Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is bringing in the dough


Are you sitting down? Good, because I’ve got some shocking news. According to Forbes, “Friday” — the insipid but catchy tune created by Ark Music Factory and performed by shiny-haired 13-year-old Rebecca Black — is pulling in some serious bank.

As of a few seconds ago, Black’s video has some 33.5 million views on YouTube. According to Forbes, that site earns around $1 per thousand page views, and when videos run ads as part of YouTube’s revenue sharing program, the revenue generated is split between YouTube and the content creator — in this case, Ark Music Factory and its star performer. Since content creators get 68 percent of the earnings, the video itself has made Ark and Black $20,000 already. More importantly, hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded “Friday” — as of a few seconds ago, the song is sitting pretty at #33 on iTunes’ Top 100 Singles chart. (And when Forbes‘ post was written last night, “Friday” was #45, meaning it’s only getting more popular.) The iTunes store gives music makers $.70 per download in the U.S., which definitely adds up when download numbers are this high.

Some might sniff that money is small comfort when one has become a national laughingstock at the tender age of 13. To them, I say only this: Enjoy scooping ice cream or folding chinos all summer! What does this news make you want to do, PopWatchers — laugh? Cry? Give Ark Music Factory a call and see if they’re looking for new talent?

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    Whether she is a bad singer or not, I agree. You may laugh at her, and have thorough discussions with your friends about the sad state of pop music, but you are the one flipping burgers. The joke’s not on her…

    • Joe Malik

      Just horrible.

    • Louie

      LOL….The only one who will be flipping burgers is her. She won’t see a dime. Yes, the joke is on her because Ark is making money off of people laughing at her.

      • Cris

        Now that’s the real question, how well her “company” will compensate her. With all the personal attacks (that had nothing to do with her singing ability) she’s had to endure, I truly hope she’ll be well-compensated. And then maybe she could use it to take some singing lessons.

      • crispy

        Most reports say that artists make 10-cents per download after itunes and the label take their cuts. But Ark Media is a sketchy for-fee label so it’s possible she signed over all royalties in exchange for studio and songwriting work.

    • Don Young

      JOHNN –

      You are a complete moron. Many of us make a fantastic salary – I don’t flip burgers.

      Second, she is not a millionare. Ark gets most of the profits, she gets a little bit, and then that is taxed.

      Third, her parents spent an absolute fortune to get ARK to use her so she is MAYBE breaking even.

      So the joke is still on her. While her family makes a small profit, she is a laughing stock and will forever be a joke.

      • Don Young

        And she is a jewish princess. So she always had a lot of money and always will.

        That won’t stop her from turning into a complete loser once she turns to meth to cope with this public meltdown.

      • Scott

        Don, I think if you suggest that $2000 is an absolute fortune, you’re not making a “fantastic” salary. The original article suggests that the comparison is between her and others in the same age group.

        I’ll let somebody else tackle the antisemitism, because I’ve been taught not to pick on people weaker than myself.

      • Jenna Maroney

        hahah Don Young,
        Ya Burnt!

      • jf

        way to be anti-semetic don.

      • Pillow Pants

        Clearly John was operating under the same assumption as the rest of us, that only kiddies were hating the girl into infamy on twitter…not actual working adults. That’s sad, man. Just sad.

        Also, japs don’t have to slum it on meth. They can afford the good stuff.

        In all seriousness, embarrassed teens already feel like all eyes are on them so I don’t think it’s any harder to cope when it’s actually true and not just puberty-induced paranoia.

    • The Truth

      The Joke is still on her. The medievel court jester held a highly visible famous role, but in the end the jester was there only for the court’s amusement.

      • FridayZombie

        I cannot…get..this…song…out of my head…! I think this song is remapping my synapses. I’m actually starting to….enjoy this song! Help me Jeevus!

    • Sir Mixx A Lot

      Rebecca Black > Radiohead.

      • Nick T


      • Cory

        Yeah, she’s better than a group of skilled musicians who actually deserve every cent they make. Seriously, what kind of world do we live in?

      • Raw

        Yeah she’s better than the Beatles and the Stones combined as well.

    • Shiny

      Again; it’s just a kid having fun. I am guessing a lot of y’all were sportin’ fades, mullets and denim vests with KISS on the back and thinking you were cool. It’s not like falling down in the cafeteria in front of a couple hundred kids (poor Beth, people are still talking about it) but it’s being jeered by millions-billions by this point. Poor kid.

      • wow

        Denim KISS vests? how old are you?

    • Jason

      omg i love flipping my burgers at mcdonalds! Dont dis dude

    • Ian

      Actually, while I rag on her and debate the sad state of music, I’m not flipping burgers. I’m spinning records for 3 different radio stations in 3 different formats. Rest assured you won’t be hearing her song on any of those stations…

      • Umm…

        Radio station dj’s stopped being cool in 1973… we aren’t impressed.

    • James D

      Johnn, you hit the nail on the head. It’s not her fault everyone’s watching this obviously horrible music video. She set out to make a music video and she did. Now she’s raking in the dough, even if everyone’s laughing at her. But if you take this as a comedy, then it’s one of the most brilliant comedy bits ever. Genius!

    • Sean

      The joke’s on her, trust me. She’s in the late, great phase of celebrity known as Being a Joke, except she skipped past the parts that are actually worth the price of celebrity’s admission. She’s a walking punchline without the benefit of a multi-million dollar contract or a lifetime supply of work to lean on. This is actually the perfect zeitgeist for the culture of today.

  • whatevs

    While I’d like to blame Black and her parents for all of this, which I still partly do, it’s really everyone else’s fault.

    Who wouldn’t take advantage of stupid people who buy this crap?

    • Cris


    • Pillow Pants

      Yeah they had to dig deep for those 99 cents…$1.29 if it’s a premium download. You could live large and order off the McDonald’s dollar menu with that kind of dough.

  • Mr. Bilt

    Good for her. I hope she finds a way to laugh all the way to the bank. People are way too harsh

  • Dee Jones

    Her voice is horrible, I`m sorry. But in todays music world you don`t have to have a good voice to make it on the charts, all you need is a gimmick and a good producer.

    • kim jones

      Katy Perry has certainly achieved that.

      • Jason

        KAty Perry has a great voice and writes songs. Stop being jealous loser!!!

      • Umm…

        Yeah… her “voice” and “song writing” are the 2 “talents” you like about her Jason. We believe that…

  • tom sea

    I suspect she is from an affluent family and needs not to work. However, good for her and like 50 said “Let them haters hate and watch the money pile up.”

    • Janitor

      Now there’s something I never thought I’d see: Rebecca Black & 50 Cent mentioned in the same breath. Could a duet not be far behind? (their single could be called “Re$pect the Black”)



      • Mal

        And the dance remix could feature KE$HA doing hooks.

  • Mr. Holloway

    I always figured this song was a joke and a sort of spoof of the crap that Disney stars put out for real, but I agree with others: the joke’s on anyone who’s seriously shelling out $$$ for this.

    • Pillow Pants

      And McDonalds…they must be losing a lot of customers who could otherwise have afforded to order off their dollar menu thanks to her.

  • Robin Sparkles

    This will haunt her forever…not enough money in the world.

    • PP

      Yep, I predict she will become a cutter and meth addict before long.

      • Frakker

        You mean just like you? Does PP stand for Permanently Putrid? Pukes Plenty? Piss Poor?

    • Rock Golf

      Well, it’s no “Let’s Go to the Mall” but it’s better than “Sandcastles in the Sand”.

      • will

        Robin sparkles reference FTW

  • Dave

    I can’t believe people are actually shelling out money for this crap. Ugh, people really have no taste.

  • Vinny

    This is so sad. It just goes to show that people are easily impressed by total mediocrity. I guess people will like anything nowadays. The lyrics don’t have any meaning whatsoever, which exemplifies further that some people are dumb enough to be amused by something that’s as simplistic and juvenile as this. When I am listening to a song or watching a movie, play or television show, I like the story to allow me to think. The people that like this song will probably Twitter to their friends about how cool this song is while misspelling every word, as is likely when your sentence has to be dumbed-down to 140 characters. This song should not be considered music, and is a major disgrace to good music and talented artists.

    • Matt

      Wow. You are so smart Vinny. Everyone should be as smart as you.

    • Scott

      Rule number one of pointing out the stupidity of others is you do something to add yourself to that list. It’s “people who”, not “people that”.

    • psoriasis

      if you really were smart you would have transcended the pettiness of grammar corrections and not wasted your time comparing this obviously trollish song to television, movies, or “plays” (arn’t we awesome to go see plays! most people dont do that! i must really be worth something). The song is a scam and a parody, for the lawls, for the benjamins, for the lawls over the fact that they could get benjamins off of this. america is the joke here. youll see, youll all see damnit!

    • Waverly

      But Vinny makes several good points. Can any of you HONESTLY say that mediocrity isn’t winning in our society? Really? I’m no great scholar, no wise and incredibly intelligent person, but my GOD, come on now. Fine, it’s just a young kid having fun. When I was young, we had fun by singing in the mirror with our brushes as mics. The thought of any of those “sessions” being produced and going public makes me wretch. It just isn’t good music, period, and she’s not the only one guilty of it for crying out loud.

      What in the hell is this world coming to???

      • Marcy Runkle

        It’s not just music. The entire Palin regime is based upon mediocrity. (And I don’t even say that as an attack on Palin – that’s her platform. Cater to the dumb masses.)

  • b

    I can understand why people are saying that she’s laughing all the way to the bank and things like that. But honestly, I would never want to be making money from giving up my dignity. That’s right, I said dignity. If I were to have recorded a song like this, I would lose my dignity. And I’d rather be poor or folding chinos all summer and still have my dignity.

    • Waverly

      Very very very well said. Could not agree more.

    • Dr. Linus

      I agree with you, however, some people would look at folding chinos as undignified. I’d rather do it though than release that horrible song.

  • Johnny D

    I’d rather be poor and fold chinos for work then be rich for perpetuating this crap. If I were to create something I’d like to be proud of it, not just rich off it.

    • adam

      Thank you. I completely agree. It’s kind of sad that so many people have the opposite attitude.

      • Waverly

        Extremely sad and frustrating too.

  • Cat

    How much money did Black herself receive? My guess is not very much.

  • crispy

    I seriously doubt “hundreds of thousands” of people downloaded that song from itunes.

    • Karate Pants

      There must be something wrong with iTunes, some kind of glitch, because they’re showing Kesha/Blow in the #5 slot, and I know that CANNOT be right…

      • Mr. Holloway

        In a semi-related story, how is “Friday” NOT something you could totally hear Ke$ha singing?

      • crispy

        Or really anyone in the itunes top 5?

      • Karate Pants

        Really. The majority of the iTunes 100 gives me a you-kids-get-off-my-lawn-esque shiver of rage.

      • psoriasis

        think about the people that actually buy music on itunes. what type of people are they, and what music do they like? i think that should clear up the confusion and WTFs over her ‘chart-toping’ness

      • Marcy Runkle

        Really, “psoriasis?” Crap music has nothing to do with iTunes. There’s plenty of amazing music on iTunes.

    • crispy

      Furthermore, if you do a simple Google search, you’ll find that the 70-cents per song is bogus. Most artists make about 10-cents per download.

  • Mike

    that awesome! everyone stop hatin’ on a little girl!!! If this were kesha or some big star would be right there. But she is a little girl come on world!

    • Cris

      While I will agree that the “cutter and meth addict” cracks are a little bit over the line, this girl put herself out there. No one forced her to record this awful song.

      • Pillow Pants

        Right. Because thirteen year olds excel at foresight and determining artistic merit.

  • tom

    Her next project will see her as the star of an episode of Intervention.

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