Lindsay Lohan wears fancy pants to court. Who decides her attire?

lindsay-lohan-courtroom-dressImage Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/; David Buchan/; Toby Canham/Getty Images; Toby Canham/Getty ImagesOn Feb. 9, Egyptian civilians were still in the throes of protest and South Korea agreed to resume discussions with North Korea over humanitarian issues, but all Hollywood could talk about that day was The. White. Dress. (Idiocracy, guys. It’s coming! Yay humanity!) You know, the Kimberly Ovitz-designed dress Lindsay Lohan wore to her arraignment, during which she pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft charges, filed after the actress was accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace in Venice, Calif. Supporters felt the white was wise to enforce her innocent claims; detractors felt an outfit that confined her curves was too revealing for a court appearance that could lead to the confines of a jail cell.

Today, however, Lohan showed up to her grand theft hearing wearing a much more conservative outfit (reportedly made up of Chanel, Lanvin, YSL, and Tres Glam jewelry), despite a low-cut shirt, prompting many to wonder whether she intentionally covered up after her last dress incited anger in some observers. Though Lohan’s camp isn’t commenting on the matter, L. Londell McMillan — a lawyer for celebrities like Michael Jackson, Prince, Spike Lee, Russell Simmons, and Kanye West — tells EW that it’s not an unthinkable possibility. “I think it was perhaps a response to the public, but more in direct relation to her lawyer [taking] control over all the elements and aspects of the case,” he says. “I think it was an improvement, because it showed that there was respect for the court of law.”

But does a celebrity’s lawyer have a say over what their clients wear to court? According to McMillan, it’s a balancing act between the lawyer, the celebrity, and their stylist. “On one hand, you have a stylist [that] looks to really push the concept that no press is bad press and the world stage is upon them and they want to look fashionable and stylish, because they’re going to get the cameras and the front pages of magazines,” he says. “But from a legal point-of-view, you don’t want to send the wrong signal to the judge and the jury. You don’t want to give the signal that you’re here as a publicity stunt and you’re not really remorseful and not seriously concerned with the case. You want to show contrition at times, and not be the most stylish flower in the garden.”

Ultimately, however, the celebrity gets the final say, forcing his/her legal team to trust in the actor or actress’ judgment. Not that a celebrity will necessarily torpedo their case if they wear a provocative outfit to court — McMillan says it’s rare that someone’s clothing could affect the legal process that much, even if it affects their public image. (“I didn’t think Michael Jackson’s pajamas was a great look, but it didn’t hurt him either,” he says.) Lohan should, however, continue to be mindful of her wardrobe: “I love Lindsay Lohan. She’s a rebel,” McMillan says. “But she might want to tone down some of the outfits in court.”

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  • MsDaisy

    Apparently she’s really just wants to wear prison orange.

  • Jason

    I think all the above outfits look pretty good. She’s a pretty girl. Just really screwed up.

    • lefty

      Seriously…she looks great!

      • steph

        I wish she’d quit trying to make bleach blonde happen though. It just does not work for her!

      • Loyalty

        Looks great!!! For a hooker.

    • Sarah

      Agreed! I really like the outfit on the far right. Too bad she’s wearing it for a court appearance…

    • deedee

      I dont think the fact that she is pretty is the point of this article

      • Jason

        No the point of the article was her clothing choices, which I also commented on…..

    • MrsDolly

      The white dress is pretty, but she did not look comfortable in it. It was just a couple of sizes too small.

      • Katya

        I don’t think it’s too small, it just looks that way because it’s a crew neck pulled over a large chest. I hate that, it looks awful.

  • allie

    HOW in the hell is that outfit more conservative??? Have you seen her boobs? WTF??

    • Disgusted

      Her appearance is emphasized so we’re distracted momentarily from her dark, ugly character – a real shame and gross lack of respect for the judicial system.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    The girl is a loon but the clothes actually look pretty good.

  • Nick T

    Best dressed criminal ever.

  • Ktct

    She is a pretty girl, and she does look good…for a night out. Seriously, she blames her stylist for not returning the necklace and then appears in court like this? Umm…paging the stylist.

  • LOL


  • Strepsi

    @KATE WARD — what are you smoking? This is a “conservative” outfit? It comes with designer shades and a top slit down to her midriff. Only a soft-core trash like Lindsay could call this conservative and respectful.

    • Anon

      She needed a more supportive bra with it, too. She was bouncing like crazy.

  • frank

    I really like Lindsey, she could make a comeback if she could just stay out of the limelight for a while. She needs to take some small thought out parts, at this point , no one wants to put her in a movie. Maybe she needs to get on TV where there is less of concern about outside antics, look at Charlie Sheen. But, she is a very sexy girl, she just needs to dress better and keep the sexy pictures for magazines. And she needs a good man in her life to give her some support. She has too many bad people around her.

    • ajmalzx


    • Jimmie

      I completely agree. She has so much potential. If she would only get herself together and calm down.

  • Sue

    Complete stupidity. No sense at all regarding what is appropriate.

  • Kris

    The 2nd to the right look, looks the best on her, incidentally it is the one where she is the most covered up.

    • BLM

      Yeah, but she’s wearing jeans, JEANS, to court. Very disrespectful.

  • Le HIROSHI a la mode

    “On Feb. 9, Egyptian civilians were still in the throes of protest and South Korea agreed to resume discussions with North Korea over humanitarian issues, but all Hollywood could talk about that day was THE. WHITE. DRESS.”

    – –

    LOL. . .Welcome to America (Hollywood). : ) . . . JK. . . By the way, thanks to Kate Ward, and Wire & Getty, for the update and nice pix.

    – –

    In no regard to the occasion, here’s my take from L to R: B, B, B-, C+

    – –

    If a fashion victim could be represented by laws, then to the far right, LiLo might have another case going on. That wrinkled creamy white skirt really troubled me : ) And those cloglike black stilettos too, for raw fish’s sake! (She’s got a non-European tiny frame; and, IMO, the skirt and those shoes simply make her look a bit shubby to me. Just say’n.)

  • Adriana

    the ways she dress up,is stuning,shut up!!!for those who are saying ngatively n badly about her,don’t you all,4gote that no man is perfect,so just judge on your self by looked at a mirror…

    • Jerry

      I hope and pray English is not your first language. Otherwise…

    • kwsurf

      Please! Take some English lessons if you’re going to be pointing fingers at people — Seriously…

    • a person with compassion

      I agree Adriana! What is wrong with this world that the media pubicly is allowed to stalk a human being and write about it and it’s legal. This girl has addictive issues like millions of others in the USA. Leave her alone. Let her heal. Our country is a mess in need of people to care about it. What gives media? You need to go to rehab. You got problems too. We have more issues than a girl who should, like Robert Downey, be able to move on when she heals to a great career because she is a great actress and she can wear what she wants, dang lady GaGa does and she is famous for it. WAKE UP AMERICA>>>>lets report our USA news not Gossip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all created equal. I am praying for her!

  • Dexter

    She picked it because she is a moron that’s GOING TO JAIL.

    • a person with compassion

      You and those that condemn are part of the problem..but the constitution states we have free speech so I will not condemn you. Also a part of the contitution is that we are all created Equal or are you better? I know I am not …but that’s just Me. I am praying for The USA…Do you think and read about that? If you need the exact location in the Constitution about what it says, let me know. Also if you need Scripture, I would be glad to provide that for you also.
      In the meantime I will pray for you. No, I am not picking on you.
      I simply was moved by the moron word.


      • wilby

        “Also a part of the contitution is that we are all created Equal”

        under the eyes of the law… you forgot that oh-so relevant part.

        you can skip the scripture, as you haven’t a single shred of material evidence nor a logical proof for your imaginary godfairy savior friend. as such, quoting scripture is putting the cart before the horse.

  • fancypants

    thanks for the headline shout-out :)
    but ewwwwwwwwwwww…..Lindsay Lohan…. *shudder*

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