Chris Brown apologizes for 'GMA' meltdown

A day after erupting in his Good Morning America dressing room after host Robin Roberts asked him questions about his 2009 arrest for assaulting Rihanna, Chris Brown explained and apologized for his actions on BET’s 106 & Park. “First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions,” said Brown. “Because I’m disappointed in the way I acted.” Click below for fuzzy footage of his apology on 106 & Park.

But the singer maintains that GMA mislead him about the topics they would discuss, as he was under the impression that his appearance would strictly be about his new album, F.A.M.E. “I felt like they told us this just so they could get us on the show to exploit me. That’s what I thought. So I kind took it very, very hard,” said Brown. “And I kept my composure throughout the interview, although you could see me upset, you know. I kept my composure and did my performances, and when I got back, I just let off, like, steam in the back … I just had to release the anger that I had inside me because I felt like I worked so hard for this music.”

ABC News denies there was any such understanding to avoid certain topics, saying in a statement, “Chris Brown was invited on Good Morning America to perform and to be interviewed. There were no talking points offered.”

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  • Loyalty

    Chris Brown . . . blowing off steam? Seriously, may be try running or yoga. You could have injured innocent people with your chair throwing. What an immature, self-absorbed jerk. DWTS – if he’s on as promised, THIS IS the end of your show. Stop Pandering to these morons.

    • c3sparkle

      Robin is lying. She said yesterday his team approved the questions today she said she told me after he came off of the stage. There is no way in heck he approved those questions coming off the stage especially on the release of his new album. Roberts also quickly change the subject when talking about him approving the questions. Guilt is why she is doesn’t want anything to happen to him. She knows she was completely wrong for what she did. She went back to same question not once , not twice but 3 time in spite of the fact he told her he was pass that and was there to talk about his music and could see he was getting upset. Can you say provoke. That is like you keep pushing a person and they keep trying to walk pass you.(ie the boy in Australia body slamming his bully). By the way Loyalty get your facts straight. There was no chair thrown. GMA said it may have been a cooler and they also said they don’t even know if it was Chris that broke the window.

      • hc

        Never comment again until you’ve achieved a third grader’s competency level in the English language. Seriously.

      • Jenn

        Seriously. My head hurts.

      • nick

        it’s so much fun to attack people giving their honest opinion then commenting on the actual story isn’t it?

      • B

        Please, no one is attacking the opinion – they’re just pointing out (and rightly so) that this person needs an english tutor to teach them the basics of sentence structure.
        On to Chris Brown – wasn’t he supposed to take anger management classes after the assault on Rihanna? If he was ordered to, they definitely didn’t work and if he wasn’t ordered to attend he should really think about going because that’s not how an adult ‘blows off steam’. That is how a 2 year old throws a tantrum when things don’t go their way, all that was missing was hurling himself on the ground to begin kicking and screaming.
        You have a problem with your interviewer harassing you with same questions over and over that you have stated you don’t want to answer? When that interview is over, you express your disappointment (through carefully thought out words) and say you will not be coming back as a guest on GMA due to her behavior. It’s called the HIGH ROAD!
        If Chris Brown wants everyone to stop focusing in on his former domestic abuse of a woman he should stop going into rages when people bring it up, he should stop sounding like an unapologetic a** hole who sounds more annoyed than sincerely sorry. I get that he made a mistake, I get that no one else was there to witness the actions that lead up to the assault and that there is two sides to every story — BUT no matter how you are provoked there is no excuse for beating the sh*t out of a woman (or anyone for that matter). Use your inner strength to walk away from a situation like that – not your physical strength to escalate it.

      • Mary Sue

        If Chris Brown doesn’t want to be asked about the “incident” (his words) maybe he should not go on mainstream television shows to be interviewed. Nobody is FORCING him to go on GMA or any other show for that matter, so stop being such a thin-skinned cry baby and man-up. If Chris Brown can’t stand the heat maybe he should A) keep his hands to himself and B) stay out of the kitchen. I can’t wait for his 15 seconds of fame to be over – and if it lasts longer I can’t wait to see him at 40 still having to answer questions about Rhianna – he DESERVES it and a whole lot more.

      • Clay


        Do you work for Chris Brown’s public relations person or are you just a stalker of his? All of your comments hint at the notion that somehow all of this is some kind of grand conspiracy against the man. You’re a sad person.

      • Lala

        really? so what, his wardrobe flunky threw a cooler? Hie people are comepltely INEPT! he needs to fire them, compeltely clean house! He needs people taht understand PR. But really, he needs to get out of this buisness. He lacks any maturity or ability to comprehend anything. You are ALWAYS going to be asked about this incident! Get a pat statement and stick to it! And get a thicker skin. You cannot be in the public eye and have a career with such a thing skin. You dance, you pay the fiddler. You beat her up, there were photos (unlike Charlie Sheen’s abuse) and everyone hates you. you have done nothing to fix your image. That fake MJ tribute thing wasn’t a magic cure all. Get a new attitude, new people, or get out of the business.

      • Sybil

        Seriously? You’re excusing VANDALISM that could have resulted in injury to someone because Brown was upset at an interview question? Even if she did sandbag him, since when is trashing a dressing room and smashing a window a legitimate way to blow off steam?

        Brown obviously needs more anger management classes.

      • jury’s out

        There is no excuse for his behavior. If Rhianna was controlling or difficult, he could have broken up with her before it became physical. Instead he blackened her eye, busted her lip and bit her like a wild animal. He is clearly disturbed, and if you think it’s everyone’s fault but his, you need help too.

      • Jan

        @ c3sparkle
        Tunnel vision…seems to be your problem…There is NO excuse for that kind of behavior!

    • Cygnus

      Get use to it, Chris. It comes with the territory. For years you’re going to be asked about the Rihanna incident. Just learn to say, “I’m not going to talk about it, and move on.” You don’t have to carry a chip on your shoulder and go gangsta everytime someone upsets or offends you. I’m surprised that guys who try to act so tough like these hip-hop and gangsta rappers would be so thin-skinned. Must be insecurities.

      • CC

        HA! Great comment, my thoughts exactly. Obviously someone still has some anger issues he needs to work on. I don’t know how these so-called celebrities think they can control media or that it will be any different with him than any other jack off.

      • Epiphany

        Chris Brown is FAR from being a “hip-hop and gangsta rapper,” instead he is a singer. His rapping skills are not developed, and he only ‘raps’ a bars.

      • l

        yeah why can’t he not answer or say i’m doing great, i learned a lot and i thank those that helped me to get through things and control my anger. own it and tell people how the judge said you did well. then people will stop asking. not throwing chairs or tirades on twitter.

    • K. WARD

      Ok, Im black and I hate Chris Brown but that whole breaking the window and hurting somebody, come on!!! I think people are trying to make something out of nothing.

      • carly

        Do you seriously not realize that shards of glass fell to the street below? Had someone been walking under that window at the time he did that they could have potentially been killed. Chris dosen’t seem to get that.

      • CC

        It has nothing to do with color. The dude is a woman beater and an idiot.

      • Heidi

        it wasn’t a house sized window. We are talking 6 feet of shards of glass (some that looked pretty big on the ground) flying out the window. He should have been charged.

    • Notafan

      Chris…stop trying to excuse your BAD behavior. Even if GMA had PROMISED you they wouldn’t ask about ‘you know who’ you DO NOT, (REPEAT) have the RIGHT to DESTROY property and potentially injure others because you want to ‘blow off steam.’ Go to the gym instead you immature, self-entitled jerk. You haven’t learned a thing!

    • Jethro

      This KID, no, PUNK, needs a serious make-over, his attitude needs some serious long term counseling in anger mgt. I guess when you make money at such a young age as he did, you turn into a rotten adult!

      • Jan


        totally agree with your comment!

  • Elizabeth

    Its over and done with: he paid the price, served his punishment, done. How long ago did this happen?

    I don’t know if its lazy journalism that we have to keep picking the scab and just categorizing a person as a bullet point (Chris Brown • hit his girlfriend), but I think if I had worked as hard a Chris did, I might be a bit peeved too.

    Is Rihanna constantly asked about this?

    • whatevs

      First of all, I doubt you’d be singing that tune if you were the one who was beat up. Second of all, the man beat a woman into a bloody pulp and he still makes millions of dollards, so he’s a victim because someone asked him a little question? Third of all, his little tantrum is a sign of more things to come, so he’d better get used to being asked questions about his violent disposition.

      • whatevs


      • @whatevs

        So after two years while he is trying to put it behind him and move on…its ok for her to sing about whips and chains and how she likes S&M?? While he is just trying to put out good fun music..and she doesnt get asked about it all the time like he does

      • @whatevs

        oh yea and btw her shows arent selling ANY tickets while he is on track to have the #1 album next week and i also ment to ad that she doesnt get asked about it all the time BUT she is the one who brings it up in interviews ALOT!!!

      • JPX

        That’s it, blame the victim, whatevs. Sigh.

      • whatevs

        Did I say anything about Rihanna’s success? Who cares?

      • lt

        Well, Rihanna was the one ‘beat up’ and she has moved along just fine so why are you still riding his jock? Get a life!

      • Good lord

        To “It” – what the heck did you want her to do? If she hadn’t moved on, you’d be complaining about that too.

        The only people that need to get a life are the morons like you who think beating up a woman is just a small, forgivable mistake, like lying or cheating on a test.

      • Elizabeth

        If he hasn’t been punished enough for your liking maybe you should take it up with the justice system.

        I’m not forgiving him for anything that happened that day, but I also realize that at 19 I wasn’t perfect and I probably did somethings that I shouldn’t have. You can return to your perch above us wasteoids.

      • Dani

        Exactly, besides, 2 yeas isn’t a long time. This is guy isn’t sorry for what he did. He just wishes his career didn’t suffer the way it did.

    • T.J.

      The difference being that Rihanna was the victim and Chris Brown was the perpetrator of a vicious crime. It only happened two years ago – is that seriously enough time to excuse those kinds of actions? In my opinion, he should have to bear the consequences of something like that for the rest of his life, and not evade talking about it in favor of hawking his new album.

      • K. WARD

        @ T.J., they got into a fight. He didn’t kill the woman for crying out loud. He’s paying his debt to society, now let’s move on..

      • caryn

        I agree, T.J. He should just realize he has to put up with it his whole life. People might grow bored of asking once he just answers the questions instead of redirecting to his latest money making efforts.
        From reading message boards and real life conversations, people who excuse CB and especially those that think Rihanna is wrong in the situation are usually accepting of dreary life conditions in general.

      • maggie

        They didn’t just get into a fight; he beat the crap out of her.
        He’s a pulic figure who needs an audience to be a success. There are a lot of people who won’t buy his music or go to his concerts because of his behavior. He needs to show these people that he learned his lesson and changed. The incident at GMA shows he hasn’t. Not just because of his violent outburst, but because he keeps saying “what happened to me” instead of “what I did.” He’s not taking responsibility for his actions. Until he does, he’s lost a huge portion of the audience.

    • Kat

      It’s only been two years, and the restraining order was only recently lifted. It’s fair to ask him “So how are things for you now in relation to that incident?” as a kind of follow-up. Mel Gibson will always be asked about his problems, should he start doing interviews and promotional stuff for that Beaver movie. Jennifer Aniston still winds up in umpteen articles a year about her divorce from Brad Pitt. It’s a major newsworthy event that he was involved in, and particularly since he was the “bad guy” in the situation, people are extra-interested to see what he’s like now, whether he’s matured, whether he’s learned anything, whether he’s a changed man. Chris Brown has always had an attitude about the incident that seemed to indicate that he thought a single apology ought to be sufficient and everyone needed to move on because he wanted to get past it and forget about it…but that’s not how it works. If in 10 years, people are still asking him about Rihanna, I can understand being upset. But 2 years is not that long a time when people want to see if a guy has changed himself for the better. He really needs to readjust his attitude. He comes across as really entitled.

      • @Kat

        Excellent points, I agree with you completely.

      • c3sparkle

        You mean the restraining order she didn’t want in the first place.

      • caryn

        Agree, Kat!! I feel like he still thinks Rihanna “deserved it” or whatever he told himself in the moment to attack his girlfriend.

      • B

        Agreed Kat!

        do you know how many abused women don’t want to press charges against their abusers? how many women just want the whole incident to go away out of deep shame or misplaced guilt? Do you know how many of those abusers walk away scot free and then find another woman to beat the sh*t out of or worse because they have never suffered any consequences??

    • greg

      Not sure what your qualifications are for beating up women… apparently singing mediocre trendy songs is enough. I wonder of the REAL victim here feels the way you do. Poor Chris!!! Should have gotten another lick in the way the poor guy is being victimized!

  • tametha wentland

    chris brown obviously has serious issues with anger and rage and should not be interviewed at all. he obviously has serious issues responding to women and needs serious mental health councelling and treatment,he is a person who needs help in an institutional environment for cognitive behavioral therapy and some one in his family should take action to help and we should as human beings intervene if his people cant and express our concerns to some one who can get him help..

    • M

      Tametha, just so I know, what are your qualifications?

      • Meltd0wn

        Here are her qualifications: 8/7/12 – Tametha A. Wentland, 40, of Harlow Road, Darien, is charged with harassment 2nd. Wentland is accused of physically contacting a victim. The incident was reported at 11:59 p.m., Saturday. Wentland was arrested by State Police.

    • Good lord

      No qualifications needed, even a third grader knows that beating up women and breaking windows is not normal, healthy behavior.

      • Elizabeth

        And singing about S&M is?

      • maggie

        Then don’t listen to the music. I don’t listen to Rihanna sing about that crap. I don’t find S&M appealing, but at least S&M involves 2 consenting adults.
        Beating someone & breaking windows is thug behavior. It’s a sign of an immature idiot.

      • B

        @ Elizabeth:
        Oh my god! Get over Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ song – it’s a pop song!!! It was made to push the envelope and make money! With Pop music the content doesn’t always reflect the personal beliefs of the performer (pretty sure she didn’t write it). If you don’t believe me let’s use the example of…hmmmm, Chris Brown and ‘Forever’ – sounds like a nice, fun romantic guy doesn’t he? I bet you think he does, which is why you keep defending him with such ridiculous arguments…

  • Yeah right

    How do you know Brown is lying? His lips are moving. Dirt ball. He will never, ever, live down what he’s done, because he never changes. He just wants you to believe he’s a decent person, and he’s SO not. Nice try, d-bag.

    • BG 17

      He should just get a tattoo that says “SORRY” – that way when he rips off his shirt in a fit of rage, he’ll have a head start on the apology interviews he’ll be making the next day…

      • @BG 17

        How about he actual be sorry, which will happen when hell freezes over.

      • Edie

        Hahaha good one, BG 17.

  • JPX

    Did Chris Brown go to school for only one day? I’ve never heard anyone sound as uneducated as this violent man. He seems incapable of saying one sentence without violating every grammar rule in existence. Chris, you just sound dumb.

  • Karen

    This guy is the biggest loser and biggest liar…he hasn’t changed one bit but he wants everyone to believe that he has…disgusting!

  • Hi

    I love how stars who were formerly addicted talk about it YEARS later and become advocates for people who are addicted. I love how Stars who faced eating disorders talk about it YEARS later and become advocates for people who have eating disorders. I love how stars who chose to become overweight talk about it YEARS later and become advocates for the overweight.
    BUT a little temper-tantrum throwing boy can’t use that SAME stage to own up to his STUPID actions and become an advocate for people who are abusing others or being abused right now?
    Everybody knows you did it moron. Ignoring it isn’t going to make them forget! KNOW you have a chance to prove you’ve grown up and acutally HELP others w/ your experiences and you’re acting like a 5 year old child!

    • Amber

      Agreed. Unfortunately, Chris is clearly still in the middle of his anger management and abuse issues, and does not have the clarity of a few years distance from his issues

  • Brett

    This guy has issues. He beats up on Rhiana two years ago, gets mad when people won’t forget about it so what does he do? Wreck a studio dressing room and break a window. Now, no one will be talking about him breaking Rhiana’s face, they’ll be talking about him breaking windows and studio furniture. Really, it demonstrates the work of a true thug. Chris Brown is ghetto trash, desperate for attention. Last week he leaks pics of his teeny weenie, this week he destroys a dressing room. Guess the reflection in the mirror was too much.

    • ?

      That weenie was not teenie, sir.

  • clark

    The reason he blows up is that he doesn’t get it. This guy is so self absorbed in himself. He will offend again and that is why his 15 minutes of fame is over.

  • Karate Pants

    Just like all of his past apologies, that was NOT an apology.
    What a vile idiot.

    • Brett

      He’s sorry. A sorry @$$ excuse for a man. People like him give us men a bad name.

      • Karate Pants

        If it’s any consolation, Brett, I will not (could not) hold any thing Chris Brown does or says against you or any other men. He’s not a man. He’s a child.

  • Amy

    Having seen those photos of what he did to her, I kind of have a hard time even looking at him. Especially after he was given a slap on the wrist. He was given community service for beating to her a pulp. And two years later is on GMA talking about his latest album? Give me a break.

  • Sigh

    Singing about S&M now apparently equals “the b@tch was asking for it”. So sad.

    • Zakry

      I mean really. It’s a song! Johnny Cash sang about how he killed a man just to watch him die. Should he go to jail?

    • Vern

      Exactly, thank you!!!

  • jared4ever

    He’s a pig.

  • Di

    One word, two syllables…LOSER!
    Typical bully, tries to make himself the victim and unable to do the inner soul searching to make real changes in the way he sees and responds to the world…

  • M

    I’m just curious as to why Charlie Sheen with a long record of domestic violence is being branded a breath of fresh air? You people are so quick to pass judgment are the idiots!

    • Good lord

      You’re right, by that logic we should give all women-beaters a free pass.

      Sheen’s career is pretty much done, in case you hadn’t noticed.

    • caryn

      Don’t confuse people wanting a front seat to witness the crazy as a breath of fresh air. Nobody who was amused by Charlie Sheen would want to be alone in a room with him.

    • maggie

      Nobody is treating Charlie Sheen as “a breath of fresh air.” People are watching him for the same reason they slow down to watch car accidents. He’s a personal disaster happening in public.

    • Edie

      @M Actually the main reason IMO is that Charlie is very well connected in the business because of his father. Martin Sheen is highly praised and respected veteran actor. That’s the reason Charlie has gotten so many second chances. Chris Brown doesn’t have that so its different. I’m not saying it’s acceptable, both Charlie and Chris are woman beating losers with anger issues.

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