Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' and 'After the Final Rose'

chris-bachelor-padThree years and two go-rounds as the Bachelor, and Brad Womack has finally found love. It’s not exactly as cut and dry as that, as you saw on the After the Final Rose special — but we’ll get to that in just a bit. Let’s back up to where this final episode landed us in the world. We left the bush of South Africa for the beautiful city of Cape Town. Our entire crew loved the One and Only resort right on the waterfront, just a ten-minute walk to the new stadium built for last summer’s World Cup. (Speaking of, a huge thanks to USA Soccer for having several of us as their guest when the U.S. national team played South Africa. They were nice enough to not only have us as their guests, but they were good about keeping it a secret that we were there.)

Brad didn’t stay at the resort with us; he was at a private house about ten minutes away. You’ve heard time and time again how much Brad’s family means to him but it was very evident just how much when you saw his reaction when they showed up at his house.

Both women made a great impression on his family. I thought Brad’s brothers did a good job of asking Brad the tough questions about Emily and what it really means to become a father. The proposal site was out in the Stellenbosch wine region about 45 minutes drive from Cape Town. We shot at Ernie Els’ vineyard. Thanks to the ladies out at the vineyard for keeping my glass full. The “Big Easy” knows how to make a big bold red — and I’m ready for that golf game any time, Ernie.

I want to jump forward a bit to the After the Final Rose special, which we shot about a week ago. Chantal hadn’t seen her breakup yet and was extremely emotional. Despite the fact that she says she’s now in love with another man and has moved on, you could tell she still had serious feelings for Brad and had a lot of questions to be answered. When Brad was sitting there with her you could feel the emotion and tension between them. She was really hurt and I’m not sure Brad really could have said anything to fix that. Chantal wanted to be assured that what she felt and what Brad said was real. As Chantal announced on the show she has found somebody since the show wrapped and has apparently fallen head over heels in love. I wish them the best and truly hope she finds what she’s looking for.

The proposal to Emily in South Africa was beautiful. As you saw on the special, what awaited Brad and Emily after The Bachelor wrapped was the surreal world of growing a relationship under the scrutiny of a desperate tabloid media, but that’s not their only obstacle. As she’ll admit, Emily is a bit insecure and had a lot of trouble watching Brad’s relationships with the other women — especially his journey with Chantal. Add to these issues the fact that week after week the two of them have to deal with ridiculous, irresponsible, and, at times, completely made up stories about each other in the tabloids, and you have a recipe for trouble. Despite all these negatives stacked against them, as you saw their resolve is strong and their love is true. They are fighting hard privately to make this work and I truly hope they do.

One thing that definitely helped them was bringing back the only people who know exactly what they’ve gone through. It was a bit bizarre but extremely cool to see Ali and Roberto, Jason and Molly, and Trista and Ryan all together on one stage at the same time. The stories and advice they had for Brad and Emily were perfect and exactly what they needed to hear. I know it really helped for them to realize they are part of a bigger family that is there to help and protect them.

It was another incredible season of The Bachelor that once again took us to some of the most beautiful places in the world, and believe it or not we’re about to do it again!  If you watched Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night you heard the official announcement that Ashley H. is our new Bachelorette. I’m very happy Ashley is coming back to be our Bachelorette, as I know she will be great and it will be a fascinating season. The new season of The Bachelorette will premiere May 23rd on ABC, and then season two of Bachelor Pad will premiere later this summer. So while we have a lot to look forward to and be excited about, I’m very hopeful Brad and Emily will keep fighting and make it work. On behalf of the hundreds of people that work so hard to make this show, I want to thank you for watching and making this franchise such a huge success. Beyond the great people on the show, my other great pleasure is hearing from so many fans about how much they love this show and what it means to them. While you anxiously wait for The Bachelorette you can keep up with all things Bachelor at or on Twitter: @thebachelortv and @chrisbharrison.

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  • Tiffany

    I am so glad Brad picked Emily. He is the only Bachelor that I have actually liked both the women standing at the end but Emily just captured my heart! I really hope they can make it work cause I think they are super great for each other.

    • Fallen † Angel

      Emily is a mistake.
      I knew from the get-go.

      • starbbycat

        bigtime Fallen Angel

      • bing22

        That is because you wanted somebody else for Brad. Just accept the fact the he loves Emily and nobody else. Move on with your life and stop the negativity.

        I hope Emily and Brad to ignore the naysayers and prove them wrong.Best of luck to them. Be strong.

      • Sunny

        I’m so happy for Chantal! I wonder if Emily would have made it to the end if she hadn’t had the tragic backstory. Guess the old ‘keep away’ really does work! Take note, girls. Good Luck to the Maynard-Hendrick-Womack family.

    • jenny

      I was all for Emily until the two last conversations that he had with her before he decided — if he was sure about being a father and her answer was so incredibly insensitive and just showing her insecurities — he just professed that he wanted to be a father to her child, etc and she shoots him down by saying are you sure — to me that was just a clear sign that that he should have chosen chantal. I don’t think anybody in america would be mad at him if he decided to leave emily for chantal. This clearly is not going to work and if it is seriously these many problems before they even started, it’s gonna be a long and painful road for both of them. I feel bad but Emily has got some trust issues that she needs to work out.

      • Matthew

        I kind of disagree…I was watching that and thought they were in some trouble because Emily was rying to make sure that the guy whose proposal she was going to accept was going to be watching her daughter. There was no extended time to see how Brad would do, and Emily wanted to know. I htink that is more than fair, and Brad should have been willing to reassure over and over again. Instead, he got mad, hyperventilated, and asked to go get water. That was a telltale sign right there.

      • Pam

        I totally agree! I was shocked at the last meeting when Emily hurt Brad so much with her comments. I was shocked when he picked her. He can Chantal were so good together and happy. As cute as Emily was, I think too much emphasis was placed on her tragedy. Even Brad’s family totally fell for her after they heard her story. Then the sister-in-laws said she would fit in better because she was a mom. I think his family totally misguided him. They did not think of what was best for Brad alone. It is sad what happened to Emily, but that has been 5 years ago. Even though she won’t forget her ex, what happened shouldn’t consume all of her other relationships after 5 years. I think the tragedy is also one of the reasons Brad was so taken with her. She had been through a lot and he wanted to protect her. That was my feeling through the whole show is that Emily is fragile and needs to be taken care of and protected. I think the way Emily acted at the “After the Final Rose show” spoke volumes. She will not marry him or even move to Austin and she got mad when she watched the show. How did she think Brad was going to act on the show with the other women. Has she not ever watched the Bachelor??? I don’t see Emily ever marrying Brad and he will get tired of waiting on her and be alone again. He totally should have chosen Chantal.

    • John

      Emily will never move to Austin and never get over her dead baby daddy. Brad, wake up and move on!

      • Justathought

        Gossip indicates Emily has “gotten over” her baby-father with several other men over the past few years. True or not, in their last date she showed herself to be a “ice queen”. Beautiful but cold.

        With Brad gushing all over her and saying he is truly ready to be a father, she challenged him by asking what does being a father mean to him, what about 3 AM wake ups with a sick child, etc. Cold comfort and goodbye kisses is all Brad got out of that “date”.

        Too bad Brad fell in love with her stunning beauty and cool reserve. A challenge? At any rate, Brad apparently is famous for his hot temper. Maybe he needs a cold woman to cool him down (as long as she doesn’t freeze him out of her life).

    • poorgo

      it’s now being reported that emily is seeing an ex, brett, who owns a car dealership in her hometown. there are also interesting reports about who ricky was dating at the time of his death, and what other race car drivers emily has been interested in.

      • katie

        don’t make false information up, state your sources

      • poorgo

        well, if you’d simply google, you’d see that i did not “make up false information.” it’s being reported by more than one other media outlet. without reading the terms of service here, i’m going to guess they don’t want posts directing users elsewhere. so just google the following terms, and you’ll see the reports: emily ex, brett, car dealership.

      • Suzanne

        The “media outlet” you’re talking about is nothing more then tabloid crap. Why do people like you repeat gossip? Do you take joy in tearing someone down or trying to spread gossip that will hurt that person or tarnish their reputation? Shame on you! I can only guess that jealousy motivates mean people like you.

      • Anna

        Suzanne, I agree with you 100%. Poorgo, I’ve Googled Emily Maynard and never read any of the garbage you’re talking about. I think Brad and Emily truly care about each other and I hope they are able to make their relationship work. It’s too bad when people like “poorgo’ make ridiculous statements quoting tabloids, it only services to tarnish people’s reputations.

  • mama

    I am so frustrated I want to throw something at the TV listening to Emily whine about Brad and the other girls? Didn’t she know she was on the Bachelorette? Did she think they played bridge while trying to see if there was a connection. I like her, but she is so immature. I really feel bad for Brad at this point. I hope they can work it out… because I feel Chantal deserved better and to be the one who had objections about being treated a certain way. I am happy to know she is happy and have moved on. For us, this is a show. For them, it was real life.

    • Fallen † Angel

      I hope Chantal wasn’t just saying she fell in love with another guy just so she could cover her hurt pride….
      It made me wonder if she was being truthful about that…..otherwise that’s what I call on the rebound!

      • JJ

        Chantal IS in another relationship.
        Rebound relationship is right. This girl is desperate to be with a man, any man. I am sure she believes this new man is the “right” one for her and for her sake I hope she is right.

        This is why she is not the next bachelorette. She hooked up with Jeff shortly after returning home from South Africa.

      • Sunny

        Says Jeff’s apparently really-p!ssed-off ex, JJ.

      • Susan

        The “love of her life”? More like a teenage affair. If she is 24 now and her child is 5, then she was around 18 when she got pregnant. And by all accounts she has not been sitting home alone just waiting for Mr. Right since her boyfriend’s death. I think Emily is emotionally limited and while her good looks and cool reserve will draw men to her, she will not be able to keep them unless she finds someone who has an unusual need for a “cold fish” as a mate. Brad is no catch either. He is controlling, spoiled, quick tempered, and doesn’t know what he wants. I liked Chantal, but it was CRAZY for her to wildly profess her “love” for Brad on their last date (in writing even) and then latch onto another man as soon as the show was over. Was the ink even dry on her love note to Brad? What a waste of time this Season has been.

        The new “Bachelorette” is a really poor choice. At least I won’t be wasting my time on that one.

      • Anna

        I think Chantal is a spoiled, attention seeker. She loved Brad so much she immediately got involved in another relationship right after the show. I am so glad Brad did not pick her.

      • Katharine

        For the amount Chantal cried during the Final Rose show I don’t think she’s over Brad enough to fall in’love’.

    • LittleMo

      I agree. I was rooting for Emily until those conversations, too, and I thought the same thing. Didn’t Emily ever see this show and didn’t she get that whoever the bachelor was, he was going to be exploring a relationship with other women and not just her at the same time? That is the premise of the show. I actually feel bad for Brad because I think he meant everything he said but Emily struck a sour note with me. If you listen to her comments she seems to want a guarantee that she won’t be hurt again, that everything is going to be smooth sailing in paradise. We all would like that but that’s not real life. No one has, and no one has a right to expect, any kind of guarantee against heartbreak. I really soured on Emily and that disappointed me.

      • Jen

        Although Emily has been through a lot of life in her 24 years, by losing the love of her life and being a single Mother, she is showing us her immaturity. It is beyond my understanding how a woman, as beautiful as Emily, can remotely be insecure. I’m certain every room she walks into, all men drool over her. Brad, after all, is 14 years older than her and has a lot more life experience being single. She doesn’t have the capacity at 24 to understand at 38, he’s thrilled to begin a life with her as a family. Her questioning him, over and over again, whether he’s ready to be a Dad to Ricki definitely displayed this. I hope she takes the advice of the other couples and concentrates on their love, if she really IS in love, and focuses solely on her relationship with Brad and Ricki as a family.

      • shemara

        I totally agree with you. Emily was my choice for Brad from the start of the show because I thought that she was much more secure than she is. I liked Chantel too but Emily was the girl for Brad. After the final Rose showed me that I was wrong. This girl must not have watched the show before. Why did she think the other women were there. Even though she said that Brad proposed to her before the show ended, he had to go through with dating the other girls for the show. If she was that jealous of how he interacted with the other girls she should not have watched the show. She won so she needs to love this man and try to make this work. Grow up Emily, you know that the media is on everything that you both do. That is news. Stay focused on your relationship and it will work out. I believe that Brad knew what he was doing when he let the other go so stop acting like a child and accept this man’s love. He loves you and love like this only comes around once. Put your memories in the past and focus on your future. You have a man that wants to be a father for your daughter and a husband to you. Get real here.

      • Pam

        Roberto made a telling comment about watching the show after the fact. He didn’t know about Ali’s emotional reaction to Frank’s departure until he saw it on TV, but he accepted it as part of the process and loves her anyway. Hopefully Emily will come to that awareness as well.

      • Traci

        I totally agree. I thought Emily was awesome until her conversation where she was mean to Brad when Brad was putting his heart out there and confessing his devotion to her and her daughter. She was so mean!!! Then, she was so insecure in After the Final Rose. It was obvious that he loves her with all his heart and adores her and her daughter. What more could she want? He treats her so well!!! I think she has placed her daughter’s father on a high, high pedestal that no one can touch. Doesn’t she realize that had he lived, he would have faults too and do things wrong sometimes? He may even have worse faults than Brad. It is just so easy to fantasize about the unattainable. She should take her own advise when she told Brad that parenting isn’t always fun; same thing with marriage. You will never marry someone perfect. Plus, she hasn’t dated anyone really since she was 18 so she probably doesn’t realize what a bunch of losers are out there and what a catch Brad is. It will be hard for her to find someone who loves and adores her as much as Brad does. Maybe she would rather be single, though.

      • Katharine

        Emily should have expected Brad to be with other women, but I don’t think Brad expected Emily to talk about Rickie (fiance) so much. Even while she’s walking up to Brad hoping he’s going to propose to her she mentions Rickie’s name. I think Brad deserves to feel insecure in their relationship more than she does.

  • mama

    PS. Brad’s sisters in law pissed me off… with their attitude “If you haven’t been a mother you just don’t understand”. Catty women.

    • Sara

      They really annoyed me, too! They seemed more interested in finding a new member for their Mommy and Me club than what Brad wanted.

      • Elmo

        Me too. They were in no way going to sit by wiping snotty noses while Brad & Chantal were having exciting adventures and basking in each other! Nope – they were more than ready to suck Emily into their world so that they weren’t forced to face their reality. And was it just me or did Emily REALLY seem to focus on the negative aspects of being a parent? She’s def got issues. And where was the rest of her family?

    • Fallen † Angel

      I agree.
      I think they’re a big part of why Brad made his big mistake by picking Emily aside from his mother.
      Where’s the like button? lol

    • JN

      I’ll agree to that as well! All the women in Brad’s family including his mother were blinded by Emily’s sob story whereas his brothers asked the hard questions about instant fatherhood.

    • jenny

      I HATED that comment as well — what if one of the women she was talking about couldn’t have children. It is just such a close minded opinion.

      • Heidi

        I get what they are saying. They were all very complimentary of Chantal but once they met Emily they realized the maturity factor she had about life and were impressed with it. I also do agree that once you have a child your life does change as does your outlook.

    • Jenna

      I completely agree with you 100% – and I am a mother!! It really bothered me that they had such a close-minded view of who was right for him. It’s not like if he had chosen Chantal they never would have had children. I thought their comments were incredibly selfish.

    • carolann

      Umm that is not catty, duh you obviously are not a mom

      • LittleMo

        Yes it is catty. The worth of a woman – or a man – is not measured by whether or not they have children or if they are able to have children. There is worth to be proud of in the individual person and if a potential partner doesn’t see that or doesn’t agree with that, they are not a true potential partner.

    • Yes, they were Catty

      I agree…it was ridiculous the way the uptight sisters-in-law gave Emily the immediate stamp of approval simply because she gave birth. How unfair for Chantal!

      • Suzanne

        Girls, remember, we are only seeing an edited version of what took place. Quit judging conversations that probably had half of what they said edited out!! Brad is 38; even though Chantal was closer to his age she was much more immature then Emily. The death of Emily’s fiance at such a young age and then a baby she’s taken care of on her own for 5 years has made her much more mature then her actual age.

    • Sandy

      Exactly…it was almost like they were in it for themselves and not what would be best for their brother-in-law.

    • Julie

      Catty? That’s not how I saw it. They obviously liked Chantal too, but I think their comment was about them having more in common with Emily because of that. And it’s true, you can’t know what being a mother is truly like unless you are one. Just like with anything else. I have no idea what it’s like to be a fire fighter (or anything else that I’m not), I can imagine it but unless I actually experienced it firsthand; I have no idea. What’s catty about that?

      And lastly, it was evident in Brad’s face how much he wanted his family to like Emily. He was so nervous so his sisters-in-law’s comments had nothing to do with his decision.

      I really think that some people are bummed that he picked Emily that they are grasping at straws to try to ‘understand’ it.

    • KD

      Ya.. His sister in-law isn’t the one that has to live with the girl. I think everybody just feels sorry for poor little Emily and her sad story. It’s kind of irritating to me. Yes it’s terrible…It’s also terrible that my mother abandoned me… but because I’m not a quiet mouse and play the victim, nobody feels sorry for me… and I’m glad for that. Emily has a dark side.. I think she’s a closet b**ch…I don’t see it lasting because she will never be 100 percent happy with his parenting, or accept that he dated other women while dating her, and she wont ever be able to accept his spunk. But hey, he’s whipped.

      • Jenna

        His spunk? What spunk? All I saw was a man with a terrible temper. That is not spunk, that is abuse.

      • Suzanne

        You are very rude and judgemental and sound very jealous. You obviously do have some issues relating to your mother abandoning you or you wouldnt be so hateful to someone you dont even know. Go get some professional help so you can release that suppressed anger!


      Totally agree! Sister-in-laws were annoying! How petty of them to suggest that if you are not a mom you can’t “connect” with mothers.

    • Kate

      I know! She made it sound as if women with children are superior

    • Pam

      TOTALLY AGREE! That was the stupidest thing a family member has ever said. They weren’t thinking of Brad at all.

      • Katharine

        By the looks of how affectionate Brad was with Emily vs. Chantal while they were meeting his family he’d made up his mind. I think the only way he was going to change his mind is if they said they disliked Emily.

    • Sunny

      Agreed! Chantal would have died of boredom in that family! They were intimidated by her beauty and zest for life. Motherhood is boring to those of us who are still free to enjoy life, and I think they resent it.

  • mich

    why wasn’t emily wearing her engagement ring?

    • KC

      It had to be sized. Brad gave it back to her on the show.

      • sherimoonzombie

        Sure it did….

      • Joanne

        Right, I am so gullible. I would have thought a show like this would have had both women’s ring sizes and plenty of time to size the chosen ring for engagement day. And gee, she has had that ring for what 6 weeks? I hear it takes 8 weeks to get a ring sized so she is a lucky girl to get it back so fast!!!

      • JN

        I got my ring resized and it took only three days, not three months … just sayin!

      • Kudos

        I thought it was strange how Chris asked Emily if she considers herself engaged and she said yes. Then the ring came back. It was like Brad said, “I don’t know if we’re engaged anymore, ask her, if she says yes I will talk about getting it sized.” Although I do have to say when he put it on her finger, it did look incredibly big. Anyone else notice?

      • Naomi

        The producers were clearly trying to add drama. They kept showing closeups of her “empty” ring finger, implying that they weren’t engaged, or she was choosing not to wear the ring. Then he gives it back to her in the last 10 minutes of the show?? Why not give it to her at the beginning? So staged and ridiculous.

      • Katharine

        Even if the show had the ladies’ ring size why would they size it before she said ‘yes’ just in case she doesn’t?

    • Wendy

      In all of the previous seasons (where the couple hadn’t broken up by the time they filmed the ATFR show) they have made a point of having the guy give the girl her engagement ring on the show. Since no one was to know that she was engaged, she doesn’t get to wear the ring until the finale airs. There’s no big conspiracy here.

    • sally

      wouldn’t the producers know her ring size, they did pay for her ring. “if it doesn’t fit, you must Acquit” Just a bad sign. she wasn’t even emotional when she was being proposed to.

      • MK

        Where does it say a girl has to be emotional during a proposal? Is it written in some relationship guide somewhere? Every person conveys their emotions in different ways. For you to sit here and basically say she wasn’t even happy that he was proposing to her shows how much of an idiot you are. You have now idea what she was feeling at that moment. Don’t pretend like you do.

      • REX

        It’s becuase the proposal and ending was shot 4 times for camera angles to get it right. TV – you gotta love it.

      • KD

        I noticed that too!!!!
        No emotion… She’s kind of a cold fish.

      • Wendy

        maybe it was sized for Chantal!

      • carolann

        Sally is that my sister???

    • Meg

      Well she couldn’t be wearing it the past 3 months or she would give away the ending of the show! Even Ali Fedotowsky mentioned in her AFTR that she hadn’t seen her engagement ring since the proposal- the producers take it away right after and keep it until the finale airs. Then they get it back.

  • Jujubee

    While Emily looked absolutely beautiful as usual, especially with her new hair color and about a half pound less makeup, I do wish the Bachelor stylists could have done something to her hair so that she wouldn’t have been brushing it out of her face every 2.3 seconds.

    • Tizzylish

      Amen sistah. I wish someone from the audience would have given her a barrette or bobby pin! Her new hair color and makeup is SO MUCH prettier! Vienna had the same transformation.

      • cjj

        emily had that nasty habit the entire show with her hair!
        (altho it WAS windy everywhere she went)

      • Sandy

        LOL! I to was totally bothered by her pushing her hair out of her face. I had a difficut time paying attention to what was being said because I was pre-occupied with the thought of wishing she would just tuck it behind her ear!

    • Ruthi

      I agree, I always thought she was “barbie doll” pretty, but this was much softer and nicer. Constantly touching her hair is likely a defense mechanism to hide her nerves. I hope they can work out their problems, I like her!

    • etm

      I know I am probably the only one to think this, but I preferred Emily’s lighter hair.

  • Jay

    Ashley is hard to look at. Why on earth would u think men would want to apply to date her?? Good luck getting applications. Time to stop recycling.

    • mama

      Actually, seeing her on Kimmel she looked softer (hair color not as hark as it was last week) and she was very vibrant. I wish her well and may even turn in.

      • Janet

        Emily and Brad will NEVER marry. She is not about to move to Austin. I think Brad picked Emily because he really didn’t want either girl and he knew he had to pick one of them after the last time and Emily was safe as she will never get over her boyfriend that died. That was quite evident through the whole season.

      • Heidi

        Janet, I disagree. Brad picked Emily because he loved her and he loved the idea of being a father to such a lovely daughter. I think he expected that at the least there would be an extended visit to Austin so that Ricki and Brad could spend time together, and the families could really bond together. She could be relying on Brad’s sister-in-laws for the real scoop and to support her through this time instead of being in her hometown with people who would be sad to have her go and who don’t know Brad from a hole in the wall. They are feeding her insecurities. She needs to give this a shot, because I do think they are an excellent match.

    • Fallen † Angel

      Jay, when it comes to desperate men in USA….they’ll just about apply for anything…including cute little whiniers.

    • JN

      I think it’s safe to say that the majority of “contestants” on The Bachelor and Bachelorette sign up just to be on television and not because they’re actually looking for love, especially the guys.

    • carolann

      To bad it was not chantel

      • KD

        I know.. I wish it were Chantel as well.
        Which just goes to show that Brad is REALLY not ready for a committed relationship.
        He mentioned that he could be himself with Chantel, and that Emily makes him WANT TO BE a better person… So basically he’s admitting that he’s insecure about himself around Emily… But he picks her anyway because (subconsciously) if she accepts him, he will feel better about himself… It’s the thrill of the chase for some men.
        Where as with Chantel… it’s a sure thing that she would never leave him, because she was upfront, honest, and devoted.
        I’ve seen it before, too many times.
        Men!!! Please stop choosing women that feed your ego!!!!

      • Sunny

        Being more like Chantal than Emily, I’ve learned this about men. Emily has played the game very well, indeed. She gives him a small, tantalizing taste, then she backs away, and he cannot help but pursue her. Since the beginning of time, men want what they cannot have. They enjoy/need the hunt. Once they finally catch their prey, they are on to the next hunt. That’s (usually) why they cheat. While it’s natural for women to not want to play games and to be able to display their affection honestly, men LIVE for games, and they have a very short attention span. Keep your man guessing, and you’ll keep your man. Make sure he loves you more than you love him – or at least let him think that he does.

    • Liz

      I noticed that Ashley H. has an annoying way of keeping her head tilted. She looks like she has a hard time keeping it up on her shoulders. Definitely not planning on watching this one!

    • Ray

      That’s just mean-spirited. Are you channeling Billy Bush from Access Hollywood? He said the exact same thing this morning. Ashley is beautiful and has a cute personality. That said, her “story” wasn’t compelling this season. There won’t be a lack of suitors, but I’m wondering if audiences will want to root for her — she was adorable, but she wasn’t “heroine” material (at least not edited that way). I sense general burn out from all things Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. I agree that the show(s) need to be reinvigorated for sure.

      • Heidi

        I do not see her as the bachelorette. She’d be a fun contestant on bachelor pad but as the bachelorette? it feels mean to say she’s not attractive enough – a she is very cute and spunky, but I just don’t see how a season could be all that compelling with her.

      • Sunny

        I couldn’t agree more. While she is to be commended for pursuing her career, she is not suitable for that very reason amongst others. She’s quite plain, lacked personality, and seemed to be oddly distracted a lot of the time. There were other candidates – Shawntel, Madison or the Jennifer Garner look-alike, for example – that had the whole package. I, for one, won’t waste my time watching, but good luck to her.

    • RK

      What, a dental student isn’t a big catch?

    • chickie

      I agree with the recycling. Get some new blood for both the bachelor and bachelorette. Ashley really looked sleezy in the dress she had on, on JK. If you are flat chested, don’t wear something to emphsis it. She doesn’t have time to have a boyfriend because of her schooling, she even said she was not going to stop her schooling.

    • lisa

      I agree! She is not cute! Too perky and you could post a billboard on her forehead!!!!

    • Yuck

      I can’t believe the producers are so lazy that they picked Ashley for the next bachorette bc it meant not having to go through the trouble of casting a new one. Would any of those producers want to date Ashley?? I don’t think so. What would make u think men in America will. They will have alot of men backing out that have already submitted apps. The best thing they could do is make up some bs story about how Ashley backed out or they could not agree on the contract or anything. I couldn’t even handle watching her dating brad I had to fast forward through her dates- and now an entire season of her!! Hugest mistake EVER. Watch ur ratings drop. Act fast!

      • T2

        We also know that Ashley ain’t moving away from her family and her precious ‘career’ in Maine. Fellas, you saw where she lives and eats on this season, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, STAY AWAY.

  • laura

    I’m so glad that Chris Harrison wrote this blog! My dvr didn’t get the after show! Thanks Chris:) I’m so happy for Brad and Emily! They seem perfect together and I love the show

    • Oaker55

      Maybe you should try to watch it online if you want to true unbiased story.

  • reagan

    Was praying Ashley H. would NOT be the bachelorette. It was annoying enough that Brad kept her around. This opinion was shared by the guys who watch the show as well. I have watched every year, but will be skipping the next season.

    • LostinNYC

      I agree. She was the most annoying. Well, at least it frees up the time I would be wasting watching her drive the guys away.

    • Kerri

      I was kind of excited about watching the Bachelorette but I seriously can’t now. Ashley H. was the most annoying person on The Bachelor this season. Although I’ll have a pretty good drinking game if I take a shot every time she says “like.” I’ll be passed out in the first 10 minutes.

      • SLB

        Agree. Can’t stand her 12 year old voice. Guess that’s two months of my time this summer i won’t have to waste.

      • Little Nama

        Ashley H. has an oddly shaped mouth that makes it hard for me to watch. And, the “new” Ashley look is even worse than the old. Can’t imagine spending any time watching her…

      • JM

        Ashley’s a super nice girl, and not unattractive at all in my opinion; however, she is annoying as hell. I couldn’t handle the talking with the hands she always did. Would not have been too bad if it didn’t seem like they always ended up in front of her face. Any way, that’s my two cents

    • Pam

      I must be crazy, but I was actually rooting for Michelle to be the Bachelorette!

      • J

        Yes, you must be.

      • T2

        Pam, you can be sure she’ll be stirring up trouble (and cooties, probably) on Bachelor Pad. See ya back here to comment on episodes.

  • jessica

    I think I am the only person who didn’t take to Emily! I think she is gorgeous, but it bothers me how Brad would go on about how sweet she is just because she speaks a certain way. Chantal has such a warmth to her and her love for Brad was selfless even up until the final rose. What did Emily give Brad? I think Brad like the chase with Emily because she seemed unavailable. He said he couldn’t take Chantal’s drama? Well now look at Emily’s drama. I think there relationship is more based on physical than any substance. And yes Emily, Chantal is more fun! Brad did Chantal a big favour!!

    • sherimoonzombie

      Didn’t see your post before adding my own just below, but I am right there with you sister!

    • Ashley

      I’m with you Jessica! I feel like no one agrees with me about Emily. Chantel was so much better!

    • cjj

      jessica: I agree 100%!!!! Chantal was the adventurous one. emily never swam w/sharks, zip-lined or free fell..brad wanted all that in a wife, so why didn’t he TRY some outdoor stuff like that with emily before he proposed? she may stink at it. I rooted for chantal all the way & feel let down myself. he definetly LED HER ON. also, doesn’t it irk you we never mer emily’s family?? we only met her daughter. she may LOOK older, but emily acts 24 too. I think Brad got what he deserved by choosing her, sorry Brad..I doubt sweet emily is going to be easy to live with.

      • JN

        My guess is that the producers (and the lawyers) call the shots and opted *not* to send Emily on the “adventurous” dates because she has a child. God forbid should she go down on a snapped zip line, dive off a cliff into rocks, or be attacked by bats or sharks – – too much liability.

      • Barbara

        Girls on the show do not get to pick their dates, or haven’t you noticed.

      • Debbie S.

        Agree–Emily is bound to be way too high maintenance for Brad. I think she wants to be in love, but there were definitely mixed signals where Brad was concerned.

      • Stephanie

        Did you not watch the ATFR?

        Emily said she would of looked the same way if she had all the cool and fun dates. She said she looked boring because all of her dates were incredibly boring. All she ever had was picnics.

        Chantel was the one who kept getting all the awesome dates, and Brad was not the one who picked the dates.

        I love how people just come up with all these conclusions. He clearly loves her, and we don’t know how she is or isn’t in real life. We’ll never know because we probably won’t hear of them again but still.

    • starbbycat

      very much agree – Chantal was the real deal – I was very sad for her – but in looking at the afer show – she is really having the last laugh – Emily is way too immature & spoiled to ever make it work.

      • Caroline


    • Cat

      Yes…I totally agree! Chantal was way too good for Brad…but why he would prefer Emily’s “tragic ice queen” behavior to Chantal’s warmth, beauty and vibrance is a mystery to me! I LOVE that on ATFR it was Em who was jealous of Chantal…payback is a b***h!

      • Jen

        What a true statement re: Chantal and Emily. Although, I don’t want payback to anyone trying to find their way in this life regarding love and their heart. Emily being insecure only shows how immature she really is, even though, her story is quite sad. She did say she was only 18 when she met the love of her life and and a mere 19 when she found out she was pregnant. Since his and/or her parents have taken care of her by buying her a house, she hasn’t had to support herself like single Mothers normally do. Also, why didn’t Brad get to meet her immediate family other than Ricki?

      • cestmoi

        Chantal is not the real deal…very shallow and fake. I didn’t buy her story of how she fell in love so quickly. It appears she was just afraid of being alone. She came across as immature and desperate.
        Emily appears to be much more mature. I agree with what the brother said about her being poised. Quite the opposite with Chantal who is just crass.

      • JK

        Hah! She wasn’t jealous of Chantal, she was laughing about how Chantal got cast with the “fun” dates and they gave her that opportunity to let loose and have people see that side of her. How exactly does Emily act like a “tragic ice-queen?” when its obvious that the other girls in the house loved her and were rooting for her. At the end of the day, Emily is wife material, lady-like, poised and charming. Chantal is party-girl material, chatty, loud and apparently unable to zip her wetsuit up past her cleavage. Have another wine (or is that ‘whine’) Chantal!

      • T2

        @JK oh my gawd I forgot about that – Chantal couldn’t manage to zip her wetsuit up (yeah right) and used it instead to show off her store-bought globs of silicone. Trashy!

    • SueK

      Jessica I agree 100%. I thought Chantal and Brad were a way better fit, she is closer to her age. And I think Brad got caught up in what his mom wanted as opposed to what he wanted. I don’t think Emily will ever actually marry him because of Ricki, I don’t think she really wants to share the mom responsibility. The last two conversations they had should have been a clue for him. He tells her he is ready and she shoots him down and just talks about the low responsibilities?? What kind of response is that? I also agree with Emily not realizing what show she was on, why the jealousy??

      • TJM

        Chantal was always fun: in the house, on picnics, etc. Not just on the “fun” dates. Its not the dates that make you a fun person, its your personality.

      • Suzanne

        I sincerely hope that Brad and Emily dont read these blogs. What do any of you know about what really transpired that the cameras didnt show? No wonder so many of these dont work out with so many amateur self-proclaimed relationship “experts” sounding off about the relationship of people they dont even know! Take a good look in the mirror and see if you like what you see about yourself! Obviously many people that write these nasty comments have to attack others because they’re so insecure about themselves.

    • Shellie

      Totally agree! Everyone was so in love with Emily, but she never seemed “real”. It might have been because of the producers edit, but the whole “Madonna” and tragic mom thing got old. Guys definitely dig the chase. I’m sure she’s a nice woman, but I liked Chantal better, crying and all. She seemed very warm, fun, and real. I wish her the best in life!

    • Jill

      Emily is’nt into Brad at all. She gave him so many hints for him to drop her, but he was so infatuated with her that he could not even see it. She wanted to be The Bachelorette. I give them 3 more monthes before it is officially over.

  • sherimoonzombie

    Awww, my heart was breaking for Chantal. She’s my home town girl and I was rooting for her. I hope she truly is happy. I’m just not sold on Emily – it’s obvious Brad loves her to death. But she keeps her emotions pretty well under control so it’s hard to tell if she’s really head over heels or not. She certainly doesn’t appear to be as deeply invested in the relationship as Brad.
    As for Ashley — ugh. Would have MUCH preferred Chantal or Shawntel.

    • ahny72

      Sherimoonzombie, many people know that Emily is not that invested in this relationship. It’s Brad that head over hill himself. He going to spend the rest of his life proving his love to her, because he will never live up to her decease husband. Her daughter will always come first. That is how it is! God bless Chantal and happy for her new life.

      • Fallen † Angel

        I hope Chantal REALLY DOES have a new man in her life……

      • LittleMo

        Emily never actually married Ricki. They were engaged.

    • cjj

      me too. Shawntel would be great. she was the prettiest one too. altho chantal is too. brad got along soooooo well w/chantal’s parents, too bad. we don’t know emily’s parents or siblings at all!!

    • starbbycat

      they really missed the boat in not picking Shawntel – would have been awesome tv & agree she is gorgeous!

      • Jen

        Shawntel was my favorite from the start; she & Brad had something very special. Too bad he couldn’t see her beauty and only focused on Emily’s face and her Southern Belle charm.

    • KM

      Did anyone else notice that Brad’s sister-in-law looked very much like Emily? As soon as I saw that, I thought, “uh oh”

      • Barb

        Yes, I noticed that too! I thought, yep, he has the same taste as his brothers.

      • greta


      • Jenna

        Only in that they are both skinny, bottle blondes. Other than that, I don’t see a resemblance.

      • christine

        I did right away …..creepy

    • Debbie S.

      I’m not certain Brad “loves her to death” so much as puts her on a pedastal.

  • SUE

    I like emily better then chantal but i have to say… i think brad made a mistake. Emily is a great catch but Chantal is a better fit. Also I think it would be better to have chantal N as the next bachelorette.

    • Fallen † Angel

      There should be a rule that the end loser of every Bachelor show should automatically be the Bachelorette unless for some reason they’ve opted out and refused to sign on.

      • jones

        I think they did consider Chantal, but b/c of her new relationship she declined. At least that is what Reality Steve is reporting.

      • Kudos

        There probably is a rule like that. I am sure they would have rather had Chantal sign on and they probably asked her. But because of this new guy in her life that all of us hope is real, she obviously wasn’t going to sign on. So the next one? the second runner up, which was Ashley.

        OK, I know you guys are right about the desperate guys in America, but I am DYING to know, how many men would be cool with dating a funeral director? How many men would be cool with hopping up on that table while she acts out what she does with a scalpel?

      • SLB

        How about a new rule. No more recycling.

      • Debbie S.

        I don’t know if it’s already been said, but Shawntel (the undertaker from Chico, CA) would make a MUCH better bachelorette than Ashley H.

  • Paula A. Kyle

    I really hoped that Brad would pick Chantel. He was so happy with her. I really thought he was going to choose her. I think he wanted to please his mom. I think he wanted to be the one to fix Emily. I almost believe that he felt that if he did not choose her, that she would be destroyed. I know he wants to be a good father. I think he was wanting to show that he can and will be a good father. Brad is a really emotional person who has a hard time making a decision. He does have a psychologist that is trying help him. If it does not work out with Emily, I wish he could go back to Chantal. I do not see it working out with Emily. She needs to see a psychologist. I wish everyone here the best.

    • Sunny

      I think Brad didn’t want to be vilified for being the next big hurt in Emily’s life. I do think that he wants to save her. That worked out very well for Chantal. Brad has a bad temper, as attested to by his own family’s joke about ‘poking the bear,’ and Chantal is too sensitive to be subjected to that for the rest of her life. It would dull – and then extinguish – her light-heartedness and her zest for life. Brad has major father and abandonment issues, which is why he chose Emily and her daughter, and he needs to continue with therapy – hopefully, with someone other than that TV doc. Emily should also be in therapy, but it’s not warranted for Ricki, who never knew her daddy and just needs her childhood and love.

  • Roxanne

    It’s just so sad that Brad’s family didn’t allow him to follow his own heart. The sister in-laws were completely selfish, and his mother seemed to join in on the Emily “being the one”. You would hope that knowing your son or brother can be himself with the woman he loves would trump whether or not she fits into the sister in-laws lives. Emily was so quiet, but it’s quite obvious why. If she really showed her true personality I don’t think Brad would have picked her. Even she saw that Brad should have picked Chantal. After all, a long solid marriage does require having fun with each other. Unfortunately, there is a child involved so hopefully they make the right decision now instead of later.

    • Fallen † Angel

      Where’s the agree button.

      The right decision NOW instead of later would be to both agree that Brad picked the wrong woman and instead of lying to themselves, just admit that things won’t work out and move on.

    • KD

      Ya!!! Who says that???

      “I would have picked her, not me”

      She obviously doesn’t care as much as she should… and the funny thing is, she’s right… he should have picked someone else that he was more compatible with and not someone that he can never do right by… someone that seems to scrutinize everything he does. She acts like she thinks she’s too good for him.
      It’s true, she is a southern belle… I live in the south and those women are hypocrites, judgmental, and think they’re holier than thou.

  • Billy Jean

    Oh man, Chantal would have made a stellar Bachelorette!!

    • Reerun5

      I agree… and I live in Seattle – how the heck did she meet a “perfect guy” 5 minutes after returning?!! I’d rather watch her than annoying, insecure Ashley… I too wish the recycling would stop and that they’d find someone new…

      • christine

        Or at least do a poll who we want to watch..I will NOT be watching her she is too annoying.I would have liked to see Shawntel instead

    • Fallen † Angel


  • Skippy

    I believe Chantal had every right to feel like Brad just strung her along b/c she was “fun”.. If he truly knew it was Emily than he should have broke the rules and just let them all go at that point.. Come on ABC these are real people with real feelings.. My heart was breaking for Chantal, she was my pick from day 1!! It just came across that Brad was always asking for Emily’s acceptance, where as Chantal laid it all out there for him.. Hoping Chantal is truly Happy!

    • mama

      Agreed. It seemed like he was dragging Chantal along even though she had previously asked him to let her go if he wasn’t sure she might be the one. If he was in love with Emily so early on… he did Chantal wrong. Having seen a photo of the guy she is with, I hope he is not only cute but also treats her right.

      • Michelle

        erm because that’s the premise of the show. Did Chantel miss that?

      • Sunny

        I think with Brad’s anger issues, that he may have strung her along the whole way to pay her back for slapping him in front of millions of people. Ted Bundy was apparently very charming.

    • cjj

      me too skippy! I rooted for him & chantal from day 1. I think emily will be alot of work. I was totally shocked he picked emily especially after the last date where he started sweating. chantal was the fun one. chantal & him could have traveled, had fun..THEN had kids in a few years. oh well.

      • Ellen

        Emily came across as very cold and uncaring for anyone other than herself. She will not move to Texas, It is about fame and notice the “um” sweet girl is all gone–an act.

    • betsy

      He made a mistake picking the high-maintenance glamour girl instead of the easy-to-be-with natural beauty.

      And The Bachelor has made a mistake picking Ashley the Dentist for the next bachelorette. Geez, couldn’t they have just gone out into the world and found some great girl that people might actually want to watch a season about? Sorry, I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but no thanks.

      • Tina

        I am so glad Ashley picked J.P. I believe they can have a real Happy loving Marriage.

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