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chris-bachelor-padTo be honest this week I don’t have a whole lot of dirt for you: The name of the show — The Women Tell All — really speaks for itself. Obviously, we don’t leave any of the good stuff out. My interview with Brad where we go over the season and talk about the unseen moments is always a fun night for all of us. We shoot it at the Bachelor house a few weeks before the Tell All special. It’s fun because it’s a relaxed, laid back, pressure-free atmosphere with just a few of us at the house, so we all share some good stories and have some laughs. I think this is where you see the “real” Brad. This is the guy I see all the time, and wish you got to see more of this season.

We shot the show in a new studio. It was much smaller than the one we usually use. For this reason it was a very tight, intimate setting. When I introduce the women, I always find it interesting to listen to the audience’s reaction to each woman. Ashley S., Ashley H., and Shawntel got the loudest applause. Madison got an odd response, like the fans still don’t know what to make of her. Michelle definitely got a mixed response. Fans obviously feel very strongly about her one way or the other. As soon as the ladies came out, so did their claws. I honestly figured by the time everyone came back for the Tell All, all would be forgiven and the girls would try to make nice with each other. Not so much!  During the season I felt that Melissa really came off as the instigator and the woman at the center of all the drama. But on this night it was Raichel who just wouldn’t let it go. There is just something about Melissa that just drives Raichel crazy. I still don’t think Raichel fully understands the ramifications of her actions. Even when Brad came out and flat-out told them both the reason he sent them home was because of all the drama they caused, Raichel still blamed Melissa. She would claim responsibility for her actions but in the same breath blame it all on Melissa. At the very end of my interview I gave Melissa a chance to apologize to Raichel and the other girls and she did. I then gave Raichel the same opportunity and she once again followed up her apology with the dreaded “but,” as in “but it was Melissa’s fault and I just don’t like her.” As Melissa said, “You can lead a horse to water…”

Ashley S. was a tough interview for me to do. I feel bad for this woman. You can tell she’s been deeply hurt before and she really thought this time would be different. She just seems so vulnerable. I truly hope my words got through to her. She is a very sweet, intelligent woman and I’m guessing she will find love quickly after this show now that she knows what she’s really looking for. I also enjoyed my talk with the new Ashley H. I, for one, love the new look and new attitude she was showing on the special. The main thing I got from her was that she has a lot of regret. Ashley H. really regrets not putting herself out there more and questioning everything so much. She feels that had she not fallen on her own sword she might have been the final woman standing, and I can’t say for sure that she’s not right. Brad said himself back in South Africa that he couldn’t believe he was saying goodbye to Ashley when just weeks before he had such strong feelings for her. One thing I love about the Tell All is to see how people change and grow from this experience. It was good to see Ashley H. has grown and learned a lot. She really did seem like a new woman to me.

Have I left anybody out of this blog…? Oh that’s right — Michelle. After ten years of hosting this show not much surprises me anymore. Michelle surprised me. The moment I introduced the ladies, the attacks on Michelle started. Instead of fighting back Michelle got very emotional and started crying. We took a commercial break, Michelle composed herself, and then I brought her up to the hot seat. She immediately lost it again and really broke down. It shocked all of this to see this strong personality so frail and vulnerable. Then things really got bad when Stacey attacked her and brought up her daughter. Let me say something to the folks out there who don’t have kids: You can say a lot of things about people, but questioning someone’s parenting skills or decisions is not smart. Michelle understandably got very defensive but also really lost it emotionally. She was literally shaking and hyperventilating. The bizarre thing was despite Michelle cowering and sobbing, the girls just kept right on talking and taking shots at her. That’s when I got a little protective and had to step in and calm things down a bit. We took another break so Michelle could try to calm herself down but she never really recovered. She had a rough day.

Before I wrap this up I want to talk a little bit about the best part of this season for me. During the special we showed a piece about the Henna School in South Africa. This was a local school Brad and I visited our first week there. As you saw this is an amazing school with some inspiring children. I’m happy to be apart of a family like The Bachelor that gives back like we do. Brad and I both agreed that was a day we’ll remember the rest of our lives. There is much more that can and needs to be done for these children. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please go to our website or

We are a week away from the finale. A week away from seeing if Brad can exorcise his demons and find what he so desperately came back here to find. The finale next week is an amazing two-hour event that you won’t want to miss. Then stay tuned for a special edition of After The Final Rose immediately after the finale. Until then, you can find the show and myself via Twitter: @thebachelortv and @chrisbharrison.

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  • squirk

    Look! I get to leave the first comment. And all I want to say is—great soccer moves, Chris. Looking forward to the finale.

    • Nobody

      CH, your hair style makes you look gay. What? You’re already a f@g? Never mind…

      • Georgia

        Nobody, your comment makes you look like an insensitive ass. What? You’re already a douchebag? Never mind…

      • Nobody

        But Georgia, I learned from the best…. you.

      • jb

        Is there a way to flag offensive comments? Nobody truly is a nobody…

      • Bea

        Your name says it all – you ARE a “nobody”. I think you actually have it BAD for Chris…..loser

    • Mike

      Show was good. But Shawtel didn’t get a chance to speak at all? What was up with that?

      • Kim

        I agree with you Mike. I really like Shawntel and was hoping to hear more from here. Considering her job profession and the fact that she has to stay there for it I think she would make an incredible bachelorlette for the show.

      • Juneau

        ITA. Shawntel is much more interesting that the Ashleys. I hope the rumor that Ashley H is the new Bachelorette is wrong and you’ll surprise us with Shawntel. I could never take a whole season of Ashley H.

      • jackie

        way too much focus on Michelle’s drama. I can’t imagine an intelligent lady like Shawntel didn’t have some substantial feedback to give. very disappointing

      • Meredith

        I can’t believe we didn’t talk to Shawntel either. I want her to be the Bachelorette and I didn’t feel that she got a chance to show she would be great. Ashley H. who I can’t stand got to sit and campaign for herself for most of the show.

    • sem

      chris got completely snowed by michelle’s blubbering bullsh*t! she deserved every ounce of grief she got and more, shame on chris for getting in the way of the women putting her in her place and expressing their feelings. it wasn’t his place to stop it!

    • concerned

      Hi Chris, I love you and the shows… BUT…. I am so disappointed in the new Bachlorette choice. All my friends/fans did not care for her.. She is extremely guarded and a bit of a brat. She does that weird thing with her mouth and she talks with her hands.. Good luck on the up coming season. A bunch of us are sitting this one out..

  • jessica

    I was really impressed with the “new ashley” as well. She really seems to have grown and genuinely seems to be a happy person. I am excited for next week but at the same time a little sad. I guess most of us have found out the ending and for some reason I just don’t like the result. When you say “I feel like myself around this person”….wouldn’t you want to choose that person? Especially for the rest of your life. I guess the bachelor show is great at editing and making us believe one thing over another.

    • Heidi

      When I fell in love it was not comfortable. It was terrifying, and I had butterflies and worried about everything I said because I was so nervous after getting to knmow me he’d say….naaah, you’re friend material (or friends with benefits, neither of which I wanted). I think with one girl, he feels his goofy self, they share an adventurous spirit, etc. and he is attracted to her. With the other girl he feels respect, deep concern for her wellbeing, he seeks to calm any fears she may have, and he says he feels like his best self. I can relate to that. Sure, the other stuff comes the more time you spend togther. Respect and feeling like someone brings out your full potential , the best you have inside you, are alot harder to come by and maintain.
      ANYHOW I like both ladies.

      I do NOT like the idea of Ashley for Bachelorette!! If Chantal is not chosen by Brad, she’d be great. I also think Michelle would be a great pick.

    • Milly

      The idea of Ashley H. as the next bachelorette is a horrible one. Dyeing your hair doesn’t change who you are. Is she a cool girl in real life? Sure, I bet she is. Is she compelling to watch on camera? No. Would I want to root for her? Not necessarily. Does she talk with her hands so much that it’s distracting? Oh YES.

    • Margie

      I enjoyed the “new” Ashley as well!

    • saraj

      I agree with your second point but don’t feel the same way about Ashley. I really hope they don’t choose her as the Bachelorette. She is inarticulate and uninteresting on camera. She may be super fun and nice in person, but as a lead for this show she is a terrible choice.

  • Hoboken Bachelor

    I think you went to easy on Michelle. I was suprised to see some of the women come to her defense. She was HORRIBLE all season. She cries a bit and expects all to be forgiven? Not so easy there. I liked Stacey for sticking to her guns.

    I thought Ashley H. looked awful as a brunette. So much more youthful and appealing as a blonde. She was nothing special at all with darker hair.

    I really liked Shawntel N. She seemed really down to earth, why not any one-on-one time with her? Not enough drama?

    Ashley S., the nanny, is still a cutie. I am still shocked she didn’t go further.

    • TV Mom

      I also thought Chris went easy on Michelle, almost to the point of coddling her. While I agree Stacey should not have brought up parenting issues, leaving Michelle to sit there crying and cutting the other women off from talking seemed all about making Michelle seem like the victim. I wasn’t buying her tears.

      • Jujubee

        Agreed 100%. I was really hoping to hear Chris call her out. It didn’t have to be mean, just in his own funny way say “Come ON.” She knew darn well she was coming off as the b*tch and not just being funny. She had no right to play the part of “oh poor me you all are so mean to me”. I didn’t buy it either.

      • Connie

        Michelle is quite the “actress”. She knew if she brought up the “daughter” all would be forgiven. Who could forget all the “underhanded” tricks she pulled during her stay in the show. Personally, I feel, she needs some treatment before she tries to marry again.

      • Jenna

        Oh give me a break. Michelle was being funny. She was not being serious about her “mean” comments and the women were being vicious. Chris did the right thing by shutting them up. Besides it was only three of them that seemed to dislike her. The rest either stuck up for her or kept their mouth shut. That should tell you something.

      • georgina

        Please –they edit the stuff and reshoot alot of the scenes. We do not get a balanced view of anything. She was entertaining and from interviews after she was rejected she seems nice.

      • DThorn

        Michelle’s whole act of being upset & crying was a put on. She even said so in an interview after the show was taped. She’s duped ABC again. Hum…..maybe she should hook up w/Charlie Sheen!

      • Catbyrd

        You people are as neurotic as the b*tches on this show were this year. Michelle was a hoot. It would have been terribly boring without her, and I think the personal attacks on her were uncalled for. As an older woman, I’ve never seen such immaturity, hatred, disrespect and total disregard for others in my life, not only on this show, but on the internet with just about any site that allows “comments”. Is it suddenly “cool” to bash and bulley others? Pull your big girl panties up and act like ladies. “Or did your mothers not raise you right”?

      • Marci

        Pathetic Michelle should not have been attacked about parenting. That detracted from holding her accountable for her horrible comments about real human beings made on national TV. That should have been the focus, and there should have been more of that. I don’t buy that anyone can act that way, say “I’m kidding!”, and that makes it okay. If you saw this season, you know she was not speaking in a humorous fashion. She may have been speaking non-literally at time. But she was attacking every other girl on the show unjustifiably. She’s digusting.

      • sprite

        Worst WTA ever Chris!!! Way too much Michelle…she was funny acting on the show but this was ridiculous. Not buying anything you or Michelle are selling. Way too much Ashley…hate the “new” Ash…no it is not an improvement to make her more bearable as the new Bachelorette which she will be announced probably on the After the Final Rose. Silly waste of time between those two girls who fought on the show…whose names I don’t even remember. Any way, why no Shawnel? Oh, because she is normal and refused to play your silly drama games like Michelle. I think this may finally be it for me. Too much manipulation,too much drama and way too much editing of the show. At least I have Survivor and the Amazing Race.

      • Jenn

        Well said TV Mom and Marci,

        Things got sidetracked while everyone focused on Michelle’s parenting, which was never an issue. Because of this, she was not properly held accountable for her actions. Though I do believe she loves and missed her daughter, I would say that she kept bringing up her daughter as a way of sidestepping the issue at hand. And it worked on Chris and Brad, who immediately defended her, but not on the women. So, in essence, Michelle was still using the same old tricks. She was giving herself an excuse instead of owning it and saying she was sorry. Men fall for these things and women see through them.

    • Tealeaf

      I agree! Ashley looked awful with the unflattering cut, hair extensions, and too dark color. They managed to a make a very pretty girl look awful. I hope Chris & ABC read this, because it is my guess they made her over. Ashley never would have done that to herself.

      • Elizabeth

        Well I totally agree that she was made over because she will be the next Bachelorette. Though I think the hair do did flatter her. I just don’t think I want her to be the next one. I’d MUCH rather see someone more interesting like Michelle. THAT would be good TV.

      • Julie

        I’d love to see Michelle as the next Bachelorette!

      • Mellissa

        Wow, I just had a mental image of Chris Harrison standing over Ashley with a make up brush, ready to make her over. No wonder she looked bad.

    • Anne

      I liked her hair. But her tan looked fake and she didn’t need the red lipstick.

      • Elizabeth

        her teeth are crazy white. But then she is a dentist.

    • BA

      I have to agree….after watching Michelle’s antics all season, it was hard to watch HER turn into a whimpering, defenseless victim of words! Didn’t buy it. Ashley’s new do….one word. HARSH. The color didn’t suit her, any of it. I think it takes a strong woman to go onto a reality show in search of “love”. It’s hard to manipulate love with the gliz, trips, dream dates, gifts, etc. as per the show’s success rate. But makes for great entertainment and ratings. So good luck to Brad, Emily and Chantal. The real world is just outside the door….waiting…as we.

    • Jen B

      Wow. There are some strong emotions coming out in these posts. First of all I don’t know why everyone is making a big deal out of Ashley H. and her new look. I think she looked fantastic. The biggest thing I want to comment on in Michelle. I really wasnt a fan of hers during the show, mostly because I thought she came across as too aggressive in her pursuit. But when I watched the ‘Tell All’, I felt really bad for her. I totally agree with you Chris. I felt it was so wrong for anyone to pass judgement on Michelle’s parenting skills. What a low blow?! I can see after listening to her and hearing some of the girls who seem to like her, she was probably just being sarcastic and using some dry humor. If you dont get to know someone, you can take that humor to mean something else. I give her the benefit of the doubt. People, she is just a person. Cut her some slack. Jackie, take it easy! Chris, I love this show. I ended up liking Brad more than ever. I am looking forward to the happy ending.

      • Here & There

        Michelle’s parenting skills were addressed because Michelle kept bringing up “leaving her daughter behind” so many times. If Michelle uses her daughter to deflect criticism, then Michelle should expect criticism about her parenting. Where was Michelle’s daughter when she had an affair with a married professional basketball player?

      • Devon

        I think we all would have liked Brad much more if the personality he showed on the tell all episode had come through during the season. In the future, I hope the producers don’t try to edit out the quirks that make people more likable and real.

      • wenilu

        I was thinking the same thing. The outtakes also show much more personality. Why can’t the show be that funny and real.

    • Ryan

      Love Michelle! All the women who were attacking her are just insecure jealous women and that is why they are single.

      • Pam

        Michelle is still single, too.

      • Sunny

        Michelle is available, Ryan, as long as you have the big-baller money to pay for it. I’m sensing that you don’t. P.S. Go with her when she gets tested.

      • sem

        Clearly, you didn’t watch the show Ryan. I’m sure psycho Michelle would love to date you if you’ve got some cash to support her!

    • Lucy

      all I kept thinking was what a great actress Michelle is. I never saw a tear on her face, just her sniffling and rubbing her nose. what kills me is that Chris bought her act.

      • Emma

        There was no doubt she was crying for real. She was puffy and red. And she had her tissue handy to wipe her tears. I swear, some people on here are just ridiculous. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Michelle, she’s still human and humans get their feelings hurt and even cry over it sometimes. Geez…

    • bethanne

      I feel bad for Shawntel N. I believe she truly had feelings for Brad, but he couldn’t get past the DEAD thing. Michelle….where to begin…If she was so concerned with her daughters well being, she would have spoken about her during the show. She instead chose to act like a aggressive tramp. She used her sexuality to lure Brad, and it worked. Granted the chemistry was there. You could see the sparks. but that doesn’t always make a relationship. Michelle state during one of the interviews on the show She was there because she wanted a husband. PERIOD. Not that she wanted Brad to be that husband. She used the only thing she had to try to get that, her beautiful looks and her sexuality. When she opens her mouth she isn’t so beautiful. I would hope that these women would watch this show and evaluate their behavior. It is definitely a time to grow and change.

      • RaRa

        As I recall, Chantal said (either in the hometown week or the fantasy suite week) that she needs to be in a relationship “because that is what I do”. That statement sounded to me like Chantal was the one just looking to fill a void in her life. Just saying.

    • Anony

      This show is such BS. She wasn’t even crying. She would duck away and make the sounds, turn her head and her eyes were dry. Ridiculous. Chris all “protective” … puh-leese .. Michelle is an actress, hired for a role and she played it. The histrionics were over the top, as was Chris’ role in the charade.

      • Mous

        Agree Anony! I’m just wondering how much of this show was scripted.

      • ghostlight

        Chris is just as fake as anything else on this fake show… and the production assistant who writes this blog REALLY needs to try harder. I notice the readership is way down. Even a fake written Chris Harrison is like a giant Ambien.

    • Shellie

      I am writing in support of Michelle, she totally made this season! She was such a hoot, the show wouldn’t nearly have been as interesting without her. She was just honest, she wanted Brad and wanted the rest of the girls to go. The rest were thinking the same thing, just not saying it. And we only see a fraction of what these people are really like. Who am I to judge on her person, to paraphrase “he who has not sinned, cast the first stone”. Anywhoo, the ladies were terrible! It’s better to show kindness and keep yourself above the fray then to make yourself look like a righteous beotch. I’d love to see Michelle as the Bachelorette. Now THAT would be entertaining!

      • Julie

        Completely agree! I vote for Michelle! And could you imagine how many guys would line up to date her?

      • MJN

        Are you kidding me … “in support of” Michelle?? Anyone who thinks that Michelle’s behavior on that show was funny, came from “dry humor,” or that she made the show “entertaining” are the kind of people who think it’s okay to torture baby animals and rob from little old ladies. That woman is dysfunctional.

      • Alli

        If Michelle were the Bachelorette then it would be the best/most entertaining season ever!!! She has my vote!!!

      • Juneau

        Michelle was the most immature woman on the show. With her pouting, pointing and dictating. Telling Brad, “we’re in a fight” like she’s 10 years old. And I’m sorry…no decent parent leaves a small child for that length of time to go on a reality TV show. That is what we call putting your love life ahead of your child. That includes Emily.

      • To Juneau

        I disagree. Parents send their kids to camp for weeks or for entire summers and it is not viewed as bad parenting. I agree that parents need to make sacrifices for their children and try to do what is best to shape them into mature, responsible, and caring human beings. However, I do not think that a parent’s life needs to revolve 100% around his/her child in order to classify as a good parent. It’s not all black and white.

      • RaRa

        @Julie – They would line up to date Michelle just to get to the fantasy suite! But at the final rose ceremony, I doubt anyone would propose. At least, not without a LONG engagement period!

    • Emily

      Michelle’s crocodile tears!! Such a typical manipulative woman: when she thought she had some power over Brad during the show, she went after all the other women, then when she lost, she started playing the victim. Vulnerable?? No Chris, more like manipulative and GUILTY not to mention lacking the courage to Own Up to her actions.

      And why was it that we never really heard about her daughter till after she lost the man and had to be responsible for her actions? During the show she seemed perfectly at ease about having left her daughter behind but suddenly her daughter was all she could talk about, like using the child as a shield.

      In short I didnt buy what she was selling at Women Tell All either. And I am surprised that Chris and others seemed to buy it.

      On a totally different note, was Chris Harrison Totally Naked at the beach?????????

    • Christie

      The thing with Michelle is that her comments about the girls over the season are not what made her terrible. That WAS just for entertainment, trying to be funny. The reason she was so obviously off her rocker the whole time was due to how she was with Brad – being so self-involved and delusional about her being the only one for him when she didn’t even know him, using her time with him to bash the other girls and give HIM a hard time when he called her out on it, being whiny and intensely aggressive all at the same time…none of that is attractive at all. I think once her sexy sheen wore off for him, that’s when she was booted. For whatever reason they focused on what she said about the girls, and not the fact that she came across most as a nutcase when she was with the Bachelor himself.

    • R3

      The only thing I have to say about Michelle is that while she should have to sit through the attacks, after all the catty “ITM” comments she made all season (whether they were prompted by the producers or not), I have to call “foul” for allowing attacks on the fact that she left her kid at home to be on the show. Attacking Michelle but not attacking Emily (because she is better liked) is a double-standard.

  • nicali

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  • Tealeaf

    What did you guys do to Ashley??? Rumor has it that she’s going to be the next bachelorette. She is a very pretty, natural looking young woman. Don’t change that. She didn’t need hair extenstions, an off-color spray tan (I’ve never seen that shade on a human), and please fire the makeup artist who picked out that shade of lipstick. Bring back our Ashley!

    • Alli


      • Stop Lying!

        Disagree!!!! Ashley isn’t very pretty. She’s rather plain. It’s unfortunate that the standard of beauty has fallen so far in order to stoop down to the whole politically correct, Kumbaya movement where all kids get trophies, losers receive accolades, and unattractive people get told that they are beautiful. Chantal is beautiful, Shawntel is pretty – as are a few of the others, like the Jennifer Garner look-alike – but overall, the rest were just plain. Rachel is unattractive, as is Melissa with her stringy, greasy hair. Raichel is ugly because of her crappy attitude. The rest of them are barely fives or sixes on a scale of one-to-ten. While I’m at it, Vienna is a flat out dog.

    • MJN

      When he asked about it she told Chris it was her natural hair color, remember she made that call out to the live audience that brunettes have more fun?

      • Laura

        Um there’s no way that was natural. Besides the fact that it looked completely fake, she obviously would have had to dye her hair to cover the previous shade of blonde.

      • Julie

        Laura – I think Ashley was just saying that she’s naturally a brunette, not that her new color is her natural color.

      • Barbara

        Hey “stop lying” why dont you?These girls were all pretty that is why they got picked to be on the show!You dont see any Big or ugly people on it!With a rating system like yours you must be a real “loser” yourself because winners dont make up lies about pretty people being ugly!

  • Jujubee

    I say this every year and I’ll say it again – I do NOT like the Bachelor reunion parties that you show. I used to just love this show, but every season it’s more & more love/hate for me. The reunions & the Bachelor Pad play a part in that. I didn’t watch B Pad last season – I tried one episode and I just couldn’t do it. I won’t watch it this time either. Call me a sentimental fool, but I still like the ‘love story’ part of the show more than the drama. B Pad and the reunions just show that these people may be looking for more camera time & perhaps an STD, but clearly are NOT looking for a spouse.

    • Tealeaf

      I agree!

    • Kudos

      Hmm, I agree. Unfortunately I am addicted though to the drama. I am jealous of you for not being addicted!

    • Anon

      You aren’t a sentimental fool, you are a sucker. There is no “love story” on this farce. It’s a tv show. The scenes from the reunions are more realistic than the actual show.

    • Suzanne

      Agree!! I’m not looking for sleazy, skanky, desperate hook-ups! Its just another version of “Bad Boys, Bad Girls Gone Wild”. I watch the Bachelor/ette hoping for a love story but didnt and wont watch the Bachelor Pad. Its Jerry Springer material.

  • Beth

    I was actually happy Chris came to Michelle’s defense and made the women stop. It showed that he is actually a caring person and didn’t just let the other women keep going for the sake of drama. It was obvious all season that Michelle was just playing it up for the cameras and I’m sure the producers egg her on because it made for entertaining tv. I thought the other women were way too harsh on her, especially Jackie. Jackie definitely came off looking the worst out of all the women.
    And no, I don’t like Ashley’s new makeover – yuck! She looked way more natural and pretty and young the way she was. Now she just looks fake and overly done up.

    • sem

      Chris should’ve kept his nose out of it! The women deserved to say whatever they wanted considering all the nasty things Michelle said about them…

  • amber

    Michelle is an actress. I didn’t see actual tears. Just sayin’ Ashley went back to her natural color. Thank goodness. Didn’t like seeing her roots showing through the blonde hair

    • Sugar

      You didn’t see tears? Were you up getting coffee? Actress or not, those women were brutal to her and came across looking much uglier than anything Michelle ever said. Jackie said she looked like a spider? Seriously? This coming from a woman who can touch her nose on her chin? Brrrrrr!

      • Melanie

        She didn’t say she “looked” like a spider, she compared her personality to a spider – creepy and everyone’s afraid of her.

      • RK

        Did you see Michelle smile as she put her hand up over her eyes to “cry” the first time. She’s an actress.

      • Julie

        Those women looked pathetic and like complete bullies.

      • Sunny

        Not all of them were brutal, and Michelle certainly brought it upon herself. This was all an act to deflect from the fact that she’s a wh0re who sleeps with married men, who are ten times as guilty – and disgusting – as she is. If her baby daddy wants custody of that kid, it’ll be easy now. Note to possible suitors of the ‘pathetic bullies’ who identified themselves on national TV – you’ve been warned.

    • Ryan

      Let’s be honest Jackie has a horse face and the only man she will ever attract will probably be a jockey.

    • kmarie

      I agree. I wasn’t buying this act for one moment. This chick gave herself a black eye for attention….She knows how to work a situation to her advantage. My mom was watching it too and said “I don’t see tears.” I was really waiting for her to bring up Emily. When the attack started on her parenting skills it seemed like where the other girls were going to go with that was “a single mom shouldn’t be looking on tv for a new husband” I would have brought up Emily real quick if that were me.

      That said, she’s a gorgeous woman and I’m sure some of the girls were very jealous of that. And I did enjoy seeing Michelle’s private interviews during the season. She made the show and was quite entertaining. It would have been bland without her. I do think Brad was smart to cut her. She seemed to be on him all the time with the “I’m mad at you” stuff and he luckily caught on to that and could see it would be a problem.

  • Liz Thorson

    Ashley stated that this IS her natural color, so…this is how she is supposed to look, if she wants to be natural. I don’t think the cut or the extentions are the best look for her and the lipstick color was AWFUL. She is smart, ambitious and probably could be labeled a driven Type A personality. With her 3.9 GPA–or something like that I read about her–out of The University of Maine and her current attendance at the dental school @ U Penn, this girl is SMART!! Brad attended one year of college and more than likely doesn’t share her intellect, so I think she would grow tired of him. I really like Brad and realize that a college education is not the “it” factor, but I think academics will always be a big part of Ashley’s life. She’ll be taking courses to keep her up with the latest dentistry topics, and I bet she’s a big reader and someone who keeps up with national and world news. Brad may too, but we haven’t seen that side of him. I think Chantel, a University of WA grad, is the best fit for Brad. She is fun, adventurous, spirited, easy going and adores Brad. Emily is precious, sweet and lovely, but not playful enough for Brad. She may be smart, and again, her lack of advanced schooling isn’t a failing of hers, but I think she is such a gentle soul and such a lady, that Brad wouldn’t have a partner in all of the adventures I think he enjoys. I just can’t see Emily hiking, getting dirty, doing anything very fast and active, and I think Brad adores that type of play and sport. I hope that Brad has found his soulmate and that they will marry within a year a begin a joyful life together. He wants this life, and I think he’s ready for it and will be a wonderful, devoted husband. I am the youngest of 4 with 3 older brothers. I’m married and have 2 sons in their 20s, so I think I am a good judge of guys!!

    • Ryan

      Interesting that all the woman hate Ashley’s new look but I think she is hotter now, before she was mousy. Now she is sex in heels!

      • Sunny

        Ryan, don’t you have some 10th grade homework? Is your mom home?

  • starsweeper

    I hope the Bachelor is making sure Michelle gets help from a psychologist. I personally think her behaviour is a cry for help. The other women had every right to say that they thought she was being a phoney during The Women Tell All, but some of them crossed the line and just made themselves look bad.

    • Dommerdog

      Which one of the two fake shrinks they put on for Brad do you think they should set her up with?

  • Melanie

    Chris you went too easy on Michelle. I felt like you have some other motive for defending her. I was disgusted with the way you acted towards michelle, to the point of you putting others down to defend her. I think that you should either quit or be fired for crossing the line between host and friend. Its time for you to take a moment and say your goodbyes chris

    • Jenna

      Oh right. Its much better to let everyone dogpile on a crying woman and let them shout abuse after abuse. And who exactly did he put down Melanie?

      • sem

        So, it was okay for Michelle to talk crap/verbally abuse the other women when the show was being filmed but when they want to call her out for her behavior, she should be protected?!? Give me a freaking break!!!

    • Ryan

      Let’s face it the other women are just plain skanks for being so vindictive.

      • Anon

        Why don’t you face it, Michelle was a plant. She’s an actress, hired to play a role. Which she did. She does need to work on her crying, however, try to work up some tears to make it more believable.

      • @Anon

        So what if that’s true? The other women aren’t actresses, their vindictive hate was real – and extremely ugly.

  • Matt2

    Oh yeah: Loved the bloopers and outtakes towards the end of the program. That was major funny.

  • Anne

    Would love to see Ashley H. as the new bachelorette. A woman who actually knows what she wants, including a career, and isn’t about to just move for a man without him seriously considering moving for her as well. Go Ashley!

  • FlossAus

    I think Michelle absolutely played the victim role up to win favour with the audience, when her issues seemed to stem from her personal choices ie making negative comments, leaving her daughter and other previous issues that came out during the show.

    I think Ashley H got the Trista Rehn makeover, bottle blonde fun girl to more serious looking for love brunette.

    • FlossAus

      To add I don’t agree or disagree with Michelle leaving her daughter. What annoyed me was none of the women could articulate they were upset to learn Michelle was making unsavory comments behind their backs and they didn’t see the humor in it as they too were there for the right reasons. I suspect maybe Shawntel N made these points but was deemed too sensible and logical therefore edited out.

      • Jenn

        Well said, FlossAus! I wish they could have stayed on point as well!

  • Sugar

    Stacy (who in the world even remembers her being there?), was more than out-of-line to insinuate Michelle was wrong to leave her daughter. I was shocked no one pointed ot that Saint Emily DID THE SAME THING!

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