Charlie Sheen on 'Today': 'It's $3 mil an episode, take it or leave it'

today-show-charlie-sheenThe Charlie Sheen Warlock tour kicked off on the Today Show this morning with an interview between the Two and a Half Men star and NBC’s Jeff Rossen. Sheen addressed some of the huge questions surrounding the “war” he has declared against CBS and Men executive producer Chuck Lorre, including his recent self-treatment for what remains a rather ill-defined ailment. Sheen told Rossen he doesn’t remember the last time he did drugs (results of a drug test revealed on GMA this morning also indicate that he is clean), and said he has rejected the “fiction” of Alcoholics Anonymous and its “5 percent success rate.” Instead, he created the Sober Valley Lodge in his own home, he told Rossen, and wouldn’t allow AA to be any part of it. “Their primary client achieved radical success,” Sheen said of Sober Lodge (which, again, is his house). When Rossen asked if relapse was an issue, Sheen replied that relapse was only for “Fools, trolls, weak, defeated — they allowed defeat to be an option. I will not.”

When Rossen asked Sheen about career prospects in the wake of recent events, the actor alluded to a number of movie offers on the table now that he is available again. But he also said that as a “man of my word” he would return to Two and a Half Men, but that he has a new condition: Instead of the current $2 million he makes an episode, Sheen said he’d come back but only if “It’s $3 mil an episode. Take it or leave it.”

Sheen described the situation as a “war” with CBS, which he said is trying to take his and his family’s money, and said the network owes him a big public apology, “licking my feet.”

“They picked a fight with a warlock,” he said (and amazingly, Rossen did not follow up).

As has been the case since his radio tirade last week, Sheen directed much of his “violent hatred” toward Lorre. At one point in the interview, he pulled out a slip of paper and read three questions he had prepared for the producer:

1) “Why is it when I was ready to return to work you told me there were are no scripts ready to shoot?”

2) “Why is it you issued a decree informing me that the remaining eight shows of season 8 had been reduced down to four, stating as well that season 8, our highest rated season to date … was suddenly to halt production two weeks earlier than scheduled?”

3) “When you were told that the crew would suffer greatly due to your dictatorial laziness, would you please explain what you meant by your statement, ‘They are not my problem’?”

The tour’s next stop is the hour-long special edition of 20/20 — “Charlie Sheen: In His Own Words” — set to air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

I’m not sure he’s winning me over with any of the “I’m not gonna take it any more!” press he’s doing, but I have enjoyed watching him try. What about you, PopWatchers? Team Sheen or Team Lorre? And even if you’re Team Lorre, is tomorrow’s 20/20 must-see TV for you anyway?

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Charlie Sheen not going to HBO

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  • MommaS

    Well, his insanity runs deep. I can see Dr. Drew hanging his head in disbelief. He’s insulting to all the people who struggly with sobriety every day. He’s a selfish, diseased, sad human being.

    • atavanhalen

      he is the freakin man

      this is so funny

      i hate his show, but i hope he bleeds CBS

      • Rockgolf

        Sheen right now reminds me of Wile E Coyote walking off the edge of a cliff. He bound to come crashing down soon, but he just hasn’t realized that he’s no longer standing on solid ground.

      • Bette

        Take a HAIR SAMPLE. That will be the true test !!

      • Giggs

        Van Halen!!!

      • Jeff

        I agree, I hate the show, but if he wants to live the way he lives, who’s business is it. We ALL hate CBS. Go Charlie!

      • Bobby

        He;s a trainwreck but I hate that show of his, & pretty much CBS as a whole, so I hope that he really screws with them.

      • besimon

        I don’t watch the show either. It’s not that funny. And I refuse to support that man’s lifestyle – CBS should be ashamed of themselves if they do. He’s not worth it.

      • besimon

        I hear he complained about his producer, CBS, his father. Complained about everyone because THEY are wrong. Give me a break.

    • …And By Ironic I Mean Completely Ronic

      I vote that they kick him off the show, replace him with a decent actor who plays Charlie Harper to a degree, and then finish off the storyline in Season 9 and fold.

      • Rick

        The show is based on him. It will be stupid if they kick him off. Charlie is a good actor too.

      • AshleyBrooke

        Well of course he’s a good actor when all he’s doing is acting out to different degrees the lady wh0re that he is, among other things.

      • Nicole

        If I was Emilio Estevez I’d be sending in an audition tape right about now. He could be Sandy Duncan to Sheen’s Valerie Harper, and he’d be a hell of a lot cheaper.

    • Giggs


    • Jenn

      One word. Bi-Polar.

      • ck

        That is EXACTLY what I have been thinking. It isn’t even mildly amusing to watch anymore, because his actions strike me as much more than substance abuse/addiction. He seems mentally ill and in some kind of manic stage right now. Based on the extent of his (seeming) mania, the impending crash/depression could be just awful. I feel very badly for his father and brother and all that love him and are having to watch this public display of ill health.

      • Tharn

        Yeah, that was my first thought.

      • carter

        descent into madness
        very sad
        I feel for his loved ones

    • Yup

      You cannot help but feel bad for Martin Sheen and Charlies kids. Martin Sheen fought for his son so hard back in the day. It seemed that Charlie had won for a while, but now look at this its a slap in the face to his kids and a slap in the face to his father.

    • Bluto

      The only reason why CS is insisting that he can go back to work at this point is to cover his own a** for breach of contract. He (and his attorney) knows that he has to show good faith in trying to show up for work, despite the fact that the reason why it all started was because he OD’d and had to go to rehab as a result. CBS will have language in Sheen’s contract dealing with all of this (which is why they have a legal standing to 1) cancel the show, and 2) refuse to pay him for any unaired episodes.) They aren’t stupid—and now CS is coming off as not only desperate, but like a man who is going through forced withdrawal. What will end up happening is that CBS will wait, insist on drug tests further down the line, and CS will either fail them and vindicate the network’s concerns, or he’ll go off the deep end and overdose. Or—in a perfect world—he’ll reach some place of clarity and realize that he’s an addict and go into real rehab.

      • Nicole

        This is all true – if anyone thinks Sheen’s actually trying to be the bigger person in this whole scenario, you’re wrong. He’s merely doing due dilligence for his eventual lawsuit, and that is it.

      • Curly

        I heard a while back that Sheen does not have a morality clause in his contract so that leaves me to wonder how that would affect his lawsuit, maybe CBS will owe him money? I personally dislike the show and think it would be better if he left it to Jon Cryer and the kid.

    • Daryl

      Sheen is a complete joke. one of the most pathetic and twisted rodents of our day

    • HappyGardener

      I think Charlie Sheen’s behavior is different, but I don’t believe he’s using any drugs at this time. I’ve seen firsthand from my father, who was an alcoholic in life, when he quit drinking for a short time he was finally decent and tolerable to his children and grandchildren, but to the neighbors and outside friends, he was a beast and unkind. Of course it was the complete opposite for his family during the majority of his alcoholic life, that he was a beast and unkind, intolerable, a real jerk, but to those outside his family he was a great guy and pleasant. For Charlie, he may need to use again to become pleasant in his work environment, or he needs to make a complete attitude adjustment to go along with his sobriety… as sobriety has unleashed a beast in him. I do think that Charlie has other issues that would explain his behavior, and conditions like Turrets syndrome and OCD, would make another person think he’s a bit ‘off’, though I would also be concerned about his health (like thyroid). We all need to remember to be grateful for things that we have, no matter how hard we work for them. This situation is not all one-sided Charlie… you have culpability in what’s taken place, as do your bosses for whatever has taken shape to cause your lack of respect that you’ve been projecting in the media.

    • Anonymous

      Sheen haters are getting really old. Sit back and enjoy the show lol

  • mags

    It’s so sad that he’s so self possessed he can’t see the bigger picture – he’s a MESS! I wish Hollywood would turn their backs and show him what a real struggle is – maybe he would realize he does have a problem then. On second thought….that will never happen.

    • Rick

      Your just pissed that he’s rich and living life with no regrets. Charlie is awesome he’s looking at the future not the past. You only get one chance to live and Charlie is making the best out of it. I would do the same if I was in his shoes.

      • Michael

        You think this is him making the best out of his life? This man is miserable beyond reason. His life is crap, now.

      • David E

        Boy Rick,
        if this “army behind him” Charlie keeps talking about is made up of people like you, Chuck Lorre has nothing to worry about.

      • ree

        he certainly is living life to the fullest – the way he is headed he better. i doubt he has too much time left.

      • Giggs

        Hey Rick — it’s YOU’RE, not YOUR. Jeez.

      • Rick

        At work not really worried about spellcheck. Listen sheen been doing this he’s whole life. The drugs the porn stars and hookers and now people are judging him really. Dude has a pretty good life and he’s made a lot of people rich. Now he wants more money. I don’t blame him for want more. I would do the same if people was making loads of money off me too. It’s also because of his life style that the show got it’s high ratings. Charlie harper is Charlie sheen.

      • Shari

        Sad Rick that you would want to emulate his lifestyle if you were in his shoes! I wouldn’t think that there is ANYBODY on the face of this earth who could possibly think he is living a life to be modeled by others, especially not his children!

      • REALLY?

        Your comment is ridiculous.

      • weener

        Routine alchohol binges, vomiting and earthshattering hangovers, habitual drug use at dangerous levels of intake, sex with people MOST likely to carry venereal diseases? Who in hell would call those choices “living life to the fullest.” Maybe someone raised in a 3rd world barrio/ghetto or someone as equally brain injured as this dimwit buffon CS. Gimme a break. I’m sad to see what so many call “living life fully.” Too sad they don’t know any better and likely never will.

    • Bette

      They have to test him the Judge Judy way…. Take a HAIR SAMPLE… which can detect drug use over a much longer time

      • RaRa

        Maybe he’ll pull a Britney Spears and shave his head to avoid it! I would like to see that.

      • anonymous

        PUBIC HAIR sample then. Would that work ?

  • T

    It’s because of him that production was halted in the first place yet he feels he’s in a position to demand a million dollar raise? Naw, he’s still using.

    • Rick

      GMA just showed a clip where Charlie took two drug tests, urine and blood. The tests show that he’s been clean for several days. He may not be using but he’s just nuts!

      • AN

        He may be clean now, but you can’t do the amount of drugs and alcohol he did in the past few months and not have some severe damage.

      • rachael

        being “clean for several days” doesnt make him clean/sober, it just shows he hasnt used in 72+ hours, just enough to prove a point for his interviews.

      • Kay

        The tests show he’s been clean for days? Yet he can’t remember the last time he did drugs? If he can’t remember back more than a week, that’s a problem. I would love it if CBS/Hollywood would turn their back on him completely, because that’s the only way I think he’d try to get help for his problems. Also, I think the fact that Chuck Lorre has had very little to say to Charlie Sheen (in comparison to all the stuff Sheen is spewing) is telling. He’s taking the high road, a route Sheen is clearly not familiar with. Team Lorre.

      • Dan

        Well then he’s just nuts. Which is worse? Look at his face, he looks like Kramer did when he started a smokers club in his apartment. In Kramer’s words, “Look away, I’m hideous.” If nothing changes drastically, he’ll be dead in a year or looking for a liver transplant. I just hope he doesn’t take anyone, like his kids or some innocent bystander with him in a car accident or something.

      • TomCT

        I hate to say it, but it’s just like an addict to be clean for a short time and consider themselves sober. I agree with him that AA is not the only answer. But he doesn’t seem better yet. Part of it looks like a textbook manic phase, so he’s due for a fall. We don’t know what kind of gibberish he’s been spouting to his bosses and CBS. We only know what Sheen chooses to tell us–and some of that is batsh*t crazy. And if he’s really sober now, wow, he’s done some real damage. Honestly? I don’t believe he’s sober. I’ve been around too many addicts to buy it.

    • Rick

      They wanted him to be that way cuz the show is loosely based on him. So when things went bad they stoped. It’s much thier fault as it is his.

      • Anne

        I must have missed the reports of Lorre. et. al., getting high and beating up porn stars and his wife. My bad.

    • tonia

      Production was to shut down for one month while Sheen sought rehab. When he was ready to return to work, they refused to let him onto the premises to work. Sheen has said, and CBS has not denied, that he has never been drunk or high at work. His tirades don’t make much sense, but I think he has some valid issues. He acknowledged that because of his behavior that his “second family” cannot be paid while not in production, thus, the reason he tried to return to work and was shut out. After all his behavior over the years, now CBS wants to step in. Ironic, that they would step in now after he’s made CBS millions of dollars, not to mention monies they make from the reruns being played on KTLA and FX. Sheen may be at fault for some of this “war,” but CBS is not innocent in their behavior either. I agree with others: Sheen is the show, although Alan and Berta add greatly to the humor (you go Berta). Both sides need to just sit down and talk, like grown ups. I would hate to see one of my favorite shows go off the air.

      • Lisa

        Tonia- Your points make sense and you didn’t use txtese. So, how is it that a show that appeals to the lowest common denominator is one of your favorites?

  • jb

    Watched GMA this morning, and this guy has lost his ever loving mind. Something in his eyes just screams CRAZY. Dude needs to seek psychiatric help quick.

  • amanda

    Team Lorre.

    Sheen is going crazy.

    • Rick

      Team sheen he’s right all the way. He showed up to work. And to me that’s good charator.

      • Rockgolf

        Yes, because if there’s two words I associate with Charlie Sheen, those words are “good character”.

      • missy

        He’s got great charator, but his character is extremely lacking. He’s been going on a media frenzy calling himself a warlock. Thats another word that starts with C – namely CRAZY!!!

      • David E

        Charlie Sheen is a disgrace to his profession and you Rick are an idiot.

        So Charlies great display of character is that he showed up to work? 99.99% of Americans do that every day. Let’s give Charlie a cookie.
        But you are impressed with the fact that he showed up at his job while they were closed. If I showed up at my place of business while they were closed and started claiming what a great employee I was people would think I’m on drugs. Oh, wait…

        And to claim its a show about him is ridiculous. From the first episode this has been a show about a divorced dad trying to raise his son right under the roof of his playboy brother. All tge moral dilemas have been played outby Alan and Jake. The Charlie character is a one joke pony. That’s like saying “Seinfeld” was about Kramer.

        The natural conclusion of this show is Jake’s high school graduation (once he turns 18 there is no more shared custody, Jake would be away at school, etc) and Alan getting remarried. Charlie would be left all alone and wasted, the way he always wanted it. This show jumped tge shark when they tried to settle him down. Chelsea is one of the worst characters (note the spelling, rickie) in tv history.

      • L

        He did NOT — he missed rehearsals, by his own admission. That is WORK.

    • Team Lorre

      I totally crack up at the people who think Sheen has “good character.” Really? That’s what you would say about someone who has beaten, held knives to, and threatened to kill more than one ex in his life?

  • Miss M.

    **Sheen said he’d come back but only if “It’s $3 mil an episode. Take it or leave it.”**

    You’re not worth the money you’re being paid right now, you arrogant jerk. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • Rick

      He’s asking for 3 mill cuz he wNts to pay the crew members who lost money on CBS shouting down production. I think it a good idea. Plus #1 show on tv they make lots of money. They can pay up.

      • RP

        Then he should be demanding that the crew get raises and/or bonuses not demanding a raise for himself. Not only will that money be taxed at a higher rate if it all goes to Sheen the crew will have no legal recourse if he reneges or doesn’t distribute the money fairly.

      • Kat

        Seriously, Rick, how old are you?

      • jp

        You’re confusing him with Conan O’Brien, who actually IS a good character. Rick, are you the president of the sheen fan club? You seem to be quite far up his ass.

      • Rick

        Yes I am how u know.

      • Tim

        Get real. He wants more $ to blow up his nose.

      • Rebecca

        Rick, learn how to use proper grammar & spelling please. It’s clear you’re an idiot if you’re siding with a complete and utter jackass like Sheen. Get a life & please find a new role model or else you’ll end up just like him! (Then again, that might be a good thing for everyone on this board!)

      • Rick

        Rebecca sheen is not my role model. But I respect him. he has more money then I will ever have. And for the grammar sorry I’m at work not reLly paying attention to what I’m doing. I see that you’re paying attention to what I said so I got through.

  • Fitronic

    He’s already so damn rich why does he want more pay?

    • Rick

      He wants to pay back the crew members who lost pay during the shut down that’s y.

      • Dan

        What’s he going to do, take the money so he can provide the crew with hookers and briefcases full of cocaine? If you want money for co-workers, they get it directly it doesn’t come to you first. Seriously, are you drain bamaged?

      • Tim

        Are you a warlock too?

      • Rick

        Tim. I’m an f-18 ready for Anthony baby

  • molly

    it’s jeff rossen, not rosen.

    • Robert A Walker

      Take his assets. Give it to AAA. Send Charley “what’s his name” to lead Libya

      • Chet

        why, did his car break down?

      • Julie Cooper-Nichol

        Do you know how hard it is to tow one Benz out of a ravine? Charlie lost two.

  • Vincy

    hey man u cant stop this this aint some joke you have so many people waitin for the next few episodes including me…… hope everything fixes up and shows comin ba

  • Zings

    He’s definitely off his nut. But I kind of agree that he’s a major part of the reason Two and a Half Men is such a huge success. If he didn’t play it so well, the entire show would be an offensive trainwreck. Due to his on screen charisma, it’s a semi-entertaining offensive trainwreck. If that makes me Team Sheen, so be it..

    • Rick

      I like u go team sheen all the way.

      • Anne

        All the way to the free clinic ….

      • Nicole

        @Anne…*snort*. Nice one.

  • Peg

    He looks like a person who is taking drugs. Mannerisms, speech…the whole package. I wonder what a blood test would show?

    • Tanisha

      He took 2 ,a blood and a urine test and it showed he’s been clean for at least a few days. I’m pretty sure he’s just crazy.

      • David E

        Marijuana is the only thing that stays in your system for a long time. I could do coke and herion all weekend and be able to pass blood and urine tests by thursday. Let him submit a hair test and I’ll be impressed.

    • Bette

      Hair test him. Detection for cocaine is 90 days… Alcohol is only 2 days.

      • Tim

        No, cocaine is like 24 hours.

      • anonymous

        Hair testing has uncovered 5-10 times as many drug users as urine test…

  • Ace

    This guy seriously needs to be hospitalized.

  • Jademarisa

    Go CBS! Give him his 3mil.$.And fire more actors and actresses from other CBS shows to fund his parties. It’s what you’ve been doing so far…would it make any difference to you?

  • Lily

    He’s completely lost his mind.Time for a 72 hour hold. Charlie looks like death warmed over.

  • marjowil

    Please just go away. He is toxic and it’s like watching a car crash before it happens.

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