Is Fox News pushing Glenn Beck towards the exit?

Glenn-BeckImage Credit: Michael Caulfield Archive/WireImage.comEvery few months or so, when Glenn Beck’s truly impressive ratings soften, critics of Fox’s most controversial conservative start writing and re-writing his obituary. Most recently, it’s the New York Times, which speculates that the honeymoon may finally be coming to a close when Beck’s contract expires at the end of the year. True, Beck’s shed about a million viewers per night in the past year, but it’s worth noting that he still draws a bigger audience then all his timeslot rivals — combined. Lost in the debate over whether Beck is informed, credible, (or sane?) is the undeniable fact that he’s more popular at his particular job than just about anyone else in the entertainment industry is at theirs. So the question has to be asked: Why exactly would Fox be eager to part ways with the man who draws about two million viewers every day at 5 p.m., while Chris Matthews and Wolf Blitzer are scrambling for about a third of that figure? Referring to anonymous sources at Fox, the Times‘ David Carr hints that Fox is preparing for life after Beck because his frequent “off message” rants — like calling our bi-racial president a racist — have dented the network’s credibility and, more importantly perhaps, their advertising revenue. A spokesperson for the network declined to discuss Beck’s future but pointed to the Times quotes from Joel Cheatwood, Fox’s senior v.p. for development, who said that Beck’s bond with his core audience remained strong, though he has suggested ways for Beck to make the show more up-beat. “What you see on television with Glenn is the real guy,” Cheatwood said, referring to the host’s up and down on-air moods. “And that is a double-edged sword. If he is upset about something, you see it.”

Could this really be just Fox negotiating? (Through the New York Times, of all places!) Beck’s spokesperson refused to comment on that scenario, but several other news media types consider that a strong possibility.

Perhaps Beck and Fox will part ways at the end of the year, but you won’t lose too many bets gambling on overwhelming raw data. Beck’s bottom line with Fox is simply better than anyone else’s. It’s also probably better than anyone else’s bottom line at Fox at 5 p.m., and Beck’s bottom line with someplace else. So rest easy, Jon Stewart: I’m betting Beck on Fox will be with us for a long time.

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  • stu

    head to CNN. they hire any1.

    • nunnya

      He was already at Headline News. He was a puppy dog there.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Fox News has NO network credibility to dent!

      • iowaporsche

        He used to be awesome on the radio. even after losing his mind on Fox for a bit he was normal on radio……..enjoyable, fun, awesome…….then go to Fox and I guess his meds wore off. Now he is whack radio and Fox. But he isnt going anywhere. same as Charlie Sheen will be unfired, Beck isnt going anywhere until his audience leaves.

      • Eric

        I always thought he was pretty funny when he was on CNN HLN (though I don’t think he was GOING for funny, lol).

      • lll

        Fox News isn’t news (Just ask them. They’ve admitted it more than once) they’re an so-called ‘entertainment’ station (which was their defense in court when they were sued for lying. Apparently it’s okay to lie if you’re ‘entertainment’. Then it’s just fiction (albeit propogandist fiction).

      • KMcCoop98

        Eric, strange how that works. When he goes for funny, he is SO NOT, but let him put on the “serious dire voice” — hysterical!!!

      • calebJ

        They could replace him with charlie Sheen reading a newspaper out loud and get better ratings! Lou Dobbs is over there now, why not give him the show But keep the blackboard, Lou!

    • Sean

      He WAS at CNN before Fox

    • DJ

      No. Move to CBS. Two & A Half Men needs a new douchebag.

      • gataroo


      • jpratm99

        @DJ LOL !!!

      • reading

        DJ DOUCHBAG!!!! Better name!

      • Luis PJ

        So Original….Like Rick Sanchez to The Office

      • Makes Sense

        Too funny! And yet, a great idea at the same time!

      • LadyJNewYork

        Your comment is too funny. Funniest comment of the day! LOL

      • arm

        ha! I was going to say, Beck can just go ahead and retire …Charlie Sheen has taken over his place as token media-saturating crackpot. All that’s left is for Charlie to schuck for some gold selling operation and look for socialist words in his Alpha-bits.

      • KMcCoop98


      • KMcCoop98

        Excelent Idea. (Please excuse the “test” – 1st time signing-on)

      • KMcCoop98

        Rick Sanchez to The office is also a great idea. Haven’t heard that one yet. Seriously, someone needs to contact the sitcom execs. These are “efin” golden ideas.

    • Pat Lohman

      Glenn Beck is one of the few who is genuine and talks common sense. Fox better not rid themselves of the only truth serum we get to quench our thirst. It’s hard to swollow but the truth usually is.

      • Gretchen

        Common sense? Really?

      • Lee

        Glenn Beck wants to legalize drugs. Glenn Beck does not believe in the military. Glenn Beck wants everything deregulated–including Wall Street. Glenn Beck is a Libertarian. As Gretchen said, “Common sense? Really?” I think Pat Lohman is on the drugs that Glenn Beck wants to legalize.

      • cowflap

        Oh, Pat Lohman, you poor thing.

      • Jasmine

        glen Beck talking common sense? Are you on meth?

      • Jam

        Whether you like or dislike him cannot be ignored that he is a triple-threat and if he isn’t re-hired by Fox another network will grab him (I’m thinking NBC)- because the triple threat is he is a multi millionaire in Books (best sellers on the NY times list) Radio (is on over 400 radio stations)& Television (ratings mentioned in this article) that is unheard of ..he is more successfully (ratings + earnings)multi-media than Howard Stern! Give the guy his props ..

      • Me

        Why is it that none of the Beck supporters can fashion cogent sentence?

      • AndrewJ

        “Me,” did you just say, “Why is it that none of the Beck supporters can fashion cogent sentence?”

      • Cliff Deane

        All you freaks out there who claim Glenn is a nutjob are just too lazy to follow his simple guidance…”Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research!”
        If you morons would do that, you wouldn’t say those things about him.
        FOX, if you get rid of him, you will lose many of us.

      • gareth gardiner

        Since when does racism qualify as common sense? Oh and Islamophobia and failure to know what socialism even is? Where does Cliff Deane get his research? the same place as timothy mcveigh?

      • alex

        LEE: You need help. Serious Help. Why? Because you list legalizing drugs as your FIRST negative…the fact is, they should be legal…such a joke

    • Jersey Boy

      He was already on CNN and they cut him quick, where were you, drinking the FOX kool aid.

    • formerdem

      He was at CNN which is where I started watching him. Seemed to be the only honest commentators.

  • merle Balke

    this would be bad news for Jon Stewart. Beck is always good for a laugh.

    • FemEagle

      And Beck laughs all the way to the bank. Jon Stewart never gets anything like Beck’s ratings numbers. Remember Stewart’s “Rally for Sanity”? Remember how that had ZERO impact on the mid-term elections? As opposed to Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally?

      Stewart’s a clown. And Beck laughs AT him, not with him.

      • whiteshark17

        Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity drew just as many people (if not more) than Beck’s rally. The only people who don’t put the numbers close to even are Fox themselves which isn’t a suprise since they are a bunch of liars anyway. Beck is crazy and it’s sad that so many people watch him and believe his garbage. That is why the country is in the trouble it’s in.

      • cincinnatikid

        Stewart’s rally drew over 215,000 compared to Beck’s 88,000…And Stewart’s rally wasn’t meant to sway the elections for any political party…besides beck doesn’t come close in by any means to Stewart’s intellect. I don’t know how many times Stewart has openly said he wants to have Beck on his show or go onto Beck’s show… Glenn knows he would run a huge risk to his credibility trying to go toe-to-toe with Stewart.

      • Tom

        fem eagle…you have your facts about as straight as Beck does. All full of crap

      • KMcCoop98

        Beck’s laughing all the way to the bank alright, but he’s NOT laughing at Jon Stewart. He’s laughing at ALL the people buying his books and the substandard gold & useless survival kits that he touts. Haven’t you ever wonder why he claims the dollar will have no value soon, …like right before the apocalypse?

    • Elizabeth

      If you think the CrazyTrain would end with the demise of his schtick at FOX, your wrong: there’s got to be some radio station out there who would love the ratings from his mindless lemmings. Jon covers Rush and he’s not on TV.

    • Billy

      Beck got destroyed on the view. Nuff said!

      • Imright

        Right, Billy, cause everybody who’s anybody in television journalism goes on The View for validation. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are bush league at best.

      • peeode

        billy why would you even care about the view? the only person on that venue with two braincells B.W. can barely stand to put up w/Whoopi and joy..oh wow whoopi and joy,I think I’ve died and gone to heaven

  • kyle

    I hate Beck but fox would be crazy to get rid of him if he’s pulling in 2 million and is in first place

    • kathy

      then dont watch him.

      • RLA

        kyle never said he did…

      • Chuck Ewing

        I Don’….

      • Jay

        I doubt he watches him! What part of his comment made you thing he does?

        You are an internet TROLL. Go back to your bridge kathy!!

      • Brad

        Poor (lower case K) kathy. She never met an apostrophe that she understood.

    • judy

      Hate? Wow arn’t you something! So much in the world to really hate like killing innocent women and children etc and you hate a man who is speaking the truth what is this country becoming. Read!! Look at History. May God bless you and open your eyes.

      • Erin

        You think Beck is “speaking the truth”…..oh simple, delusional Judy.

      • cowflap

        It’s the Propaganda Brain Fry that happens when you watch the ‘Pravda of the West’.
        a whole segment of the population lied to and manipulated to the point that they cannot even Google their way to the truth beyond Beck’s alligator(vaseline) tears.

      • Billy

        Are you serious? Truth? If he is speaking the truth, then you really are ignorant and uninformed. Try doing some research sometime

      • Matt

        Beck’s speech is only “truth” to those dumb enough to believe his words. He’s laughing all the way to the bank while you shell out money for his books and hang on his every word. He’s no different than M’Ann Coulter – they don’t believe anything they actually say, but bank on the fact that you do.

      • peeode

        judy.dont let these people get u down.they like only getting half truths from comedians and satirists but have no clue what truth they should follow

    • Ian

      Ratings don’t mean much to a network if they’re unable to sell ads effectively in that time slot. He alienates too much for an advertiser to be comfortable spending that much money on his show. I work in radio and I’ve seen many traffic orders for national spots, and almost all of them will say “DO NOT air during Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or any other controversial programming.” We actually had a conservative talk station in our cluster, and we had Beck and O’Reilly on for awhile, but neither were the least bit profitable financially, even in a conservative town. Fox would make more money losing 1.5 million viewers and having someone more moderate in his place. As long as they still had the most viewers in the slot, they’d make more money on ads. Beck is too big of a phony and pompous nutbag to be profitable for most companies. He knows it too but apparently suffers from the Charlie Sheen syndrome of thinking your behavior won’t effect your job so long as the viewers are there. Doesn’t work that way.

      • Ian

        ALSO, when you lose a third of your viewers in the span of a year, and most of them are in the Holy Grail ratings demo of younger people, you’re really not doing well. Anyone in TV or radio will tell you how much more money you’ll get from advertisers when your ratings are strong in the 18-34 & 18-49 demos. If the bulk of your audience is either past, or near the end, of that demographic, your days are numbered unless you can get them back. Rest assured that Beck won’t be gaining any young viewers without a major overhaul of his show, his attitude, and his bullsh!t.

  • LOL

    He should be locked up in a mental hospital.

    • kathy

      Those that dont share your exact point of view should be sent to a mental hospital…. you sound like a socialist nazi. Free to speak what we think.

      • Phyllis

        Beck shouldln’t go to a mental hospital because that would not be fair to the other patients there!

      • Mike

        Crazy people be crazy, Kathy. I suggest you seek help as well.

      • thalia

        I thought nazi’s were facists.

      • Vince from NYC

        LOL Socialist Nazi… LMAO.. That’s awesome.. Do you even understand the insults you try and use? Tell me Kathy, what does a socialist nazi sound like? Is it like a Liger or a Puggle? Is it some sort of evil ideological hybrid? Oh man, please get off the entertainment website and go read a history book..

    • Tarc

      Nah, just jail. The greatest conman of the decade should be permanently jailed for his crimes against humanity.

      • Chris

        Um … what?

      • Typical Internet Guy

        Yeah and when they send Beck to jail for nothing, we can charge Obama with his actual war crimes.

      • Me

        Glen Beck is a charlatan.

      • Tarc

        Read, Chris, read. Like Beck’s rap sheet. And then think… I know it’s hard for a brainwashed sheep…

      • Billy

        Obama for war crimes? You must have made a typo.. You ment to say Bush/Cheney right?

      • Jerry

        Keep that head in the sand Billy. The sand down there is good for your skin, its amazing how reality can really age you.

    • Justin

      Anyone who wants to change America should be in a mental hospital and by that I mean the Change that everyone wants to believes in.

      • K


      • BHO

        @Typical Internet Guy you better be lucky we can’t send people to jail for being stupid, you’d be first in line. LOL. If I were president I’d be rounding you conservatives up and putting you in camps like the Japanese during WWII.

    • Katie Murphy

      But protect the poor other people in that kind of place from him.

      For some of them there is hope. For a ultimate hater, nothting at all will change his mind except his ultimate expiration

    • Rachel

      Sounds like most of you are really afraid of the truth Glenn presents to you, concerning the down fall of your beloved country. You who deny the truth are very sad, and give no hope for the future generations of Americans

      • Alyssa

        And who are you to define what the truth is?

      • Billy

        Truth? What history books, credible research, or college courses have you taken to back up his version of the truth? Try some validated research before you idolize some guy making $$ off of your ignorance

      • ron ahlers


  • Bob Jones

    I listen to Beck (radio & tv)every day, and, I have never heard him call the president a racist. Can you show when & where?

    • k

      Bob Jones? Do you go to that school? I guess you know what a racist really sounds like.
      And he said it on Fox & Friends.

      • kathy

        K…sometimes the truth hurts. Unlike those today who make excuses for everything and take everything they can get. You sound like such a person. A leach on society!

      • LOL

        Kathy is a teabagger and loves being lied to by Fox.

      • Lauri

        @kathy – You’re funny. K provides proof that Beck called the President racist, and your only response is name calling and unfounded, wildly absurd accusations against K. You, my dear, have lost your mind. No wonder you like Beck so much, you have that much in common.

    • Tarc

      If you listen to Beck everyday, you’re already so brainwashed there is no point. Good grief – cattle.

      • ME

        How dare you disparage cattle with that comparison.

      • FemEagle

        Hey, cattle didn’t fall for Obama’s “Hope and Change” malarkey. Only sheeple like you.

      • Tarc

        Hey, I didn’t vote for Obama or any of the other Republicans (because he’s further right than Olympia Snowe at this point). I’m guessing that means FemEagle stands for the the first three letters of assume.

      • KMcCoop98

        So, FemEagle, you are admitting you are a COW?

    • tom wilson

      On Fox and Friends Jul 28, 2009
      “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people. I’m saying he has a problem, this guy is, I believe, a racist.”

      Bob Jones Google Beck Obama Racist and you will see the video clip.

      • FemEagle

        Obama does stereotype people. Or have you forgotten his comments about rural Pennsylvanians who he said “cling to their guns and their religion”? Yeah, like the way black folks love watermelons and fried chicken. Those who stereotype are no different from being racist.

      • Tarc

        Have you ever been to rural Pennslyvania? It’s not stereotype if it’s fact.

      • Jeff

        Tarc, that’s why rural PA is called Pennsyltucky..

      • GinaBallerina

        As a Pennsylvanian I am highly embarrassed that Obama won our state in the election. I mean, how dumb and UNINFORMED could people have been?! He insulted us as a state and we (well NOT me) rewarded him! You can’t make stuff like this up…

      • BHO

        I’ve been to rural Penn. Amish and hicks, clinging to their guns and religion. Obama was on the money. Not an insult if it’s true.

      • tater

        yea, Tarc + BHO. the purveyors of truth. in their dreams

  • LOL

    Willful ignorance ^^^^^^^

  • kathy

    Love Glenn Beck…those that dont will one day realize that he was speaking the truth and from his heart.

    • Sarah

      If by truth, you mean “a load of crap” and heart, you mean “butt”, then yes, yes we will.

      • JasonInDFW

        Now that was funny.

      • tater

        Sarah must watch Fox. Red Eye anyone

    • Jay

      Kathy is a what some would call a flaming fangirl. Nothing you can say or do will sway her skewed sense of reality.

      These types of fans are the scariest kind. They often will find hidden messages in the words of the target of their fanatic behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised when I see Glenn beck swearing he never told Kathy to blow up the federal building. Kathy is a nut, she is the poster child of Americas real threat. Ignorance.

      • Katie Murphy

        not ignorance but sucking up to hatred. See if that gets through the computer censor

    • Justin

      Glenn beck has one thing going for me. He understands the constitution unlike about 85% of America. This is why he 2 million viewers because the ones talking trash about him do not understand their rights in this country or the liberty they are granted.

      • Fox Snooze

        Two million old shut-ins who have nothing going on in their lives at 5:00. They’re easy prey for a used car salesman like Beck.

      • Me

        I understand my right to state my opinion and my freedom to do so. That being said, Glen Beck is either an uninformed moron or a purposeful controversy stirrer. Either way it’s scary that too many people follow him and take his word as reality.

      • Phil

        If there was a black man on any type of media spouting 1/10th the ignorance that beck does there would be racist hit squads out to kill him

      • Jessica

        They have to keep Beck. Otherwise there won’t be anyone for Fox to pair beside Sarah Palin to make her look less crazy

      • MJ

        Look at the advertisers on Fox News. Any Major Brand Name Advertisers there? No.

        Of course you have that Goofy company who uses G Gordon Liddy as their spokes person trying to get you to invest your had earned money with them.

        Liddy is a convicted criminal charged with conspiracey against the US Government.

        Yeah, Fox has LOADS of credibility…

      • BHO

        LOL @ all you right-wing meth-smoking white folks being Constitutional scholars all of a sudden. Not a peep when the Bush Administration (Cheney in particular) was using the Constitution to wipe their asses. Patriot Act anyone? You’re as stupid as your guru Beck.

    • Elizabeth

      Here Kathy, its called Kool-aid, its grape flavored…

    • Lauri

      Glenn Beck has no heart. He bleeds green (for the money, which is all he truly cares about) and he’ll tell sycophants like you whatever he thinks you need to hear to keep you frothing at the mouth and spending money to fatten his (already large) bottom line. You call the rest of us sheep, but you don’t seem to realize that you are the real sheep, believing whatever nonsense he spoon feeds to you. He calls Obama a racist, and you are so brainwashed you not only believe it’s true, you develop selective amnesia and pretend he never said it. Wake up and try thinking for yourself for a change.

      • Ted

        Money Promo, I got stuck with I ordered roses and they wanted my credit card and when I got finished they doubled the cost of the flowers. Beck is behind this as well. I complained and they said they would re-fund the difference in 2 weeks. They never did! Yes, Beck loves money.

      • peeode

        all you guys with beck ia racist? Racist is a word that liberals throw around to anyone they dont want to be heard. Me,I’m southern white trailer trash and can tell most of you dont know true racism when you see it. stop trying to make sense of what youre told. Open youre eyes real wide and forget being progressive idiots.

    • KMcCoop98

      From his heart …directly to his bank account.

  • james

    When is the secular liberal world going to wake up? Like it or not prove him wrong! The research, the study of the truth about what is taking place is real folks, I hope he is wrong, but what if it is all on the money? The problem is God blinds the eyes of the unbeliever, so many of you don’t, can’t get it. I am sorry, we pray all of you will come to understand the truth.

    • Tarc

      Wow… in what reality does any of the make sense?

    • tvgirl48

      Wait, I’m so confused, when did the entire world become secular AND liberal? And how are we supposed to come to understand the truth if God blinded us to it? That’ll show those unbelievers – blind them to any reason to believe! Ha! But what about the research and study of the truth? You can’t explain that!

    • Vickie

      Since when does Glenn Beck speak the word of God?

      • Wallbanger

        Glenn Beck is a Satanist. How can he speak for God?

    • DTO

      If it’s the truth, why would God hide it? You’re entitled to your politics, but when you try to imbue your PERSONAL VIEWS with some sort of divinity to give your views more credibility than they actually have, you become an idiot and an ass, James. Good day to you, sir!

      • Cobalt27

        Amen Brother!

      • KMcCoop98

        Double Amen. Let’s all pray for James.

    • K

      So, james, you believe what he says is the truth. But you hope he’s wrong anyway. Then you say, “but what if he’s right??” – and THERE’S the problem with Glenn Beck. He uses fear to engage his viewers and to make them continue watching his show and listening to his doomsday pronouncements. It’s manipulation, and it’s disturbing. Please be on your guard against his histrionics. I mean, the man has predicted a global Islamic takeover. COME ON. (Also, I wonder if pre-Christian civilizations felt the same fear about the insanely huge spread of Christianity worldwide. I am a Christian, but let’s be honest – the religion has as shady a past as Islam ever could.)

      • peeode

        again with the blindness,what makes you want to believe one isnt just as bad as the other. Islam demands the conversion of JAHILI such as You

    • blueviking48

      If his head were blown off – I would laugh hysterically!!!!

      • Katie Murphy

        You dont kill people like beck. You put them in the zoo with the monkeys to screech their laughing at him.

        But he isn’t about laughing. He and yes FOX is a threat to our democracy and freedom and the ability to get along with one antoher.

        Paranoia is what he sells. Just like hitler used paranoia aimed at the Jews to gain power. We know where that one went.

      • peeode

        your mom should have swallowed you

    • BHO

      james, you sound like a Taliban. In fact, I’m more scared of right-wing conservative Christian Bible thumpers like you than al-Queda.

    • Billy

      “The problem is God blinds the eyes of the unbeliever” says the blind man….

    • Blind Liberal Athiest

      Damn…didn’t know I was so screwed up

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Nope he’s not going anywhere, as long as he still draws in twice as many viewers as his time slot competitors. Only in their dreams does the NYT hope that FOX will get rid of Beck.

    • Buffy Freak

      Charlie Sheen got fired and his show makes a hell of alot more money for CBS the Beck makes for FOX.

      • Kathy

        If Charlie Sheen has twice as many viewers, that says a lot about the average American… and what it says isn’t pretty.

      • BHO

        Kathy, I’d watch Charlie Sheen do his webcast show live from Fred Sanford’s junkyard before I’d tune in to one second of the Glenn Beck show. And I would be the better person for it. Winning!

  • Keith Proctor

    How stupid would FOX be if they let Beck go?!!! Beck shakes the foundations of politics to see who falls out. We need him like Dr. Pepper needs prunes for flavor, we can’t loose a good thing…bad business for FOX if they do.

    • Tarc

      LOL! Beck lies for cash, that’s it.

      • Johnnie B

        If he lies, then prove the lie!! It is easy to talk the talk, but I don’t see any of you walking the walk. He makes the bucks and improves society; what do you do to improve society.

      • AC

        How does Glenn Beck improve society?

      • LOL

        Advertisers are running from Beck in droves. That will be his downfall.

      • Armin T

        Much like the creationists, I choose to go on faith that Glenn Beck is brimming with fecal matter.

      • Tarc

        Dude, there are entire sets os websites that outline Becks lies. He has an entire crew that does nothing but fabricate things for the show. In fact, one of his crew left the network and has been quoted say that he was emploted to do just that. Stop being cattle.

      • BHO

        Tell ‘em Tarc! But they would rather stay plugged in to the Right-Wing Matrix.

      • tater

        trust Tarc + BHO. Apparently they believe everything they read on the net. their go to source. Media matters + Huffington.

    • emeraldandgold

      How stupid would FOX be if they let Beck go?!!! Beck shakes the foundations of politics to see who falls out. We need him like Dr. Pepper needs prunes for flavor, we can’t loose a good thing…bad business for FOX if they do.
      I AM WITH YOU!!!!!


    • Somebody

      Dr. Pepper doesn’t use prunes in any form for flavor. So let’s see, we need Glenn Beck like Dr. Pepper needs prunes – you’re right!

  • Buffy Freak

    Maybe since CBS’ firing of that loon Charlie Sheen is rubbing off on FOX News…

  • m miller

    The only reason his viewers are dropping, is the 5 pm time slot. We are all in our cars at 5pm. I set my alarm for 2 am so that I can see the rerun. He would be wonderful in an evening slot.

    • Buffy Freak

      How does being in the 5pm slot account for him losing ratings? He’s been in that same slot for years…

    • JasonInDFW

      m miller, I am going to tell you about a device that is going to blow your mind. It is called a DVR, which stands for Digital Video Recorder. It can record TV and you can play it back later. It is kind of like a VCR, but you seem to have missed that piece of technology as well.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Glenn Beck is being forcibly removed from FOX.
    Questions about the AIPAC Neocon 9/11 Scam.
    3 towers, bldg 7, pentagon, shanksville, anthrax.
    Controlled Media must protect Federal Reserve.
    5 dancing Mossad arrested in NYC on 9/11 cry.

  • legallyblonde

    Beck out — an answer to prayer. Christians should not hate. Christians shouldcae for the poor. Christians should love above all.

  • Phyllis

    I’be never understood why Beck, Limbaugh and other talk-show hosts who have so many answers don’t get real jobs where they could implement some of their ideas rather than ranting and raving and working people up without solving anything. Dem. or Rep. both do this.

    • Johnnie B

      They do good; what do you do to improve society?

      • DTO

        Do they, Johnnie B? Do they? She’s got a point. If they’re so sure they’ve got the answers, they should run for office and see about changing public policy.

        Oh, and since you like throwing the question out there, what do you do, you worthless armchair social critic?

      • mari

        @Johnnie B – Normally I do not reply or comment to any Beck-related story but you keep on stating that Beck & his ilk “improve society”? In what way does he improve society? Does he give all his money to charity? Does he contribute time and energy to helping others improve their station in life? He doesn’t. He rants. He preys on people’s fears and then magnifies them. I am all for freedom of speech and I understand the value of opposing viewpoints BUT it shouldn’t be based on ignorance and hate.

      • Buffy Freak

        @mari…he gets them to buy gold and those survival packs. So he’s helping the economy by getting his minions to waste their hard-earned money on products from companies he has a vested interest in.

    • KMcCoop98

      Phyllis, it is like the old Beatles song …money, that’s what I like.

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