David Archuleta vlogs about his split from Jive Records, continues to be adorable

How is American Idol runner-up slash human Beanie Baby David Archuleta coping since being dropped from his record label? Apparently, pretty well. Yesterday, the singer posted a video on YouTube in which he addresses the separation — after telling a cute story about celebrating his sister’s birthday and describing his President’s Day trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, of course. (This kid is 20 years old? Seriously?)

According to Archuleta, “Jive has been changing as a company” — both Sony Music president Barry Weiss and Jeff Fenster, Archuleta’s A&R representative, have left Jive recently. Additionally, notes Archuleta, he’s also changing as an artist, so continuing to work with Jive “just didn’t feel like the right thing now.” Still, he’s optimistic about what might be coming next: “I’m looking forward to the future, what David is going to be giving to you guys!” Aww, there’s that can-do spirit that made us swoon for Archie in ’08! Watch the video for yourself below. 

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  • apolloallyn

    awww! pinch his little cheeks *eye roll*

    • Elmo

      Archie was never going anywhere and def will not for sure now. Bieber is taking over the world and no other teenie bopper type can come close to that. No one cares about Archie his voice or his stupid music.

      • Alice

        David is not really a teeny bopper type. He has fans of all ages because he’s a good singer. No swagger, flirt or pyrotechnics needed and he doesn’t need autotune to sound good.

      • Paul

        @Elmo….well you are obviously a pedophile as well as ignorant.

      • Marie

        bieber’s taking over the world?? jeez… more of like his haters are taking all over the world. >:P

    • Lmaoo

      Justin Bieber is a snotty little brat. His music totally sucks. He sounds like a girl He’s a wannabe Michael Jackson. David Archuleta is totally amazing and the nicest guy. he deserves this title. JB can get the sissy voiced title. Justin Bieber is just doing this for the money, not you guys.

  • BK

    Argh. It’s a really bad idea to refer to yourself in the third person. Always.

    • Sideways Jack

      George is getting upset!

      • BK


    • Mells

      Maybe instead of talking about himself in the third person he was actually referring to David Cook who is gearing up to release his sophmore album…. ;-P

  • Sonny

    Never heard of ‘em.

    • Jo

      oh please

    • bob

      Don’t be ignorant.

  • Michael


    • gracie

      It gets old. not fun any more.

      • AC

        agreed. never was

    • A different Michael

      When someone’s not gay (and for that matter when he/she is gay), it’s just not funny. You’re the one who looks stupid.

  • gracie

    Why is it a surprise that this clean cut young man doesn’t drink alcohol or not a party animal and always does something for family? This time, he took his little sister, to fun places for her birthday and enjoyed time together. That sounds what a good brother would do for his little sister.

    • Suzanne

      I think the writer didn’t understand that he went to Six Flags as a gift to his sister, who’s about 12-ish, not because he hangs out at theme parks as a regular thing.

      • steve

        but who doesn’t love roller coasters? Especially a 20 year old. Why is that crazy? I suppose the writer assumes that ALL 20 year olds get drunk at college parties and get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions like MTV says you’re supposed to be doing.

  • Will G

    I feel for Archie, but he’s spinning this to make it seem like it was his decision to leave Jive and not the other way around. Maybe he should go into politics. Just kidding, I hope he’s able to continue doing what he loves.

  • Allen

    Great guy. Great voice. Wish him all the best.

  • BeBe

    Ciara left Jive too…maybe same reason?

    • Chichi

      Yes, they both were flopping more than pancakes on a griddle.

  • Jason

    He kinda looks like Andy from Cougar Town…but with hair.

  • Marin

    David Archuleta doesn’t do “spin” (made me chuckle though, thanks) … the “reporter” got it wrong and Archie decided to jump from Jive’s sinking ship. The label gave “The Other Side of Down” zero promotion, which is a shame because it’s a great album that shows off that amazing voice & soulfulness of his.

    • Will G

      Where is your evidence that he “decided to jump from Jive’s sinking ship”? That would be highly unusual, and IMO amount to career suicide, while it is quite common for labels to drop underperforming artists from their rosters.

      Despite his noting that key executives have left, he has nothing but great things to say about how he was treated by Jive, so I’m not buying that he decided to leave.

      • gracie

        Sorry, Will.
        Are you saying he’s lying? Ask 100 random people in the entertainment biz a question which one is more believable. Jive lying or David Archuleta lying. 99 people would say David Archuleta doesn’t lie and 1 person from Jive would say they released him because he didn’t want to continue working with them. So that’s the truth. He would never take a risk to do something against his integrity.

      • Marin

        My evidence is this vlog… Archuleta clearly says Jive asked him “to continue working with them but it just didn’t feel like the right thing right now.” It’s not highly unusual, artists with talent & potential like his change labels all the time. It’s amazing “The Other Side of Down” sold 67,000 with no promo, and I’m sure the peeps left at Jive realize that.
        And why does Archuleta have nothing but great things to say about Jive? Because he is a class act … that’s how he rolls. *cue Idol finale flashback*

      • Will G

        Sorry, as I said I feel for him, but I think Jive’s statement would have said he decided not to renew his contract if that were the case.

        I think he’s trying to put the best face on the situation for his fans, as he says he doesn’t want them to worry about him. If I were in his situation I might do the same thing. But yes, it’s still “spin” IMHO.

      • Fan!

        No, no they wouldn’t.

        Record companies are starting to die and loose money. Does anyone know that that’s not in the industry? Maybe, but not like the the actual industry. I’m getting inside information from one of my professors I can’t even share and it’s alarming.
        They don’t want to make themselves look bad, and, they did want to keep David. Are they a little bitter, don’t know. I can’t tell you that.
        They have a lot of artists that are having fans complain about promo like Archuleta fans were. I heard that Chris Brown isn’t getting hardly any promo for his new album and google Ciara’s statement about begging Jive to let her go.
        Jive didn’t promote David. I promise you they didn’t.
        This is also why the source said “he was released from our roster.”

      • prd9601

        Jive has not offered any official word on the split just an unnamed Jive source who said Archuleta was released, not dropped. He was contracted for 3 cds and he produced 3 cds.

      • gracie

        Will, if you still can’t believe, I can’t convince you to believe him. It’s your choice. But during his writing sessions before the album came out, he talked about differing ideas with Jive, and he said he couldn’t be someone he’s not.
        The vlog was not just for his fans, rather it’s his official statements to the media and the music world, and in his nature, he doesn’t know how to spin. Simple is that.

      • Lisa

        Um, Gracie – I don’t think 99 people would know who David Archueta is let alone know that he isn’t lying. Seriously? He was a geeky kid on AI that went on to sell like five albums to family members. But you believe HE made the decision to leave a “sinking ship.” Riiiiight.

      • gracie

        haha. You don’t get it. He has a reputation in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS as a clean cut and honest young man. I said the “entertainment” business, not you or American Idol viewers. He has sold more than a million records in his career for 3 years. Your joke selling 5 CDs to his family is very funny. lololol. If you were him, would you lie when the whole music business is watching you and you are still doing the music business?

      • Paul

        @Lisa – don’t talk smack if you’re too stupid to do some research – His first album went PLATINUM and his Christmas album went GOLD. Do you normally give opinions that you know nothing about???? Moron…..

  • nanz

    David is the one telling the truth: he was offered to stay but decided it was to go. He was not dropped, he was released because he decided not to renew a contract with Jive. He deserves to be with a label who gets his musical genius, integrity, class and values. The media should stop putting out these negative stories without verifying the facts. He is a real talent and genuinely kind person so give him a break. Don’t count him out yet because the best of David Archuleta is yet to come.

  • Freddie

    Why are you repeating and linking to the false report that he was “dropped”? He very clearly states that Jive offered him a deal to stay, and he said no. That explains why he was so happy — as folks have said, Jive is going down the tubes and failed to promote his last album. But like the classy guy he is, David thanked them for their time together. And no, that wasn’t “spin,” LMAO. David is the most honest, forthright person in show business. He is genetically incapable of deception.

  • kath

    David is not spinning this. David does not know how to be anything but completely honest. He was not dropped, although the media wants to believe that.

  • Doug

    Well, love him or leave him, Jive wasn’t doing him any favours, so good for Archie for taking some control – I’m sure he hasn’t been given much since the Idol ’08 finale.

  • Marti

    Why would you think it’s strange for David to take his little sister, who’s maybe 9 or 10 years old to Magic Mountain. You think he should he take her, to a strip club or something? He doesn’t get to see him family a lot because of traveling so much and I think it was very thoughtful of him to find a say to celebrate her birthday that would be fun for her. But then David is always thoughtful, unlike most reporters and journalists.

    • genie

      You mean reporters like Hillary Busis who has no imagination other than to resort to the really tired and truly tiresome old tactic of infantalizing him that EW was famous for before and after season 7? David is a great guy. Period.

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