'Ferris Bueller's Day Off': Fake trailer converts classic '80s comedy into awful '00s dramedy

There is a thin line between yuppies and hipsters, and as a new fake trailer proves, it doesn’t take very much to convert John Hughes’ ’80s-teens-on-the-run comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off into an indie-film tale of mopey suburbanites with massive feelings. The video reconstitutes Ferris Bueller into a kind of proto-Garden State, with light music on the soundtrack and an emphasis on lines like “I am not gonna sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m gonna take a stand!” From a film analysis perspective, the fake trailer is a good reminder that John Hughes had a pretty remarkable visual sense — all those wide-angle shots and stark close-ups. From a historical perspective, we finally have scientific proof that Alan Ruck was the Michael Cera of the ’80s. Check out the video after the jump…

PopWatchers, did John Hughes accidentally invent terrible indie films? Are today’s teens too overworked to enjoy a day off from school? Is a hipster just a yuppie with “bad” clothes, “good” music taste, and “quotation marks”? Anyone? Anyone?

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  • Seth

    Ha! I love the original, but I’d actually go see this version of FBDO!

    • Sarah

      This is reminiscent of ludicrously pretentious indie hackjobs like Garden State, (500)Days of Summer,and all its ilk. Just navel-gazing fluff that hits all the predetermined “indie cred” marks, and are thoroughly not as intelligent as they like to think they are.

      • Kevin

        How dare you compare (500) Days of Summer to the mind-numbing Garden State!

      • Razor

        “ludicrously pretentious indie hackjobs” = eyeroll

      • Dave

        Neither of those films are as ludicrously pretentious as your comment, Sarah.

      • Chris

        You make the air in my anus tingle with discomfort.

      • tracy bluth

        I’m in the camp that think both (500) Days of Summer and Garden State were overrated. But I also love Juno, so maybe I’m just weird.

      • BigBOO

        Garden State was at least interesting. 500 Days of Summer? Ug. Ug ug ug ug. And UG! The tagline for that terd should have read “When bad movies find good actors”

      • Melody

        Hey – don’t talk about 500 Days of Summer like that. It was a GREAT movie – hilarious, touching, sweet, romantic, and real. Leave it the hell alone!

    • Bluto

      This one isn’t nearly as cute/clever as the recut version of “The Shining” into “Shining,” a mid-life crisis film. Try again.

      • jp

        “Shining” is the most clever thing ever to grace YouTube.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I love “Shining”. Even better is “10 Things I Hate About Commandments”.

      • Jenn

        Yes! 10 Things is my absolute favorite one.

      • Fridge

        Thank you for commenting on those–I just watched them on You Tube. Hilarious! My work day has now offically been made better. Ten Things is fantastic.

    • Tom

      Japanese Director. Took some chances. Not like that would happen today in hollywood. You guys will never have what it takes to make a film as exciting or involving as this again.

    • Simba

      Ferris Rules!

    • KD

      Me too! Looks so cool, doesn’t it?

      Proving that anything can be manipulated… LOL

      • Manly

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  • PJ

    Please don’t insult Alan Ruck by comparing him to Michael Cera.

    • John Hughes

      Cera is kind of a note actor. Alan Ruck did an awesome job in FRINGE last week. I also subscribe to the theory Cameron and Ferris are on and the same, split personality

      • tracy bluth

        Yes, Ruck was AMAZING on Fringe last week. Plus, he played Stewart on SpIn City, a character who was a complete 180 from Cameron. He’s awesome.

    • Chris


    • Person

      michael cera is awesome and i would see this movie like this

    • Tom

      There are performers, and then there are real actors.

    • sunnydlita

      Also, Alan Ruck played the dean on “Greek.” And Greek was (past tense, sniff!) awesome.

  • DrewinKC

    Amazing what a little movie trailer trickery can do. This tactic is used widely for today’s “comedies.” i hate when you watch a trailer and it looks uproariously funny and then you sit in the theater waiting to laugh…Funny People comes to mind.

    • Ruby

      I do that every time a Nicholas Cage trailer comes on :p

    • Tom

      Sound people are highly unrated in Hollywood.

  • DrewinKC

    Having said that, I would totally watch this movie.

    • Tom

      I would rather spend 30 to see this in the movie theater than any of that crap they want to sell me right now today.

  • Anne

    Darren, to answer the questions posed in your last paragraph: Yes, Yes, and YES.
    Also, this fake trailer was genius. That is all.

  • blech

    As a child of the 80’s, this was supposedly one movies everyone was supposed to love. I always hated it. I thought Broderick was a smirking dolt and the main character was a self-centered narcissist/sociopath. I don’t know why he had such broad appeal. I saw the movie once, never again.

    • Kris

      I actually love this film but I know what you mean. Everyone and their dog is in love with The Breakfast Club. I HATED that movie. It is so ridiculous and completely boring. Plus everyone has seen all the memorable BC scenes by now already so reallyall you’re left with is a long, drawn out, predictable film.

      • Krystal


    • RMB


    • Tom

      Blech, you are a self-centered idiot who is consumed by allergies and stupid psychosises to explain everything wrong with everyone else is life but yourself. Just die already and do the world a big favor please.

    • Dave

      I don’t think you know what a sociopath is.

    • Simba

      belch is jealous that their life was boring, beige and empty as their tiny little mind. I really feel sorry for you belch, you missed perhaps one of the best moments in life. All you have now is reruns of Friends to watch. Pity.

    • Belt

      I want to punch belch in the gut. I hate you.

    • john

      belch, go back to your boxset of buffy the vampire slaver and stfu please

    • KD

      I think you must have been a more evolved teen than many of us (that’s not a bad thing). I was one of the many who felt like I really needed that kind of day JUST ONCE. (Still could use one, actually, in my forties! LOL)

      Not everything that’s popular is popular with everyone. I’m the only woman I know in my circle of friends who doesn’t get the big deal about “Terms of Endearment.” Basically once she cheated on her husband I kind of didn’t care that she was dying. I couldn’t like her anymore.

      • Kristy

        Ha! Thought I was the only one who felt that way about Terms. Never got into Titanic either. Still love FBDO, get a kick out of introducing my teenager to these movies.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Of ocurse Ferris was self-centered and narcissistic. He was pure Id on holiday. That’s the appeal.

    • john

      blech, you are too boring to exist. sorry

    • blech

      i love the anger over a comment over a stupid movie! i guess my life is boring. i am happy, like my life and try to live according to a moral code. oh well!

      • Rick

        Give it a rest blech. Nobody cares what you think apparently.

      • Sam

        Moral code? You must be on crack.

      • who cares

        for what its worth, blech, i hated ferris bueller too, and the breakfast club, and top gun. completely over-rated

  • Rachael

    I like the one where Ferris is actually dying. It works surprisingly well. Look it up on YT.

  • J. Davis

    Great job showing how easy it is to make a trailer nothing like the movie.

  • rere

    I was not a fan of this movie either. So, I wouldn’t see the trailer. But, I totally agree with Sarah regarding indie hackjobs.

    • Belt

      rere is still pushing his friends to watch 12 monkeys and swears it is the end all be all of cinematic existence.

      Some of you really do need to get a life.

  • kelsey

    Oh, please. You can set anything to lighthearted tinkly music and have it look like your average indie film.

  • Gimme a Break

    Anyone not liking the original was not in on the joke. It was making fun of itself as much as it was a commentary on the “system”. That being said, this fake trailer showed the depth within the original story, as the editing made it appear as a good inde teen angst film. I’d go see it.

    • Mary


    • abadstroller

      Yup. FBDO does work on more than one level. So does editing!

  • onefinday

    Dean Bowman!

  • Di

    This wins the internets.

  • mcclay

    Classically Awesome any way it’s cut!!

  • Jay

    Save Ferris!!

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