Sheen pal Alex Jones lashes out on 'The View'

Alex Jones, the radio host largely responsible for this week’s Charlie Sheen Warlock Tour media circus, went on The View today to thoroughly piss off four women and prompt the saddest face Barbara Walters has ever made. Jones vehemently corroborated his pal Sheen’s unique worldview and insisted that all of Sheen’s recent gloppy word salads were filled with the truth. “He’s tired of being judged and held up as the ultimate demon of this world,” explained Jones. “He didn’t kill people in Iraq. He’s not responsible for the takedown of [World Trade Center] Building 7…. We’ve got banks bankrupting the United States. He didn’t steal $23.7 trillion.”

“LET’S STAY ON TOPIC,” bellowed Whoopi, but Jones also wanted to keep screaming and inform everyone that “America’s turning into a police state,” that Charlie Sheen is not Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and that Jones’ website is called (Site’s tagline: “BECAUSE THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND.”) See video below and here:

Maybe Alex Jones’ next stop should be here at PopWatch HQ? After all, we totally understand the way he and Charlie Sheen think. And I haven’t made that WaWa face in at least three days.

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  • ST

    Ah well, Alex probably enjoyed the Oscars as much as EW seemed to then.

    • Charles

      I predict, Charlie Sheen will be dead in a few months. The guy looked to be in his late 50’s on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ this morning. He appear to be bi-polar or have some type of mental health disorder.

      Charlie get your life together because I truly don’t want to see you die man. I really like you!

      • kevin jones

        I predict that you will have less money to support your family in a few months just like the rest of us americans and I predict the Bankers will have more money. why because they are stealing your money. When that angers you I predict you might feel like you have a mental health issue.

      • Satan

        Meh. I don’t care if he dies. Would serve him right if his “lifestyle” did him in. Tool.

      • Lily

        @Charles. Agree. I thought bi-polar too. It’s like he’s in a “manic” phase and no one can stop him. Also, he looks like he’s a hundred years old. So sad.

      • Amber

        He’s 46. Hard living catches up to you. But late 50s isn’t so unbelievable since he’s closer to his 50s than most of us realize. I’m not defending him. I still think he’s nuts. I also think Tom Cruise is secretly celebrating that there is someone crazier than him in Hollywood now.

      • Mark G Hansel

        Charles, what a stupid and willfully ignorant thing to shout. I seen some real dense comments but you take the cake. Whatever you are on, it seems to be dumbing you down quite well.

      • PN

        He looked 55 or 60 with that haggard look instead of 45. His skin is so messed and roughed up.

      • Jack

        Really? You think so. Let’s make a bet on who will die
        first. Charlie or you. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge that if I were you.

      • Carla

        I personally will be very surprised if Sheen is alive on 4/1/11. I saw this Jones moron on The View, and thought….Charlie is very generous to be sharing his meth and crack…

      • O’Snap

        I don’t know who Alex Jones is, but his wig’s too little for his head, and Charlie’s wig is too big for his. I suggest they switch. Just sayin’.

      • Sunny

        This is what happens when you mix three decades of drugabuse-addled brain chemistry with leftover hooker/porn skank STDs that eat away at the brain when left unchecked. Speaking of skanks with STDs, where was that pig, Behar?

      • amethod

        @Charles, Sheen is probably in better physical shape than you are.


        He looks about forty-six to me. I think Hollywood has given us an unrealistic idea of what a middle-aged person should look like.

      • Sheri

        I agree. Sheen has displaying the exact type of manic behavior associated with the “manic” part of manic-depressive disorder. I’ve known people with this disorder and have seen this exact same behavior before in them. I will say a prayer that he can make it through this unscathed. I’ve always liked Charlie Sheen.

      • CHRISTINA (Balen)

        with a spirtual awakening.,. fool.. “DOWN WITH THE CLOWN..:” HOMIE.

    • Jack Thompson

      Alex Jo es sources most of his matierial, Use critical thinking and it mostly adds up. Criminal Federal Reserve(private bank owned by unknown shareholders-unconstitutional) is the most important issue he covers, and he covers it honestly. Most of what he says can be independently verified! seems to be a great source for news and encourages an independent mind to do his own research!

      • Bobby B. Bobberson

        Also see 3 generations of the Bush family provide weapons and funding to killers of americans:

      • Bigphillydaddy

        Hey Jack, you’re absolutely right, and the scary thing is the public is so dumbed-downed and media mind controlled that when they hear even a glimmer of truth they pass it off as rantings & ravings.

      • JD

        Couldn’t agree more

      • Benson

        Alex Jones is totally manic. He shamelessly scoops sheen poop and uses it to launch his site to a larger audience. And just what does Jones do? He makes people run around with their hair on fire so they can be manic too, i.e. Charley Sheen. All Jones is, is another media outlet for the evil he advertises, supposedly playing the good cop. Jones is warring on the minds of people and praying on their manic helplessness. Jones is not a solution minded person, only a flame and shill for those he says he opposes.

      • ALRADY

        I knew some stuff before listening to JOnes and I only listen occasionally, but he makes total sense on lots of things. The Banks ARE getting us in lots of trouble economically and are protected by every government leader for decades. I blog about foreclosures and evictions and the banks are getting away with total stripping of your dollars. The criminal things done (re fraud) do not land anyone in jail.. There are many CEO ‘s that should be in jail just like Bernie Madoff.

      • Keith Trimble

        I totally agree Jack

      • david griffin

        “independently verified” doesn’t mean 9/11 truther sites. that just keeps you in the echo chamber. alex jones and all the rest are simpliny cashing in on pandering to the paranoia of the gullable, who wouldn’t know what critical thinking is if it bit them on the arse….

    • down to 1 1/2 men

      With all her plastic surgery, I didn’t know Baba could still make a sad face!

    • Brett

      Of COURSE Alex Jones is going to defend Sheen. Before Sheen called him, Jones was a nobody, but he innately knew the golden rule: Feed the Cokehead’s Ego. So he stroked and he stroked and just let the magic genie that is Charlie Sheen’s mind run amuck out of the bottle, and gave him a bully pulpit to spew his hateful, arrogant rantings.

      • Bobby B. Bobberson

        Jones was a nobody Nobody *you* had ever heard of? Maybe.

        Alex Jones, a nobody? He’s been promoting his stance online for at least a decade.

        Sorry you didn’t hear. You must have distracted by constant bombardment of useless information like the tv is so good at distributing.

        Accuse Alex Jones of being nothing? Calling Sheen an egomaniac? Have you refuted, can you refute any hard facts that Jones has offered? No, that would be too factual, you just fling poo instead.

        Bully pulpit/hateful, arrogant rantings? By saying that Sheen isn’t some demon? That Sheen wasn’t involved in the WTC attacks that killed thousands of Americans? That he defends Sheen from the faulty accusations that he’s some kind of demon?

      • Sunny

        You should add “Bobbing’ to your name, since it’s obvious that you’re just another Kool-Aid-drinking c*cks*ck*r.

      • TheProxy

        More people know of alex jones then you know.. maybe you should go back to sleep or keep talking about the new Ipad 2 that will be coming out…

    • Bluto

      In other words, Alex is one of those “friends” who is supplying Charlie with drugs, or they are doing them together, or Charlie is supporting Alex’s lifestyle. No real friend on earth would say: “Sure Charlie, you’re right” at this point, when dude is absolutely bats**t crazy. Give us a big break, Alex—middle America is stupid, but we aren’t dumb.

      • Bobby B. Bobberson

        Apparently, you are dumb.

        Very. Do you have any valid sources to cite your claims, or are you just flinging poo like a monkey?

        Have you investigated anything yourself from the scads of info available online freely by using google? No? You’d rather just believe what you want regardless of proven facts and videos available freely online?

        Do you know anything about thermite? Nanothermite? It’s military grade explosives, and they found it in heaps in the WTC wreckage.

        Of course, the MSM did not report any of this, you would have only found out about it IF YOU READ NEWS, ONLINE, from alternative media sources instead of NBC/ABC/CBS.

      • Bluto

        What the hell are you spouting off about? I’m talking about Alex Jones enabling Charlie Sheen’s craziness—and you’re apparently going off about thermite and conspiracy theories. Jesus—the roaches really crawl out of the woodwork when the fire is turned up high.

      • Bluto

        And speaking of valid sources—do YOU have any regarding any of the crap you’re talking about? What’s always so funny (not) is that the nutjobs who follow altmedia are just as blind as the people who follow the msm. Ergo, some tubby who believes in cold fusion and gray goo with an agenda comes onto “The View” when it really has nothing to do with the topic at hand, which is TO PROMOTE HIMSELF. As for the WTC-9/11, I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. Neither do you, and neither does Alex Jones. Therefore, I seriously doubt that he has uncovered some grand conspiracy to undermine the American government—especially when it’s quite obvious our entire government is corrupt and the average American citizen knows this anyway.

      • Rick

        Really? Sheen is bat crazy. I’m not a sheen fan and i don’t care what happens to him but i will tell you that he has the world in utter disarray. You, want to know why? because he knows that as crazy as you may think him to be you have no idea about who you are, charlie has almost reached that level and when he does it will probably kill him. He doesn’t care so long as he gets there, you on the other hand will complain that he does not conform to your standards and i tell you now you are dead already.

    • Jack Thompson

      Alex Jo es sources most of his matierial, Use critical thinking and it mostly adds up. Criminal Federal Reserve(private bank owned by unknown shareholders-unconstitutional) is the most important issue he covers, and he covers it honestly. Most of what he says can be independently verified! seems to be a great source for news and encourages an independent mind to do his own research! The United States used to be the land of the free, hopefully it is still the land of the free thinker!

    • angela

      it would be nice to hear what people are saying. the number one rason i stopped watching the view was because everyone is yelling over each other and I can’t understand any of it. Please learn some simple manners, and speak one at a time. Who raised these people?

  • somet

    Those old bags don’t understand the mind of a brilliant man.

    • Happy Go Lucky

      Alex Jones is a smart man. After all he seems to understand that you can idiots anything you say, no matter how foolish or insane, as long as you scream it loud and long enough.

      • nick

        going on the view, being zany and righteous and irritating the ladies. and now i know his name.
        alex = knows what he’s doing.

      • John Berggren

        There’s a lot of that on talk radio and FauxNews.

      • Freedom

        It is sad that you can sit there and talk about some one you did no research on. Try researching his information you will find that historians can back up his facts and many other educated people with a PHD can back his claims up. This world is just sick, sick from this pop culture that brainwashes people and basicaly does the work for the aristocrats of the world to work together and create a global power.

    • Anna Sopia


    • BR549

      What would you expect from a gaggle of unconscious cackling hens who still believe in the Tooth Fairy and that the Republicans and Democrats are still there to “help us” through these hard times.

      It amazes me how freakin’ stupid people can still be. They know nothing about the details of 9/11 yet can smugly sit there like a troop of female baboons picking fleas off each other and comment on why the 9/11 Truth Movement is nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Operations Ajax, Paperclip, Northwoods; these twits haven’t got one clue about what has really been going on behind the veil.

      They obviously don’t have the cognitive capacity to join two beads on a string, let alone seam together the crimes that happened ten years ago; the Queens of Denial. A year or two from now, they “might” still have their jobs because they will have caved in to the demands of their corporate bosses and thrown any true journalistic integrity out the window as they prostitute themselves through the media for enough money to feed themselves. At home and in the dark (in more ways than one), they’ll be taking tranquilizers and asking themselves how this could ever happen in the US of A.

      Well, ladies, Alex just told you, but your egos were too inflated to hear what he was trying to tell you.

      • HeWearNoShoeshine

        HA HA! 30million people were exposed to the truth! Thanks Alex! V

      • Sore Liver

        True Story! Too bad people watch this garbage show and think they are being informed.

      • David

        Exactly right BR549. Anybody who believes in the Republicans and Democrats to solve real problems are the real lunatics and kooks.

        Democrat or Republican followers are braindead kooks, period.

      • G.M.S.

        Stay on topic if you’re going to post. This rant belongs somewhere else on the boards.

      • Mark G Hansel

        yup it too bad the sheep who have their heads up their asses in America can’t seem to wake up, as their too busy watching american idol or hearing the propaganda from the mainstream media while more and more familys are shoved out into the streets to live. AMERICA IS BANKRUPT PEOPLE, and you can thank the Clintons, the bush’s and now that dimwit OBama kook that nothing more then the global elites puppet!

      • unsheepled

        I normally would never watch such trash tv, so the target audience of this episode might just fall out of it Matrix.The view staff is not dumb or uneducated, they are paid to be GATE KEEPERS, left or right, keep the sheeple occupied with the most banal of trivial nothingness. Which Sheen, his cancelled show and his rant are also …NOTHING, compared to the very things Alex INFOWAR’d via the talking hens

      • Mike

        Alex knows exactly what he is doing. Driving people to the truth. You don’t have to look at the truth but, if collectively we ever grow a spine, Alex will be one of the people that we will have to thank…

    • Lyra Silvertongue

      I agree!

      Alex Jones is WIDE AWAKE to the TYRANNY at the top of the power pyramid and how it threatens life as we know it not only in the United States but GLOBALLY.

      Charlie Sheen deserves a medal for STANDING UP to the manipulators of this universe and so does Alex Jones!

      The good news is that the numbers of people waking up to these TRUTHS that Alex, Charlie, and so many others passionately propagate are GROWING RAPIDLY and guess what? WE WILL WIN! THE PEOPLE WILL WIN… these power mongering sickos behind the curtain know this and they are running scared… THANKS again, to people like Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen… and TOO MANY others to name here.

      They may have the weapons… they may have control of the media, but we have Independent news outlet like and WE HAVE THE NUMBERS!

      • G.M.S.


      • Iceman

        They respond on this site with acronyms and name calling. That is all they have. I have yet to see an intelligent argument made. Now it is obvious why my grandparents called it the boob tube.

      • cowflap

        The only thing that Charlie Sheen is going to WIN is a swollen, diseased liver and a padded room.
        Mad cow????

      • Niix Starkyller

        @Iceman: Perhaps it is because you (and many others here) seem so quick to label as “unintelligent” any viewpoint which does not agree with your own? I mention this merely in passing.

      • penny

        That comment is as crazy as Charlie and his friend Alex,oh wait Alex is no friend, he is a hanger on,an enabler who is using CS for attention!

      • TMM

        watch out banksters/globilist – infowarriors on the loose!!!
        V is for VICTORY!!!
        We aRe the Resistance!!!
        Keep up the good work Alex and Charlie!!

    • G.M.S.

      A brilliant man? Huh?? Charlie Sheen’s life is imploding in full public view because of his addiction and this “pal” insists on defending him. Not to mention that 200+ people are out of work because the show was put on hiatus. Alex Jones must party with Sheen and his porn star “friends” and he’s afraid he’ll lose his meal ticket.

      • David


        Charlie Sheen should be defended over Chuck Lorre’s malicious vanity cards toward Sheen.

        What do you think about Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards directed at Sheen, pal?

        You also talk about 200 people being out of work. 200 people were IN WORK for eight years on a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL show, and that’s more than anyboby can ask, eight years of an EXTREMELY successful show. Even the most successful shows rarely go on for more than eight years anyway. Even Seinfeld folded up its tent on the show after nine years.

      • G.M.S.


        The vanity cards do not matter to me. I think they are a non-issue. They have been a trademark ending to the sitcoms helmed by executive producer Chuck Lorre for YEARS. Now, all of a sudden it’s a problem for Charlie Sheen now that he’s manic and in a heightened state of paranoia (addiction symptoms).

        As for demonizing and judging Charlie Sheen – Unfortunately, his radio and TV interviews are in everyone’s living room, car, etc. and we all have a front seat as his life implodes thanks to his addictions.

        And, just because those 200 people had a job for more than 8 years does not lessen the impact his stupidity has on them in our job market. Charlie Sheen is behaving like an irresponsible junkie and his actions are impacting other people and families who make their living off the series. Yes, I feel bad for everyone who their paycheck suspended because of this selfish moron.

        I am so sick of listening to people make excuses for addicts. Their INTENTIONAL decisions and actions destroy their lives, their livelihoods, and the lives of their families, friends and everyone who cares about them. I feel bad for his children who will be watching all this video trash online, staring Daddy, when they get older. Charlie Sheen is clearly an alcoholic junkie and he’ll die soon unless someone steps up to commit him.

      • Dan

        Are you implying that 200+ people are out of work because of Sheen? That’s not true at all. They reason the show is on hiatus/cancelled is because of the higher level management.

        Not to mention, I’d rather focus on the banks that engineered this depression (by removing glass-stegall and then proceeding to rape the American economy) and caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs.
        I’d also be more concerned about George “I ordered for innocents to be tortured and I’m proud of it” Bush, and I’d be worried about how he ordered our troops into an illegal war with Iraq.

      • Freedom

        Grow up you know nothing about alex jones. Your clueless of who is.

      • ace

        well he is his friend and publicly trashing someone while their down hasn’t been known to rehab anyone.

        When you have a friend in trouble do you trash the? If so, you’re not a very good friend

      • Musclez

        G.M.S. …you are a moron. Step out of your box and look at the big picture. Wake up Sheep and listen to Charlie and Alex.

    • Wade

      I don’t know about brilliant, but he has made quite a career out of exploiting the gullible and/or the paranoid. I know, kooks, it’s the rest of us that are really gullible.

    • Dan

      These Old Bags also support the molestation of men, women and children and laughed and giggled at the thought of people being sexually assaulted.

    • mike

      Sorry dude, but a “brilliant” man doesn’t even construct such a truly pathetic straw man argument, let alone utter it aloud.

  • Allen

    Alex Jones is a lunatic. Anyone who has ever really looked at his propaganda knows he’s detached.

    • jenny

      Propaganda? How many Iraqi women and children did Bush-‘Bama kill then? Inform me.

      • jca

        100,000 if not millions….still counting

    • charlotte

      How come the U.S. State Dept. says they were ordered to force the Underwear Bomber onto to plane after the airline refused to let him board without a passport? Please explain.

      • Freedom

        Tey cannot explain. It’s hard for them to believe that there are powerful people who manipulate mass media to get there big lie out so people can believe it. That lie is the illusion of choice and random events that are not at all random but caused to achieve a global goverment. Everyone prepare your selfs in these comming years to see your freedoms being twisted and erased. When they say you have freedom just see its a lie and they have the whole world in survalnce.

    • Rome

      You need to WAKE UP allen, there are atrocities being committed by our own government on women and children all over the world. Its easy to say that Alex is a lunatic for exposing the lies sitting in a comfy chair, well fed, showered, and warm.

    • marky mark

      People that dont know anything other then the garbage on tv,are really in the dark as to what is actually going on.Alex Jones is the biggest truth teller on the planet.He would be sued in a heartbeat if his info was not correct,so get real and wake up.911 was an inside job,period.if your to lazy to look into the facts that are never on tv-shut up!

      • Don Gault

        I just googled TOWER 7 to see for myself what this is all about, and I have to say that there is no way that building came down like it did from the minor damage it got from the twin towers coming down.

      • thedman113

        Because of course you’re qualified to determine the extent of the damage now that you’ve Googled it.

        Truthers are idiots.

      • Rabbit

        Ha ha ha. I see Thedman113, the great anti 9/11 Truth shill of Youtube. Is your contract broder than Youtube then Thudman?

        As usual answering with snide non remarks. The man said he saw enough to be convinced, in one go Thudman. Plenty of people with the qualifications have said so too. Their reasons and the scientific evidence along with enormous reams of evidence of every kind, including some interesting whistleblowers are easy to find.

        Let me make it simple and logical. After ten years there are thousands of independent professionals in all relevenat fields who publicly support the idea that 9/11 was an inside job. All the details, the players and methods are known. There are however a grand total of INDEPENDENT professioanls of any field who publicly support the official lies of 9/11…of exactly ZERO.

        There is nobody except a few lame holdout shills like you who even try to defend the lies anymore, and you Thudman are employed to the task, and have a demonstarted non interest in any facts and a determination to ridicule and deny anything on its face.

        THUD MAN.

      • thedman113

        It’s good that my reputation precedes me.
        The man said he saw enough to be convinced by Googling it. That pretty much sums up what twoofers believe constitutes ‘research’.
        Now let me make it simple and logical: 8 years ago you guys were just a small bunch of people demanding attention on YouTube because you are bad at math. 8 years later, nothing has changed. You haven’t advanced at all. No political candidates embrace you, no universities, no professional organizations. And that’s all you’ll ever be.

      • KWise

        Truthers are TOTAL idiots. They ignore all data that does not support their views, and are on a massive mission to only find data that support their viewpoints. That’s about as far away from the “truth” that one can possibly get – only looking for info that conforms to your theory.

      • TheProxy

        LOL if someone comes on tv and goes, “Guess what, we’re gonna blow up the building.. ” Well then theres nothing more to look into is there? Infact They admited a few months ago they blew up WTC 7

    • Will

      All these idiots saying that Alex Jones is crazy need to realise that he’s trying to wake people up. And instead you laugh call him crazy because you don’t want to pause and think for yourselves about the reality we live in. fools

      • kirriss

        It’s because we do think for ourselves that we don’t fall for everything that comes out of the idiot’s mouth. I never saw him before the interview with Charlie and I was horrified to find that nutcases are flippin’ everywhere! And even scarier, this particular nutcase has people who listen to him and believe every word he says. The jerk only kisses Charlie’s butt so he can get an interview with the crazy man. He should be ashamed at himself for not urging Sheen to get help. It’s called “enabling” Alex; but it’s all for the money, ain’t it dude! Piece of crap.

      • Philippe

        Kirriss, people like you are the scariest. Your blind faith in the garbage your TV and these fools spew is a contributing factor as to why our country is in the state it’s in. Spend more time reading and researching what these talking heads say and you’ll find the truth. I have spent a large amount of time researching Alex and the information he “spews” and guess what, 99% of the time he spot on. I cannot say that about the majority of TV fools, especially main stream media.

      • G.M.S.

        Charlie Shee is a drug addict and he sounds like a lunatic now that his body is completely toxic after what must be months of “partying” with illegal drugs and alcohol. What a fine example he is for his children. If he lives long enough – he can look back on these moments, memorialized on video, and remember that he’s kids will watch them too. How pathetic. What the heck does this have to do with freaking 9/11 and Tower 7??? Anyone interested in rehashing that tragedy and speculating about conspiracy theories should start another topic and amuse yourselves on another page.

      • thedman113

        No, he’s preying on simpletons to get ratings.

      • Rabbit

        Thudman, it is you who is prey on simpletons, as always your message of denial is as empty and meaningless as your role in attempting to slow down the spread of the truth. Ad-hominem and idle ridicule. The last bastion of the moron in denial.

      • TMM

        @kirriss… actually, it’s not for money that Alex works tirelessly – he does it because he believes in the constitution – and that America can be the way our fore-fathers meant it to be. Sure, he can get over-zealous at times, but it’s just cause he wants to help us all get rid of this tyranny!
        And Charlie… I suspect he knows that by acting so “crazy”, he’ll get more attention, and acting crazy on Alex’s show was brilliant!!! Charlie has led so many people to be awakened – absolutely brilliant Charlie!!!
        W I N N I N G ! ! !

    • MoRtiS

      HAH. Propaganda my ass. I listen/watch his show every day from noon-3 Eastern Time and Fact Check while I’m listening. Alex is on point and if you think he’s spitting propaganda then you haven’t ever researched what he’s saying or what his any of his numerous expert guests say.

      Nice try, but you don’t have the truth on your side.

      • ger

        3 hours a day every day? You need to get out more.

      • David

        You’re right MoRtiS. Alex Jones also has some of the best guests on his show, like Gerald Celente, Jesse Ventura, Nomi Prins, Catherine Fitts, Ron Paul, Joe Rogan, etc. People who don’t tune into Alex Jones at least from time to time are really missing out.

        I don’t listen to/watch his show nearly as much as you do, but I’d be a fool not to at least check into his show to see what’s being covered and who the guests are for the day. I learn about the upcoming guests on his show by going to

      • Wade

        First time I ever saw “best guests” and “Joe Rogan” in the same sentence. Rogan’s career has been circling the drain for years, Sheen is now right on his heels. I guess when most people tire of your act, you can always court the lunatic fringe for fans.

    • BR549

      Allen, wake up, you’re in what they call DENIAL.

      • Josh

        I think Allen is on drugs.

      • TheProxy

        Allen very well may be what we’d call a Disinfomation Agent Just like “Bob” For those of you who don’t know bob… look it up.

    • Iceman

      I’ve yet to see a single post from one person that is attacking Alex Jones refuting any of his information. I can refute some of it myself but very little. All I see is name calling. It scares me to see the minds of the people in this country some times. Are they even capable of sustaining a thought?

      No Alex Jones ‘worshiper’ here just use his sources along with many others to form an opinion on the current events of this country and the world.

      • Shania

        How can you refute somebody who doesn’t make any sense? Frightening that there are so many mentally ill people out there like Sheen and Jones, not to mention the crazy person (or are there really more than one?) posting this kind of nonsense on the thread.

      • David

        anybody who’s outside the mainsteam are kooks and crazies, blah blah blah

      • Randy

        Shania are you on drugs? Anyone who actually knows anything about Alex Jones knows he is simply a vessel delivering fact. He may be subjective at times but rarely. Instead of name calling show me evidence of him lying with proof not just a subjective opinion! You should be thankful for people like Alex Jones. They may be the only chance for our children not to grow up slaves!

      • thedman113

        “I’ve yet to see a single post from one person that is attacking Alex Jones refuting any of his information.”


      • TMM

        checked out the site thedman… sorry, don’t buy it!
        witnesses – people who were there heard explosives – don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!
        don’t you get it??? the government is trying to fool you! they killed all those people and you’re their little cheerleader. so sad

    • Mark G Hansel

      And this coming from the fluoride head audience of Hollywood. Pick up a book and read some history, as you might even leaern something dude, your government is bankrupt and you let it happen dude..

      • TimOsman

        Charlie Sheen is my hero !

    • JD

      Keep drink’n that Kool-Aide Allen. The elitist and globalist love you for denial. Keep sipp’n…”That-a-boy!”

    • panda

      Did Jones refer all his nutty followers to comment on these websites?

      • Bobby B. Bobberson

        No, did Baba Wawa tell all the morons who watch daytime tv to check their website?

    • Musclez

      Propoganda? You are an idiot…bet your relatives were in Germany when Hitler took over and believed his propogand. You must part of the NWO and a loyal Bush, Clinton, Obama follower… Wake up Sheep!

  • Fool me twice…

    Don’t these people know what to expect going on that show by now?

  • Mr. Holloway

    Yikes! It’s contagious.

    • Anne

      Same thought I had. Is it airborne? Is it transmittable only through an exchange of bodily fluids and if so, are we talking blood or saliva? Has the CDC been contacted about a quarantine? Is it true that the only innoculation is prolonged exposure to logical argumentation (Cicero?) and extremely tasteful media (Masterpiece Theatre?)????

      • Iceman

        It is just frustrated people who care about their loved ones, and discouraged by the fact that the news has been bought out for decades. There are very few journalists out there today. Why make fun of one who is at least attempting to uncover news that no one seems to be able to dispute. The popular approach seems to be: Don’t even look at the information offered just call him names and everything will be okay!

  • barry soetoro

    alex jones and charlie sheen actually care about america and the zionist controlled media doesnt want americans talking about real issues they just put fluff on the air.if you want a real scandel look up obama/larry sinclair this one has plenty of gay sex and drug use with a twist of murder.this is one you definatley will not see covered by the lame stream media

    • Alex

      Please turn off the right-wing propaganda.

      • mama

        That is not an right wing agenda… the Anti-Semites these days are more on the left… These people are simple loons.

      • Anne

        It’s more the nut-job wing, which has seats saved on both sides of the aisle.

      • Kirk

        And the left wing propaganda too! How about just some truth!

      • Philippe

        Wake up people. It’s not left or right, it’s your country. Our government wants us divided and distracted. Of course, pay no attention to the crimes being committed by our government for the past 50+ years and just keep being distracted by your loving American Idol, NFL, and yes 2 1/2 Men. Alex keep up the great work. Keep using the main stream media to get your message out. Charlie Sheen, I don’t know you but I hope you win your personal battles, I’ve got mine and it’s always a challenge. From one caring human being to another.

      • TheProxy

        See that is the smartest thing i’ve ever read on this site, There is no left.. Nor right.. it’s just two sides of the same coin thats left to flip and spin into the wind.

    • Tim

      barry soetoro, just come out and say that you hate Jews. Stop using codewords like Zionist. If you believe these things, then be a man and embrace your beliefs.

      The obama/larry sinclair could never be verified, he has seemingly disappeared from the earth. He did do some radio pre-election, like Opie & Anthony. I remember hearing it & he did not seem credible at all.

      • barry

        come on tim are you saying every time somebody has a opinion about the jews there automatically anti-semitic. get off your high horse, this is called freedom of speech. everybody and everything is open to debate

      • Tim

        I’m not on a high horse, but you are with your little morality play. Barry you are void of originality other than parroting things that you have heard. Come up with your own opinions because you sound just like a dittohead that parrots everything that Rush says. BTW I didn’t call you an anti-semite, I called you someone who has to hide behind their views instead of coming forward with them like an adult does.

      • Bobby B. Bobberson

        derp derp. not all jews are evil. Just certain ones.

        They’re the zionists.

    • G.M.S.

      The only thing Charlie Sheen cares about is drinking, drugging and having sex with hookers and porn stars. He does not care about anyone or anything else. His substance abuse is fueling rage, manic behavior and grandiose delusions.

      He’s gone so far as to proclaime himself a “warlock” and explained that he loves violently, hates violently. and also claimed to have tiger blood. He attempted to clarify any of our confusion by explaining that “You can’t process me with a normal brain.” Ahhh …. ok.

      I hope, for his childrens’ sake, that someone commits him before he ODs. A few more video interviews should provide enough proof to sway a judge to sign the paper. Sounds like he’s become a danger to himself. Do they actually have to wait for him to DO something?

  • Karate Pants

    I have a feeling that Charlie Sheen and Melissa Leo could entertain each other for hours…

    • Kirk

      Ill bet you wish you were with her.. Loser!

      • Karate Pants

        Wish I was with Melissa Leo? Whaaa? I think it’s time to tweak your meds.

      • Josh

        Hey Karate Pants, I bet you enjoy that Soma don’t you druggie?

    • Pete

      What’s wrong with Melissa Leo? She’s pretty hot.

      • Karate Pants

        She’s crazy.

      • Pete

        Karate Pants, its a stunt to get her name out from a crowded pack in her Oscar category. She has done nothing a real crazy person does. I don’t see her with a foil hat talking about aliens controlling her thoughts. I just see someone who has been trying to inject a bit of personality for Oscar voters and apparently it worked.

  • barry soetoro

    check out the real interview that is being surpressed and lied about at

    • Jen

      Settle down you shill. Infowars has already been mentioned in the article, there’s no reason for you to promote your lover’s site.

  • maggie

    The studio audience cheered Alex at the end of the segment. He knocked the ball out of the park!

    • Kelly

      Sure they cheered. They were happy to not have to listen to the fool anymore!!

      • Kendel

        Sorry. They were cheering for him. And this was an ordinary View audience.

      • Because there’s obviously no such thing as an applause sign or anything. Of course not. Idiot.

      • Kirk

        yeah… that is what ostriches like to do. Bury their heads!
        So what do you know about WTC 7? Do your homework .

      • stemmy

        Kelly why dont you take a couple of days and listen to Alex online @ or before you say he’s a fool, he is a husband and father and he is actually quite smart. and quite popular world wide. he has a lot of expert guest on his show as well. Just give it a couple of days, you might be surprised and how much you’ll learn about a lot of things.

      • Niix Starkyller

        …because an intelligent and popular person has never done society any harm.

    • kaydevo

      They were just relieved he was leaving.

      • Kirk

        pure speculation on your part.. Show me facts to your statement! or just shut up and stop spreading your propaganda.

      • MattyB

        @KIRK: you’re really big on telling people to “shut up.” You’re a very rude little conpiracy theorist. And just because you buy into what the other mental defficients tell you and then PRETEND that you did your own research and came to your own conclusions…you’re not fooling anybody. You love to call people “sheep” & demand that anyone with a differing opinion “learn to think” for themselves…but YOU’RE the one parroting some radio/internet personality. YOU’RE the one buying what Jones is selling (hook, line & sinker). So, maybe YOU should shut up & think for YOURself. Also grow up & realize that the rest of the world will never EVER owe you any kind of agreement of opinion. Who do you think you are that you’re entitled to the world acknowledging that what YOU believe is automatically right?

      • AltDave

        Well said, MattyB! I live in Austin, Jones’ home base, and he is an embarrassment to those of us Austinites with functioning brains and an ability to seek truth from multiple sources.

      • ginger

        You’re right, MattyB. They probably cheered only because the APPLAUSE sign told them to. Kirk should put his opinions aside and shop at one of the fine sponsors that bring us The View.

      • David

        AltDave, I seek truth from multiple sources, and one of those sources is


        Does your so-called functioning brain know that we were lied into the Vietnam war (false flag) and were also lied into the Iraq war? Does your so-called functioning brain also know anything about Operation Paperclip, the covert operation our illustrious government pulled off after WW2? How about Operation Northwoods? Or Project Shad? Or the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment? Won’t hear about any of this on mainstream propagandized media. You’ll only hear about the “daily news”, which is all fluff and superficial entertainment disguised as “news” for mainstream media’s lemming viewers.

      • Philippe

        @MattyB: I hope you know the difference between facts and truth. If you don’t, then find out.

      • David

        MattyB, the only way to NOT be a conspiracy theorist or a conspiracy conclusionist is to trust your loving government and be a lemming to mainstream media propaganda. You have to be a conspiracy conclusionist when you realize that our government is sickly corrupt and that our mainstream media is full of well-scripted propaganda.

      • Randy

        I’ve been listening to Alex Jones for 5 years and him and his guest’s have always been right on. That’s why I trust him. I have researched things on my own but for the most part usual what Alex Predicts happens. It’s simple to understand. He researches the right avenues! INFOWARS.COM

      • Randy

        Oh and altdave I live in Austin as well and your a liar! He is loved here! You guys judge him so easily it really shows your true lazyness. I bet you don’t even know who’s signature is on the paper currency in your pocket.

    • Iceman

      Yeah I loved the cheers and the applause. I think that really bothered the ‘ladies’ on the view. You can’t hide the fact that someone like Jones can reach more people than all the networks combined. It was obvious today on The View!

  • Allen

    Oh, lord. Alex’s followers are here. All I know is anyone who has ever tried to tell me about Jones and his theories has been a disturbed person prone to seeing monsters around every corner. If Sheen is friends with him and shares his philosophy, then he’s in worst shape than I thought.

    • MayorCurley

      No, Allen, your country is doing fine. Home foreclosures, rising food and oil prices, phantom WMDs, war propaganda are all just a figment of your imagination.

      • Iceman

        LOL, curley! Yeah, Allen, everything is great and Barry has everything under control. Don’t worry we are just nuts. You will sleep better at night at least. I know I’m not trying to wake anyone up as I wish I could go back to sleep.

      • Jack D

        well put – it is our inception going wrong…

      • TheProxy

        Yeah, I should keep quiet because the man taking orders and breaking laws for off-shore banks is telling me to..

    • stevo

      Well Al, you are just one of the many sheeple that are being led into the slaughter house by the JUDAS goat mainstream Media. I just hope you can look your kids in the face when you get your one way tickets to the Fema camps.

    • Tracy Murray

      I don’t necessarily agree with Alex Jones on everything that goes on in this planet , except the fact that 9/11 was indeed an inside job ( whether or not George W. Bush was actually involved is another story ) , but he does make me question my trust in the mainstream media , as for Charlie Sheen , I think there was a bit of truth in what he said about Hollywood , though I do not believe religion has a role in it , meaning there are a lot of Catholics , Evangelist Christians , pagans , and atheists running this town as well .

    • stemmy

      I actually dont see monsters, what I do see is a society more interested in ball games, cell phones, mind numbing TV, BBQ’s, FB, and so on… well actually I guess I see monsters everywhere. INFOWARS.COM !!! : )

      • Jack D

        not monsters. just some wondering folks needing to swallow the red pill for a while…

  • JW

    America is turning into a Police State moron!!!

    • Kirk

      It is not turning into a POLICE State.. The Police state is already here…

    • mm

      So is Canada!Only the voices of the mega rich are heard in this country, so much for “free” speach!

  • diana

    Barbara and ALL the women never SHUT UP!!! They are always talking over everyone! If you are going to have a guest on… let them speak!!! Barbara doesn’t like anyone’s opinion but her own! YUCK!!!

    • Jack D

      They are over worked females that need some major TLC :P

  • Anne

    Man, I left my tin-foil hat at home ….

    • georgine

      Why won’t Homeland Security publish the radiation dose from the body scanners they bought from Chertoff’s company with The People’s money? Why don’t they periodically test the scanners after installation to ensure they are operating properly?

    • Karate Pants

      I can’t find my tin foil hat. Ohhhh God, where did it go?!? Someone MUST have taken it from me…they’re hiding it from me…they’re trying to extract my thoughts from it, they’re stealing my intellectual property! And if you don’t believe that, you’re naive. You haven’t done the research that I have done. THEY’RE TRYING TO SCRUB OUR MINNNDDDSS!

      • tweak

        No, brainwashing is what Mitt Romney’s dad George said the military did to him about supporting the Vietnam War. Watch the archived footage from the Lou Gordon show.

      • Karate Pants

        Did EW sponsor some sort of ad in a public library bathroom or psychiatric hospital waiting rooms? Are there EW subscription offers being stapled to samples of Xanax? Where are all of these nutbags coming from??
        Tweak, go watch ‘Kittens Inspired By Kittens’. It will give you the answers you seek and enlighten you.

      • DWorks

        I can’t find my tin . Ohhhh God, where did it go?!? MUST have taken it from me… hiding it from me…they’re trying to , they’re !

        And if you don’t , you’re naive .

        Start with “Operation Gladio” – BBC (those fringe folks) did a special you can watch which outlines the government inquiries by Italy and Belgium into False-Flag Terror Attacks on Bus Stations and the like by CIA-Associated terrorists to be blamed on “The Commies”. Research it yourself – then tell us we are conspiracy theorists.

        As for Charlie, I hope he gets off of the better than those “with ugly wives and kids” arrogance trip.

    • kirriss

      That’s funny.

      • MattyB

        Hee hee! Karate Pants is awesome!

  • zammie

    Alex Jones is a fool.If he was smart he would have asked why is Charlie Sheen so important?
    (and left out the conspiracies)
    I would have said
    Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people
    Isn’t that what you do on the View?
    But he blew it.
    If he was really smart he would have asked questions that made the View “ladies”look like the idiots they are.

    • Kirk

      Well the Charlie Sheen story was the NUMBER 1 google search term and Number 1 lead story in most if not ALL news feeds last week. Better do some homework boy!

      • MattyB

        Wow, you’re really obsessed with “homework.” You must be a PhD or something. Are you? You certainly seem to feel that you’re absolutely, inarguably, undeniably right about every single sliver of crap that you state. You MUST be some kind of ultra-succesful super-genius! Who else would have the credibility to just assume that everything they believe is right and that the rest of the world is a bunch of non-homework-doing, uninformed morons. I hope you & your precious web site will be very happy together.

      • AltDave

        PhD, hell! Kirk is in middle school, tops! Juvenile douchebag at best.

      • Pete

        I didn’t know that google searches & entertaniment news feeds equals importance. Charlie Sheen is far from important. He is a C list actor, who got lucky numerous times. Name some movies that he has done that were not made in the 1980s that he was the star of & were critically acclaimed or made money. I couldn’t come up with one & cameos in movies do not count.

      • E Dub

        Wall Street and Platoon weren’t considered to be ‘cameos’. At least the last time I heard, they weren’t.

      • @ E Dub

        Wall Street and Platoon were made in the 80s. Learn to read.

    • Iceman

      Alex had the opportunity to get his website out to all the under informed who rely on television for information. I would agree he could have handled his opportunity in a different fashion. The end result though is there will be tons of more people looking up The type of people who watch the view love gossip and tuned in for Charlie, not Alex. This will give them a place to look for more dirty laundry but they will find research and real journalism.

      • MattyB

        Oh, did he give out another web site address & I missed it? A web site that ISN’T full of paranoid insanity?

      • Iceman

        I envy you, Matty! I am being serious. Best of luck to you.

      • Karate Pants

        Iceman, when you follow ONE guy or ONE site for your information, you’re no better than the sheeple you’re so concerned with reaching on this *ahem* entertainment website. Don’t you see that??
        And you make me LOL all over the place with your whole ‘Oh, I so envy you…I am burdened with difficult information’ bit. HILARIOUS!
        Why don’t YOU think for YOURSELF???

      • stevo

        Lay off the weed MATTYB and take a look at the real world.!!!!

      • Iceman

        Karate, why do you assume I get all my information from one site? I only use infowars for the sources. Do you know what the term source means?

        I have been reading and studying everything from the Occult to Conspiracies since the early 90’s. Alex is new on the scene.

        He does provide some great source material to fact check. You first have to understand how to find the truth as everyone is biased and opinionated. It is finding the common truths through many sources is the hard part. Most people these days think anything longer than 140 characters is a long read.

        I don’t worship Alex but I do defend him from the uneducated and non thinkers that seem to have the rest of us out numbered. Not implying you are a non thinker sir.

        I’m going on 41 and have been alive since Nixon and have followed politics, history, science, IT, math, English and many other subjects before and after the internet came along.

        I believe I know how to do my research. That being said, I find a great “source” site. I don’t even read the articles I go straight to the sources that are used to write the articles and weigh them out against other sources from around the globe.

      • Karate Pants

        You’re only citing one site, and you’re doing it repeatedly, not unlike the smarmy dating sites that bomb this site with their ads.
        I think even you and your conspiracy theorist brethern would agree that it’s important for people to think for themselves rather than follow any one site or person. That’s what I’m advocating.

    • kirriss

      And besides that, people don’t get to watch an all out public melt-down in real life. It’s interesting and not so horrible as Libya. It’s too bad that Charlie is obviously in seriously deep poop as far as his mind goes; he needs to be locked-up before he offs himself.

      And you people who think there’s nothing wrong with the dude, y’all are just as scary as he is.

      • Iceman

        It’s not about ‘Alex’, yeah he has his quirks like everyone, It is about the information he is constantly breaking as he has built up credibility and a network for some truth. He isn’t always right but he is persistent and committed. If you are still at a level in life where you base someone on their appearance or personality he may not be for you but the information speaks for itself. Much of his information is gathered from many sources and many great minds and people who are risking their lives exposing corrupt behavior around Amerika and the rest of the world. No one is forcing it on you either. My first thoughts are you should probably just name call and go back to whatever it is you do to make a living as that would probably be the most comfortable thing you could do. I don’t want to wake someone up who isn’t ready. Once you start down the rabbit hole you better be committed to a long and hard journey of breaking down indoctrination.

      • Wade

        Persistence and commitment aren’t virtuous in themselves, Iceman. He peddles garbage and you buy it. And the whole “sources” “risking their lives” is the biggest pile of conspiracy theory horsecrap there is. If the government is as powerful and as malignant a force as he suggests, why is he allowed to prattle on about his nonsense. Oops, answered my own question, it’s nonsense. Look, if believing this crap makes you feel special, so be it, but don’t expect the rest of us to play along with your self-satisfied delusions.

      • ace

        that’s your own ego talking wade.

        It is very humbling once you understand the reality of it

  • Elizabeth

    ANYONE who is giving Charlie Sheen a smidge of airtime needs a serious reality check: the dude isn’t right, and its just exploitation. Friend or not.

    • Hanna

      So why don’t you care that TSA is putting their hands down your children’s pants? It doesn’t seem right to me that you care more about someone you don’t know on the TV than your own kids.

      • PJ

        Wow Hanna, you are messed up.

      • MayorCurley

        I agree with you, Hanna. What the TSA is doing to the American people is criminal.

        It’s sick!

      • Ashley

        Wow, Hannah–you are NUTS. I’ll bet you’ve never even been on a plane, have you? It’s really hard to know what goes on when you dwell in your parents’ basement, you know. TSA hands down children’s pants! HAHAHAHAHA! You’re a regular riot.

      • Iceman

        You are correct, Hannah. Defamation of character is the level of maturity you are going to find often on a site such as this one. It’s a shame how pre-programmed the views of the view watchers can be.

      • Philippe

        @Ashley: Your typical forum/comment section bashing is typical of a troll. Your accusations about @Hannah are so pathetically non-original. Have you seen the YouTube videos of the TSA violating people’s 4th Amendment rights? (this includes children, because children are people too) I wanted to be specific.

      • Wade

        Guess what, Philippe, an airport is not your house, you don’t have the same rights and you don’t have the same expectation of privacy. If you don’t like it, opt for the body scan or, better yet, don’t fly in the first place.

      • MayorCurley

        @Wade…….. You do have a 4th Amendment right. The TSA does not have probable cause to search everybody. Stop believing police state propaganda and ready the Bill of Rights. You are very far from freedom and the Founding Fathers.

    • B0b Barkley

      You’re a kook.

      • Iceman

        I’m just hanging around in here trying to get a feel for the intellectual level of this website’s patrons. So far I’ve only seen a few that could complete a complex sentence.

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