Could this actress be Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn'?

Could Christie Burke be the lucky young lady tapped to play a grown-up version of Renesmee in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn? The Internet was abuzz today with the news that the young teen has been cast as an older version of the tiny Bella-Edward spawn, long rumored to be played by 9-year-old Mackenzie Foy. There isn’t a lot of information available on Burke, aside from some commercial credits (Wrigleys!), a guest star role on Tower Prep, and small parts in a couple of movies. (Also listed under special skills: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Water Skiing, Snowboarding, Gymnastics, Track & Field & Improvisation. And yet nothing about falling in love with certain muscular werewolves!)

When reached by EW, the studio declined to comment, but what do you think PopWatchers? Do you think Burke as the right look for the part?

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  • Karin

    this girl looks too old for the part, Foy looks to me like a better fit

    • annamorphos

      She’s actually meant to be Renesmee when she’s older. It’s been rumored that they’re going to do a flash forward and show Bella, Edward, Renesmee, and the rest of the Cullens years later.

      • Gil

        Not accurate. Renesmee grows at an accelerated rate. It takes weeks to get to the teenage years

      • peta

        @gil you are mistaken. The book says Renesmee will reach full maturity at around 7 years, not weeks or months. BTW, Christie looks ok for Renesmee to me.

    • Strepsi

      Foy is in Vancouver shooting, so she is also Renesmee…. a name I can’t even type without laughing. I laughed every time in the book too — naming your daughter Renesmee, Bella? You cruel b*tch!

      • ps in seattle

        This has to be the stupidest name in literature.

      • MsSuniDaze

        I agree. It’s beyond bad.

      • Heidi

        How is it pronounced? I love the name Esme but this is pretty bad.

      • Brenda

        OMG me too!! It has to be the worst name ever!!

      • melindallas

        Renesmee is a stupid, stupid name!

      • tipsy

        The stupid name is pronnounced Renn-essmay or Renn-essmee depending on how they pronounce Esme (French way – essmay or English way – essmee).

      • Either Way

        I completely agree that Renesmee was a ridiculously stupid name. Just like with so much in these books, I just had to suspend belief that anyone (even someone as young as Bella with no life experience) would forge such a name and use it.

      • Gil

        it is both her and edwards mothers name put together

      • Sarah

        YES. Combining their mothers’ names? Total trailer trash move.

      • Daphne

        Stupider yet is the nickname “Nessie” that she’s called LOL horrifying

      • alan smithee

        Why not use Sususudio? People can certainly pronounce it.

      • Jack 2211

        Meyer conveniently breaks it down phonetically in the book. Sigh.

        I’m guessing that, behind the scenes, Bella wrote out a few verions — Charlisle-ina, Esme-ée, Charlesmée — on the stacks of cash the Cullens keep lying around.

      • Michelle

        Her middle name is Carlie – Carlisle and Charlie combined. I would’ve rather had that for first name and made Reneesme the middle name.

  • Melissa Rhoad

    Foy is still playing Renesme this girl is going to play an older version during a flash sequence when jacob imprints

    • Ka

      I thought Jacob imprinted on Renesme when he first saw her, right after she was born

      • @Ka

        He does.

      • alejandra

        God I use to like the twilight series b4 stephenie meyers became so obsessed with makeing $ instead ofmgood books. Like Really? A werewolf imprints on a half human half VAMPIRE baby of the girls u Love? Rellay?

      • Agree

        Jacob did imprint when he saw Renesmee (still what a dumb name) and Meyer ABSOLUTELY got out of hand chasing the money…

      • Mary

        he imprints on her when he is walking down the staris after bella “DIES” (not really obivously) and sit down at the bottom of the stairs and is watching Renesmee and Rosalie on the couch. He gets this feeling and next thing you know he imprints. totally protective of her and loves her.

  • Chelsea

    Mackenzie Foy isn’t just a rumor, there were pictures of her on set on another celeb site.

  • Anna

    Sense when was Renesme supposed to be grown up? I thought at the end of the book she was supposed to be a toddler.

    • @Anna

      I think they’re aging her somewhat more to make the whole pedophile thing slightly less obvious.

    • annamorphos

      They’re going to do a flash forward sequence at the end of the movie. They’re going to jump forward years later, and show all the Cullens (including Nessie) down the road.

      • Anna

        i see. interesting

    • Sam

      They are pulling a “this isn’t in the book” flash forward. We will see Jacob and an older Reneesme sucking face.

      • Oh great

        It’s still a bit weird…

    • kimberlee

      yes that is true, renesme is only suppose to look like 3 years old, at the end of the book edward sets her in a crib

  • mitch

    si va a jugar el papel de Renesmee en el libro cuarto de la madrugada hora saga de crepúsculo no está mal que ella es hermosa y realmente no puedo esperar a ver esto en noviembre

    • Can’t Help It

      You do and you’ll clean it up!

    • angelina

      it means if she is going to play renesmee in the forth book Breaking Dawn i can not wait to see it in November. On a personal note, i like her middle name better – Carly

    • alan smithee

      Don’t make me go get mi sleeping esposo up to translate this…um, paper, book, four, and, november…honey! Your gringa needs help.

  • miss k

    I hope this means they’re gonna show us a little epilogue at the end! I’ve always wanted to see Jacob and Renesmee grown up together.

  • Katie

    She’s very pretty and “looks” right, I guess. I’m not a Renesmee fan — the whole imprinting thing really, really turned me off. Even if it’s not strictly speaking pedophilia (he won’t do anything with her until she’s older), it’s still child conditioning and creepy as hell, to me, not romantic.
    I’m gonna see the first part for the wedding. After that, I’m done.

    • annamorphos

      Good luck with that.

      • Katie

        Thanks. :-)
        I know you’re being sarcastic, but all the same …
        And I know several people who are like me — they want to see the wedding and the honeymoon, and have no interest in the second part.

    • Charlotte

      Completely agree with the creep factor with Jacob. Why do I always think Big Love when I think of what happened?

    • me

      Isn’t Stephenie Meyer Mormon?

      • Mary

        yepp. she is. thats why she only told her sister in the beginning when she first started writing the books. and i believe when she sent it out to be published is when she finally told everyone. not 100% on that part though.

  • annamorphos

    I think it’s a great idea to have a flash forward. The ending that Meyer gave us in the book was extremely unsatisfiying and, frankly, a bit of a cop out.

    • Betty

      I have to agree with you about the ending being a cop out. It could have been so much better and the flash forward will help.

  • Vinny

    Who cares? This is just going to be another lame Twilight movie where the three leads just stand and gaze at one another. Kristen Stewart with stutter, twitch and blink 90% of the time. And the rest of the cast will just stand around awkwardly in the background until they say their one small line and then go collect their paycheck. Also, why does Breaking Dawn need two movies? I know it’s a huge book, but there definately isn’t enough story in it to justify two movies. And if they’re doing two movies, why are they releasing them within a year of each other, rather than release them six months apart like other two-part films like Kill Bill and Harry Potter 7? If they filmed both parts back-to-back, they can surely have their release dates closer than a year apart.

    • miss k

      The second one comes out in summer of 2012. So it’s exactly like Harry Potter’s release dates. And if you don’t like it, don’t bother commenting.

      • ???

        I could’ve sworn they were skipping summer 2012 and having the second part open in November 2012. I just checked IMDB and they still just have “2012” for the second part. I’m still about 95% sure it’s November, though, NOT summer.
        They’d be crazy to open it in summer 2012, too much competition already.

      • B Gomez

        The 2nd part of Breaking Dawn isn’t coming out until Nov. 16,2012

    • redwine

      I think that was the most perfect description of Kristen Stewart’s acting style I have ever heard.

      • liveinthenight

        yeh so tru she is the worst actor i have eva seen especially in the last 2 twilight moves… i was sittin there thinkin my 3yr old brother could play a better bella!!

      • Sarah

        Here!Here! It’s about time someone had some sense. K.Stewart can’t act at all. Why she is so popular is beyond me.

    • RobA

      It may have something to do with the actors’ prior commitments. Coordinating schedules for a cast that big for 2 movies can’t be easy.

  • dee123

    What on earth is a “Renesmee”?

    • jodipo

      an unfortunate, rapidly aging, child bride

    • karyn

      renesmee is apparently the name you bestow upon your kid if you want it t be made fun of for all eternity – what a dumb name

  • Lynn

    I read the books before I let my daughter read them. How did so many people seem to miss the fact that appearance-wise, Renesmee will never look older than 9 or 10? Jacob acknowledges this, as does Bella after the other half-human and half-vampire child comes.

    • Kirby

      Renesmee will be fully mature and stop aging in 9 or 10 years. But she won’t look that young.

      • Lynn

        Well, the book makes it pretty clear that she will perpetually look like a child. I believe the boy is described as looking somewhere between 9-11, so…yes, she will look that young.

      • @Lynn

        I’m NOT a fan of the demon spawn, but she won’t look like she’s 9 or 10 for eternity. She’ll finish aging in 9 or 10 years; not the same thing! I was under the impression that she’d look about 17 forever, once she stopped aging. A very convenient age — old enough that getting with the pedowolf wouldn’t be too creepy, but young enough to still be hawt.

      • Fridge

        Pedowolf—LOL. Now that’s a great comment.

      • Shi Rin

        Renesmee will mature in 7 years, but she’ll look older. Nahuel (half-vampire boy) is described as young man and he says he matured in 6-7 years.

      • LaLa

        You are right Kirby.

    • Sam

      Thank you Lynn! I have been thinking the same thing for a while now

    • Cori

      Sorry Lynn, you’re wrong. Stephenie Meyer writes that Renesmee will stop aging around 9 or 10 but she will look older. Which is why when she is only a few months old they have to tell Charlie she is around 1. At the end of the book, the half-vampire, half-human boy says he matured around 9 but his physical description is also of a late teenaged boy.

      • katie

        You’re exactly right, Cori. She would stop aging around 9-10 actual years, but she ages rapidly. Like she had been alive for a year or so and she looked 5 or do (during the face off with the Volturi). And as long as Jacob keeps turning into a wolf, he wouldn’t age much more than 25 or so. And he’ll keep turning as long as there are vamps around (i.e. Renesmee or the Cullens). So, they wouldn’t look that different physically.
        Still creepy though and a cop out ending from Meyer.

      • Claire

        Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Jacob mention to Bella in one of the earlier books that another member of his pack had imprinted on a toddler as well? But that it wasn’t a romantic relationship just one where he felt compelled to take care of her?

      • angelina

        Claire – you are correct, when imprinted on a child, the wolf becomes like a babysitter that would protect her and care for her and do what was needed until the girl comes of age. they dont have any feelings but of protector type.

      • Collin

        That’s exactly what Lynn said…you both were making the same point. Just wanted to point that out.

      • Collin

        Whoops, read the wrong comment. I retract that statement.

    • Melissa

      You are wrong, Lynn. She will look like a young woman based on the evidence of another hybrid. Read that part of the book again to find out for yourself.

    • LaLa

      Kirby is right. She will be fully mature…not 9-11. You read it incorrectly.

  • Trey

    Renesmee is the dumbest name I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • stella

    though i have to admit, this girl looks like an exact hybrid of robert pattinson and kristen stewart.

  • Laura W

    Random question: do we know who’s playing the kids of the Harry Potter epilogue? That is a terrible name…it sounds like a STD…

    • @Laura W

      Yeah, they announced them quite a while ago. Check out some of the fan sites, they should have pictures from when they were filming the epilogue. Not sure on the exact names, but physically speaking, I remember thinking they were all pretty spot-on.

  • Gracie

    Renesme (sp?) is an odd name but, as explained in the book, it is a combination of Renee and Esme, Bella’s and Edward’s mothers, respectively.

    • Vina

      That is most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Why not just name the kid Renee Esme? And how the heck dp you pronounce it? Renny-smee? Renay-smay? Ugh.

      • quinn

        hahahahaha. right. why not just have a child with two first names. its not that uncommon. like mary beth or john paul. its not necessarily “cool” and it’s annoying for the child but it’s a HELL of a lot better than Renesmee which has TOO many Es

      • katie

        Agree, it is a dumb name. I think it’s pronounced “Renay-smay”.

    • Dave

      I think it’s pronounced “Ren-ez-may.”

      • tipsy

        Yep, that should be right unless they pronounce Esme as ez-mee. Considering that Esme gets 3 seconds per movie, I didn`t notice how they pronounce the name.

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