'Book of Mormon' bows on Broadway: How offensive is it?

There were no protesters to be found outside NYC’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre on 49th St. yesterday evening. Ordinarily, that information wouldn’t be news, but last night wasn’t quite an ordinary occasion: It was the first preview performance of The Book of Mormon, the new musical by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez. (Check out EW’s Q&A with them in this week’s issue.) An irreverent tuner about two Mormon missionaries in poverty-stricken Uganda, Mormon has been touted as the most potentially obscene production to ever grace the Great White Way. So just how off-color is it?

Very. The show is jam-packed with foul language (the title of one big number, sung in the Ugandans’ language, translates as “F— You, God!”), sexually explicit jokes, and enough blasphemy to knock your church-going grandma right out of her seat. But the show saves the bulk of its jabs for Mormons themselves, who are depicted as chipper, repressed, and gullible. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has posted an official statement about the show on its website, saying, “The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people’s lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ.”) It’s worth noting that nothing in The Book of Mormon is really any dirtier or more heretical than an average episode of South Park, although the fact that it’s on an old-fashioned Broadway stage adds a bit of contextual bite.

Judging by the roars of laughter and applause throughout the first performance, the audience seemed less offended than delighted. Not even a technical malfunction could dim their enthusiasm: When a sound glitch about ten minutes into the first act forced the show to restart from the beginning, the crowd cheered in support as one audience member shouted, “Blame Canada!”–a reference to the Oscar-nominated tune from 1999’s South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. Two hours later, the musical’s finale was greeted with a standing ovation, and Parker was mobbed by photo-hungry fans in the lobby. (Stone and Lopez made their exits more stealthily.)

Whether or not The Book of Mormon can draw crowds beyond a core audience of shock-proof South Park fans remains to be seen. (The show officially opens on March 24.) It’s certainly not targeted at the faint of heart or the strong of faith.

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  • Barack Palin

    As a devout Mormon, I can’t tell you how incredibly offended I am by this show. My wives and I will definitely not be attending.

    • Ryno

      Are you trying to be funny or just ignorant?

    • e4ia

      LOL. Don’t worry. Some of us understood your humor.

      • Brittany

        It’s not that the humor wasn’t understood, it’s that it wasn’t humorous.

      • Bluto

        GTH Brittany, it was quite funny.

      • Forrest-Patrick W. Rees

        It’s not that it was funny or not funny; its the fact that you have no idea what the religion is about, so instead of looking into it and studying it, you decide to do what most Emu’s do and stick your head in the sand. “Ignorance is the first sign of the downfall of humanity” Unknown.

    • Joey

      HAHA! well, This mormon for one (maybe the only one) appreciates your humor. It’s too bad others of my faith can’t take a joke.

      • IdahoGirl

        Oh, we can take jokes just fine, the problem is with those that are sacrilegious, disrespectful & out & out lies! I’d like to see them take on the Catholic diocesan or the Lutheran Presiding Bishop or the Jewish Religion. Anyone who has a religion that respects their religion, doesn’t appreciate “humor” that is degrading to their beliefs. I think that “some” of you say that you are LDS, but I don’t believe it because if you were true to your faith, this would bother you. The problem is that many people have become desensitized to these types of jokes & don’t see the what they really are – attacking a religion that apparently they didn’t research to understand. Having an “excommunicated” person help you write this doesn’t give it any credibility at all. Either you go to the source for the truth or you get mush. It is like going to the Catholic church to learn about the LDS church – you are not going to get the right answers. If you love your religion, then this would offend you. PERIOD.

      • Charlie Sheen

        @Idaho Girl, RIGHT ON!!!!

      • evan

        Pretty sure people wont be going to the show to learn about mormons. And They’ve taken on every religion! Just watch South Park! They’ve even made fun of atheism too!

      • Miriam Case

        I can take a joke, but this wasn’t funny.

      • mamm

        Are you serious? they had an episode of south park with the pope getting period blood from virgin Marry on his face. Yah they have done every religion……

    • Joey

      told this to my very active, extremely devout parents and they split a rib laughing. lighten up y’all. why get yer feathers ruffled?

    • Jackson Wagstaff

      As a mormon myself, I am not offended. You can’t really get mad at south park for making fun of mormonism, since they make fun of almost every religion. I think they decided to make an actual play about mormons because mormonism sticks out as an odd ‘funny’ christian branch, and that we would take getting made fun of better than other religions. If anything, I think this play is a blessing in disguise because it gives us the oppratunetity to talk and share our faith with the curious ones who viewed the play.

  • TQB

    I give credit to the LDS for the high-road response.

    • Psac

      I agree. They show they can “take a joke” (offensive or not), and promote their cause at the same time. Well done by them.

    • Sara

      Ditto. Very graceful.

      • Very cool

        Thanks for saying that, guys. That’s really nice of you…(not that I had anything to do with it.) It’s nice to see that people appreciate the Church’s response.

  • Shakespeare

    I have lost a lot of respect for these guys, but at least they pick on everyone and not just one faction or sect of society.

    • Paula

      No they don’t pick on everyone: In an interview with Nightline Parker and Stone said they would pick on Islam b/c they were afraid of what may happen in terms of violence.

    • pastafarian

      So if they treat everyone as fair game, why do you think less of them?

    • s(_)

      They pick on everyone? So where is their musical where they ridicule islam?

      • Shea

        he’s not talking about just the musical. throughout the entire run of the show on Comedy Central, they’ve really had no restraint about who they’ll make fun of. The musical is just about the mormons in particular.

      • Molly

        Actually, on South Park, they do basically ridicule Islam – depicting Muhammad in a bear costume. They’ve done the same to Scientology, Catholocism, plain old Christianity…

        You can’t play the persecuted religion here. Stone & Parker have lampooned them all. This time, they’re doing it in musical instead of TV form.

  • Matt

    Barack-Mormons don’t practice polygamy. And we refer to ourselves as active in the church, not devout…but nice try :)

    • jon Cush

      Matt, You call yourself a Mormon and don’t understand its history? Of course polygamy was a mainstay of early Mormonism just ask Joseph Smith, Jr.

      Take a joke kid, and don’t try to whitewash your history.

      • cam

        if a mormon today were to practice polygamy he would be excommunicated
        therefore mormons dont practice polygamy.
        Polygamy is mentioned several times in the Bible. God has called certain pepole to practice it throughout history.

  • EastSider

    . It is important that one sees the Book of Mormon on an empty stomach and extremely well hydrated. The paroxysms of laughter and tearing will be painful otherwise.

  • Benjamin

    I’m always surprised how it seems to be acceptable to mock some groups, but not others.
    Can you imagine if someone put together an entire broadway show making fun of Jewish people and their beliefs, or a show making fun of gays, based around erroneous suppositions of what people who have never met a gay person believe them to be like? Everyone would be up in arms, and EW would post a thoughtful discussion about why this type of prejudice and mockery are not welcome in our modern world.
    But for some reason, it is deemed okay to mock and belittle the Mormons.
    Come on folks. If ANY group deserves our kindness and respect, EVERY group deserves our kindness and respect, whether we agree with their beliefs or not.

    • SLB

      Maybe because being gay and jewish are real things. Mormon is a made up religion. Kinda the original L Ron Hubbard. This broadway show sounds AWESOME!!

      • Josh

        I have several Mormon friends, and I can assure you, they are chipper, repressed and gullible.

      • Double Standard

        @ Josh, you must not be very good friends with them if you regard them as being so two-dimensional.

      • SPS

        @Josh, you must not be very close friends if you regard them as being so two-dimensional.

      • Benjamin

        Judaism is a RELIGION, the same as Mormonism. I assure you, Jewish folks have every bit the same amount of choice about following it as Mormons do their religion, or Scientologists theirs, or any other person their chosen religion.
        However, if you are referring to Jewish heritage, i.e. the fact that some Jewish people have children with other Jewish people, thus engendering more Jewish people, and that those Jewish children therefore have no input on who their ancestors and relatives are, then I assure you that Mormon heritage is every bit the same thing, and just as strong.
        I apologize if I insinuated in my previous post that gays have the same choice about being gay that any given person has about following a religion. I didn’t mean anything like that, and I don’t believe anything like that.
        I was simply trying to point out that I think it is wrong to subject some groups to intolerance, disrespect, and mockery, while claiming that prejudice and bigotry are wrong– but only when directed toward some groups, especially when the people mocking those groups obviously know very little about the people toward whom they are directing their scorn.

      • Benjamin

        @Josh: I too know many chipper, repressed, gullible Mormons. But I also know a lot of intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful ones.
        I know Mormons that would throw you under a bus if there was only one seat left and they wanted it. But I also know Mormons who will invite a complete stranger into their home, give them their last meal, and the shirt off their back.
        I know Mormons who are kind, and Mormons who are jerks, some who are Republicans, some who are Democrats. In fact I’m certain that you could name any human attribute or attitude, and I could find you a member of the LDS church who would represent that.
        I also know a blonde girl who is air-headed. And a black guy who listens to rap and plays basketball. Oh, and a gay guy who likes musicals… But I don’t for a second believe that all blondes are dumb, or all African-Americans are hip-hop athletes, or that any small sample of a larger group represents that group as a whole. That is exactly what prejudice is, and it is always wrong.

      • DMA

        SLB – ignorant comments like yours sounds more offensive than the show.

      • Ashtrash

        @ Benjamin – very well said. Thank you for saying that.

    • Monty

      Your comment would be true except that Parker and Stone have over the years shown that they do view each demographic worthy of the same amount of lampooning. If you watch South Park, you see that nothing is off limits. When they Lampooned the prophet Muhammad, they were told by CC to censor their episodes for fear of Islamic retrobution. Parker and Stone quite proudly stated either everything is OK to make fun of, or nothing is. And they are correct.

      Also, if you watch South Park, they show that Heaven is populated exclusivly by Mormons, everybody else goes to hell (except Sadaam, but that’s a different story altogether). They have not wavered in their stance on censorship and continue to find humor in all walks of life, however offensive or irreverant that humor may be. From faith to sexual orientation, socioeconomical differences to flavor of the month fads, nothing is off limits. And that is why they are not racist, sexist, or any other ist.

      • DMA

        So if you’re rude and offensive towards everyone then it’s acceptible behavior?

      • Jenny

        exactly. I can’t think of a group that South Park hasn’t taken a stab at. Gays- yes; Jew- yes; Christians-yes, every kinds; Muslims-yes; Democrats/Republicans/Celebrities, etc. You name it, they’ve done it. And in regards to your question DMA: yes!

      • suzie

        Just because you make fun of (look down on) everyone does not mean you are not an “-ist.” It only means you are every “-ist” in the dictionary.

      • wes

        garbage is garbage and a pile of crap is a pile of crap no matter how often you say it is chocolate

      • IdahoGirl

        So that makes it right because they have satires everything under the sun? Eye for an Eye, tooth for a tooth? The bottom line is, if there were not people willing to support this trash, then it won’t make it. I am curious at how long it will run – maybe it is even closed now.

      • ami

        Yes, they have made fun of several religions on their show. But briefly. But have they made a movie and a play making fun of one religion? No, except for Mormonism. That is why they cross the line. Mormons are obviously the one they choose to mock the most. Also, I think that the reason why the lds church (I being a member) is so offended by this is because garbage like this places a prejudice against the church. Part of our religion is teaching others about it and living a life that is enriching and makes us happy, and this play makes it much more difficult for people to even listen to the message because of all these myths and lies that have already put their hearts against the church. You can’t base your knowledge of the church solely on a play or a movie made by people that are obviously prejudiced against the church and claim that you know all about it. Bottom line, don’t support this. It’s completely unneccessary and does absolutely nothing to contribute to our society other than fueling more hatred and prejudice against a people that are just trying to do their best to live righteously in the best way they can.

      • Kentaro Nakajima

        What do you mean made fun of several religions briefly? Whole episodes are dedicated to making fun of religions, Judaism (Too many to count) and Catholicism (Virgin Mary shooting blood out of her *** being called a miracle, Catholic church being run by a huge spider) being the main targets. Mormon only had one episode out of 14 seasons which was very mild in comparison. Please review the facts before you make a general statement. (which is ironic considering your comment is about the fear of people getting the facts wrong )

        They made fun of Canada in their first movie, America in Team America, and now Mormons. The whole show basically makes fun of Jews all the time. Hopefully this musical is only the first, with many more movies/musicals etc. stabbing at other religions, groups etc. Its the only musical making fun of a religion because its the first one.

        The material of Parker and Stone is a great escape from the PC culture we live in, just like action movies are an escape from a routine world, fantasy is an escape from a mundane one, romance is an escape from a lonely one, etc.

        Most people who are truly interested in something do not get their info from a musical. If someone is interested in Mormonism, entertainment is not where they will be looking for the facts.

    • Jake

      Actually, if you want to hear gays being ridiculed, you can just go to one of your Priesthood Meetings or Young Men’s meetings. It’s everywhere in the church… I don’t ridicule Mormons – but would like more members (because many are very Christ-like and don’t take the extreme..) to see how hurtful many or their comments and actions can be. You can’t target a group one day and ask for respect the next…

      • Fox Mulder

        Sadly, this comment is downright false. The idea that ridiculing gays is “everywhere in the church” is one of those stereotypical comments from someone who has a chip on their shoulder. Mormons disagree with ther behavior, but are taught to love and respect the person. Anyone who does otherwise does not speak for the church…so there you go.

    • garrett

      Oh come on, no poking fun at gays? Watch Airplane some time. Jewish comics poke fun at themselves all the time. Just because you guys are sensitive about the lizard and the gold plates and Bringem’ Young’s many wives… The South Park guys have been pretty kind to Mormons as people, but not to any organized religion, they see it as big business.

    • Anthony

      My response was directed @Benjamin’s original post.

    • Shelly

      Ever seen The Producers?

  • Carmen SanDiego

    soooo looking forward to see this.

    • IdahoGirl

      Why waste your money?

      • Achilles

        Because it’s his/hers with which to do what he/she pleases.

      • Jack Bauer

        Some people do things differently than you IdahoGirl. I know it is shocking and astonishing that not everyone believes the same things you do. Some people however like a good laugh. Even a few of these people get their laughs from the creators of South Park. Get over it.

  • Double Standard

    I wonder if Adam Markovitz’s review would have been so light and cheerful if it had made fun of Jews instead of Mormons.

    • Joey

      watch spamalot. They do a entire number making fun of Jews. Jew jabs are all over pop culture. so are gay ones. They are not off limits by satirists. Now that it’s the Mormon’s turn, it’s a mark that the LDS have arrived in American pop culture satire. welcome to the table Mormons!
      (full disclosure, I’m an (herbal) tea drinkin, Rated-R watchin, NPR-listening, temple recommend-carrying, pro gay rights believin, Glenn Beck hatin, South Park lovin, Scripture Readin, happy Mormon.)

      • Josh

        Dude, you are SO cool. I wish I was as edgy as you.

      • Ian

        If you ARE a Mormon you don’t have very high standards for yourself

      • Joey

        love the sarcasm. Just trying to show that not all Mormons are obtuse robots like 90% of the ones commenting here.

      • suzie

        If you are who you profess to be you know that abiding by what we know to be right does not make someone an obtuse robot. Try staying on ONE side of the fence; it’s a great feeling ;)

      • wes

        and have two faces, one going each way

      • Debbie

        Joey: “love the sarcasm. Just trying to show that not all Mormons are obtuse robots like the 90% of the ones commenting here”?? Embarrassing! You definitely are not helping the LDS church at all with your “disclosure statement”. Have you ever heard of actually listening & following the guidance of the church leaders? I am sure you know what I mean. Of course, we all have our free agency & will be judged according to our faithfulness. You apparently have chosen to sit on the fence & try to have it both ways. Well, that changed a LONG time ago & you need to make a choice. Something that we were taught a couple years ago by our church leaders is that many members have become desensitized to many things of the world, you sir/madame apparently do not recognize this.

      • Joey

        Debbie. Wow, how’s your seat on that Rameumptom of yours? Comfortable? Oh, and thanks for putting me in my place. you certainly know so much about me. I happen to think that I am helping the LDS church by showing that it’s not full of self-righteous, indignant folks. Cheers!

      • Jeremy Jensen

        Debbie, where exactly did Joey say he was out of alignment with church teachings? Other than the Rated R movie watching, which is mainly directed at youth, nothing he put in his list that so offends you contradicts church teachings. The fact that you are contradicting a temple recommend holder for not being strict enough says more about you than him.

      • Debbie

        Rameumptom? Sorry, I don’t know what that is & isn’t even a word! No, I don’t know much about you, but you don’t know anything about me either. I am not, nor have I ever been self-righteous but I am “indignant” or offended by these clowns taking my religion & making a mockery of it! Do you use obscene language in your everyday life? Do you talk explicitly of sex? You think that gay marriage should be ok? Well, I am not judging you, but I can tell that I listen & follow our leaders & the counsel that they give. I am trying to become more like Jesus Christ. This life is a test for all of us. The ultimate goal is to return to Christ & Heavenly Father. In the temple we learn what we need to do to accomplish this.

        Jeremy Jensen. What exactly does it say about me? I know that I am not perfect, far from it, but I AM trying to be a better person each day. He supports gay marriage. If he truly believes the church teachings, then he knows that this is against what we believe. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that God created a MAN & WOMAN, not two men, not two women. Pretty Simple to understand. Also, he said he watches R rated shows. Our leaders, if we believe them to be modern day prophets, have counseled us that we need avoid it.

        “The standard is clear. If something we think, see, hear, or do distances us from the Holy Ghost, then we should stop thinking, seeing, hearing, or doing that thing. If that which is intended to entertain, for example, alienates us from the Holy Spirit, then certainly that type of entertainment is not for us.” Elder David A. Bednar

      • Jeremy Jensen

        “Rameumptom? Sorry, I don’t know what that is & isn’t even a word! ”

        Read your Book of Mormon then and stop judging your fellow members.

      • Joey

        rameumptom is in the Book of Mormon sweetie, I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it. It’s one of the major stories about the zoramites. heard of them? And it’s not against the doctrine of the church to be against prop 8 and for equal marriage rights. Also, I feel very dedicated to the gospel. I seek out good and uplifting media. I serve others and hold callings. I am just SO tired of members like you that make the church a hostile place for outsiders, and who get offended at every thing the rest of the world says about us. I for one think that Ugandans might have reason to curse at God don’t you? the hope is that through the acceptance of the gospel, they will find reason to praise him. I’m not sure you get what satire is or does. The play is not malicious or anti in spirit, it’s just poking fun at what (let’s face it) is a peculiar religion because we are now big enough to make fun of in a popular context and there will be a collective societal chuckle because our exposure is getting that big. How is this not positive?! Sure, we can be portrayed as judgmental, exclusive, trite, robotic, repressed, chipper and gullible, but isn’t there some truth to that??! it falls on us then to try and dispel the stereotypes. But it doesn’t mean that in the mean time we can’t have a little laugh at ourselves. Please understand (though I have a feeling you don’t) I’m not talking about the gospel here, but the culture of the church. The gospel is a fire burning inside me. All my friends are fleeing the church frankly because of people that talk like you do. Sure it’s their choice, but shouldn’t we look at ourselves and try to help the situation a little bit?

      • GG

        Please stop trying to help us. Pick up your Book of Mormon and stop reading this internet crap. If Joey wants to be lukewarm, let him. If Joey aupports Gay Marriage let him. Thats his call, and right or wrong, he will answer for it, as will all of us. And as will you for not knowing what the Rameumptom is. I hope you looked it up. I do question Joey’s approach to the Ugandans “reason” to curse God. My parent sserved a mission over there and nothing could be further from the truth, especially with the Ugandan members. Just leave it alone.

        As for me and my house, we will laugh at ourselves on occasion, as did the first comment on this thread. But, i wont see the PLAY, though I have been known to be guilty of laughing (in my closet) as a Southpark episode ot two (even the ones poking fun of the Church).

        Get over yourself, and let Joey and the others have their opinions.

      • Joey

        I misspoke. probably several times. but the instance I’m referring to is Ugandans having reason enough to curse God. Didn’t mean to paint with quite such broad brush strokes. I was referring to the Ugandans in the Play that are plagued with AIDS, poverty, disease, hunger and destitution. The beauty and resilience and irony of many people in similar situations is that cursing God is the last thing on their lips. I’ve spent time among the poorest of the poor in Africa and never have I met a more beautiful and religious people. Doesn’t mean I don’t understand if they want to shake their fist at heaven for their station ya know?

      • DT

        WOW…. you must be doing things right!! (sarcastic comment)

  • J

    Unlike most religions, the “turn the other cheek” position the Mormon Church has taken sort of reminds me of how Jesus acted when persecuted.

    Food for thought.

    • Scott

      yeah, well they also put millions of dollars towards denying people they don’t like equality. I don’t think Jesus would do that.

      • Kim

        They didn’t spend millions and they weren’t denying people equality, they were protecting marriage.

      • teetee

        I spent 6 hours the other day volunteering my time at the LDS Church cannery, canning 15,000 cans of stew to go to humanitarian needs. All work was done by volunteers, all the food was donated by the LDS church and all food will be FREE for those in need, regardless of religious beliefs – the food either stays in the US or goes overseas to help with disaster relief. The church does this work EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY – So in one week, from just ONE cannery we produced 75,000 cans of food for those in need. There are canneries all over the world. SO, yep, I guess the LDS church also spends millions of dollars helping the needy. And they spend millions of dollars fighting for what they beleieve – just like the Catholic church, Baptist churc and others did. The LDS church is just an easy target.

      • Hmmm….

        They were standing up for what they believe in which, under the Constitution, is their right to do. Everyone else is welcome to do the same – it’s what makes this country so great.

      • teetee

        But I don’t care if someone wants to make fun of the LDS church in a play – I will also choose to NOT see the play or support making fun of anyone

      • Mary


      • Molly

        Kim: From what?

      • GG

        The Church didnt spend a SINGLE DOLLAR. Get your facts straight.

  • Baker

    My Mormon neighbors are the seriously the best people I know. It’s like they know something that makes them happy all the time. I don’t know what they have, but I wish I had it too

    • Nina

      Baker, It’s very easy and simple, you already have it, just look for it and open the door to JESUS!

    • Debby

      You can know what makes them happy. Ask them, they will tell you.
      Something people can think about. There are good people and jerky people in all religions, not only in the LDS church. Also, there is no such thing as a Mormon church. We are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have a happy day.

    • Ashtrash

      That’s really cool, Baker. Ask them what makes them so happy; I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you!!

    • Joey

      Baker, this is the most obvious made-up comment in a weak attempt to promote the LDS church.

    • Jill

      I am also Mormon and I think that it is a made up comment too

  • Jada

    Kudos to the LDS Church for a classy response.

  • Laura

    The brilliant thing about this country is that this show, or any show can exist, and the public can view it or not, and quite literally vote with their wallets.

    Not my cup of tea. I wouldn’t be up for anything that seems to poke fun at an entire religion for two hours. Don’t mind a few jokes about any one culture or religion, but to go after one group for two hours seems extreme.

    • Mary

      And I would walk the other way to avoid profanity because it turns my stomach. So I won’t be going to this show.

  • bigdogdano

    why do you care? mormons get made fun of, jabbed and otherwise are the targets of spite. so what? stop doing OPEDs on this silly band of nothingness people. i mean, south park isn’t exactly mensa stuff. who cares? as soon as every mormon hater, anti-mormon, former mormon, et al has seen the show it will close. sometimes we mormons overact and get too defensive. look if you really want to do something, do what “john book” did in the movie witness, when he went underground in the ammish community, when in town he was being made fun of. find these characters, punch them out, and be done with it! but stop whining! you remind of a tattle tale in grade school nobody liked. seriously.

    • Chris

      As long as those that see it, aren’t as guilable, and think that what they are seeing is truth. There most likely has a lot of misconceptions or myths that they draw upon. ie…heaven is not going to be filled just with mormons, even a member of the church knows that. So, be open minded to understand what you see, is not what reality is.
      Even if southpark, picks on any or all types of people, religions. It is shameful, especially when so many types have been physically persucted in centuries past, to stand up for their rights. Yes, mormons or members of the church of Jesus Christ are happy people, and it has a lot more to do than letting Jesus into their hearts.

  • B

    I am a Mormon, and from the reviews of this show I’m sure it isn’t something I’d be interested in watching. It is great however that even though some may find it offensive, repulsive, and lacking in merit and accuracy, people in this great country are still able to express themselves freely. Don’t like it? Then don’t watch it.

    • Jeremy Jensen

      I wholeheartedly agree with everything expressed in this post.

    • crunchem

      me too. let capitalism work its way. as long as gov’t money isn’t used to fund or promote filth (remember the Christ in the jar of urine thing?) and rudeness such as this play must be, I’m fine with letting the idiots waste their own time and money.
      I still don’t get how crap like South Park even have an audience; oh, wait, I just thought of my neighbors, never mind…….

  • Rebekah

    For pointing fun at all groups, Mormons certainly get jabbed and mocked a good deal more often than others.

    However, since this is a free and open country and everyone is entitled to laugh at something they think is funny and others don’t. That’s everyone’s right. What is art to someone is filth and garbage to someone else.

    Most things that are generally made to point at Mormons either on our history, beliefs, or just to make fun and mock at us generally flop anyway and most of the entertainment critics who end up reviewing these sorts of things end up pegging a flop just right.

    For example, Ebert stated about the Tray Parker’s and Matt Stone’s movie Orgazmo as being, “callow, gauche, obvious and awkward, and designed to appeal to those with similar qualities.”

    Similarly, the movie September Dawn which deals with the Mountain Meadows massacre. Most of the critics panned it, stated that it was horrible acting and the movie pretty much went the way of the flop. The only audiences that think it was something are every Ex-Mormon, Former Mormon, and or not disposed well to the church, Non-Mormon.

    These audiences will always exist. You can’t get rid of them because like everything else they deserve the right to exist and the right to have stuff that appeals to them and appeals to their mentality.

    Will The Book of Mormon musical be successful? Only to those who like that sort of thing. When they have finished having their orgies and guffaws at the church, the whole thing will collapse and they will move on to their next mockery and disdain of the LDS faith.

    • sam ox

      “Mormons certainly get jabbed and mocked a good deal more often than others.”

      I wonder if that’s because it’s a made-up religion based on the lies of a delusional charlatan.

      • IdahoGirl

        Oh, this coming from someone who has researched the LDS church.

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