Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' and 'After the Final Rose'

Three years and two go-rounds as the Bachelor, and Brad Womack has finally found love. Read the full post.

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  • naa

    Emily should forego what happened and focus on their relationship and make it work because Brad sent all the ladies away and kept her. She should be very proud of herself as the winner standing tall at the end. Brad really, really love Emily from the bottom of his heart. Emily, is a real lady watching throughout the process. She does not talk too much and quite reserved.

  • Mary K.

    I’m actually very happy that Brad picked Emily. I hope that they’ll get through all the negativity surrounding them and just enjoy their relationship. =)

  • donna

    Ashley is good choice, im glad, not sure about Emyli& Brad,

  • Kathleen

    He’s 38 and she’s 25? Gimme a break. This won’t last. She showed more maturity by questioning his interest in being a father and asking him what exactly does he think he’s signing up for? He had NO answer other than “you’re questioning my sincerity, babe???” And he has a flaming temper? Awesome. What girl doesn’t want to sign up for that deductible? The show didn’t “show”case that positive trait, did it? He doesn’t have the slightest idea. They were clinging to each other like a train wreck on the after rose show.

  • jodie

    I think they will make a great couple. we all have issues but with God’s help we can get through anything. I pray that they find the support system they need and work through their issues.

    Excited for Ashley too. I loved her also!

  • Jan Hudson

    Why was Brad never introduced to Em’s relatives? Is this the first time the Bachelor and his chosen one were not offered a little trip from Chris and the producers especially since Brad and Em had been away from each other for a month? Also, is this the first time the Bachelor (Brad) and his chosen (Em)were not immediately thrown on Kimmel and Good Morning America? Was all this Brad and Em’s choice?

    • JoeM

      Emily’s father few into S.Africa. According to Reality Steve:

      -Brad did in fact have Emily’s father fly to South Africa to ask for his permission to marry his daughter. However, this was not filmed and we will not see it. He wanted to do the gentlemanly thing, which I respect. So that answers my question from yesterday about how a guy who’s been so insistent on getting fathers permission could propose without ever having spoken to anyone in her family. Just know he did get permission from her dad but we won’t see it

  • EJ

    It was nice to see Jason and Molly still happy and together. They have the most in common with the latest couple. Yes Brad, yet again you made the wrong choice!!

    As for Ashley as the next bachelorette, I won’t be watching, she bores me and was too interested in her career to committ to Brad, why is now any different?

    Since the producers recycled the men, why not recycle the women too?! I would love to see Jillian back again!!!!!!

    I’ll see you again in the Bachelor Pad 2 Chris!

  • Tina

    I personaly think that Emily’s reaction was pretty wise. A) She would be a fool to give up her job, her home, and uproot her daughter over a short-term relationship and brief engagement. She needs to see what real life is like with Brad and not just reality TV life. B) I would HATE to see the man I love showing affection to other women as Emily had to do when she watched the season air. I don’t blame her for being upset, especially if Brad was banging Shawntel and Chantal when he was supposedly so “head over heels” in love with Emily the whole time. (Which based on his reactions I think is mostly true) And C) I think Brad and Emily have a real shot at love once the chaos settles down and they’re able to experience real life together. The way he looks at her and his behavior toward her reminds me of a man who is genuinely in love. He’s not that good of an actor.

  • MissKM

    I’m so glad he picked Emily and I hope they work it out. There seems to be a lot of negativity out there – everyone making judgements about Emily – and that’s part of the reason she’s struggling in the first place. You can be the most beautiful and confident person in the world, but if you read and hear enough stuff like most of the comments on this board, you’re bound to question things. And being separated for all that time from Brad and being subjected to the show each week afterwards (even if you know what you’re letting yourself in for) has to be tough. I think they’re a beautiful couple and was hoping from almost the start that they end up together. He said he wanted someone sweet, so that’s what he got – but that doesn’t means she can’t be a bit sassy at times.

  • Deb

    Did anyone else notice the HUGE letter bracelet Emily wore on their last date “JRH” – clearly visible towards the camera when she hugged him goodbye – those are the late Ricky Hendricks’ real initials – talk about a clear signal that Brad will never be #1 in her heart. And did he ever give her the final rose? Not shown. I’m surprised he proposed at all after the way he poured his heart out to her about being a father to her daughter and instead of saying how much that meant to her, she jumped down his throat challenging his intentions again. He should have kept Shawntel around. If the producers insisted he go to the mortuary and go thru that stupid episode which was so gruesome for him, couldn’t he at least have gone to Emily’s and Chantel’s workplaces? We need to see connections, not silly drama.

    • JN

      Yes, I noticed that bracelet and it’s not exactly some small token, it’s a big gaudy piece of jewelry. That was just further proof that Emily is *not* ready to move on from her deceased baby-daddy and while I understand that she needs to honor his memory for the sake of her child, I also think its unhealthy for her to continue to continue to grieve over the man when he’s been gone for five or more years. I’m starting to think that Brad chose Emily knowing that she was not ready to commit to a relationship because by nature neither is he, and that this whole season of The Bachelor was a farce to help Brad recoup his public image from cad to nice guy.

  • Yaelle

    I realize that I like “the bachelorette” better than “the bachelor”. It just makes more sense that a bunch of guys are chasing a girl and not the other way around. Also, my favorite season by far was with Jillian Harris. She was my age and I felt like I could relate to her. She wasn’t a dumb bimbo and the choices she made were the same ones I would have made (I loved Ed! I’m sad they broke up).
    I think Ashley is also a smart girl and I’m looking forward to watching it. No more bachelors with little personality! (Jake was a disaster).

    • Kaye

      Ed was the biggest lying dog ever! How can you say you “loved” him? Please! He was sleeping with two ex girlfriends while this show was filming.

  • Sharon

    I have decided to never watch the bachelor or bachelorette again. I can’t believe how much time I wasted thinking i was enjoying a fun romantic show to be so let down. Chris please don’t let everything be about ratings. ABC is my favorite network and has been my whole life…this show has now put a whole different twist on things…very sad.

  • Kaye

    why has no one mentioned that what Brad does for a living is going to be the reason this doesnt work? If she moves to Austin, he is a bar owner….and will be required to work very late. Even 2-3AM or later. This will not work, schedule-wise, for him to be a full time father.

  • Lisa

    Brad picked the right girl! Emily is a rare gem. She may be insecure but if he the man he says he is he will reassure her and love her through this. She need to let him love her and to trust him. I give high fives for putting her daughter first. She is first class all the way. Good Luck Emily and Brad…I want it work for both of you. Emily you so deserve to be happy…let it happen girl. You won’t be sorry!

    • Diane

      Sorry Emily is shallow, young and in love with a dead man. Her bottle blonde hair (that she can’t stop touching), dental veneers and sob story was the only thing interesting about her. I wish her well, but getting married was not her goal… poor Brad…. NOT!

  • Eloise M

    I agree, Emily is a rare gem. To see someone actually put her child’s welfare first before a man’s is rare indeed, and so refreshing. There’s hope for young people yet. Now down to business. Yes, even though Brad did not chose Chantel, she definitely got the last LAUGH. Happy I agree with others that noticed that. Brad does not want a committed relationship. Yes, Emily wants to be in love. I can empathize with the notion that she wants to move on. People are probably telling her its time to move on. Not that simple. Ricky was snatched away from her. It’s not easy to let go, especially if you were really IN LOVE with that person. It will take some time. So good for Emily in taking her time. I feel it will never be Brad for Emily. He knows this, yet I don’t feel sorry for him. So, again I say Emily wants love, but it’s obvious she is not IN LOVE. Big difference…”I”m IN LOVE with you and “I love you”. That’s what we hear her say “You know I love you” ha ha ha WISH CHANTEL ALL THE HAPPINESS SHE CAN FIND. I just love her. Chantel is a wonderful woman.

    • JN

      If Emily wanted to put her child’s welfare ahead of a man she should have stayed home and continued with her job as a hostess in a children’s hospital working daytime hours. A mom who is genuinely interested in her child’s welfare doesn’t drop the kid off with the in-laws and uproot herself for two months so that she can travel to Hollywood to be on a TV game show called The Bachelor to compete for the affections of a man.

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