'Hunger Games': Is Jennifer Lawrence the Katniss of your dreams?


The recently Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence has been cast in the coveted role of Katniss Everdeen, the teenage heroine of hugely popular Hunger Games trilogy. The book series’ fans have debated (and debated) who would be right for this plum role ever since it was first announced that it would become a movie. And while “act your age” has never been a motto in Hollywood, the land where Botox flows like wine and telling people your age is 30-murmurmurmur is considered acceptable, when it comes to Katniss, age has understandably become a bone of contention with fans.

There’s no doubt that Lawrence proved in last year’s Winter’s Bone not only that she’s a phenomenal new talent, but that she also dirties up nice. Still, the fact remains that she is a fully-grown 20-year-old who will probably be 24 by the time Mockingjay wraps, and some fans think that’s simply too old. Those fans were likely pulling for someone closer to Katniss’ 16 years, like Hailee Steinfeld (aiming under at 14) or  Saoirse Ronan.

On the plus side, Lawrence would hardly be the first person in their twenties to play a teen: Half the high-school students on Friday Night Lights looked about a decade older than the other half, and the average age of The Breakfast Club was around 21. Heck, Gabrielle Carteris was practically in menopause when she finally stopped playing Andrea Zuckerman on Beverly Hills, 90210. And the Hunger Games protagonist probably should look a bit older than her years because, as we all know, oppressive dystopias tend to be pretty harsh on the skin. Another plus, at least for the producers, is that because Lawrence is over 18, they don’t have to worry about child labor laws. In California, minors are required to obey daily caps on work-hours, as well as attend mandated schooling, both of which can eat up potential shooting time. Since production on the film hasn’t even begun, and it’s scheduled to release in a year, I’m sure that must have been a factor.

On the other hand, there are limits. Fans of the book who imagined the character looking like a teenager might have a hard time reconciling the college-age looks of Lawrence with the Katniss in their mind’s eye. Additionally, will they now have to cast all the other characters with twenty-somethings so that Lawrence doesn’t look out of place?

Fans of the books, what do you think? Are you happy they got someone with Lawrence’s skill and pedigree, regardless of age, or would you have preferred they cast one of the younger contenders like Steinfeld? Alternately, who thinks they should have just gone with an unknown, like Steinfeld was when she was cast in True Grit?

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  • nic

    She is basically an unknown. I never heard of her before seeing her at the oscars. And I never imagined some brittle teenager. The character is in shape and strong. Jennifer will be fine.

    • Brandy

      She has 4 movies coming out before Hunger Games – Including an X-Men movie. She’s not unknown and there is a significant risk of overexposure.

      • Liz Lemon

        She is definitely an unknown. Those movies haven’t come out yet. I’m okay with it, because she’s a good actress and she’s not as old as I thought she was (she’s only 20)…and I can kind of see why they want her for the part. I just really hope she does the role justice. Now, I just hope they cast Taylor Kitsch as Gale and Hunter Parrish as Peeta.

      • Cris

        as wary as I am, casting a recent Oscar nominee gives me hope that they’re actually going to take this series seriously and tell a compelling story rather than trying to churn out “the next Twilight.” If casting Jennifer Lawrence means a focus on storytelling and a faithful screenplay, I’m OK with that. We’ve seen what good makeup or a CGI touchup can do to age or de-age someone.
        While I admit that my first response was disappointment (I was clinging to the unlikely hope that they’d go with Chloe Moretz) the more I think about it, the more I’m OK with Jennifer Lawrence.

      • Dani

        I never thought of Taylor for Gale but with Jennifer as Katniss he’d be perfect! They resemble eachother and they are close in age. Love it!!!!

      • Heathbar

        Taylor Kitsch is 30 years old, that’s too much of a stretch for him to play Gale.

      • Kim E

        How about Ethan Peck as Gale?

    • Katnissblows

      Have you ever heard of the Oscars or Garden Party dumb@$$. I’ve heard of her because I don’t read and watch crap like this. I can’t believe such a talented actress is stopping this low. She’s too white, THEY ARE WHITE WASHING THE HUNGER GAMES!

      • muggslie


      • amy

        Katniss is white. If by white you mean caucasian. I don’t get why people don’t know that. She has dark brown hair and is olive skinned because she spends most of her time in the forest hunting. Prim, her sister, is blonde hair and blue eyed just like her mother. This is not avatar, the producers are not racebending.

      • Alice

        ^ I agree, I imagined Katniss and Gale being a little more ethnic. Guess there aren’t enough olive skinned people in Hollywood … damn shame

      • LP

        Agree with amy! Katniss has to be caucasian. If she were too ethnic it wouldn’t be believable that she & Prim were sisters. And Prim is most definitely white. Also, I find it ironic that people are so up in arms over whether Katniss is ethnic looking, but in all of the other comments people are suggesting VERY white guys to play Gale. Isn’t he supposed to look the most like Katniss? So shouldn’t you be just as upset if they chose a “white guy” to play him?

      • TJBeck

        @katnissblows: You’re an idiot.

    • Gabriella

      I have to disagree with nic, she is known, she was nominated for an oscar, so we can all say that people know her. They need an unknown meaning a person who HASN”T been in a movie before. She is quite the opposite of that. They needed to find a fresh, new face, and I really don’t want to see her’s as Katniss.

    • Duffy

      She does not fit the role. Bad choice, would have liked to see a new face with the right look.

    • Miko

      I think shes too supermodel type to be katniss

      • Stephen

        Are you kidding? Have you seen Winter’s Bone? Jen is hardly that sort of typecast. She’s a great actress and still a relative newcomer. I think it was a great casting call and I’m just glad they cast up in age rather than down. it leaves a lot more freedom for Peeta and Gale.

      • hannah

        i agree

    • Myra

      Who will they cast as buttercup?
      a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
      b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
      c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
      d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
      e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
      f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
      G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

  • Kelly

    I think it’s going to be a wait and see. There have been plenty of movies where we scratched our heads over the casting and they ended up being great.

  • Sarah

    I think most of the attention needs to focus on the actual games, the oppresive government, and the resistance. I don’t mind an older cast if they keep true to the remainder of the book and don’t specifically state an age for all of the characters. Jennifer has talent and I trust the decision to cast her.

    • Laura

      Except the whole point of the games is that CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS are fighting to the death in them… The awfulness of this is one of the first and most jarring horrors of the book. This is the reason why people have such strong reactions to the books!! I think it will be very hard for Jennifer Lawrence to get this kind of protective reaction from audiences. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am in this casting.

      • Gabriella

        I totally agree. This age thing is aweful. She is way too old for this, and I really hope she doesn’t mess it all up. I think that they should have went with someone younger and unknown, like have this be their first big movie. I think they should have went with someone young……like me. They really should have cast me as Katniss.

      • kimmy

        Or casting an older Katniss could be a genius move. If they cast a real 12-14 year old for Prim and Rue, the audience will still get a sense of the horrors of the Hunger Games really are. If anything, it would make their ages even more pronounced.

        I’m totally on board for Jennifer Lawrence.

  • whatevs

    I don’t think her chronological age is the problem. She just looks very old in general; she could pass for mid to late twenties.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, you’ve hit the nail on the head. She just doesn’t look the part. They should have picked Steinfeld or an unknown.

      • hannah

        katniss needs to have darker hair, and a harder/edgier face.

      • Gwenelda

        A wonderful job. Super helpful infoartmion.

    • Chelsea

      JL is great but casting an actress who looks 25 rather takes away from the story that is CHILDREN fighting to the death.

      • Laura

        Yes, Chelsea. Exactly my point!!

    • Liz Lemon

      She does look older. I had always thought she was around 25, so I was shocked when I found out she was only 20. Her body type and her facial features just make her look much older. I still can’t see it, but maybe the hair and makeup department will work their magic. I’m actually happy they cast someone older, because that opens up more opportunities for the Peeta and Gale roles.

    • katie

      Totally agree that JL looks older than 20. I am hopeful they can make her look younger with makeup though. I am sure she will be great, but I definitely pictured Hailee in the role. Casting a 20 y/o makes it easier to fill out the other roles with actors in their early 20s, which I am sure was a big consideration as well. I hope it can still come across as children fighting….we’ll see.

      • K

        They cast her vs. HS or CHloe bc they have a Peeta and Gale they want and they are older. Casting the right chemistry is even more important than casting the right person.

      • Gabriella

        The point of the games is that the children are fighting to death. So then, don’t you think we need children for it? By the time they make Mockingjay, they will have a 24 year old playing a 17 year old. thats a pretty big gap. They should have went with someone younger, because Katniss is still only a girl, and JL is not one, anymore.

      • katlove

        i can’t believe anyone is saying hailee steinfeld should have been cast. she looks like she’s 12 yrs old. katniss takes care of her whole family, she is not an avg 17 yr old. not to mention, she has makeout scenes with peeta – hailee is WAY too young for that – it would be child porn!

      • Chelsea

        As far as the age goes, at first I was worried that we’ll have a 24 year old playing a 17 year old in the end. But I realized the bigger concern is relative aging over that time. People age a lot more between the ages of 16-20 than they do between 20-25. If you cast a 16 year old, by the time you make the third movie, she could look like a completely different person. Chances are, someone in their early twenties could pass off aging four years as one.
        Katniss is supposed to be mature. I have no problem with JL’s age.

    • Laura

      You’re right. Katniss is an incredibly strong character in the sense that she had to take care of her family for years, but everyone seems to be forgetting that she is still very naive and vulnerable, especially in regards to the romantic aspect of the story (also when the other tributes tease her about being “pure” later and people in the Hob tease her along those lines, too). It will be hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence’s character is naive and innocent when she looks about 27. Jennifer Lawrence is strong, yes. But is it the right kind of strong?? I don’t see it.

      • amanda

        i agree with laura we have all seen that lawrence can play a character with a strong personality. i mean look at winters bone. but i dont feel she can pull of such a young naive girl. well we will just have to see…

    • kristine

      Yes, that’s the problem. It’s not her chronological age but how she looks. She looks like a full fledged grown woman. Maybe make-up or lack thereof will help, but she is quite tall as well and Katniss was always described as petite which is what allowed her to climb trees, etc. I would have preferred hailee.

  • RAM

    I don’t really see Jennifer as Katniss and Steinfeld is too sweet for the role. I think they should cast an unknown for all the parts. We need some fresh, new talent.

    • Heidi

      I would have loved Katie Jarvis… she’s a tough lil fighter. Anyone who knows her from Fish Tank would see her as a natural for the part. I’m hoping she might still be involved but her accent might be a problem. She’s as fresh a new talent as you can get but has also proven herself to be brilliant.

      • Tye-Grr

        Jarvis is indeed another great new talent. Good thinking. I’d love to see more from her.

    • Gabriella

      @RAM i completely agree. that is exactly what I was thinking!

  • Brandy

    I initially wanted Hailee. I still think she’d be perfect, but decided I could understand if they didn’t want to go that young since it would substantial limit the choices for the male leads. I really wish they would have stayed in the 16-18 age range for Katniss. In the book she’s actually described as looking young for her age. I’m not happy with the casting, but hopefully they cast Peeta well. And if Alex Pettyfer is in it games over – no way I’m seeing it.

    • nae

      Whoa! You said everything that I am thinking!

    • Chelsea

      Oh god, I feel the same way about Alex Pettyfer. He’s the deal breaker for me. David Kross (The Reader) is my Peeta, but I won’t be up in arms if Hunter is cast. AP is horrible and I really doubt he could portray all the layers to Peeta.

      • Brandy

        I don’t think AP has the range to play Gale who only has to show 2-3 emotions. No way he can pull off Peeta.

      • katie

        I agree that AP is NOT Peeta. I could kinda see him as Finnick though in Movies 2 and 3. What do yall think?

      • Cris

        I think part of the reason for casting Jennifer Lawrence is to show that they’re NOT going to try to be the next Twilight, but rather that they’re going with people who can really act and who will bring the characters to life, NOT just to grab a pretty face that will bring tweens into the theaters.
        At least, I sure hope so…

      • Melokesm

        @katie I LOVE your idea for Alex Pettyfer as Finnick. He is a tiny bit young but over all has the right look.

        I agree, he is NOT Peeta. I am really hoping he is cast has Jace in the Mortal Instruments Series. That role is a much better fit for him.

        I have no person in mind for Peeta. Everyone that has been suggested it way too short. Jennifer is 5’7 and I will be really annoyed if Peeta is the same height as her.

      • Vicki Ess

        Hunter Parrish for Peeta! Seriously. And I’d like to date him, plz.

    • TJBeck

      whatever Brandy, you’ll see it multiple times regardless of who is in it.

    • hannah

      i completely dissagree! alex pettyfer is the perfect roll for peeta!

  • Jenny

    She may not look too old, but is too “conventionally” pretty to play tomboy Katniss. I will oppose any actress with waxed/shaped eyebrows and a delicate face. Katniss is an outdoorsy and rough character–full of anger, bitterness, and grit. I think the face and body of the actress chosen should reflect that. Very disappointing…I was rooting for Hailee all the way.

    • Brian

      Your 1st statement regarding looks is way off in my opinion. One can easily see in “Winter Bones” that she “dirties up well” and I never imagined Katniss to be unattractive at all. In fact, seemed much more a tomboy whio knows she’s a girl blossoming into a woman. Quite attractive actually. Jennifer will pull this off fine. As far as “outdoorsy and rough character–full of anger, bitterness, and grit” that’s what acting (can you say “oscar nomination”) as well as hair and make up are for. Not my 1st choice but I am optimistic.

      • Brandy

        As amazing as her performance in Winter’s Bone was I was frequently distracted by how beautiful she is. You can’t hide beauty with baggy clothes, dirt, and a ponytail.

      • Melokesm

        @brian I agree. I never pictured Katniss as unattractive. She just thought of herself that way. Guys did not approach her because of her personality – not her looks.

    • Brooke

      So upset over this. I was rooting for Hailee. I think that ages will definately take away the point of the story. I saw some photos of Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) and immediately thought of Peeta, but JL looks like his nanny. She’s a beautiful woman but Katniss is a tough girl. How sad… This is one of my favorite books and leave it to Hollywood to ruin the story.

    • Zyah

      I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without kownnig that.

    • Sara

      Ok, I think that’s just stupid. With all the technology we have today (enough to make blue aliens) we can’t give JL some bushy eyebrows and smudge some dirt on her face? Especially with her role in winter bone she can play this intense role. If Suzanne Collin’s thinks she’s perfect for Katniss then who are we to say she’s “too pretty”?

  • Rachel

    I was hoping for an unknown, but I can’t judge yet since I’m probably one of the few that hasn’t seen her in Winter’s Bone. She does seem a bit old, especially since the movies will take a couple of years to complete, but only time will tell! Nothing we can do about it…

    • tricia

      I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone either, but I have seen her on the red carpet & she looks way too old & mature. This is really disappointing.

      • Rachel

        yeah I was surprised to find out she was only 20 when I watched the Academy Awards!

      • katlove

        of course she looks old and mature on a RED CARPET!! she has a fancy dress and professional hair and makeup!!

  • Steve

    She looks FAR too old already, nevermind in 4 or 5 years. She doesn’t look anything like a teenager. I loved the books, but doubt I’ll bother with the movies. This is really terrible casting.

  • My Mockingjay

    There isn’t a single thing about her that is Katniss-esque, including her character in Winter’s Bone, which is why some people liked her for Katniss. She will not be able to pull off the vulnerability AND toughness of Katniss. I see her making the character too tough.

    Appearance, she isn’t olive skinned (Turkish I imagined), grey eyes or small in stature/frame.

    This is a big mistake. I will not be seeing the movie with her as Katniss.

    • reality

      Yes you will. Why deny it?

      • Lori

        You will see it and you will say what an amazing Katniss she is! You all are just mad you didn’t get your way!

      • katlove

        @lori – SO agree.

    • Laura

      I agree with you 100%, My Mockingjay. I will still see the movies and hope I am proven wrong, but this is a huge disappontment.

  • Suua P.

    Physical appearances don’t matter much just as long as the actor/actress can act good. But it would be very stupid for a 20 yr old to star as 16, especially since it takes place in the future where teens will more likely look 9 or 7. After all, these days a regular 16 year old looks like a thirteen year old. This movie is due to come out next year and I have a feeling that they’ll cancel it again. That’s just my opinion.

    • ST

      Suua, not knocking your opinion but where do you get that in the future teens will look like they’re 7 or 9 years of age?? I didn’t get that in the book (though I’ve only read the first one).

    • whatevs

      I actually think that these days, kids look a lot older than they used to. That’s just my opinion, though.

      • Chelsea

        Yes, but not Katniss. Katniss is supposed to be tiny and look rather childish for being 16.

      • whatevs

        I’m not talking about Katniss; I’m talking about kids in general as a response to Suua P.

    • Brian

      where do you live?! “in the future teens will likely look 9 or 7″ and now days 16 year olds look 13. Not where I’m from or any future I envision. Not to mention the book doesn’t depict Katniss as looking 9 or 7. Jennifer will do 16 fine.

    • Laura

      Teens are more likely to look 7 or 9?? What are you talking about?
      That’s not true in the real world OR in Hunger Games.

  • Meredith

    She was so good in “Winter’s Bone,” she can do it.

  • ST

    I can see both sides. On the one hand, I was pulling for someone like Haley b/c I thought it would be good to see the character grow and age as she really would. On the other hand, this isn’t uncommon in Hollywood so it’s not really that big of a surprise. Though they managed to make this work for the Harry Potter movies and for part of the cast of Twilight so I kind of wonder why they couldn’t make it work for this movie too…

    • Courtney

      Just a quick point of reference – the Harry Potter films were done through a British company and filmed in the UK so they aren’t held to US (let alone California) standards on child labor laws.

      • kjfg84

        Britain still has fairly strict laws regarding how much kids can work on movie sets. I know that I remember hearing how much more the main HP actors had to work once they were 18.

  • ?????

    as long as she tans up and dyes her hair ill be good.

  • pam

    Completely wrong. More importantly, the studio knew the overwhelming fan opposition to casting her and did it anyway. That speaks volumes about the way they will produce the movies and their their view of the fans. They basically don’t care what we think. Guess what? The feeling’s mutual now.

    • Sarah

      You are taking this way too personally.

      • Jenz

        Agree w/ Sarah. Calm down. Hollywood is a business and like the article says they probably cast older than 18 to avoid child labor laws which would have seriously slowed down production time on the films. I’m a huge fan of the books and am reserving judgement until I see the movie.

    • My Mockingjay

      Pam, well said!

    • luke

      Not trying to be rude, but that’s a really ignorant thing to say. The “fans” may not want her, but the fans also haven’t seen her addition. The producers have and they’ve also seen a lot of other girls addition. They want this movie to succeed, so they wouldn’t offer her the part if she was terrible.

      • Kyle

        Can I see your addition skills? What’s 2+1= ?

        It’s audition moron.

      • Brandy

        Some big parts have been offered to terrible actors (Twilight) so saying they wouldn’t offer her the part if she was terrible is incorrect. If they think someone will sell tickets, they’ll offer the part.

    • Brandy

      The studio believes the book fans will see the movie regardless of who they cast. They are wrong – I’ve had too many of my favorite books ruined by bad movies – if they don’t get it right I won’t be going.

      • Jeanine

        I’m good with this as long as awful Alex Pettyfer doesn’t end up as Peeta. Oh man. Then I wouldn’t even be able to go see the movie …

      • Jeanine

        I’m good with this as long as awful Alex Pettyfer doesn’t end up as Peeta. Seriously, I would cry for days. He is terrible, in general, and even worse when you consider how he is the antithesis of what Peeta should be.

      • Brandy

        Jeanine – That’s pretty much where I’m at too. As of right now I’m disappointed but I’ll still go see it. If Peeta is Alex Pettyfer or the equivalent (no talent model) there’s no way.

      • Chelsea

        It’ll be detrimental to cast Alex Pettyfer. Peeta has a lot of depth, something I’ve yet to see in AP’s acting. Peeta isn’t a male model, I pictured him rather normal looking. And he needs to have a sweet nature about him. Somebody like David Kross (The Reader). I’m warming up to the idea of Hunter too. Just not cardboard cutout AP.

      • Katnissblows

        @Chelsea, can you explain to me Peeta’s depth? The only level he has is “I luv u so much Katniss though I have no idea why except that your Dad picked your mom over my dad and he can sing!” and o, my personal favorite “I’m dying boo hoo me!”

      • Mocha

        @Katnissblows: Well, off the top of my head, there’s also his refusal to give up his humanity by fulfilling the government’s agenda, and *SPOILER* his hijacking and subsequent paranoia/homicidal tendencies in Mockingjay. And if you’ll remember, he also whines very little about dying, and doesn’t want Katniss to sacrifice herself for him. I wouldn’t say he’s one-dimensional at all.

      • Katnissblows

        @Mocha: Um everything he does is revolved around Katniss, it’s like if she didn’t exist he wouldn’t do anything. And he never was really against the Capitol and at the end wanted to quit on the revolution, I know he was “hijacked” but that’s no excuse because a myriad of characters have been brainwashed/possessed/mind-control/etc and have been stronger and over-rode it. He doesn’t whine too much but he spends the whole freaking series dying. His only dimension is Katniss. So blow me.

      • Mocha

        @Katnissblows: In the third book, the Capitol forced him to say he wanted the rebels to stop–he didn’t truly believe it. And in the end, he did override his hijacking. I could go on, but you’ve obviously made up your mind about Peeta, so I’m not going to waste my time trying to persuade you; let’s just agree to disagree. (And I’d rather not blow you, thanks.)

      • Katnissblows

        @Mocha: Um he never “over rode” it. He was given medication and it took him FOREVER! I used to love Peeta and then he choked Katniss. What a weak froster. Don’t lie, you know you want too.

      • Mocha

        @Katnissblows: I don’t think Peeta was weak for struggling to throw off the effects of torture–he’s not superhuman, and his reaction and behavior were realistic. Not everyone can be fabulous at archery and fighting; that’s why I like Peeta, as he was a hero even though he didn’t have those exceptional talents. (And even though Katniss was exceptional in these areas, she also suffered a great deal from post-traumatic stress syndrome, which I don’t believe made her weak either. But like I said, no matter what I say, I doubt you’re going to change your opinion. (And you’re a stranger over the internet. Ew?)

      • JackyD

        And how would u know????

      • JackyD

        @brandy how will u know if they get it right without seeing it?? She will be perfect. Even before they announced she would lay Katniss, I thought they should

    • Charlotte

      I’m a fan, and guess what? I love the casting. She’s going to be great.

      • Lori

        Amen! I am with you I can’t wait to see the movie!

      • Gabriella

        She’s going to be aweful. She is already known as the girl in winters bone, and now she is going to be the girl in the hunger games. Too much of a competition between movies. I think to make this movie a success, they should have went with all unknown people, that way people watching can think about the movie and story, not the cast.when people see the movie, they will all say, “hey, it’s the girl in wintersbone” and not “what an amazing movie…the story was epic!” with JL as katniss, I doubt I will hear the latter.

    • Katnissblows

      Amen sister. They don’t care about the fans opinion. She’s too good of an actress to play this stupid character.

      • Sariah

        if you hate kayniss so much, then why are you reading this article? if she ‘blows’ then you really shouldnt care who plays her, should you?

      • hannah

        i’ve never even heard of the movie, winter’s bone, and @Sariah, if katnissblows wants to look at this article, she has a rite to. Who are you to say that she doesnt? Just stop being a hater!

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