Rebecca Black on 'Good Morning America': 'I think I have talent on some level'

Friday. Friday. Got to get down on Friday. Rebecca Black, the teenage singer whose music video, “Friday,” has become an Internet sensation, appeared on this morning’s Good Morning America. ABC’s Andrea Canning initially said she thought the song “was king of catchy,” but then she proceeded to read the worst of Black’s hate-mail and give the teen a singing test (At least she got the national anthem’s words right!). To her credit, Black handled the criticism well, saying that “Even a person who doesn’t like it — it’s going to be stuck in their heads, so that’s the point of it. It’s a catchy song.” She acknowledged that she wasn’t the best singer in the world, and then got all cute and girly when she made a plea to record a duet with Justin Bieber. “Just thinking of it gives me butterflies,” she said. “That would just make my life.”

But about that song, PopWatchers. Is it really that bad to inspire such Internet hatred. And can we give the girl some credit for at least pushing Charlie Sheen slightly into the background?

Friday. Friday. Got to get down on Friday.

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  • Fred

    “I think I have talent on some level” You can think that but you’re in the minority.

    • ehh

      They had the girl sing part of the National Anthem and she sounded good! She has a voice in there. Then they showed her singing Friday again and she got all nasal once more. She can sing, but that song does her no favors.

    • Cygnus

      Just add an auto-tuner like all modern pop princesses and boy-bands get, and she’ll sound just like them.

      • Pete

        You must be deaf because the song already has plenty of auto-tune and she still sounds like sh*t.

    • Rush

      This song is only slightly less annoying the Auburn’s “Perfect Two”.

    • dom

      I’ve heard a lot worse songs than that, that are actually hits. Now the singing, it was kind of nasally, which was weird. Might have been better if the idea behind the video was that she was a nerd looking forward to Friday, and nobody wanted to hang out with her, but she doesn’t realize it.

      • Aaron

        that would be the best!!!

    • Floopa Bambers

      She sang them anthem better than Christina.

      • Floopa Bambers

        She sang the anthem better than Christina, that is.

      • fede

        she sang better than christina

    • Rush

      No one will ever top Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”.

    • Ragavi

      OMG. the minute i heard her sing, my head started to hurt. that, and her lyrics are the most odd unmeaning lyrics that i’ve ever heard.
      But, i do think that Rebecca Black, doesn’t deserve all the hate. she’s a girl, a human, like all of us. have some respect, iight. chill

    • Bonnie

      It’s a really good song. You people are just jealous.

      • Ruby


      • thebookbuff

        please be joking…PLEASE!!!!!!!

      • Loose

        Ha! Your funny.

      • jason


      • Niko Tupou

        This Bit*h sucks di*k F*ck her she is a mother Fu*king Cu*t. What a Bit*h

      • Joe Coats

        I agree with niko FU*K THIS BIT*h

      • Sharly

        What the h*ll is WRONG with you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert


  • mark in nyc

    the song is not good, she is not a great singer, and the video is laughable.
    That being said, she is just a yougn girl who got a chance (i.e. parents paid a lot of money) for her to make a song and music video. I don’t think she is deserving of all the hate that is going on out there. It is not like she is trying to have an album “drop” or is hitting the clubs.
    she is jsut having fun, leave Karen alone!

    • mark in nyc

      wow…i spell like a very very young girl

      • Mr. Bilt

        LOL! I get what you are saying. The chick doesnt really deserve all this hate at all.

      • Josh

        Sorry, but if the video was successful, would you say she didn’t deserve all the love? It works both ways.

      • whypee

        she deserves every piece of hate for unleashing this onto the world. she’s not trying to have an album “drop”? Of course she is, this is why these people went to ark music factory. they are trying to make MUSIC. Not 1 song 1 video, take it home and enjoy. they are trying to make a career! All this attention she is getting, she must love it every bit. her song is on itunes for christs sake!

      • jasper

        Also, now it has come out that she didn’t write the song, so at least some of the complaints should be directed toward those who wrote the insipid song.

      • Shiny

        Again, it’s just a kid, and we should count ourselves lucky that our folks never put our versions of “Love is a Battlefield” or “Breaking The Law” on the internet. C’mon people, would you want people being this mean to your kid? Yeah it sucks, but don’t be mean.

    • BabyBird

      … who’s Karen?

      • julie

        My thoughts exactly….

    • Al2

      I agree. Besides, can someone honestly say that Ke$ha’s songs are that much better?

      • cam

        Nomination for best comment.

      • Red

        Second the nomination.

      • EssBee


      • Phil

        I thought it was Ke$ha for a second.

      • Ruby

        Fourth the nomination.

      • Shannon

        Haha! Exactly. I mean, does Ke$ha even know the days of the week? And if she actually does, can she even get them in order?
        This song is more eloquent and informative than anything the Jack-as-toothpaste-using, trashbag-wearing, musical-vomit producing moron has offered up.

      • Sarah

        At least she rhymes her lyrics.

      • Shannon

        Rhyming “stars” with “ours”, “hard”, and “are” is no achievement. And what’s with her single “Blow”? Does that song even contain lyrics?

      • Eli


    • Brett

      Which could be said about every video of every song from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kanye West.

    • caramia

      Until the last couple of lines, I thought you were talking about Willow Smith. And, I actually like Friday better than that hair song.

      • Marissa


    • Tagger

      Unfortunately even the worst most Charlie Sheenish trainwreck will have producers lined up to cash in, so expect this auto tune frankenkid to be around for a good long while.

    • Yella

      I do not think that she should get told to “kill herself” but people are going to post what they think of her and her song:NOT good. I am sick all people saying that she is being cyber bullied. it is critisim not bully-ing p.s lol i bet my spelling is worse! haha

  • K

    That song is fantastically awful. And its awfulnes has nothing to do with Rebecca Black. The lyrics are the most absurd lyrics I’ve ever seen, and the overproduced sound contributes to the overall hilarity. Although, I do have to backtrack slightly and acknowledge that the pronunciation of “Fryee-day” is entertaining…but really, it’s the songwriting that makes it so awesomely bad. Good for Rebecca for sticking out the mocking! (Although I do have to wonder what kind of family has $2000 laying around to pay a company for the privilege of recording a song and making a video. That’s a bit weird.)

    • Janitor

      * “fried egg”

    • BabyBird

      Agreed. It’s the lyrics that make it ridiculously awful.

    • Rush

      All done on $2000? Pretty good production values for that amount! Someone call Roger Corman.

  • Sanjay

    The funny thing about all this is people act like all the current pop stars are these genius talents. It’s not like you have to be able to sing anymore and good lyrics haven’t mattered for a long time. Hey, we live in an age where mediocrity is the new goal. And it’s going to stay that way. So why shouldn’t any old schmo have a chance at fame and fortune? If people want to pay to see or hear it, go for it. It’s not a good thing for people who actually have talent. But if people don’t want to listen or enjoy actual talent, then what can you do? Commerce will win. It always does.

    • whypee

      who thinks current pop stars are geniuses except little kids? they suck, rebecca black sucks, the music industry is in shambles. the end.

    • Rush

      Blame it on Apple providing Garageband with every Mac.

  • Thomcarl

    Sounds like noise to me, don’t give up your day job kid.

    • Shannon

      By “day job”, you mean school, right?

      • fede


  • Dominic

    This girl is an absoute insult to music and doesn’t have ay talent whatsoever. I can’t believe the standard of talent and entertainment today is this low. How else do you explain the reason why people watch Jersey Shore, go to see movies like Little Fockers and listen to Justin Bieber? I’m proud to say that I don’t like any of that unsophisticated junk.

    • b

      Well said

    • Sanjay

      Well, the standard is that low. I’m with you. I support talent when find it. Adele and Mumford and Sons, their success, have been bright spots for me. But those are getting more rare and I don’t expect it to hold. The problem is not with people like Rebecca. The problem is with the consumers of music and culture in general in this country. There has been a dumbing down of America for a long time now. One of the most painful things I’ve witnessed in the music industry specifically is how it’s almost not even an asset anymore to sing WELL. Adele, again, is an exception. But it’s almost as if if you sing well, then you’re outdated. That is just tragic to me.

      • Chicago Mia

        Well said and agreed. But I do think every generation has their handful of horrid wannabe singers/fame seekers. It’s honestly cyclical.

      • Sanjay

        I hope you’re right!

    • Frank

      Is there some kind of double standard going on or something cause you spelt any* wrong which doesn’t make you seem sophisticated. Also no one ever said that these things were sophisticated. Jersey shore is meant for entertainment, little fockers is a comedy movie and Justin Bieber believe it or not has talent.

  • Chelsea

    I bet Rebecca Black is a really nice person but she should have actually wrote a song that had meaning in the words. and it would have helped if she had some tatlent too.

  • Tom Brazelton

    The music is crap and the internet is taking it too far. Now everyone back in your respective corners and let’s wait for the next train wreck to roll past.

  • Sarah

    Mommy and daddy’s money can’t buy talent.

    • y


  • y

    Terrible song. Does she deserve the hate? No. But no one does and we give them hate anyway…she’s no different. Just stop singing and hate won’t come your way.

  • Kyle

    Almost as good as Robin Sparkles

    • steff

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love Robin Sparkles! lol

    • miss k


    • AT

      Nah, Robin Sparkles is better because they don’t use seriously horrid autotune on her. Though the lyric value is about the same. Pretty sad considering her songs were written for comedic value.

    • caramia

      I immediately thought of Robin Sparkles when I heard this.
      “Sandcastles in the sand (I’m on the pill)…”

      • KatRob

        Where do you wanna go Robin? To the mall?

      • Becky

        HAHAHA love himym. oh robin sparkles…

    • Sam

      HAHAHAHA :D as soon as i heard “Fryee-day” i thought of “Let’s Go to the Mall”

      i prefer “Let’s Go to the Mall”


    A lot of very sad people out there looking for the next thing to hate. Does it make them feel better about their own pitiful life when they stomp on someone else? Probably, and that’s too bad. If you don’t like something, move along.

    • BillyTheCrude

      Boo Hoo Poo Poo!

      If I don’t like something I will NOT “move along.”
      I will say what I want because…
      THIS is AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Free Speech much?

      Dumb spoiled brat put her stupid song up on YouTube – nobody made her do it, she chose to expose herself to the world. Too bad the whole world didn’t all luuuuuuuuuve her, too bad she cried but I’m sure she’ll get over it, if not her parents can buy her $2000 worth of counseling.

      • Anne

        Sounds like someone else needs counseling.

  • She’s a child. Make fun of the song, yeah, but the girl’s been getting death threats on twitter and that’s way way way way way over the line. The song’s not great, but where’s the outrage over how lame any random song from Gaga, Katy Perry, or Kesha is? Bad music is not an excuse to cyber bully and that’s what she’s been dealing with. All that “we all need to respect one another” BS from when there were a lot of gay suicides went out the window the time a bunch of self-important adults heard a bad song. Ugh. I hope she continues to live her life and doesn’t let the ridiculous music snobs bring her down.

    • Ralphie

      Thank you for bringing up such a good point…the mere fact that Kesha has a career (if I have to hear her screeching about glitter or hear that obnoxious laugh one more time it will be too soon) is evidence enough of the pathetic state of music. And don’t get me started on Katy Perry, who doesn’t even sing her lame songs but screams them. Ugh.

      • Frank

        She’s better than Ke$ha.

      • Jen

        I was thinking the same thing. The song sucks, but is it worse than the stuff Kesha or Miley Cyrus put out?

      • Candacetx

        that kesha chick(the $ symbol?, I refuse…) musta made a deal with the devil because she: a-can’t sing; b-is seriously unattractive c-annoying. I have no clue who looked at all that and said, “yeah, give her a record deal”.

    • Jacob

      THANK YOU! I guess this proves that bullying is cool when YouTube is involved.

    • BillyTheCrude

      Cyberbullying had become a vastly overused concept that is misapplied to stupid girls when they cry because somebody says something mean on the internet.

      Get over it! Don’t put yourself out there if you can’t take the cold heard mean world. Poeple are dying all over the world you are worried about this rich dumb crybaby?

      • Anne

        Your name fits you.

  • Lloyd

    It’s really bad, but she’s just a young girl having fun.

  • Clay Claypool

    I’m 76 years old, and I think Miss Black has very good singing ability. I just listened to it out of curiosity and I liked it a lot. It was cute, and age apropriate. I think there are a lot of very jealous teens out there. When they realize her first car at age 16 is a BMW, they’ll really freak out. I wish her the best in all things.

    • Sam

      Turn your hearing aid on and then maybe you’ll understand what everyone’s talking about! WOW…

      • Evan

        Ouch. Burn!

      • Evan

        But yea, that song sucks.

    • BillyTheCrude

      “Age appropriate?”

      Thanks for your 76 year old opinion on what is age appropriate. BMW’s suck too.

      • whatevs

        What is your problem? You spend so much time posting about something that you hate; were you rejected by a 13 year old girl or something?

      • mrsitcom

        Yeah. Old people are dumb and don’t know anything. Even though they have years of experience and been through it all. You young kids know much more and insulting people is the way to go. Imagine, this old guy thinking he’s smart and trying to be nice. Gimme a break.

    • Allen

      Fine, except for the fact that she’s 13, not even old enough to drive or have her own car!

      • Abe Froman

        Which is why she needs to figure out if she’ll sit in the front seat or the back seat!!

    • hellrazor

      you must be either joking or are in the early stages of dementia.

    • Gellzuz

      you are an ass

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