket market. I can’t stand people like you.

  • Jake

    He needs help!!

  • Tess Tickles

    Everytime I go to the movies I buy all the tickets for a showing so I can say I got into a sold out show. I don’t know why the usher insists on checking all my tickets.

    • meliot

      @Tess Tickles – THANK YOU!

  • Amy

    Charlie Sheen isn’t worth $21. Loser. Big time.

  • racefan111

    Wait..the scalpers get screwed and Sheen plays half-empty houses. That’s a win-win!

    • Nick

      Dont you mean bi-winning?

      • Jaded

        That was fantastic!

  • jj

    It’s like the Romans going to see the Christians eaten by lions.

    • Petra

      No, it’s not like that at all.

  • ESQ

    I called this! Three days after they said they were sold out I tried to get a ticket just to see what would happen and I was offered a $80 dollar ticket from the main venue. All the headlines the media ate up were just a scam to make Sheen seem more popular then he is. TMZ, LIVE NATION & Ticketmater are all full of sh!t.

  • Jeff

    People have lost interest. It was interesting to see his crazyness for a few days on TV but now nobody he cares. In this day and age people have the attention span of fruit flies. People have moved on to other “big” news like Britney’s new CD and Reese Witherspoon getting married.

    • Tajah

      “…people have the attention span of fruit flies.”

      • C Men

        Comparatively speaking (considering the length of their life-span) the attention span of a fruit fly is extraordinarily long.

    • ccc

      I’m not so sure about that. I once knew a fruit fly that got his Bachelors. Altho he did lose interest before he got a Masters.

      • Al

        Fruit flies, while great academicians, would be even better if they could hold pencils or type.

    • JLC

      Hear that ping? That was the fifteen minute clock running out.

      • Big Walt

        Considering he’s been around for a couple decades, I don’t think you can really say Charlie Sheen was on a fifteen minutes of fame run. Problem is he overexposed himself.

  • cravinmel

    Dude, who would give Sheen one of their hard earned dollars is beyond Foolish!

  • cravinmel

    He would have to PAY ME to watch his show and I was a fan.

  • Kim

    Charlie Sheen is so three weeks ago. That’s the nature of the business. People don’t care no mo’ now.

  • whoops

    I do not wish to watch as he explodes onstage. He is too manic for my tastes.

    • morgan

      All of you are hateful, and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn you are all paid by Time-Warner to blog these hateful things.

      • dm

        No is more hateful than Sheen. Calling the mother of his children a wh0re and a loser on twitter today – can you say rage-a-holic?

      • JS

        Morgan, your obsessive commentary that anyone who think Sheen is an idiot must work for Time Warner is troubling. Are you on the same stuff he is?

        I’m a 2 1/2 Men Fan, and a former Sheen fan, but anyone who can support him now is just an enabler. He’s gone from a quirky guy “on the edge” to someone totally out of control, and has alienated a large portion of his true fan base. This brings out the haters without any payments from Time Warner.

      • AB

        morgan, you’re delusional. Time Warner doesn’t have to pay people to see that Sheen is an idiot. People can see that for free.

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