Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 9

chris-bachelor-padIt’s been a long road, and the end is in sight for Brad and three lucky ladies. After an incredible week of hometowns and a very emotional rose ceremony, Brad told the women about our next stop, the beautiful country of South Africa, home of the 2010 World Cup (as a soccer fan, this is a huge deal). Emily, Ashley, and Chantal were extremely excited. Every week they tried to guess where we were going next, and none of them ever guessed that Brad would take them halfway around the world. We’ve traveled all over the world, but there are very few places that take longer to get to than South Africa. But after over 20 hours in the air, we arrived at Kruger Mpumpalanga International Airport, and let me tell you, from the moment we landed, it was worth every second. Lush rolling hills, friendly people, and the promise of the most anticipated dates of every season of The Bachelor, the overnight dates.
Yes, it’s that time again, where Brad will have to hand these women an envelope with an all-too-familiar message. But before we go any further, I want to address a question that a lot of people have asked me: Yes, for the most part, people know what’s in the envelope and are not surprised about the fantasy suite, but that doesn’t take away from the nerves, excitement, and anticipation of finally being able to be alone with someone after weeks of dating. All day, they have to consider whether or not they’re ready to take that next step, and when the envelope arrives, it’s really a telling moment.

Now, on to the dates. All of our dates took place in or around Kruger Park, which is one of the largest game reserves in the world. When I say large, I mean massive. They told me it’s roughly the size of Israel. It’s the very definition of epic and it’s probably the best place to see Africa’s “Big Five.” On a great safari, you’ll see all of them — lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, and leopards.

Chantal got the first date, and pretty quickly they saw four of the big five. Only the leopard eluded them. But those weren’t the only animals that they saw. The hippo that was joining them for lunch was close enough to charge, but they didn’t know how dangerous hippos are until after lunch. Of course, we had guides nearby to make sure everyone was safe, but that hippo was not kidding around. During lunch, the animal hi-jinks continued, as Brad tricked Chantal into eating worms. It looked a lot like beef jerky and Brad didn’t let Chantal think anything different until after, when he explained worms are a local delicacy. This didn’t sit very well with Chantal and I don’t recommend any man tricking his date into eating worms. Once the fantasy suite card arrived, they got to see one of our coolest locations ever. The tree house is unbelievable. It’s literally out in the middle of nowhere and has a complete 360 degree view of the African bush. Needless to say, there were huge flying beetles dive-bombing the canopy and as we drove away for the night, we could hear the loud growling of lions. We just hoped Brad and Chantal would make it through to the morning. I talked to Brad the next day and he told me it was one of the most amazing and scariest experiences of his life.

As soon as Emily found out she was going to South Africa, she said that one of her lifelong dreams was to ride an elephant. Brad didn’t know this, but he picked the elephant riding date especially for her. I think a big part of that had to do with Brad thinking what a cool story this would be for little Ricki. As soon as Brad and Emily got on top of Tembo, they immediately started talking about her hometown date. He told her how much it meant to him to meet Ricki, and Emily just wished that Ricki could have been with them both in Africa. We took some pictures so Emily could take them home to share the experience. The elephants were really well cared for, but they are still wild animals. Our crew had to hide in bushes all over the trail to make sure that none of the elephants got spooked. The watering hole where the elephants stopped and played was a real highlight. It was amazing to see such big animals playing like little kids. Emily and Brad spent a long time watching them. Although at one point the elephants took their play to the next level; you’ll see what I’m talking about next week on the Women Tell All special!  Let’s just say I may have given the fantasy suite card to the wrong couple.

The dinner location for Emily’s date was spectacular. Things were going really smoothly all day, but to be honest, no one knew if Emily was going to accept the fantasy suite card. After all, she has a daughter at home, and she always put her daughter first. That said, she made it clear that she just wanted time to spend with Brad, especially if she was going to move forward in the relationship. Just to make things awkward, when Emily opened the envelope, the key fell to the ground, slipped through the cracks of the floorboards, and disappeared into the water below. Luckily, we had a spare.

The final date of the week went to Ashley. Who would have thought that Ashley would be afraid of helicopters? This is The Bachelor! She was pretty quick to come around and hop in, but this helicopter ride was a little different. Brad’s side of the chopper didn’t have a door, so he was just about hanging on the outside. When they landed at God’s Window in Nelspruit, the name spoke for itself. Views like this just don’t exist anywhere else. During the aerial tour of the bush, they even got to see something really rare: a pack of wild horses running through a clearing. While this was going on, back at base camp, an angry hyena tore through one of our coolers with its teeth and drank a lot of our water. Of course, we held off on dinner for Brad and Ashley for a while until we were sure the coast was clear. Maybe this was a sign, as this was a very emotional date for Brad and Ashley, and I think their up-and-down relationship was starting to wear on Brad. It’s a little close to the end to keep “retracting,” to use Ashley’s words. (On a side note, as we drove in for the rose ceremony, we finally did see a leopard up in a tree. Check that one off, and the “Big Five” was complete.)

It was good to be back in the deliberation chair with Brad. We’d talked every step of the way, but now, I could see that Brad was really starting to feel the pressure of his decisions. He’s been making bold decisions this whole way and now he felt like he had to make another one. I really respect Brad for pulling Ashley aside and trying to make sure he was doing the right thing by letting her go — it was a tough and surprising moment for everyone.

I have so much more to say about Ashley, her exit and her relationship with Brad, but I’m going to hold off until next week. Next Monday night, all of your favorite bachelorettes from this season will be back to talk about everything you did see and some things you didn’t on The Women Tell All.  This turned out to be one of the most surprisingly aggressive and emotional Tell All specials I’ve ever hosted. I can’t begin to tell you how blown away you’ll be by Michelle. It’s a special you won’t want to miss! As always, you can find much more about the show on, and be sure to follow us at @Thebachelortv and @chrisbharrison on Twitter. Have a great week and I hope to see you all at the Tell All next Monday night!

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  • klmsue

    Love the little extras, Chris! Can’t wait for next week.

    • Heidi

      Kimsue, I agree – I wish that we’d get to see some of those ‘extras’ because it makes the show more real to see their reactions when things like the key falling happen, or Brad and Chantal freaking over the bugs!
      I can relate to this episode because I met my husband on a mission in the jungle, and we lived in cabins like the treehouses. Those nets were our protection, we’d wake up to buzzing with these huge creatures a few feet from our bodies, and thank God for those nets! I still got a few flying buzzing beetles in my hair during the day, though, and I shared in the crunchy ‘grape nut’ textured flood flies that were delicacies there!
      Anyhow, it was a great episode. Thanks for a really good recap Chris

  • Cupcake

    Okay – here’s the thing. In my opinion, Brad and Emily’s time together has been all about him making her feel better. The good Lord knows that woman has been through a ton but when you are getting to know someone I think at some point the focus needs to go both ways. I think Emily is gorgeous and seems like a complete sweetheart but is there a complete fit with Brad? I don’t think so.

    With Chantal, Brad keeps saying how he is totally himself around her and that is a mark of something solid. Both women seem sincere and real and honest but I am sticking with Chantal as the one who is my pick for the best fit for Brad and vice versa. The play off of each other, they have a fun banter, and are just so well matched. They seem to meet each other in the middle and I really hope she is the one he picks.

    The episode in 2 weeks is going to be so great. It will be nice to get to see Brad’s family to get a better idea of where he is from and to see the people who love him the most. I really wonder which woman they will gravitate toward! So exciting.

    The “Women Tell All” show should be quite the rollercoaster! Oh my – can’t wait. :-)

    Thanks Chris for “taking” all of us to South Africa – what a beautiful place!

    • Apparently

      Reality Steve Rules! Does Brad choose Emily as the new update is saying to Steve or is it what is being said all along, Chantel?

      Good try Bachelor producers and Chris but we Reality Steve fans won’t go away.

      • KGD

        Wow, you are a loser.

      • Yo, KGD

        No, you are.

      • Amy

        Hello! ABC owns “Reality Steve”! They realized that fans don’t care if they show is spoiled, and many even like it. People want to see a love story, and some fantasy dates. Ok, maybe it is nice to have a little suspense at the end, and this is exactly what RS is doing. Not that I am complaining, I love this show and RS!

      • Heidi

        your statement kinda discredits Reality Steve – so he said Chantal and then now he’s switching his vote to Emily? That’s not reliable at all!!
        Frankly, I’d be happy with either pick. I think he’s a better man with either of these ladies.

      • RealitySteveRules

        Heidi, RealitySteve got every single thing right in this show to date, and while he did say Chantal he recently just found out, BEFORE the final show, that it is Emily, not Chantal. His track record is better than the Bachelor producers producing couples!

      • BeBe

        Damn it! I wish Reality Steve was right the first time with Chantal! I was hoping Brad picks her because she is from my hometown Seattle BABY! I dont think him and Emily will work…

    • Erin

      They have really great banter, love the teasing and trash talking!

    • jeapia

      First of all, thanks for an awesome season of The Bachelor. While I know it’s not over yet, I have not enjoyed watching this much in a LONG time. The traditional aspect of the Emily/Brad story is heartwarming to watch. I love the love story that has been shown there. However, regardless of that, I wish him and whomever he has chosen the best.
      Secondly, I just wanted to give a shout out/kudos to the music dept. in this productions crew. They have done an AMAZING job with their theme selection and editing. The timing of the music fits not only the “storyline” shown, but the moments and actions within each scene. It makes the story even more beautiful to watch in my opinion.

  • PetWar99

    Emily, U r the definition of a woman.

    • BadBabs

      How in the world is Emily the definition of “woman?” She got pregnant at 18, sans the benefit of marriage. If she had not hooked up with someone who was rich, she probably would have had to resort to applying for public assistance. She then leaves her thumb-sucking five year old for two months to go on a “reality” dating show…

      • sassy

        I don’t think thumb sucking 5 year old was necessary to say. Whatever your opinion these are real people with real feeling’s. Always speak in regards to how one wants to be spoken to or about.

      • BadBabs

        @Sassy: Just stating a fact.

      • Naomi

        Wow, picking on a 5 year old. Classy.

      • Danni

        You obviously are not a parent. To ever speak of someone else’s chrildren is ignorant & terrible. So what she had a child at 18; I commend her for having Emily, and raising her as a single parent. She didn’t have a one night stand, and become pregnant. She was in a serious and committed relationship. My daughter played with little Ricci in Key West, and she was as fun and smart as she is adorable. To slam this family shows what a little person you are, and don’t have a clue or a heart…

      • BadBads

        @Danni: My Goodness. You just called me childless, ignorant, terrible, little, clueless, and heartless…all because I stated a fact. Emily’s child was shown sucking her thumb on television at age five. Truly, is this fact or opinion?

      • sinicalgrl

        BadBads – wow – it’s fascinating to me on a daily basis how judgmental and mean people can be especially with the anonymity of the internet. All I can think when I see something like what you wrote is how blessed I am you are not in my family.

      • BadBabs

        @sinicalgrl: So, your family sugarcoats the truth? You lie to each other and just tell each other what you want to hear? I bet you all would have told the emperor he looked hot in his clothes as he was strutting down the street naked. Please explain why my statement of fact is so offensive. Was Emily unmarried and pregnant at 18? Yes. Was her child shown sucking her thumb? Yes. Is her child five? Yes. You all need to chill out.

      • sinicalguy

        Dang! What is wrong wit what he/she is saying? They never got personal or started name calling and you did. How do you know about blessings when you’re so mean yourself. You are judging and mean and not what they said was judging or mean just honest. Are you Emily’s friend or do you know her because you are defensive to her.

    • Nadine

      Ew, Emily is so stuck up and full of herself. And her daughter seems very spoiled.

      • PetWar99

        Nadine, it’s called self esteem. Something u and BadBlabs don’t have.

    • Dave

      Emily brings nothing to the table but big teeth and big hair. She has done nothing to contribute to a relationship with Brad. She has no sense of humor and virtually no wit. She’s an empty box with a big liability. Run Brad Run. Chantel is “large” and will certainly double in size the day after marriage. Is that right for a poser like Brad? She’s rich and has 3 brain cells…two more than Emily. It’s got to be her. Too bad the best ones are gone.

      • Petwar99

        I’m sorry for being rude.

      • badblabs

        I think i’m psychotic

      • Diane

        You are right…Emily brings nothing to the table..Chantle is what is wrong with her?
        I think she is beautiful.

    • Bio

      Katie another great post! I’ve relaly been working on this since Christmas I’ve been much better at unplugging at night now I’m working on unplugging during the day when my mind is a mush and I’m not getting anything accomplished. It’s so much better to step back and take a break than push through and get frustrated at the end of the day when you realize that you haven’t accomplished what you want always a process! Thanks for bringing it to the front of my mind! xo

    • Ron

      - yo man. is this the film sesh you were mentioning? looks soo dope. the tones on those first two- beiutaful! can’t wait to see more this coming year

  • jessica

    I wish I hadn’t read the spoilers because just when I psyched myself for one girl it turns out to be the other! But I think there are always clues along the way… South Africa ;)

    • Edits

      The edits have been really stupid for this show. They don’t give you a real idea of where his feelings are. Every edit has pointed to Chantal but now we hear it’s Emily who he chooses. Those two have zero chemistry in the edits. Zero. He looks like a 10 year old boy around her and she looks like she’s patronizing him. I don’t mind knowing the spoilers, I still watch the show, but it’s the manipulation that really puts me off.

      • jo

        I totally agree with you. I am pissed off at ABC for hooking us in to watch a show that they manipulate. I want to watch what truly happens between a couple, not what we are lead to believe. This season the chemistry between Brad and Chantel was all we saw–I did not see that between Brad and Emily. I want to see what truly transpires between parties involved. If I want to spend my time with fiction, I’d read a book, and will such from now on. I am done being manipulated by ABC!

      • meliot

        The basic problem is Emily comports herself at a different level then the average Bachelorette, and Brad doesn’t know how to behave. She is holds him at arms length physically and does not want to do a make-out session in front of the cameras as she is a mother who does not want to look easy, so his inability to react to her on another level is somewhat compromised, which makes him seem ill at ease with her or even treats her as a mother figure. That’s not the way to find romance.

      • Devon

        How soon everyone forgets that last year Reality Steve got it wrong….

      • RealitySteveRules

        Devon, you’re one of THOSE aren’t you? The ones that BELIEVE this show is real.

        Psst…Santa Claus is a fairy tale too!

  • Jujubee

    Hi Chris. Just testing…

  • Jujubee

    WTH? Anybody else having trouble posting comments?? I’m pretty sure I’m not saying anything inappropriate. Why are they not showing up?? Huh, EW blogmaster person out there? I’m going to try again…

  • sherimoonzombie

    I’m such a sap. I swore I wasn’t going to watch this season. Just had no interest in seeing Brad getting another go at it. But, I’m here, I’m loving it, and I’m invested once again. Damn you Chris Harrison! I think both the women left are great catches, but I’ve got a soft spot for Chantal. Not just because she’s from here in Seattle (although I don’t live in the same, ahem, zip code). She’s open and fun and I like the two of them together. Gahhh, please help me.
    Ohh, and please make Shawntel N the next bachelorette – I suspect she would be tons of fun to hang with. I’ve got a bit of a girl crush on her.

    • Lucy

      I agree, I like Shawntel too. Emily is a bit too needy and her daughter may be a bit more baggage than Brad can deal with. And speaking of Brad, what a high maintenance emotional guy he is! It was painful to watch his date with Emily. She’s lucky she’s outta there!

      • Lucy

        sorry the date with Ashley.

      • Heidi

        I don’t think Emily would be the next bachelorette even if she isn’t chosen by Brad. I DO think Chantal would agree to be the next one, though, if Brad chooses Emily.

        Also for the record I think Michelle has been over-maligned this season. She’s nowhere near as bad as some of the past crazies have been!

    • Dee

      Lucy – You think Ricki is baggage? Wow, that’s sad. She’s probably the best thing that could happen to Brad. You must be very young.

      • Emily & Brad

        They won’t last long. Brad doesn’t have the maturity to deal with a relationship that has a kid involved. Brad is all about him, him, him.

      • Jen

        Hey Dee – I would agree with Lucy that a child is baggage, not necessarily in a negative way, but getting involved with someone who has a small child requires a pretty big lifestyle change, especially for someone single and childless. There are many mature adults who can handle this. Is Brad one of those? Probably not.

      • Judy

        I agree with Lucy but I’m not that young having just turned 50, married almost 25 years, raised three daughters AND having witnessed many friends and family who have entered marriages with kids in tow – the child is baggage both good and bad as are all kids that come along with a new spouse in the “package deal,” and to think otherwise is really naive.

      • SLB

        Baggage? That kid’s a meal ticket.

      • Katharine

        Well said Judy.I think others forget that Emily was away from her for weeks, sees her briefly, introduces her to a new man and with cameras all around. What child wouldn’t feel shy. I think everyone should leave Ricki alone.

      • Dave

        I’m 51 and I assure you that kid is baggage. The problem isn’t the kid. It’s the mom. First time that kid doesn’t get her way due to something Brad did or said…watch out!

    • Debby

      New Bachelorette is Ashley H, who Brad sent home last night. I think Chantal was first choice, but she might have a conflict, like a bf. Not sure about that, just a rumor.

      • Heidi

        I feel like Ashley is too passive agressive and also, if she really wants to go to dental school and be career minded like she said to Brad, I think she’d look foolish if she then gives up on that dream and takes this ride. Though I guess they are well paid! They’ve already done the whole thing with Ali where she did an about face and realized that love should be my #1 priority.

  • HoneyMayo

    Is it bad that the first thing that comes to mind when I saw the treehouse was WHERE IS THE BATHROOM? I guess they had to pee off the side of the treehouse.

    • pinkpeachlips

      Definately a good question, wonder tthat as well, plus what if it rains..I think it shows how he Brad views the bachelorettes.Chantal gets a treehouse while Emily gets a queen’s suite..He see Chantal as a tomboy or little girl and emily as a woman…

      • Judy

        I think that Emily got not only the fantasy suite but all the good dates and more alone time with Brad throughout all of this because either Brad or the producers felt a need to overcompensate for the tragedy from her past.

      • SLB

        I’m sure spoiled brat Chantal was like, wtf? I get a stinking outdoor buggy treehouse?

      • Naomi

        Am I the only one who thought the tree-house was totally sexy?? I would have loved that.

      • JN

        @Naomi – yep, you are the only one. And you probably think Motel 6 is a five star resort …

      • Cosmo

        They were prepping her to be the next Bachelorette. She had a sudden change of heart and now Ashley (yes, ANNOYING Ashley) will be the next Bachelorette.

      • Diane

        Funny…I was thinking the very same thing! All in favor of Chantel..low maintenance!

    • WilEE CoyotEE

      That was exactly what I thought. Then I thought maybe it was a little ways away – like a port a potty or something, but then Chris was talking about the lion’s growling – I would have had to pee in my pants rather than walk down there – Bachelor or no Bachelor!

      • Lance

        Chris said in an interview that Brad refused to go down to the bathroom because of the lion. But he was full of wine, so he pee-ed over the railing.

    • Amanda

      Chris said on twitter last night that the bathroom was outside . . . meaning in the bushes, I guess?

    • scraptordelight

      IKR! I literally couldn’t enjoy the rest of the episode b/c I was as obsessed with the bathroom issue as I am with Charlie Sheen’s gold tooth. What if she had that “not so fresh feeling” before the big night! Not to mention brushing teeth…

      • Steve

        I was wondering where they poop. Chris, did either Brad or Chantal poop during the night or in the morning?

      • Tom

        What about pooping? Don’t forget pooping.

      • Bridget

        Steve and Tom – Is it really that important about the poop? I mean, sure, I’m curious too, but really it seems a bit inappropriate. Others? What are your thoughts?

      • Kenny

        Do you guys remember the reality show “The Littlest Groom”?? I think on that show they were in a tree house and pooped in a bucket or something. OMG!!

      • Bridget

        @Steve – I am guessing they pooped in the morning. At least, that’s what most “normal” people do.

        @Kenny – never heard of the show, but sounds good. ;)

      • Jenny

        @scraptordelight – I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the “not so fresh feeling.” Could you please elaborate?

      • Nadia

        I am guessing the producers select people for the show that don’t have to poop very often, and therefore it’s probably not an issue.

      • Earl

        Chris, please let us know the pooping informatin. And great blog as always. You’re the best!

      • Nadia

        Also – I loved, loved, LOVED the show The Littlest Groom!! Chris, any word on whether they are bringing that back?

      • BachelorExpert

        I read somewhere that Chantal was so freaked out about going #2 that she ended up just going in her pants! Chris, can you confirm? (Great blog, btw!)

      • Earl

        I heard that Brad had to send Michelle home a few episodes ago because she was pooping too much, and that’s why the producers thought it would be bad idea to bring her to South Africa. So they told Brad to send her home.

      • Scott

        You know who poops a lot? Chris Nordhorn from season 6 of The Bachelorette. I went to college with him, and he was alwasy pooping. Didn’t even care where.

      • Wendy

        Do women poop?

      • PetWar99

        Did they have toilet paper?

      • Ed

        I heard somewhere that when Ryan was on season one of The Bachelorette he farted all the time and when anyone would confront him about it he’d say, “What? You think I did that?”

      • PetWar99

        Ed, that’s why they called him Sir Farts A Lot.

      • Earl

        In Cabo San Lucas he’s known as Senor Farto Grande.

    • rose

      It was my first thought too. Where was it?

    • *Jamie B.*

      That was my first thought as well!!

    • sheilah

      My first thought was, “Can lions climb those stairs”?

  • Jalena

    Great blog, as always, Chris. I love the extra details you include in your recap!
    Brad has become one respectable guy…letting Ashley go before putting her through the whole rose ceremony. Both Chantal and Emily seem like amazing women and both of them have sincere feelings for Brad. I think he has done an outstanding job, picking his final two.
    And fabulous job on your red carpet Oscar gig, Chris!! You rocked it!!!

    • Kudos

      Couldn’t have said it better, Jalena. Both Chantal and Emily are great women with true feelings, either way he goes with this one, hopefully, it will end in marriage.

  • Barb

    How come you let us see Brad say8ing he loves Emily and still the other women are there? It was very cruel. You are editing experts.

    • SLB

      Why was it cruel. That’s who he picks.

      • CAM

        nope…he picks Chantal…Emily is too uptight for him!

      • Dee

        Emily isn’t uptight at all. She’s normal. Maybe that’s what’s so striking about her. And she’s gorgeous. Brad is lucky if she accepts his proposal.

      • SLB

        Wrong. Not Chantal.

      • Julie

        I don’t get why everyone believes Reality Steve when he says Brad chooses Emily. Just a few weeks ago, he was saying it was Chantal. Apparently, he doesn’t know.

  • Stacie

    2 things I’ve never seen before. 1. Brad telling Emily he is falling in love with her. I thought it was against The Bachelor rules to even say falling in love. I know he didn’t say he was “in” love but that’s pretty close. 2. Never saw a pre-emptive goodbye like that. I am glad that Brad didn’t let her just stand there waiting for a rose, when he knew she wasn’t getting one. But my question would be if he said he was shocked to be sending her home and not seeing his family who was the lady he was contemplating getting rid of? To hear that was shocking to me. I thought since maybe Week 3 that Chantel and Emily were the favorites with Ashley very far behind, but this revalation was interesting. As Brad said this stuff changes very quickly.

    • Carol

      @ Stacie: Yes there was a pre-emptive goodbye before. Remember when Ally was the Bachelorette and she was down to the final 2 (Roberto & Chris) and she didn’t wait until the final ceremony to get rid of Chris. She did it that morning.

      • Katharine

        Good memory Carol

    • Sunny

      Brad’s been breaking Bachelor ‘rules’ since Day One. Hopefully that will keep him from coming back for a third season.

      • Alicia

        Where’s the “Like” button?

    • Jodes

      I was wondering the same thing. Totally took me by surprise that he was that close to keeping Ashley and sending home one of the other 2. Chantal expressed her love for him and Emily and he expressed deep feelings for each other, but I never got that depth of emotion when he was with Ashley, for either of them. It was a WTHeck moment for sure!

      • Ana

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  • Me

    Either Chantal or Emily could make a happy life for Brad. Ashley would make the best Bachelorette. Brad is so hell bent on doing the right thing that he did not let Ashley say goodbye with the women. I find Brad’s ponderous self-importance exhausting. He is so interested in his own emotions but cannot seem to grasp that the women are in an emotionally difficult situation. And how great or real could it be with Ashley if the two had never talked about what if . . . can you be a dentist in Austin . . . looking forward to Maks . . . it won’t be so tedious . . . I do wish all happiness to Brad and whichever, probably Chantal whose father is going to be an imnportant figure in Brad’s life. I think.

    • Pam

      Brad seems to be such a thoughtful guy to me! I think letting Ashley go privately was so unselfish of him. I would not want to talk to the girls that were staying, if I really cared about the guy that was letting me go. However, I am a Brad fan and I think he is ADORABLE!

    • Ivy

      Then I hope you have Ukrainian TV and a translator if you want to see Maks as the Bachelor. He isn’t on the American version.

    • Kudos

      Me = hater. Although I will say that it’s slightly alarming how Brad seems to make it well known that he doesn’t want to move anywhere. It seems like whomever he chooses will have to move to Austin, period.

  • Matt2

    Looks like the kid really wants a wife and family. I cannot imagine anyone but Emily standing up on the altar in the finale. She is such a sweetheart with that sexy southern belle accent. Hopefully Brad doesn’t shut down again. Chris, did you guys fly in his therapist to Capetown to council him through this last step along with the family? Hope so. Good luck. Best wishes to all.

    • Katherine

      Agree that Emily seems very sweet, but she has yet to say anything interesting in my opinion. Other than her “back story” we don’t know anything about her.

      • Somebody

        The thing I keep thinking with Emily is that a huge part of how you deal with problems together, and Emily – or what they show, anyway – seems to be kind of a ‘no, no, don’t worry about it, everything’s fine’ kind of lady.

      • gail

        And is’nt it strange he never met her parents

  • kc

    This week’s tale is the perfect exposition as to why Ashley should NOT be the upcoming Bachelorette! .. its been clear throughout Brad’s Bachelor season that she doesn’t have enough “emotional maturity” yet to make a relationship naturally unfold.
    (and, Bachelorette producers, the chances of her post-bachelorette relationship lasting while she is finishing dental school are not very good.)
    *it should be Shawntel .. or Chantal .. or Brad’s (& Wes’) former gf, Lauren*
    I wish Ashely well in life .. but if she is the next bachelorette, there’s no chance i’ll be interested in watching.

    • Sunny

      According to US Magazine, he’s was proposing to Lauren the whole time he was filming. It seems that Brad is a bi-polar ragemaster, and the only one of the ‘ladies’ that he deserves is Michelle. Chantal for the next ‘Bachelorette’ and Emily for the first season of ‘Single Mom Search.’

      • Jenna

        What? Did we read the same article? Brad did not propose to Lauren while filming. He proposed BEFORE and it wasnt even a real proposal. He just said he wanted to marry her, but did he give her a ring? No. Did he get down on one knee? No. He just made vague text message claims of love BEFORE He left for the show. Yes, he emailed her to with her a happy birthday while filming but so what?

        Get your facts straight and dont spread lies.

      • Sunny

        Yeah, okay, Brad/Jenna. He was in constant contact with her. Either you’re a moron, or you need to reread that article. Of course, you didn’t dispute the fact that he’s bi-polar and has rage issues. Jerk.

      • Julie

        I read that article and don’t necessarily believe it. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but it came from US magazine, not the most reputable.

    • Michelle

      I agree. I think she needs to focus on school first. She is not ready for a relationship (and with school it would have been a long distance one with Brad)

    • Diamond Girl

      Ashley was the most annoying creature on the show last night. She comes across as so immature and distant. This is a future professional dentist? Every other word out of her mouth is “like”. If she is the next bachelorette, as rumored, I would go through the TV screen and throttle her. I just couldn’t watch her as the main character.

      • Bach-fan

        totally agree. It seemed to me as they were talking Brad was realizing more and more just how much further along he is in his life. Ashley seemed immature to me a few episodes back- like the hot tub scene when Brit got the rose. She seems very juvenile to me, while Brad’s role was more of the big brother. And WTH was she talking about having faith, while linking her fingers together. That made no sense. She backed herself into a corner, not Brads questions. On a lighter note- great blog Chris.

      • rose

        Agree too. She even accused him of “looking for a wife.” Huh? Maybe the producers had already asked her to consider being the next bachelorette if they asked, and she started thinking about that instead. Please don’t choose her. I really won’t watch her. I’d rather watch Kate G.

      • Devon

        Like, I don’t know wkhat you, like, mean. Like, I didn’t catch that at all, like you know? Like, she hardly ever said like.

      • Kamal

        - Kat, how much we’ve both grown since I had little Stella!!!!! Once all the hodailys are over, I really want to have our family pictures done. Beautiful images that I can afford to blow up BIG all over my house! xxoo

    • Sue

      Agree! In last night’s episode Ashley showed herself not ready for TRUE commitment. She came across as very one dimensional, focused on her career and goals and not ready for a relationship.

    • Pam

      Watching Brad and Ashley on their date was just painful. Not because of their emotional disconnect but because they are both such poor communicators. I hope Brad picks Chantal, since she is the only one who can carry on an extended conversation. I miss Michelle!

      • PetWar99

        Don’t worry Pam. Michelle will be on Bachelor Pad 2.

  • Mya

    Chris, could someone, the makeup artists, the hairstylist, or the fashion stylist tell Chantal to STAY AWAY FROM BOLD COLORS. Last week she was a big red balloon at the rose ceremony and this week she’s a big round tomato. She’s sweet and humble and really into Brad but a diet would not hurt her at this time.
    Love Brad. What a hottie! Hope he doesn’t let the cold feet jitters destroy this opportunity for happiness.

    • SLB

      Chantal looked like she had mismatched water balloons in that hideous dress at the rose ceremony.

    • Sunny

      Standing next to Emily would make Kelly Ripa look fat. Not everyone loves the skeletal look.

      • Pam

        Society tells women they can’t look fabulous in their 20s and 30s unless they haven’t eaten since their teens.

    • sophie

      Mya, you are everything that’s wrong with our society. Lose some weight from your fat head

      • BC

        “Lose some weight from your fat head”. Love it Sophie! I cracked up. Well said.

      • Kudos

        I think Chantal’s gorgeous. She’s slightly heavier, but oh well. She’s NORMAL. And gorgeous at that.

      • KGD

        I agree that Chantal is gorgeous and does NOT need to lose weight. That being said, she could make better fashion choices (especially with clothes fitting).

      • Katharine

        Well said KGD!

      • Sky

        It is well known that TV cameras make people look larger than they actually are. Don’t you know that most stars have their images trimmed down before publishing photos?
        Emily and Ashley are probably wear -0 sized clothing – both are very tiny structured. A normal sized woman like Chantal is going to look larger next to them – although she is not at all overweight, let alone fat. She is stunning. Critiques to the contrary are from very insecure people with a lot of jealousy.

    • Kristin

      Chantal is no where close to being fat. It does look like she has put on some weight since the beginning of the show, but I think she’s beautiful and women come in all shapes. She looks healthy and NORMAL!!

      • Katherine


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