Rush Limbaugh doesn't think Michelle Obama is fit to fight obesity. Seriously.

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh went on a three-minute rant, blasting First Lady Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move! initiative directed at fighting childhood obesity, after she and her family were spotted at a restaurant in Vail eating short ribs. He called Obama a hypocrite for encouraging people to eat “cardboard and tofu… roots, and berries and tree bark” when “it doesn’t look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice…I’m trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you.” Apparently, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for anyone to use their position as a public figure to promote healthy eating except Hollywood starlets, swimsuit models, and, presumably, fitness professionals. Here’s the audio:

Rush himself has in the past tried to eat healthy and lose weight, so it’s odd that he feels so badgered by Let’s Move! and its attempt to get children to do the same — so badgered, in fact, that he chose to use his massive radio show platform to demonize Obama and her campaign, and say that by enjoying some short ribs while on vacation (an active ski vacation, no less) she is unfit to lead the effort. (The fact is, Obama has repeatedly stressed that eating right is about moderation, not deprivation, which means it’s okay to splurge every now and then.) What’s more, Rush attempted to make his case by claiming the fit, beautiful 47-year-old mother-of-two sets a bad example because (in his opinion, anyway) she doesn’t measure up to 25-year-old model Irina Shayk.

Rush Limbaugh is hugely successful because of his criticism of anyone to the left of his expressed political agenda, so it’s no shocker that he’s chosen to fan the flames of hate against Obama. But doing so because she ate short ribs and may not quite measure up to women who pose in bikinis for a magazine is just too absurd an argument to let go. So at the risk of being folded into Rush’s “new castrati,” I think it’s appropriate to ask that we pause for a moment, process this, and kindly request that Rush Limbaugh somehow find a way to tolerate Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move! campaign. Isn’t trying to get kids to eat healthy foods a better use of her public-figure status than using it to tear other people down?

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  • mrpeabody

    Rush Limbaugh = big fat drug addict. Who cares what he says, besides his moron fans.

    • LOL

      The Pig Man is a national joke.

      • Dan

        His “dittoheads” are the real national jokes. At least Rush is getting rich off of their stupidity.

      • PMD

        I am so sick and tired of Rush and Glen demonizing any efforts the people in power make to improve this nation. And Dan you are absolutely right because the idiots that believe these two jokers are the biggest fools, because Rush and Glen keep getting rich off of their idiocy!!!

      • Colleen

        He is a political commentator. I do not always agree with what he says, but I don’t believe he was BLASTING her. He was pointing out her own “words”. He is right, if you are going to lead in something, you may have to sacrifice something yourself. Please, the liberal commentators do the same thing, so if you are the intellects you say you are, listen to everyone with “open” ears. You might learn something.

    • hc

      Personal attacks aside, he’s completely wrong about her position. She’s mentioned that she indulges in hamburgers, fries, etc. once in awhile, but it’s about consistently eating a healthy diet. It takes a pretty petty and disgusting person to try and politicize eating a healthy, reasonable diet.

      • kimmy

        Exactly. Michelle has never said she doesn’t indulge, she just does it in moderation combined with physical activity. How the hell can anyone criticize a woman that encourages children and families to eat healthy and exercise??

    • GS

      This is one man who should be exterminated. He is foul and horrible and a total waste of oxygen! Why people listen to him and keep him famous, I’ll never know!

      • LB

        i’m with you on your comment GS. Rush, go pop some more pills you moron and leave the rest of us alone!!

    • Rush

      I think Rush has familiarized himself with a short rib or two in his time. Pot, meet kettle.

      • BG 17

        Pot-Belly is more like it…

    • kato

      The man is an ass. I saw last night that her entire meal was around 600 calories… he must be confusing her meal with HIS version of RIBS for dinner… Ignorant ASS!!

    • Rush’s Heart

      While I know some of you don’t believe I exist, I do. Don’t worry, with the prescription pain pill abuse, fast food diet, and lack of exercise, I’m set to give out within 5-10 years.

    • Anne

      moron !!! Rush is laughing all the way to the bank. and I would say ‘ditto’ to you

    • Jay

      The real mystery is why people listen to this big fat drug addict in the first place. Staring into the sock drawer is more entertaining.

    • Rose

      And how big is Rush’s waistline again?

    • J. Stevens

      Freedom of Speech remember?

      • K smith

        Just because you are free to say it doesn’t make it right. Some people need to censure themselves instead of making a living off of spreading hate. SMH

    • Carla

      Yeah. Rush Limbaugh. Big fat drug addict pervert. A model of healthy living….

  • jv

    what a friggin moron…go overdose on presciption pain killers!

    • Devin Faraci

      Who cares what this idiot says? Is EW trying to be Huffingtonpost?

      • dm

        AMEN to that!! Stick to movies, TV, books, music, EW!!

      • Ella

        Agreed! Conservative talk radio is stretching it in terms of pop culture relevance…

      • Kat

        Radio entertainment is a perfectly legit genre to write about for EW.

  • Faith

    Rush is a racist pig.

  • stormie71

    cause he is the picture of health that you want kids to look up to

    • maggie

      Rush is afraid that they’ll take away junk food from the grocery stores and he won’t be able to keep up his blimp-like physique.

      • ZRob


    • Sherri

      Newsflash, Rush. The majority of women DON’T project the image of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Why should Michelle?

      • Kate

        @Sherri, that’s not quite the right argument. Many women in America are overweight and clearly don’t look like Swimsuit Models and many women are perfectly healthy and don’t look like models, I would put Michelle Obama with the later. By grouping them all together though you are losing the fact that Michelle Obama is a healthy woman, not just a “regular” woman. Majority and regular are words that are defined by the people of the time. Unfortunately, in America today these two words mean overweight which is exactly the opposite of Michelle Obama. I agree with your sentiment that it is absolutely unreasonable of Rush to expect all women to look like swimsuit models and starlets, in fact, many of those figures probably have underweight BMIs, but I think it is important not generalize, particularly when we are talking about healthy bodies in America.

      • spike

        Kate wrote:
        By grouping them all together though you are losing the fact that Michelle Obama is a healthy woman, not just a “regular” woman.

        Kate, how do you know that she is healthy?

      • Zakry

        @Spike – what makes you think she isn’t?

    • gypzyjedi

      Spit up my coffe when I read this. Then I got the sarcasim.

  • Kari

    I really dislike Rush Limbaugh. Yes it a good idea to eat healthy most of the time but it ok to eat a little unhealthy every once in a while.

    • Melissa

      This. In fact, people are more successful in eating healthy when they allow themselves a splurge every once in a while.

      • BJohnson

        This pretty much shows how Rush doesn’t follow any healthy lifestyle. Everyone who does knows that you’re allow to splurge. Was he mad cause he couldn’t get any spare ribs?

    • Thom

      Short ribs aren’t even unhealthy. That’s protein and protein is good for you!

      • footballmom

        You must be from the South (as am I) :)

      • not thom

        er… no. The presence of protein is not what makes something healthy or not. Short ribs are high in fat, calories and cholesterol. I’m not judging what anybody ate – but let’s not confuse short ribs with something that’s good for you.

      • sils71

        Of course. Bacon is also protein. More of that healthy bacon protein for everyone! Woohoo!

    • Mocha

      I completely agree–Rush doesn’t seem to understand that Let’s Move is about moderation, not starvation. And didn’t he go on that weird pills-and-no-exercise diet last year, went to the hospital for mysterious chest pains, and end up gaining all his weight back? He really has no grounds to be criticizing Michelle’s health habits when he clearly knows so little about them.

      • Ames

        What I would really like to know is if Rush (and others like him) really believe what they are saying, or if its all a performance for their audience. The conclusions they jumps to are just so absurd it’s hard to believe a rational person would really believe that.

      • Stephanie

        Ames, I think you hit the point here. Rush is an “entertainer.” I think he knows he can incite his base who already hate the Obamas by claiming false things about a proactive, non-punitive healthy campaign. He knows enough of his audience won’t bother to get information on the program from another source, so the misinformation fuels the hate even more. It’s really ugly. I am astounded at the way our society cannot manage to be respectful anymore.

      • ALM

        Ames, you’ve echoed what I’ve been saying for a long time–I’m not sure these “pundits” (Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, Hannity et al) actually believe all of what they say. My view is that they get their jollies coming up with the most outrageous things they can think of, then sit back and see if the lesser-educated half of the country falls for any of it.

      • K. Harker

        I agree Ames, except I think these are carefully constructed personas used to bring in ratings and money – after all, that is all these people care about. Although I have a theory that Beck suffered a psychotic break a few years back, and no one who watches noticed. Seriously, his “logic” is similar to those I’ve seen in delusional patients.

  • ks

    have you looked in the mirror?? What a windbag!

  • Eric

    Rush Limbaugh is a big fat pig..he has no room to talk and as you can see with his waistline why hes on radio and not on TV Michell Obama Is one fine looking woman, this guy is just nuts..i used to like this man many years ago..but i beleive he has lost touch with reality, and his Mind

  • Charles

    Why is this foolishness on this site? These individuals are not entertainers. Maybe it was a slow news day reported on Hollywood actors.

    • Fangirljen

      Rush Limbaugh is most certainly an entertainer…and a poor one at that. You cannot believe he is a “newsman”, and even if he was, they are considered entertainers nowadays also.

      • Zack

        Rush is a political commentator, just like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are. The difference being, he actually has a listening audience.

    • Zakry

      Yes he is.

  • Kana

    The ribs see had were short ribs and only 600 calories. Kale is a very healthy food too.

    Rush is a disgusting man and needs to get a life, a painkiller free life.

  • Pink Lemonade

    Michelle Obama gets to have ribs and whatever else she wants because she takes care of herself. That goes for anyone. Moderation is the key. Rush is a man who overrode his moderation checks and balances a long time ago. Bigoted windbag that he is.

    • Anna

      “Moderation is the key”.

      There is the problem. Rush is an extremist in every sense of the word. He is a classic example of someone with Narcissistic personality disorder and splitting is one of their characteristics. They think in black and white when the rest of us see the world in color.

      • Moderate

        Agreed. What makes me sad is that extremists on both sides seem to get such huge followings.

      • orville

        That’s probably the best description I’ve ever heard of Rush and his ilk–extremist in every sense of the word.

      • Zakry

        I think Rush just showed how little he knows about diet and exercise… which shouldn’t surprise us in the least.

    • maggie

      Rush’s idea of a healthy meal is 30 OxyContin.

      • Candacetx


      • fireflystare221

        Hahahah this genuinely made me crack up. Thank you. I know addiction is never somethng to laugh at but man do I hate Rush.

      • gypzyjedi

        Rush a health critic? More proof he is a comedian and not remotely a journalist.

      • K. Harker

        It’s OK, firefly, we can laugh at Rush’s addictions because he hypocritally blasts anyone else who has issues with substances, particularly if they are of the wrong colour/class/ilk, in his twisted opinion. If you deal it out, be prepared to get it back.

      • Rose

        Only 30? lol

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    If Michelle Obama said that oxygen was good and everyone should breathe it, people like Limbaugh, Palin, and Bachmann would asphyxiate themselves just to spite her.

    • ks

      That might just work :)

    • Lori

      you may be on to something here….how do we get her to start saying this?

    • David Dohm

      We could only hope for that…would you place the call to the first lady with the suggestion, please.

    • Dudley Dorightenhaagen

      Salient point, Prunella…

    • PMD


    • sils71

      She would never say that. Instead, she would say that you are exhaling too much CO2, or not the right kind of CO2, and you need to pay extra. Unless you join a union or vote D, then you get a special waiver and others get to pay for you.

      • AltDave

        sils, you’re excreting too much BS, just like most conservatives.

    • things that make you go hmmmm

      Prunella, I agree with you completely.

    • Zack

      Hey Prunella, you and the rest of your communist friends miss the point. He simply made the argument that she’s being hypocritical by saying one thing and doing another. No one seems to get that. Yeah, she’s entitled to eat whatever she wants, but when you lead a cause, such as defeating obesity, one needs to be toeing the line on the very practice she purports to believe. It’s called leading by example.

      • Jaelynn

        She strangely is leading by example. If you deny yourself food instead of moderating it, you are actually damaging any idea of what a healthy balanced diet is. Humans do need a certain amount of fats, proteins and carbohyrdates in their diets *gasp*. A meal of short ribs, notice he didn’t mention if they were sauced or not, can be healthy in moderation. It’s when you sit down every day and have them covered in bbq sauce, add two pounds of wings on the side, and a diet coke…that’s when there’s an issue with not knowing how to diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Moose

    So, Rush feels that Mrs. Obama is not qualified to give her opinion on a balanced diet because she is not a swim suit model. By that logic, he’s not qualified to give his opinion on politics because he’s never held public office.

    • Anna

      Logic is not something Limbaugh is interested in.

      • Meredith


    • shdrew

      Actually, by that logic, he’s not fit to give his opinion on politics because he doesn’t look like Matthew McConaughey.

    • Jay

      Right on, Moose. Excellent point!!

    • Zack

      Again, you’re missing the point. No surprise, though. As flawed as his attempt was, he is attempting to point out how liberals (a majority of the people in this small audience) tell us, the American people how to live by giving us rules, guidelines and regulations and then not doing the same they expect us to do.

      • Margo

        Zack, you are the one who missed the point.
        Mrs. Obama eats healthy, with an occasional treat, and excercises every day. That is what she is encouraging us to do. She is leading by example.

  • d$

    I love EW… but once again, its all about the liberal view of everything, without regard for context. Anyone who has listened to him for longer than this short clip used will understand that his anti-michelle position is more than “she was eating steak”.
    And once again, the sheep that read this post all follow without question, because if EW says Rush is bad, then Rush is bad! And I’m guessing it is most of the same sheep that voted for Obama to begin with, and is expecting free healthcare. Maybe I can just send you a check. Learn to think for yourself, people.

    • Dave

      Funny, coming from people who call themselves “Dittoheads.”

      Don’t tell to think for myself, when every right-winger I’ve ever known waits to comment on current events AFTER they hear what Rush and Fox News have to say. Talk about a group of people who are unable to think for themselves. Embarrassing to America.

      • whatevs

        What’s embarrassing to America is that you decide to generalize an entire portion of the population because it feeds your ignorance. Inability to think for themselves is not a Republican or Democratic vice. It’s a human vice, so pull you head out of your ass.

      • pk

        If every right-winger you’ve ever known waits to comment on current events only after they hear what Rush and Fox News have to say it’s because they only know what’s happening out there in the real world by listening to those sources of information. If you want to know what’s really happening you might want to try listening to them, too. I doubt you do, though.

      • AltDave

        pk, we know that stands for “puppy killer.” You are evil and should hide yourself away from all society for the rest of your life.

    • outside agitator

      by all means…provide the context that will show the article to be in partisan error.

      • pk

        This is all part of the progressive effort to control people’s lives, in this case what people choose to eat. Heavily taxing foods they “deem” unhealthy, having their lap dog the FDA refuse to approve or outright ban certain foods, creating huge expansions in government programs already rife with waste and fraud to supply “evening dinners” to school children so the parents have even more freedom to guiltlessly use their food stamps on drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes (and making sure these dinner contracts go to their progressive buddies) all while her husband is making sure more and more people can barely afford to feed their families. They are hypocrites. That is all Rush (who never tells ANYONE what to do or how to live their lives) is saying, and he is saying it by pointing out her healthily expanding gluts (with the help of ribs, which are nothing but fat).

      • Luddite

        You’re an idiot, pk.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        pk, food stamps cannot be used to buy alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. You can’t even use them to buy hot ready to eat food at grocery stores.

      • pk

        Yeah Prunella, but there is a black market for food stamps and the fraud involved with this program is enormous (just like every other government lifetime handout program that gives to the takers what the creators of this country labor to EARN when those programs should only be for-a-limited-time safety nets). I dare you to google it.

      • Hannah

        Yeah but pk, isn’t it just another generalization that everyone who’s on foodstamps is just playing the system? What makes it ok for you to make such a claim when conservatives pitch a fit every time a liberal makes a generalization about the intelligence of conservatives? And as for those foods that are “deemed” unhealthy, they are scientifically proven to be unhealthy.

      • maggie

        Oh pk, you are so funny! Did the complete nonsense you posted come directly from Rush?

      • stella

        @pk. You’re SERIOUS? You’re seriously going to argue that Michelle Obama shouldn’t encourage (not enforce mind, you, ENCOURAGE) healthy eating in one of the most obese nations in the world? By that criteria, what was up with Laura Bush getting all up in our mug for promoting literacy? I defend my right to be an ignorant illiterate prick.


      • pk

        Hannah, the government has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER deciding what we should eat through taxation or banning foods that are not the equivalent of rat poison. “Scientific studies” that previously “deemed” saccharine a carcinogen (by feeding it to rats at a million times their weight and giving them nothing else) are now saying saccharine is not dangerous. This is, of course, decades after all the producers of saccharine were put out of business. The real kicker is that scientists are now coming out with studies that show links between obesity (the irony) and high fructose corn syrup, the heavily processed substance used to replace saccharine (and which undoubtedly made a lot of insiders rich back in the day when people were foolish enough to trust government, compassionate [lol] liberals, and “impartial, objective” scientists). I am not generalizing about food stamps. I think they should only be a safety net and not an entitlement that forces dependence on a government that doesn’t give a rat’s behind about people but only how to control everyone while enriching itself with power and our money. With the economy as it is we have more people than ever before who truly need the help and I don’t begrudge them but if I were Obama I would be embarrassed at all of this poverty created under my leadership. And believe me, there are dozens of things he can do to alleviate this suffering by getting govt. out of the way and “allowing” people to help themselves. But he won’t. Michelle, with her zillion dollar, taxpayer sponsored trips to Spain and well fed hips only appears shameless when she spouts off about other people’s weight.

      • pk

        stella, could you please tell me exactly in what way and with what words she is “encouraging” healthy eating? Watch what this government does, not what it says (unless you are smart enough to catch the marxist double-speak, not to mention the hypocrisy of our rib-eating first lady). Btw, Rush has shown many examples of this govt’s attempts to “enforce, mind you”, NOT encourage, “healthy eating” habits. That is why he was pointing out her rib-eating and double-wide behind in the first place. THINK.

      • Hannah

        pk, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have used the word “scientific.” I don’t know enough about the topic. What I meant was all that sugar and carbs and fat really add up when there is no real nutritional value in the food. When you say that there are things that Obama can do to alleviate the suffering, what do you mean? I’m not being mean, I sincerely want to know. Also, people can only help themselves so much. Look back to the Great Depression. I know this is not nearly as bad as that was, but I’m just saying. Hoover was trying to let the people help themselves, but when he, and then Roosevelt, finally intervened, it was too little too late. The damage was done.

      • Ace

        PK, honest question: Why do you live here? Why would you want to live in a country whose government you despise so fervently? Really, why?

      • fireflystare221

        pk- whatever intelligent arguments are hidden in your ramblings are lost by your insulting of Michelle Obama. “A double-wide behind”? Really? You are disgusting. I would love to see what you look like and what you eat every day so we could all sit here and critique you. Never once has Michelle Obama demanded everyone cut all joy out of their diets. She stresses healthy choices and moderation. What a concept! The Government has EVERY RIGHT WHATSOEVER to protect Americans from foods/substances that are harming them due to corportate interests. There are a lot of dangerous additives that companies have tried to sneak into food to profit. Without FDA regulation, we would be subjected to God knows what in our food/drinks. Contrary to your crazed beliefs, I don’t believe the Government is out to strike me down and impoverish me all the time (no matter what party is running the show). Keep letting Beck and Rush frighten you into submission though. Clearly it is doing wonders for their paychecks. We have become a nation of cowards. It is shameful.

      • pk

        Hannah, Roosevelt’s government intervention is responsible for the severity of that depression and why it lasted as long as it did. Depressions are a natural part of the expansion and contraction of economies and are usually over in a matter of months when taxation is greatly reduced and onerous, nonsensical regulations are eliminated. Obama (and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) created extremely burdensome regulations on all the banks that behaved responsibly with mortgage loans while letting the two main culprits of this financial disaster (Fannie and Freddie) remain exempt. That means no loans for businesses. All I have space to tell you is read an economics 101 textbook and see how everything Obama is doing is wrong (so wrong, and so harmful, it almost seems on purpose. Also, please try to explain to yourself how his stimulus helped our economy, or his “jobs bill”, or any other bill he presided over for that matter). Let me give you an example of his type of “help”: Obama placed a moratorium on off shore drilling in the Gulf (with the oil companies that use American workers). Two courts ruled that moratorium unconstitutional. Obama ignored those rulings and has enacted a 7 year moratorium in the Gulf against OUR companies. Needless to say, this has caused a great deal of unemployment in that area. One of those judges just a few days ago ruled the administration in contempt. Because we do not live in a dictatorship but a constitutional republic where the three branches of government create a system of checks and balances, that judge has the right to send federal marshals to the WH and arrest Obama (which won’t happen). Now get this. Right after the first court ruled his moratorium in the Gulf unconstitutional, Obama gave 10 billion dollars of OUR tax money to a Brazilian oil company to be used for deep sea drilling exploration off the coast of South America. Guess who has 900 million dollars invested in that company? George Soros. He has also given some of OUR money to Mexican oil companies who continue to deep-sea drill in the Gulf!

      • Margo

        “saccharine” means overly sentimental or sickishly sweet.

        Saccharin, which is the correct word for the artifical sweetener, has never stopped being made or sold. The most popular brand is Sweet’n Low, but any pick packet of artifical sweetener is most likely Saccharin. Most diet sodas contain Saccharin, even those with Aspartame.
        Saccharin wasn’t labeled a carcinogen due to “feeding it to rats at a million times their weight and giving them nothing else.” That’s just a ridiculous statement.
        Rat urine contains high pH, high calcium phosphate, and high protein levels. They combine with the Saccharin and form microcystals that damage the lining of the rodent’s bladder. This causes an overproduction of cell formation to attempt to heal the bladder lining, but often leads to tumor formation. The scientists have since found that Saccharin does not have the same reaction in humans.
        High-fructose corn syrup was not a replacement for Saccharin. HFCS is used as a replacement for sugar, and both are full of calories.
        Saccharin, is still widely used as a no-calorie sweetener. It’s the 3rd best selling artifical sweetener in the US, behind Sucralose (Splenda) and Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet).

      • pk

        fireflystare221, please give me the title of an article regarding anything having to do with Sarah Palin so I can see for myself your righteous and outraged responses to all those in the comment section who insult her looks, her intelligence, her mannerisms, her State, her husband, her daughters, her Downs Syndrome 2 year old son. For 20 years Michelle Obama willingly went to a hate-America/hate-whitey I-get-to-blame-my-mediocrity-on-all-the-people-who-actually-made-something-of-their-lives-or-else-I’d-have-to-face-my-failures-and-eat-this-chip-on-my-shoulder-myself-instead-of-forcing-it-down-someone-else’s-throat Black Liberation Theology/Marxist Theory church. The first time she was proud of her country was when a bunch of beneath-her idiots gave her community agitator husband the democrat candidacy for president. I personally think she is ok looking but if you are going to tell schools, Walmart, Mcdonalds, and the American family what to sell, serve, and eat (as well as “urging” businesses to post every calorie in everything they sell, serve, and eat. I mean, get real), then you better not be expanding yourself while your doing it. It would also be nice if that classy lady would tell all her progressive idolators to lay off Sarah, or at least her kids.

      • pk

        Margo, did I say saccharine was banned? If it’s in all the newspapers and on the news and has a warning label slapped on with the word “cancer” then what do you think will happen to your saccharine producing company? Enormous amounts of saccharine were fed to the rats in that research no matter how their bodies metabolized it and how that metabolism differs from ours. I knew there was a biological reason why it was considered safe again, I just didn’t know what it was and so what? Saccharine was considered dangerous and then it was considered not dangerous. I know that high fructose corn syrup was not developed to replace saccharine. The price of sugar went sky high and so it was used to replace sugar. I watched a film about it in economics. But maybe saccharine could have been used just as well if not for the lousy reputation. When I said “replaced” I meant as a sugar substitute in our economy (and the evilness of saccharine sure helped the investors in high fructose corn syrup I’m sure). Isn’t Wikipedia grand? I’m saying that because your comment is very similar to their information. I guess we can all be experts now, even in spelling!

      • Margo

        you talked about taxing and banning foods, and said of Saccharin, “decades after all the producers of saccharine were put out of business.”

        This implies banning. Also, the producers of Saccharin were NEVER put out of business. Saccharin is, and has been, a successful product not matter what the label said. And no, I didn’t get my information from Wikipedia. I got it from a published study. Maybe whoever put it on Wikipedia got the info from the same study. At least it shows you did some research, but it’s funny that you still posted false info here.

        The point about Saccharin is that people still had the choice to use Saccharin no matter what the label said. Mrs. Obama isn’t doing anything to take away your choice of foods, but just wants people to be better educated on nutrition and haved inexpensive, healthy choices available. Claiming that Mrs. Obama wants to “‘enforce, mind you’, NOT encourage, ‘healthy eating’ habits” is another false statement.

        “I know that high fructose corn syrup was not developed to replace saccharine.”

        So why did you write, “high fructose corn syrup, the heavily processed substance used to replace saccharine” if you knew it wasn’t true?
        “I guess we can all be experts now, even in spelling!”
        And yet you still spell it the wrong way. I guess you can’t stop posting false information, even when it’s just spelling a word correctly!

      • pk

        Margo, maybe you should have cited your “study” because word for word it’s the Wikipedia information. Don’t give me your source now because, while I don’t have the patience to look myself, I’ll bet they have a link to some study somewhere in that Wiki info. Maybe I should have said “used as a sweetener replacement” (and come to think of it, maybe saccharine was trashed to protect sugar producers) but this nitpicky crap is getting boring. Saccharine may be in those little bitty pink Sweet and Low envelopes but high fructose corn syrup is in EVERYTHING ELSE. You can’t read a label on anything without seeing it there. Also, while HFCS is full of calories just like sugar, they are beginning to find evidence that it is metabolized by our bodies differently and in such a way as to more easily lead to obesity. That’s why I said “the irony” above. As far as Mrs. Obama “not doing anything to take away my choice of foods”, let me tell you something: a few months ago the FDA refused to approve a drug that was shown to be very helpful in significantly increasing the life span of women with stage 4 breast cancer. This drug has also been shown effective with other types such as brain cancer. It took years of R&D and millions upon millions of dollars for the drug company to create it. Why did the FDA refuse to approve it? Not because of dangerous side effects or sloppy research and data. No. The FDA refused to approve it because it cost $8,000 a dose and so not everybody would be able to benefit from it, and that would result in unfairness. The drug was not approved because it was an unfair drug (despite the fact that insurance companies were ALREADY covering people using it). I thought Obama promised we’d all have the best coverage with wonderful options in medicine and he’d pay for it! Well, he lied because you know what really happened instead? Rationing. If you want to show off your intelligence than I suggest you peruse information about this administration that is of much greater import and has farther-reaching consequences to our lives than saccharine. Maybe you can start by trying to learn how Obama is subverting our democracy and working against the American people by sending his union goons into Wisconsin in order to create chaos in a state where THE PEOPLE ELECTED A GOVERNOR to get their huge runaway debt under control. This and my response below are it. I’m done. I’ll read your comments but I just don’t have the wherewithal to write about saccharine anymore.

      • Margo

        I commented on Saccharin because YOU brought it up, and made false statements on it. And if you don’t like nitpicking then stop posting false information. I don’t know why you mentioned Saccharin, which had nothing to do with Mrs. Obama, or why you are so fixated on Wikipedia, but it just seems like you are changing the subject when you can’t defend your statements.
        Is the cancer drug you are talking about Avastin? It IS approved for use in colon, lung, kidney and brain cancer. In December the FDA said it planned to not approve it for Breast Cancer. Studies didn’t show it any benefit for breast cancer patients & it increased the chance of death if used with chemo on breast cancer patients.
        The FDA is giving the manufacturer, Genentech/Roche, a chance to appeal the use in Breast Cancer. There will be a hearing June 28-29, 2011 in front of the FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee. So there is no final decision on Avastin regarding Breast Cancer use. But it has nothing to do with money, as it is already used, with government approval for types of cancer that it has shown to help (colon, lung, kidney & brain).
        BTW, Mrs. Obama has nothing to do with the FDA’s review of Avastin.
        The people protesting in Wisconsin are doing it because the Governor there is trying to end collective bargaining. The union representing state workers has already agreed to the budgetary terms the Governor wanted. But he wants to end collective bargaining, which would put the unions out of business. This has NOTHING to do with the budget, but is payback for the union not endorsing him. The people elected the governor to do his job, not to use his office for petty retaliation. If you have any doubt that is his goal, listen to his phone conversation with “David Koch”.
        Please offer proof that Obama is “sending his union goons into Wisconsin in order to create chaos.” Because Governor Walker, during his imfamous phone call, said that HE was going to send in goons to pretend to be Union members & have them create chaos to make the Unions look bad. And you can find the call posted online and listen to Walker say that himself.

      • Margo

        pk wrote:
        “Roosevelt’s government intervention is responsible for the severity of that depression and why it lasted as long as it did. Depressions are a natural part of the expansion and contraction of economies and are usually over in a matter of months when taxation is greatly reduced and onerous, nonsensical regulations are eliminated”
        Depressions are not a natural part of expansion and contraction. You are confusing Depressions with Recessions.
        Roosevelt’s New Deal did not prolong the Great Depression. The only time during the Depression that Roosevelt had a backslide in the economy was the year (1937-38) he put aside his New Deal policy and listened to the Conservatives. When Roosevelt stuck to the New Deal he had growth every year.
        According to University of California historian Eric Rauchway:

        “Excepting 1937-1938, unemployment fell each year of Roosevelt’s first two terms [while] the U.S. economy grew at average annual growth rates of 9 percent to 10 percent.”

        Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. wrote several books on the New Deal. You might want to read them before making such an uninformed statement about the Great Depression.

    • Brett

      Are you stupid? Regardless of WHATEVER context he said this in, it’s not appropriate, and it’s disgusting that he would talk about a woman like this. It’s not as deep as you want to make it. Now look who needs to think…

    • maggie

      Rush’s anti-Michelle position is based on the fact that she is:
      (a) a Democrat, and Rush can’t say anything positive about Democrats
      (b) an intelligent woman, and Rush is intimidated by them
      (c) is black
      Rush doesn’t want to hear about healthy lifestyles because it just reminds him that he’s a fat drug addict.

      • Ian

        he’s intimidated by A, B, and C.

    • jodipo

      yeah, “Think for youself” is what the sheep is telling us to do? Sorry pal, but the republican party is all about “Tow the line” not “think for yourself”

    • erin

      The irony of anyone who would defend Rush Limbaugh telling people to “think for themselves” is almost too much to handle.

      • ALM


      • Dan

        Listen to pk above. Have you ever heard such drivel that has nothing to do with reality in your life?

        Dittoheads are scared, paranoid, ignorant fools. They are cowards and embarrass me as an American.

      • @Dan

        I tried, Dan, honestly I did, but when pk starting repeating him/herself for the umpteenth time, I had to scroll down to find some intelligent life. Those scared, paranoid, ignorant fools think that if they keep talking, and keep repeating whatever lie they’re spouting, that it will somehow become true.

    • Mary K.

      This is possibly the smartest comment I have seen on this comment board all day.

    • Zack

      LOL! I like the sheep analogy.

  • Danny

    Rush is a tool, but he has a point: Mrs. Obama is not fit.

    • Alia

      That’s a load of bull. I’d wager that she’s MORE fit than those supermodels by any medical measure.

    • M

      Seriously? Have you seen her arms? Just because she isn’t 90 pounds, it does not mean she is out of shape.

    • James

      Anorexic, stick thin models are what he thinks are healthy because they are on the cover of magazines. Mrs. Obama is what a healthy person looks like and with those “guns” of hers, she could take out Rush in a heartbeat!

    • Rachel

      Are you kidding me? The woman is almost 50 years old! She looks fabulous!

    • maggie

      Rush is not fit. Mrs. Obama is very fit. Check out those guns!

    • Kat

      Yeah, Michelle Obama is totally not fit. Have you SEEN her body? She looks like an athlete, not a runway model! I mean, her bones have MUSCLE on them. What a lardo.

    • Jon


      Send me a copy of what you look like, and your age, and then we can talk again. I wish I could be healthier; I am an obese 50 year old white man, and should be taking better care of myself so I don’t end up like Rush.

  • John Davis

    Let me say first that I did NOT vote for Obama. And this attack on his wife who is taking up a cause like other First Ladies have done is crazy.

    • Jenny

      especially when it’s a cause like Childhood Obesity which is a HUGE problem in this country. I’m in nursing school right now and learning all about the terrible health problems these kids will have in their life without a lifestyle change.

      • pk

        Jenny, how exactly do you think she will change all of that by choosing it as her cause? I guess she can take them away from their parents and put them in homes where the foster parents will starve them because it will mean more money left from that government check they get. Other than that, put the parents in jail? Fine them? Ban certain foods? Tell parents it’s not their responsibility to feed their children and force them to take their kids to a government feeding station 3X’s a day? Tax groceries? Ban McDonald’s? What? People already know being fat is unhealthy. Fat kids are probably teased within an inch of their lives every day. But kids can’t go out and play like they used to because of predators. Mothers work and barely have time to feed their kids at the dining room table let alone cook. Public schools (and Michelle’s much lauded union teachers) don’t let kids even have recess outside anymore. Gym, always a joke, is now nonexistent. Cable TV, video games, do we ban these things? They’ve been blamed. Lack of sleep in today’s ADHD culture has also been blamed. How can she effect change without eliminating all of these things, and how can she eliminate all of them without crapping all over the Constitution? Even if the government controls every aspect of our lives in order to “make” us into their version of healthy we’d only get fatter. Look at those inner cities that our government created for our “own good”. Depression, crime, poverty, illiteracy, a culture of helplessness and a dependency on those who are enriched through the existence of that poverty, and OBESITY.

      • Ana

        Pk, what are you talking about? Nancy Reagan spent years telling people to “just say no to drugs.” Laura Bush spent her husband’s time in office trying to get kids to read more. They weren’t trying to control every aspect of your life and neither is Ms. Obama. Please get a grip.

      • DTO

        Let me guess. PK stands for “Partisan Krank.” Or is it “Paranoid Kook.”

      • PK

        Ugh, I hate that some moron has taken my handle!

      • pk

        Ana, how well did “just say no to drugs” work? Besides, drugs were already illegal and so needed no behind-the scene manipulations on Nancy’s part. Getting kids to read is always a good thing. Rush’s point in all of this was to first show the manipulations, power grabs, and control-freak nature of this government through its “concern” over everything related to our health (conveniently resulting in a huge expansion of government), then show our first lady’s hypocrisy.

      • Cate

        pk, what is your alternative? You have a lot to say about the government intervening in your life and forcing people to do things, but you also seem to realize that there are choices to be made in people’s diets. McDonald’s is cheap, Walmart is cheap, potato chips are cheap. This is a fact. Apart from the fact that holding models up as “healthy” role models is silly since most of them starve themselves and smoke to stay thin, what is your big objection to Michelle Obama using her platform to help people make healthy choices? How do you propose helping people to get healthier, or do you just think it’s no one’s business whether people are healthy or not?

      • pk

        Mrs. Obama has managed to get Walmart to add “healthy” food (didn’t they already have a fresh produce section?) to their shelves (all of which are expensive). That is just telling businesses what to sell. Shelves have to be cleared of some products to make room for others. When does the other boot fall and they’ll be told what not to sell? I suppose I think it’s nobody’s business to “help” someone get healthier unless they are asked by that person to provide help, but the true underlying message in my comments is that I (and many, many others) have absolutely no trust in this President, his administration, or his wife. That is something those who are upset with me on this site refuse to acknowledge. The man is proving himself to be an incredible incompetent and the “ruler” of a country he hates. He proves it a dozen times a day, every day.

      • Margo

        Walmart executive Leslie Dach said that Walmart is going to be offering healthier food options because of CUSTOMER DEMAND. Mrs. Obama was lobbying them to make sure the healthier choices are at a cheaper price. Nothing is being banned. They’ll still be offering all their usual junk food.
        Mrs. Obama just wants to make sure that parents have the option to buy healthier foods at a cheap price.

      • Stephanie

        You know what’s funny is, the typical Republican response to issues is personal responsibility. I see Michelle Obama encouraging families to make better decisions. I see no policies forcing anyone to eat better. You would think this would be in line with Rush’s thinking, but since it came out of an Obama mouth, then surely it’s wrong.

        Also… has he seen Michelle’s arms? She is cut! She has muscle and is not stick thin. This does not mean she’s not healthy. One of the fitness instructors at my gym leads cardio kickboxing several times a week and teaches other classes. She has full hips and a thicker waist, but she is not fat or flabby. Rush has a beer gut. JUST SAYIN!

      • kv

        the funniest thing about this PK person is there is nothing he or she has said that shows anything but a cult like lack of any real ability to think for oneself. You are sadly lacking any basic skills to think or reason and frankly even as someone not a Barak fan you pk you prove what is wrong with America the braindead.

        Also your God and cult leader Rush does tell people what to think and how to life anyone he hates blacks, gays, etc. While often committing the same sins he rants against- drug user!

      • pk

        Margo, did Dach say Walmart was going to offer healthier food before or after the Obamas’ thug union cronies started targeting it because it’s not unionized? Who the hell is Michelle Obama to tell Walmart at what price to sell their goods? Who the hell is she to Walmart at all except a nag with the power of the government behind her and therefore the capability of causing great misery? They already price things as low as they can. They are loved by the poor and disadvantaged in this country. Or did Dach say that when Obama was using them as an example of the greedy corporation that didn’t provide healthcare to its employees in order to “help” us all see the need in getting his abominable ObamaCare passed? You know what’s funny about that? Since ObamaCare passed Obama has given 800 companies exemptions to implementing it (though I’m sure he knows he can pull those exemptions at any time in the future. Things are just a little delicate right now what with a large percentage of Americans thinking he’s a socialist and everything) because they wouldn’t be able to keep their employees on the health insurance coverage they already provide them with. ObamaCare would have raised the cost exorbitantly for these companies (along with the workers) while reducing the amount and quality of care their employees receive. One of those companies was Walmart!

      • Margo

        Leslie Dach said that Walmart has been expanding their healthy foods for a few years. They are working on setting up their stores with local producers and farmers, because the less a product has to travel the cheaper it will be. Dach said that it’s one of the ways Walmart can make prices even lower. They were already doing what Mrs. Obama recommends, and she’s working with them to keep up & the healthy foods at low prices policy that Walmart already started. Walmart is using Mrs. Obama’s program to get free publicity for Walmart.
        You whole rant about “ObamaCare” and Walmart is wrong. Walmart changed their health benefits in 2006. Why? Because between 2000 – 2005 Walmart’s stock dropped 27 percent due to boycotts sponsored by unions such as the teacher’s union. Also, Walmart’s market research of its own employees showed that healthcare coverage was a major issue for them. Walmart’s wanted healthy & happy employees, meaning less people calling in sick, less turnover, less stressed employees. They began making major changes to healthcare coverage in 2006. All of this is long before Obama.

        According to the Washington Post:
        “Once vilified for its stingy health benefits, the world’s largest company has become an unlikely leader in the effort to provide affordable care without bankrupting employers, their workers or taxpayers in the process. From its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., the retailer is doing in the real world what many in Washington are only beginning to talk about.

        At a time when other firms are scaling back or eliminating health coverage, Wal-Mart has made a serious dent in the problem of the uninsured. New figures being released today show that 5.5 percent of its employees now lack health insurance, compared with a nationwide rate of 18 percent.

        The company has also put into practice many of the innovations that experts say will lead to higher-quality, more efficient care. Using its high-tech marketing savvy, Wal-Mart has introduced digital records, partnered with prestigious organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, and begun targeting costly health problems such as obesity and premature births.”

        Facts don’t seem to mean anything to you.

      • pk

        Margo, in my response to you I said that Obama used Walmart (and McDonalds also, btw) as an example of corporate greed because they did not supply health care benefits to their employees. After Obamacare “passed” both of those companies were among the hundreds that asked for an exemption from the law in order to be able to keep on providing health care coverage to their employees, coverage that was far less expensive and superior in every way to what Obamacare would have forced them to do. Many companies would have had to STOP providing their coverage and dump their employees on Medicaid. Obama LIED when he used Walmart as a scapegoat for corporate NON UNIONIZED greed during his campaign to get health care “passed”. That was my point. I knew they already provided insurance. Learn how to read. I never said Walmart did not provide healthier options long before Obama ascended into the WH. Years ago they said they would only buy their eggs from farmers who treated their hens humanely (along with McDonalds) and provide more organic options (though I don’t know how well the organics worked out for them). Which begs the question: why doesn’t Michelle keep her fat tush out of a business that is already doing what she says she wants it to do? She’s making it appear as though she is the one “gently but firmly nudging” these greedy, scary businesses into doing right by the poor when that’s what they’ve been doing on their own for years. The only one getting free publicity as “compassionate” and “concerned” for the poor is a woman who seems to want to take credit for firmly standing by her “beliefs” and “principles” without actually sacrificing a thing herself. She’s working with them? What is there left to be done? Oh yeah, destroy Walmart altogether and all those evil CEOs, stockholders, and the poor customers who shop there right along with it. Maybe she’ll just hang up the “healthy food at affordable prices” act and simply force them to give everything away for free, just like her husband is doing with the banks.

      • Margo

        pk wrote:
        “Obama LIED when he used Walmart as a scapegoat for corporate NON UNIONIZED greed during his campaign to get health care “passed”. That was my point. I knew they already provided insurance. Learn how to read.”
        pk’s original statement was:
        “Or did Dach say that when Obama was using them as an example of the greedy corporation that didn’t provide healthcare to its employees in order to “help” us all see the need in getting his abominable ObamaCare passed?”
        Your original statement did not say that you knew Walmart was already giving its employees healthcare, or that Obama lied and claimed they didn’t to get healthcare passed.
        Once again, Walmart endorsed Obama’s healthcare plan in June 2009. They endosed it & worked with him to get healthcare passed.
        The waivers you are talking about concern spending ceilings on healthcare policies. The new health regulations are in steps, with the final phase in 2014. The companies who got the ONE YEAR WAIVERS, are ones who have health plans already, with lower ceilings than what the government wants. These existing plans cannot renegotiate in the middle of the contracts without major penalties. So the govenment is letting them have the waivers to give them time to solve this problem. It is for companies who have lower spending ceilings, and has nothing to do with other parts of the health care plan which all must be met.
        All First Ladies have a pet project. Laura & Barbara Bush both supported literacy. Michelle Obama is for health & fitness. Walmart heard about her program and offered to be a part of it. Walmart gets publicity for their program to improve the nutritional value of their brands, to lower costs of fresh veggies & fruit, & open stores in areas without grocery stores. Mrs. Obama gets to see her ideas being promoted in the largest retailer in the country. It’s a win-win for both of them. It’s also good for the public to get better food at cheaper prices.

        “They already price things as low as they can.”
        pk, I’m glad you’re happy with Walmar’ts prices, but many of us would appreciate it if they lowered them.
        Walmart has said they can lower prices by reducing packaging, buying local to save transportation costs, making their buildings green to save overhead.
        Honestly pk, having to respond to the garbage you post isn’t my idea of fun. But I do think it’s important to stand up to people who knowingly post lies in an effort of political subversion.

      • Margo

        pk wrote:
        “I never said Walmart did not provide healthier options long before Obama ascended into the WH.”
        Really pk? Because you wrote this:

        “Mrs. Obama has managed to get Walmart to add ‘healthy’ food (didn’t they already have a fresh produce section?) to their shelves (all of which are expensive). That is just telling businesses what to sell.”
        Of Avastin pk wrote:
        “Why did the FDA refuse to approve it? Not because of dangerous side effects or sloppy research and data.”
        According to the FDA :
        “after reviewing the results of four clinical studies of Avastin in women with breast cancer and determining that the data indicate that the drug does not prolong overall survival in breast cancer patients or provide a sufficient benefit in slowing disease progression to outweigh the significant risk to patients. These risks include severe high blood pressure; bleeding and hemorrhage; the development of perforations (or “holes”) in the body, including in the nose, stomach, and intestines; and heart attack or heart failure.

        In July 2010, after reviewing all available data an independent advisory committee, composed primarily of oncologists, voted 12-1 to remove the breast cancer indication from Avastin’s label.”
        “None of the studies demonstrated that patients receiving Avastin lived longer and patients receiving Avastin experienced a significant increase in serious side effects.”

    • josette

      Rush i feel sorry for you. You look so fat, i think you need to look at yourself in the mirror sometimes before you talk about anyone esle. I always want to ask you what dod you do when you go to foreign country. Rush you need to loose more weigh, before you talk about anybody. YOUUUUUUUUUUUU are a fat PIGG DRULING ON YOUR SHIRTS SHUT UPppppppppppppppp?????

      • Vicky

        While I’m not a fan of his I agree with him here. If she is going to push “healthy diets” on America she needs to set Healthy examples. She knew she was in the public eye when she was eating out with her children, she should have chosen for herself and her children a healthy meal. By no stretch of the imagination would I call her beautiful or a role model, she is teaching do as I say not as I do with that meal. If Michelle is pushing it she needs to live it each and every time she is out in the public, save the short ribs for private dinners. She is not a good example for me or my family.

      • Mikie

        Vicky, grow up. Michelle has always said it’s about moderation. Why don’t you be honest and tell us your REAL agenda here?

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