Ashley H. is the new Bachelorette. But is she crazy enough?


ABC is continuing their reuse, renew, recycle strategy for the new season of The Bachelorette: Jimmy Kimmel announced tonight that Ashley H. will be the next Bachelorette when the series premieres on May 23. What do we know about Ashley H.? Let’s see… She’s a 26-year-old dental student from Madawaska, Maine; she’s got a brand new head of hair extensions; and she is not the other Ashley from Brad’s season, in case you were wondering. I won’t lie to you, rose lovers — I’m disappointed that Brad’s main dumpee Chantal didn’t wind up with the gig. She’s an emotional train wreck and therefore a natural reality TV star. Sure, Ashley H. gets defensive and shuts down emotionally when feeling vulnerable or challenged, but she’s far from being the mayor of Crazytown. I’m sure we’ll hear lots and lots about how Ashley H. destroyed her chance at happiness with Brad because of her “intimacy” “issues” — and her completely destructive desire to have a career — but it simply can’t measure up to my mental picture of a weepy, moody, stress-eating Chantal drunkenly threatening to jump off the roof of Casa Bachelorette when she learns one of her suitors has a girlfriend back home. That said, I’ll still be watching Ashley H.’s “journey.” In fact, they could make the gross skank who took off her thong at the cocktail party the Bachelorette and I’d still watch. (Actually, maybe that’s not such a bad idea…) Anyhow, are you pleased with the decision, rose lovers?

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  • Alli

    Yuck!!! I’ll still watch because I LOVE the Bachelorette but Ashley is so annoying!! She talks with her hands over her face and is SO inarticulate it just drives me insane. Good luck ever becoming a dentist after taking a year off of dental school

    • Alli

      PS- I would so have loved it if Mole Hair Michelle had been chosen… Talk about entertainment!!!!

      • Anglophile

        Totally should have been Michelle. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot– ABC chose “sweet” over entertainment.

      • Kevin

        Michelle – perfect for casting on Bachelor Pad.

      • wendy ashley

        that would of been the kind of drama we would all enjoy and she would find her man!

    • LOL

      Television for people who hate humanity.

      • Summer



    • starbbycat

      not liking this so much – dont think she is one bit ready to settle down.

    • Kerri

      I was kind of excited about watching the Bachelorette but I seriously can’t now. Ashley H. was the most annoying person on The Bachelor this season. Although I’ll have a pretty good drinking game if I take a shot every time she says “like.” I’ll be passed out in the first 10 minutes.

      • SLB

        Totally agree. Won’t be wasting my time on this hunk. Boring.


        I third this. Won’t be watching.

      • wendy ashley

        really what were they thinking, I didn’t realize so many felt same way as I do, She was so annoying.

    • Juneau

      Ick. ITA with comment above. Probably one of the least articulate women on the show (which is ironic considering her education). BAD choice. Should’ve been Shawntel.

    • Cheryl

      I agree.. I find Ashley H. so very annoying…I will not be watching in May.

  • jk

    Ok, Pop Watch, can a girl get a spoiler alert? Jimmy Kimmel just started in Chicago and he hasn’t brought her out yet.

    • Jenna

      Then when are you doing on this blog??

    • yolkie

      As the other poster “why are you on this blog??” Also the headline gave NOTHING away. All it said was “The new Bachelorette is…” You were the idiot to click on it, open the page and read it.

    • jk

      Chill out, you guys. I went to the EW homepage right before Jimmy Kimmel started in Chicago, and the second headline ON THE HOMEPAGE was “Ashley H. is the new Bachelorette. But is she crazy enough?” It actually still says that at the top of the article, so yolkie I don’t know where you’re looking. Plus on the homepage at this second, it’s the seventh headline down under “From Our Blogs” (although now it’s too late for it to matter). Maybe you guys could do some detective work before calling me an idiot.

      • Juneau

        The bottom line is to STAY OFF EW if you’re so concerned about spoilers. No one is holding a gun to your head to go to this website.

    • Spoiler Alert!

      What everyone else said. Jk is an idiot.

      • Serious Business

        You seem to take the internet too seriously. I don’t think jk’s comment was out of line, and she doesn’t look like the idiot here. Chill with the name calling.

    • RK

      You were worried about this as a spoiler?

  • mama

    YAWN – I hope she will be more expressive when she is the focus.

  • Christie

    Meh, it’s fine. I agree that Chantal would’ve been good crazy fun. Ashley has an energy that is annoying now, but kind of like Ali – I think she’ll calm down a lot when she’s the one calling the shots.

    And I will always support ABC re-using contestants, no matter how much I don’t like them. It’s just more interesting to see people we already “know” (heavy emphasis on the quotation marks) since we usually get to know the Bachelor/Bachelorette the least out of anyone due to the incessant focus the editing gives to their “journey”. I’d care about their journey more if I knew why they were such a great “catch” in the first place!

    • Glowbug

      Yes, I kept wondering what Brad was about except for weeding out women—where he lives and works, his friends & family and why a woman would want to marry him–it made him seem without personality or direction –he did seem somewhat dull if physically fit—attractive is nice but the guy has to have brains & interests –why not include his education and how he earns a buck—

      • Precious

        I totally agree. I thought Brad was dry and was only out to get something from Shawntel then drop her like whatever to go ahead and marry Emily.
        I DID however like his sense of humor when he wasn’t with the women. He needed to display that more through out the show.

  • VegasM

    Ugh. Squinty eyed, annoying Ashley H. Could you have chosen anyone worse than Ashley H? Ugh.

    • Andi

      Too hyper, no appeal, not attractive, insecure. It will be like a child’s version of the show.

    • starbbycat

      someone likened her to a chihuahua

      • Jill

        HAHAH She is like a Chihuahua! Too funny!! Hyper, small and thin lipped..haha!

      • sienna


    • karn

      Worst choice ever! I’ll catch up on housework in May.

  • Really…?

    Worst possible choice…so annoying and not interesting at all. Why can’t they get someone new instead of recycling the trash every time??

    • RK

      What a catch — a dental student.

  • Barack Palin

    Can someone PLEASE start a petition to have ABC broadcast Maks’s sting as the Ukrainian “Bachelor”? I think it would be highly entertaining and I’m sure am not the only one dying to see it!

    • Suzq

      Have you tried youtube? There’s a lot of Reality shows from other countries.

  • Barack Palin

    I meant stint of oourse-sausage fingers.

  • Moo

    Sorry, but Ashley H is not even that pretty. And she should never wear that shade of lipstick. Yikes. SO ANNOYING.

    • etm

      Yeah, all the bachelors will have to act like she’s so hot. She’s more like their kid sister.

      • AnnaBelle

        I KNOW! It will be so painful to watch all the (relatively) hot guys pretend that she’s sexy. Man, I hope these guys are good actors!

  • Jujubee

    Ashley wasn’t my favorite, but I think she will bring the crazy just fine. She was always bombed and half cross-eyed during the group dates. So as long as the drinks are a-flowing, (which in Bacheloretteville, they always are) I think there’s potential for all sorts of fun train wreck-y stuff!

  • Joline

    I like Ashley but NOT for bachelorette. Not to sound mean, but can’t imagine 25 guys fighting over her…

    • Carly

      I agree, not exactly hot and I thought her career and school was so important to finish.

    • Precious

      I totally agree. She is too much like a kid sister and I honestly don’t think she was ready for ANY relationship!!!
      She needs to stop being so emotional all the time. Now Michelle, that girl displayed confidence and WOULD HAVE definitely put some line to the story!!

  • lololola

    I won’t watch her. I fear suffering some sort of seizure from exposure to that clown makeup on her giant garish hooker head. That, plus she’s boring.

  • Joy

    I like her and all but I really liked Ashley Spivey and thought she would do a better job and I feel like the guys would like her better as well.

    • starbbycat

      what a great idea – I just loved that Ashley – she is a great girl.

      • robin

        me too!!!

      • Melinda

        Mary you are awesome! I have setlkad your blog for five years now and still LOVE every post you make! You amaze me with your talent in catching those candid moments. I find myself feeling the emotion of each picture just like I was there at that exact moment you snaped the shot! You are an inspiration!!!

    • Brenda Du Faur

      I totally agree. I was hoping that the new bachelorette would be the other ashley. I think she would have been great. I would have loved to have seen her find love. I don’t like that twice now she was usurped by the other ashley. I wish the non-chosen ashley would get the attention she deserves. Michelle as the bachelorette? Give me a break. She’s not nice or sound enough. And Shawntel wasn’t real enough. It’s going to be interesting with the less pretty Ashley chosen. The show might have a different, less sexual tenor. That would not be a bad thing… You’d have to really get to the head of the person and know them more rather than just being wrapped up in the magnetic pull of pure physical attraction… (P.S. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if physical attraction has other components to it.)

      • Brenda Du Faur

        i really admire ashley h. she found true love. how great. yes she had some annoying facial expressions and i wish she had had more confidence about her looks and body and she lost all dignity with that man who was leading her on (i forgot his name) and that showed how nauseatingly endlessly we can keep going not after the deserving contenders but after the ones who are ingenuine but have charisma.
        but thank goodness ashley finally snapped out it and reversed herself and then showed everyone how to go for the RIGHT person and regain your dignity and self-hood.
        she was real enough to find true love. i am so happy for her. she got extremely less as the bachelorette than emily but ashley didnt quibble. she is so sensible. she took her lesser pay and became the bachelorette and found priceless true love. how smart she is!
        whereas emily made giantly more money but the verdict isnt in yet about if emily found true love with jef. ashley h may not have been the conventional blond bombshell that so many men go for but like i posted before, i think that may have worked in her favor. i still say men can get more dazzled by striking looks without sometimes really knowing who the real person is underneath those so-called drop-dead looks. so they might not even be loving the right person (the actual person)!
        that was why the beautiful sister madge in “picnic” got upset when her boyfriend kept gushing exclamations about her looks. madge wanted to be loved for herself, not her beauty. it might be a cliche, but its a very real thing. madge was deeply pained and annoyed by constant references to her looks. and very understandably.
        anyway, we all know love is in the eyes of the beholder and so-called plain looks can be extremely beautiful. ashley had her own brand of good looks.
        i bet ashley h, who felt unpretty at a point, as she expressed it, is feeling very beautiful now opposite the glow of love from her soon to be husband’s eyes… emily should be so lucky and indeed i hope for emily the great fortunateness ashley h got from this find true love interesting and fun and legitimate search for a husband show…

  • Rachel

    I think Chantel would of been the bettr pick and would of caught more frequency for ABC. She’s heart broken and we all love the underdog! Too bad!

  • Brandy

    I predicted early that Ashley H would be the next Bachelorette. My next prediction is that she pulls a Brad and picks NO ONE the first time! She is NOT ready for a REAL relationship. At any rate ABC better get that psychiatrist on retainer….That girl needs some serious couch time!!!

    • John

      Ashley H looked cute as a blond on the show-but wtf happened to her after the show?? Brown hear does not do her justice and then the fire truck red lipstick looks awful also. The way she look now- she looks like a 7- you need someone at least a 9 to be the bachelorette.

      • Mark

        John — she said both on WTA and on Kimmel that the brown hair is her real color which she went back to.
        I’m from Maine, and I was rooting for her all along, so it’s great to see her as the B-ette. And for those who mentioned her manual speech style, I’ve heard many times “I’m French, I talk with my hands,” and while I’m not French I’ve long understood it as a fairly common cultural trait.

        Here’s hoping there’s some Cajun guy in the mix who hops out of the limo and greets her in French.

      • Jenna

        I disagree. Women do not want to watch a 9 or 10 on the Bachelorette because that is threatening to them. They want to watch an attractive woman who looks like someone they might be friends with. A “9” is way too threatening.

      • starbbycat

        holla on the cajun guy speaking in french!!!

      • Precious

        Hmmm, and here I thought she looked hot..but I’m a woman, what would I know?

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