Charlie Sheen to Howard Stern: 'People would revolt' if John Stamos replaced him

sheen-sternImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosCharlie Sheen took his “movement” to The Howard Stern Show this morning, and, sure enough, he peppered their conversation with the bizarre Sheenisms that are probably at this moment being ironed on thousands of poorly-manufactured ironic t-shirts. He referred to women who have sold their intimate Sheen stories to the press as “retarded zombies,” and coined the sure-to-be-a-winning campaign slogan, “Hope is for suckers and tools.” But his tiger blood seemed calm when Stern asked him about the rumor that John Stamos might be called upon to fill Sheen’s shoes on Two and a Half Men. (For the record, insiders are denying the rumor.) “Would you be mad if Stamos replaced you?” asked Stern. “No, it’s not his fault,” Sheen replied. “He can’t replace you, you say?” Stern provoked. “I don’t know, I think the people would revolt.” Watch a clip from Howard TV On Demand below:

Sheen promised to call Stern back tomorrow morning, and Stern volunteered to reach out to Chuck Lorre and then mediate as the two addressed their disagreements. What are the chances Lorre takes the bait?

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  • meliot

    The enormity of Charlie Sheen’s ego knows no bounds. I’d definitely check it out just to PO Charlie.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Haha this man takes himself and his mediocre show far too seriously! He needs to just take a f*cking break

      • Lily

        “Grandiosity” is one aspect of an addict’s personality.

    • Ethan

      Absolutely nothing would make me watch an episode of Two & A Half Men. Sometimes I’d walk in on my neighbors watching it and run quickly out the door. No reason to change my behavior.

      • UGH

        Really. I tried watching this show a couple of times and to me I got a sense of this is the reason sitcom quality is in such decline. I could never understand how it kept it’s popularity other than we have a nation of idiots. The same idiots that probably still watch Leno.

      • Abraham

        Amen ,girlfriend .amen

      • Jim

        You got that right, Ethan! I flip channels on weekends and inevitably end up landing on the show and can only deal with it for 5 minutes. It’s a horribly written show that reduces its characters to being happy fools. And Sheen gets paid the big bucks to telephone in his character from real life as opposed to offering any depth. However, I also fault the show’s producers and writers, so Lorre is doesn’t get a free pass from me for creating a low-brow television show that was cancellation worthy even after it’s first season. The whole situation is just sad and my fear is that Charlie will one day hit the self-destruct button and leave his family with major guilt over not stopping him sooner. I think the media need to leave him alone–he’s ill and yet no one will help him out by simply saying “You know, Charlie, you need help. And until you reach the point where you choose a new path, we’re not going tolerate the total crap coming out of your mouth any more.” The media, the whole entertainment industry, and Charlie all contribute to his spiraliing out of control. Someone needs to put an end to this so he gets the help he needs.

      • RK

        Why are you walking in on your neighbors?

      • etm

        @RK – LOL!!

        I have never seen an episode of this show.

      • Brent

        Ethan you sometimes walk in on your neighbor watching Two & A Half Men and immediatley run to the door. Sounds like Charlie Sheen is a lot more “in touch” than you!!

    • JS

      This is a perfect match. I can’t think of anyone whose ego is bigger than Sheen’s with one possible exception – Howard Stern. Both have some real talent, but their personalities or the public personas they choose to project are so obnoxious that they get to the point that they are revolting.

      • CJ

        Charlie’s ego is dwarfed by that of Lorre

    • down to 1 1/2 men

      Here’s is my idea for a story line. Charlie, on the way home to his Malibu Beachhouse, fatally crashes his fancy car. At the funeral, Judith and Herb decide to split and Herb moves into the Beachhouse.
      I think Jon Cryer and Ryan Stiles would be a FABULOUS Two Men to take over the show.

      • besimon

        Great pitch! Love Jon and Ryan.

      • mikki

        I’m with you, but they still need someone with some sort of “cool” gene for balance! Maybe Jake could turn into a layabout womanizer!

    • annah

      LOL! I never watched this tool’s show but i agree with u, I would watch just to piss him off too!!

    • LOL


    • CTU Chief

      Charlie is nuttier than Keith Olbermann at an NRA convention

    • stu

      the word is REJOICE if the funnier & better looking Stamos replaced retard Charlie.

  • Brenda Barrett

    Lorre and CBS are/would be wise to not step into the muck. This guy – however articulate he may be in rare moments — is clearly off the rails.

  • Erin

    People will revolt over John Stamos (possibly) replacing him on Two and a Half Men? Right. :roll:

    • CTU Chief

      Why? Stamos is good looking, funny and sane. I think he would do well.

      • Shannon

        I believe that he would also. The show itself is another story.

  • ag

    I would actually start watching the show if John Stamos was on it. Just sayin’.

    • cam


      • busthedog

        nope…still a s**t show

    • Allen


    • sheilaroo

      Me too!

    • Victoria

      Me too!

    • DGH

      You guys must have low standards.

      • Brett

        Hey, it’s “Two and a Half Men.” How much lower do the standards have to get?

    • Thom

      And me!

    • Annie


    • JillS

      Yes, yes!!

    • Mal

      Same here!

    • cara

      I was thinking the same thing!!

      • Mbizzle

        LOVE John Stamos!!!

    • waya

      Yes! Bring on John Stamos, cause Charlie is a lost cause.

      • Melissa

        I have never watched it but I would rather watch John Stamos than this ego maniac’s ugly mug.

      • susan

        The show wouldn’t work with John Stamos. The chemistry is between Charlie Sheen and John Cryer.

        I like this show, and I’m not the only one, as it is highly rated. They all need to sit down and work this out and get the show back on the air.

    • jamie

      I’d watch it with John Stamos just to support the hack Sheen being off the air.

      • Pittner

        Never watched the show but if Sheen comes back then I’m definitely watching just so he can prove everybody wrong and be even more successful. Keep on bi-winning Charlie.

    • Snsetblaze

      I would not watch if John Stamos joined but I did not watch before. I would however watch another show with John Stamos. He needs a new series. I’m dating myself but I always loved him as Blackie Parrish on General Hospital and he was great on Glee.

  • Shelby

    People would revolt if Dwight from ‘The Office’ or Neil Patrick Harris were replaced. Characters that are unique because of the actor that are loved by fans. ANY recognizable actor in their mid-forties could play Sheen’s character. You just wear a crappy bowling shirt and spit out stupid one-liners.

    • Eternal Clementine

      oh so true!

    • DGH

      I get Barnie but Dwight is a tool I revolted cause they started giving him more airtime… a retarded idiot could land Pam’s sister(unless he was rich then women lower their standards)

    • susan

      You think Dwight from The Office and Neil Patrick Harris are irreplaceable, but Charlie isn’t? LMAO

      Charlie is the highest paid television star of all time because he’s a great comedic actor. The best actors are the ones who make it look easy.

      • kit

        Right susan because it must be soooo hard for Sheen to play… himself. You should invite yourself to one of his parties since you think that tool is irreplaceable. “LMAO”

      • CTU Chief

        All Charlie does is play himself…oh right…he is a joke in real life too.

  • Mr. Holloway

    WOULD they though, Charlie? WOULD they?

    • Ames

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been watching what’s going on in the Middle East and keep thinking, “If only there was a cause I so truly believe in.” And now, viola! Mr. Sheen gives me and honest to goodness reason to revolt. And they say Americans are apathetic!

      • Mr. Holloway


      • Voila!

        Viola indeed!

      • Snsetblaze

        That comment made my day. ROTFLOL.

  • stephen

    Charlie, you give yourself too much credit. Although I don’t understand why people watch that piece of junk so maybe you’re not?? Who knows… chill with the ego trip tho and maybe you might start making some sense.

  • SLB

    Charlie Sheen rocks!! This guy is hilarious!

    • bill

      I agree, his craziness is very entertaining!

      • Karikata

        Extremely. He is a train wreck in a good way unline Mel Gibson. The things that are coming out of his mouth are ballsy and hilarious…and he is totally serious about it. It makes me almost believe every word. If this is a PR stunt, a la Joaquin Phoenix, this tops them all.

    • Hal

      Hilariously dumb.

  • Lane

    I’m tired of this story already
    It’s not like Two and a Halh Man was the most amazing piece of TV ever.
    It was a good show and it looks like it’s done fpr good.
    Let’s move on, please. (Specially you Charlie)

  • Tris

    Johns Stamos is too classy for 2.5 Men

  • JimmyH

    I stopped watching this show when Angus T. Jones grew taller than Sheen and Cryer.

    • robert

      i also stopped watching the moment the kid was smarter and bigger than the grown ups.

  • Eternal Clementine

    I really don’t think the people who watch Two and a Half Men are the revolting type.

    • LVC

      LMAO @ this comment!! I think the people who watch this show are just too lazy to change the channel.

    • Liz

      I don’t know, I think they’re pretty revolting.

  • Richard Christy

    Two and a Half Men is muh favorite!

    • Sal Governale

      Me too! Let’s go make horrifically bad prank phone calls while we watch it!

  • Chris

    If I’m CBS and Lorre, I just keep quiet and let Sheen destroy his career. The dude is delusional and beyond help.

  • Simon

    Oh sure, Chuck Lorre has nothing better to do than talk to a psycho with the strangest, most arrogant attitude known to mankind. CS is incredibly unlikeable and I am guessing the sponsors don’t want him back (you know the ones who pay the bills?). Totally love Stamos; I would watch.

    • DGH

      Umm Chuck is the poster child for arrogent just check out his Vanity Cards while they are usually funny they are also always full of arrogence,

      • Simon

        Don’t be ridiculous, Chuck can’t come close to topping the delusional CS in the arrogance department. People will revolt? We are talking about a sitcom aren’t we?

      • DGH

        Charlie is crazy noone is debating that but arrogence wise Chuck takes the cake he’s just not crazy enough to express it to the world.

      • cara

        But that’s the thing, Chuck Lorre is keeping it to his vanity cards on the show HE CREATED, so he’s allowed, and unlike Charlie, he is not spewing his views, hates and ego on tv shows everyday!!

      • LVC

        I don’t think you understand the definition of arrogance.. I see completely honest and self-deprecating.

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